The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince George's County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince George's and other Washington areas, visit

Accokeek Area

BROOK ST., 902-Amy J. and William H. Aussiker to Eva Cameron, $367,000.

CHATSWORTH DR., 830-Thomas D. Merriweather to Vivianese D. and Robert T. Dennis, $400,000.

HENRIETTA DR., 15605-Albert C. and Mary J. Massey to Jeanell Lee Ashe and Michael Ashe, $636,000.

SCHALL RD., 14910-Virgil A. and Joyce M. Conley to Joel Proctor and David Labanowski, $80,000.

WEST RIDGE RD., 14811-Judith D. and Benjamin F. Collins to Christina M. Wilharm, $455,000.

Adelphi Area

ADELPHI RD., 9274-Felix A. Mejia to Isnard Boursiquot, $108,000.

BERKSHIRE DR., 807-Elsa C. and Jose G. Reyes to Porfirio Yanez, $130,000.

GUMWOOD DR., 3115-G. Norma and Gervasio S. Percuoco to Carlos R. Hernandez, $300,000.

KEOKEE ST., 1701-Gilberto River to Maria Dejesus Caceres, $350,000.

KNOLLBROOK DR., 6505-Charlene C. Hatton to Atallah Y. Kudhager, $280,000.

LEWISDALE DR., 2415-Troy B. Townes to Matias I. Escobar, $188,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1802, No. 202-Kim R. Jackson to Paula Bowie, $104,500.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 1105-Yuwen Zhang to Yuexia Liu, $87,500.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 1110-Fakhrosadat Harandi to Alicia D. Hudson, $113,600.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 1527-Mindy A. and Robert M. Lev Kaiden to Tsega Demmeke and Eskinder Afework, $137,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 1614-Gaspar B. Jimenez to Dewanna L. Scott, $100,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 1715-Louise R. Waite to Moises Diaz, $67,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 327-He and Belford Longenecker to Christopher G. Baker, $149,000.

PLEASANT ACRES DR., 10815-Margeau Gilbert to Julie Kim, $380,000.

RIGGS RD., 7300-Cecilia A. and Stanley J. Suser to Iqbal M. Alami, $42,000.

RIGGS RD., 7988-June and Maurice R. King to Albert Gomez, $161,000.

18TH AVE., 7302, No. 205-Arturo Cruz Chorro to Jose J. Lopez, $50,000.

18TH AVE., 7401-George Wallace to Angela Cruz, $75,000.

20TH AVE., 6700-Sergio R. Bernal to Nora E. Bernal, $289,000.

20TH AVE. W., 8123-Anueylagu A. Agwumezie to Marie E. Salmeron, $223,000.

23RD AVE., 7307-Marina D. and Juan M. Garcia to Narciso Zapata, $345,000.

Beltsville Area

BLUE PONDS TERR., 12502-Frederick L. Johnson to Gregory V.D. and Melissa A. Smith, $485,000.

BREWER RD., 5317-Jay W. and Brenda F. Harmon to Salvador Fuentes, $350,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11202, No. T4-Cheryl A. and William R. Gallagher to Mercy Kumoji, $129,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11226, No. 302-Tyrone D. Fillyaw to Donna Whitney, $157,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11236, No. 102-Maria J. and Narciso Leon to Cuitlahuac Najera, $201,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11326, No. IIN-Jose A. Fuentes to Olumide A. Adetola, $117,000.

CHERRYVALE TERR., 11117-Dai H. Huynh and Melissa A. Potter to Wilson E. Tabe, $305,000.

FALCON RIDGE CT., 11412-Zia M. Burleigh to Mariam and Alhassan Ampaware, $255,000.

HENNESSEY DR., 11410-Jagdeesh C. and Patrici Surujnath to Carlos H. and Levis G. Ortiz, $390,000.

HENNESSEY DR., 11413-Joseph C. and Lisa D. Rock to Jose A. Berrios and Maria A. Turgati, $339,000.

HORSE SOLDIER PL., 11448-Dhaya S. Muthiah to Esmeralda G. and Edgar A. Mejia, $263,000.

LONG FEATHER CT., 11412-Denita and Terrence M. Brooks to Deric Teasley, $193,000.

MACON ST., 11812-John P. Lawrence to Milton Ramirez and Oswaldo A. Deleon, $350,000.

OLD BALTIMORE PIKE, 11519-Beatrice A. and James H. McCleary to Dorothea L. Lomax, $300,000.

POWDER MILL RD., 4805-Miguel A. Melendez to Svetlana V. and Steve I. Hetrick, $305,000.

SHENANDOAH DR., 3602-Rasheed O. Johnson to Jose A. Castro and Emma Sorto, $420,000.

Bladensburg Area

NEWTON ST., 5207-Robert S. Clark Jr. to Iman and Ron G. Hamad, $75,000.

Bowie Area

ACRE CT., 15902-Priscilla R. and Eugene T. Rowland to Pamela E. Fisher, $476,000.

ANN ARBOR CT., 15902-Greg E. and Sharla A. Domogauer to Rhonda Miller and Robert E. Williams, $405,000.

ARROWWOOD LANE, 13515-Theodore and Evelyn T. Woods to Florence and Charles B. Druid, $460,000.

CHESTNUT AVE., 8230-Temilade and Taiwo O. Pedro to Bolaji Adedeji, $310,000.

CRAIN HWY. NE, 1409-Ethel B. and Maurice F. Peddicord to Nilda M. Gumbs, $130,000.

DEEPWOOD CT., 4622-Mustapha Shiru to Sheila D. Wood, $235,000.

DEEPWOOD CT., 4659-Wally Olorunfemi to Oluyinka O. and Kaozarat Y. Olabode, $233,000.

EAGER TERR., 4008-Kawan J. Taylor to Maureen and James L. Moore Jr., $280,000.

EASTHAVEN CT., 15821, No. 211-R. Nicholas T. Palarino to Teresa L. Holland, $139,000.

EDENWOOD DR., 16105-Carol L. Washington to Elizabeth Ohene Adwo, $300,000.

ELEGANT CT., 16029-Keith B. Henderson to Allene Graves, $316,000.

ELKHORN LANE, 16417-Thomas M. Kymm to Gail L. Stanley, $328,000.

EVANS MILL CT., 3504-Sieglinde Washington to Jesse Johnson, $270,000.

GULLIVERS TRAIL, 14004-Robert A. Roach to Steven Pollock, $380,000.

GWINNETT LANE, 6305-Tamiko Francis to Edwin F. Davis, $305,000.

GWINNETT LANE, 6416-Sony and Armando B. Sabath to Rigoberto Lopez, $450,000.

KEMMERTON LANE, 12513-Cheri B. and Thomas V. Clabby to Phillip J. and Towanna R. Thompson, $234,900.

KINDERBROOK LANE, 2502-Gerald J. and Betty M. McEwan to Lisa S. and Jason M. Remnet, $315,000.

LANGSTON DR., 4610-Catherine F. Andreoli to Bentley H. Reid, $272,000.

MARQUETTE LANE, 13009-Daniel J. and Kristina Sprietzer to Hasan and Azra Lugonjic, $185,000.

MARQUETTE LANE, 13052-Pamela J. Bishop to Glenda D. Jackson, $211,000.

MIDWOOD LANE, 12710-Cheryl L. Stende to Jill A. and Michael L. Reese, $205,000.

NASHUA LANE, 14945-Charles H. and Terri L. Ford to Karen and Kris Herren, $344,900.

NEMAN CT., 2708-Susan L. and Wayne R. Bickford to Christopher Williams, $200,000.

NEW OAK LANE, 3032-Martin L. Campbell to Garfield A. Dixon, $195,000.

NORGE CT., 15512-Lucille Battle to Yvonne and Keith Bouchelion, $195,000.

NORWEGIAN CT., 15516-Alyse Capital Corp. to Kareem Brown, $228,000.

OLD STAGE RD., 14014-Ronny O. Irondi to Christopher Z. and Victoria Amaize, $544,480.

PEACH WALKER DR., 15559-Kristine L. and Brian R. Selway to Veronica Barber, $340,000.

PORT ECHO LANE, 1105-James R. and Alma L. Reid to Ronald P. and Robert P. Trafelet, $308,000.

PRINCE OF WALES CT., 2209-Angielle D. and Calvin Jones to Melva Carty, $215,000.

QUILL POINT DR., 8224-Diana R. Jackson to Cynthia H. and Dewayne A. Shambley, $334,900.

RIDGELINE TERR., 4736, No. 263-David and Seon Chung Skerritt to Aracely and Francisco Gonzalez, $290,000.

SARAH LANE, 12421-Darlene and Billy R. Boulden to Mark and Caren Preston, $362,000.

SKYLARK LANE, 12411-Willie E. and Michelle D. Hearn to Brenda C. and Dwarty D. Thompson, $303,000.

STOCKBRIDGE CT., 4438-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Mauvette Phillip, $225,000.

SUTTERS LANE, 12708-Paul S. and Mary C. Velky to Sherri L. and John W. Williams, $329,990.

TALLOW LANE, 2904-Pamel and Gerardo M. Castaldo III to Marcos E. Quinonez, $295,000.

TONGUE AVE., 14901, No. 1-Mehrdad Rahmani to Memunatu McCord, $465,000.

VIOLETWOOD PL., 3601-Elizabeth A. Brockington to Gilbert C. Taylor, $360,000.

VISTA GARDENS DR., 10403-Shannon M. and Lamar A. Hinson to Brace C. Brooks, $333,000.

YARNELL CT., 4202-Lester and Angela Oates to Jeannette and Ned Muffley, $360,000.

SIXTH ST., 13113-William S. and Christine Anderson to Carissa K. and William T. Fritts, $230,000.

SEVENTH ST., 12905-Michael W. and Rosa M. Jackson to Maria Sorto and Santos S. Cabrera, $238,000.

Brandywine Area

CRESTWOOD AVE. S., 11819-Sandra L. Davis to Victoria and Richard Noon, $262,000.

MORANO DR., 12504-Beckie F. Watts to Arletha R. Foster, $256,470.

SHELBY LANE E., 12816-Anthony J. and Sandra D.M. Grzesik to Nicole and Jason A. Davis, $255,000.

Brentwood Area

ALLISON ST., 3924-Rosalina and Julio C. Umana to Alba Y. Bonilla and Jose A. Perla, $355,000.

COTTAGE TERR., 4001-Robert B. Lyles to Darcis E. Bonilla, $245,000.

PARKWOOD CT., 4141-Reginald W. and Dolores L. Wallace to Roxiann Price, $142,000.

Capitol Heights Area

ALTON ST., 4002-Darell J. and Pamela J. Gillepsie to Alvin and Lorrine Foster, $149,000.

APPLEWOOD ST., 912-Timothy M. Valentine to Caroline Cunningham, $260,000.

AQUAMARINE CT., 6964-Natarsha M. Mathis to Lauren E. Earyes, $239,000.

BIRCHLEAF AVE., 709-Josephine Fasanmi to Juanita Fludd, $158,000.

CABIN BRANCH CT., 6406-Abubakar M. Rajab to Allen and Melissa S. Brown, $235,000.

CARMODY HILLS DR., 518-Gerald Edmondson to Vanessa Stallings, $155,000.

DRYLOG ST., 6601-Steven Lagana to Linda and Jack Bannister, $32,500.

EARLY ST., 5714-Sarah and George C. Boone to Cheryl D. Pringle, $180,000.

ELFIN AVE., 911-Lisa S. and Marcus E. Turner to Patricia Raymond, $144,000.

FABLE ST., 4817-Mary and Samuel McCutchen to Willie E. Parks, $140,000.

GENTRY LANE, 21-Abdullah Rasool to Jimeka J. and Don E. Setzer Jr., $240,000.

GLADSTONE WAY, 5700-Renee W. Foote to Sandra Jiles, $190,000.

JADE CT., 6822-Leontine Mabika to Adekunle N. Williams, $240,000.

L ST., 6414-Victoria L. Baden Harrison to Lawrence D. Figgs, $162,250.

MINNA AVE., 900-Denise Vest to Eric P. Hall Sr., $159,000.

MORNINGTON PL., 1018-Ursula F. White to Helen and Henry Vaden, $167,000.

NEWINGTON CT., 937-Oluwole and Louis Tiller Oke to Sandra and Steven B. Johnson, $212,000.

NYANGA AVE., 1000-Kimberly A. Pope to William R. Marshall, $240,000.

NYE ST., 1205-Kathryn T. and Alfreda T. Jennings to Derek A. Passee, $165,000.

ONYX CT., 7000-Veronica Robinson to Cidney and Temony McNeil, $250,000.

POSSUM CT., 333-Mack A. Paschal to Adjoa and Robert Taylor, $142,000.

SHARMA ST., 910-Clifford and Melissa Y.H. Cox III to Isatu Bah and Cedric Davis Jr., $207,000.

SULTAN AVE., 17-Brady B. Scott to Bonita C. Gant, $145,000.

VENTURA AVE., 403-Carl A. Asher to Son K. Luc, $135,000.

71ST AVE., 409-Laverne and Joshua T. Nwaokeocha to Fidel A. Bonilla, $265,000.

71ST AVE., 615-M.H. Hajiyani to Lawrence C. Osborne Sr., $67,500.

Cheltenham Area

DAKIN CT., 10003-Lawrence R. and Melissa Blake Jr. to Angela R. and John A. Slye, $260,000.

Cheverly-Landover Area

BOLD ST., 8904-Brenda Andrews to Francisco A. Barahona, $202,500.

BOLD ST., 8910-Oscar A. Velasquez to Raynaldo A. Ramirez, $260,600.

COLUMBIA PL., 2218-Norma J. Gilbert to Andre M. Long, $145,000.

COLUMBIA PL., 2317-Mubilt General Partnership to Tihesha and Todd W. Simmons, $139,000.

CONGRESS PL., 8934-Ladrian Ingram to Heidi L. Grissett, $182,000.

ENDICOTT PL., 3813-William Hayes Jr. to Linda R. Manley, $300,900.

FLAGSTAFF ST., 6602-Rosa C. and Johnnie King to Lakeisha Staples and Johnnie T. King, $168,000.

GREYMONT ST., 7730-Denise W. and Rodney L. Leonard to Cheryl Solomon, $155,000.

HILL RD., 319-Clarissa E. Russell to Cornelius Page, $250,000.

HILL STONE DR., 7401-Gloria and Paul Washington to Jarrett Alexander, $237,000.

INWOOD ST., 6312-Lawrence J. Brannan to Jethro Ademola, $189,100.

KENT VILLAGE PL., 2424-Nicole L. McCormick to Hadalinda and Neftall Tobar, $146,000.

KILMER ST. E., 7003-Timothy L. and Virginia R. Dunfee to Jose E. and Jesus Alvarenga, $202,900.

KILMER ST. E., 7106-Mubilt General Partnership to Jose M. Ayala, $143,900.

KILMER ST. E., 7206-Secured Improvements to Virginia and Edgar Nolasco, $150,000.

LAKE AVE., 3011-Ruth M. Shott to Michael R. Fraser, $335,000.

LAKE POINTE CT., 9808-Toni R. Jones to Sean Jackson, $213,500.

MARKHAM LANE, 2507-Olin E. Robinson to Edna D. Jones and Charles E. Shorter, $186,500.

NALLEY CT., 7722-Thelma Robinson to Molly King and Germaine Bowen, $160,000.

NALLEY RD. E., 8015-Vivian D. and Gerald A. Warrick to Esete Demissie, $242,000.

RYDERWOOD CT., 1806-Natalie L. and Derrick J. Smith to Uchechi N. Wosu, $184,000.

VILLAGE GREEN DR., 1781, No. Y88-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Carole S. Braddock, $83,000.

VILLAGE GREEN DR., 1821, No. X136-Valerie B. and Raynard J. Wilson to Ryan A. Fortune, $112,000.

VILLAGE GREEN DR., 1830, No. D111-Dupe Olatunde to Emelda S. Angu, $92,000.

Clinton Area

ARBUTUS LANE, 6016-George and Helen Hornickel to Maria L. Monroy and Arturo A.F. Rodas, $350,000.

BIRCHVIEW CT., 11807-Dwight Benjamin to John W. and Angelette Wilkins, $265,000.

BLACKWATER RD., 3701-Franya and Chaun Cook to Ok Kyong and John R. Hedrick Jr., $250,000.

BONIWOOD TURN W., 5328-Forte Corp. to Lauvania Byrd, $285,000.

CLINTON WAY, 6316-Pyramid Properties Corp. to Hernan L. Orellana, $295,500.

DANIEL LANE, 8710-Onitay E. Dozier to Nicola and Thomas Mason Jr., $65,000.

DEWDROP WAY, 7007-Jennifer L. Tisch to Naomi S. Spencer, $285,000.

FIREBRUSH CT., 7109-Thorpe F. Jeffries to Byron D. Teasley, $278,000.

FRIENDSHIP RD., 7108-Stacey M. and Eddie L. Lowe Jr. to Marcial Martinez, $395,000.

GODFREY CT., 7906-Theresa A. and William Hoggard to Tammy P. Funderburk, $300,000.

GWYNNDALE DR., 9643-Clarence and Colette Holbrook Jr. to Chaunte and Aaron Edwards, $289,900.

KEPPEL PL., 7703-Doris A. and Bobby R. Thigpen to Anderson J. Okpalobi, $302,000.

LOUISE LANE, 6813-Milledge Holston Jr. to Geneva M. and Douglas E. Wych, $240,000.

MIMOSA AVE., 8400-Irene H. Montoy to Vantora Y. Thomas, $240,000.

PELLA PL., 9307-Gladys H. and Charles L. Baskin to Nehemiah R. Rhinehart Sr., $325,000.

PISCATAWAY RD., 9516-Mooring Corp. to Arturo D. Saenz and Glenda Rodriguez, $171,000.

QUIET BROOK LANE, 10018-Thelma P. Jon and Kelvin C. Peele to Stephanie McCoy, $260,000.

SILVER FOX TURN, 9506-Loretta C. Pinkney to Moriel and Daryl T. Randolph, $220,000.

STACEY M LANE, 9112-Darnell Taylor to Lillie Taylor, $246,000.

STREAM VALLEY LANE, 9409-Robert L. and Carolyn E. Graham to Jacinta M. and Arthur P. Green, $500,000.

WAGNER TRAIL, 9711-Albert D. Speed to Willatant Austin, $325,000.

WOODLAND LANE, 5920-Pamela K. Johnson to Jose G. and Jose O. Arevalo, $234,900.

College Park Area

CADDO ST., 4701-Doris and Winston M. Chang to Derwood L. Spencer, $329,900.

DELAWARE ST., 4805-Marianne M. and Daniel R. Perrett to Miriam A. Leon, $334,900.

EDGEWOOD RD., 5021-Hung T. and Canh N. Nguyen to Ngoc T. Nguyen and Cuong D. Van, $312,000.

HARTWICK RD., 4330, No. 211-James W. and Mary E. Mailhot to Madhur and Sanjay Khanna, $190,000.

KENESAW ST., 5200-Carol H. Landin to Ana Wills, $250,000.

RHODE ISLAND AVE., 9602-H. Austin Esfandiary to Jose E. and Rosy C. Gutierrez, $290,000.

WESTCHESTER PARK DR., 5974, No. 201-Cecelia M. Franz to Kristi Arsenault, $142,500.

WESTCHESTER PARK DR., 6100, No. 704-Elena Poletti to Lourdes P. and Akram R. Elias, $275,000.

50TH PL., 8609-Dawn K. Nichols to Lisa M. Nasar, $220,000.

53RD AVE., 9811-Maria and Dino Fasce to Mona Albasha, $198,500.

58TH AVE., 8806-Hobbs H. Hora and Manoel S. Gordo to Michele Jayatilaka, $398,500.

District Heights Area

ADDISON RD. S., 1967, No. 1967-Latonya L. Coates to James H. Brown Jr., $86,000.

BARKLEY PL., 2302-Diallo and Masi N. Antho Preston to Rita E. and Raphael A. Patrice, $225,000.

CROSS ST., 7313-Ina E. Coates to Carolyn O. Brown, $150,000.

DISTRICT HEIGHTS PKWY., 6203-Walter W. Veney to Walter W. Reed, $275,000.

DONNELL DR., 3802-Catherine A. Ross to Negasi Gebreyes, $180,000.

GLENDORA DR., 2115-Kiboh S. and Tiyonda S. Webster to Gina and Jose Guzman, $245,000.

HIL-MAR CIR. N., 6117-Eleanor J. Smith to Harriett and James Parker, $173,000.

HOLLY BERRY CT., 6821-Lenell and Lisa MacKall to Shelley Pree, $205,000.

HOLLY BERRY CT., 6837-Sean P. Beaty to Katherine Fragoso, $225,000.

LENASKIN LANE, 8303-Gwendolyn L. Sanders to Lewis and Audrey Harris, $283,000.

MARBURY CT., 7016-Alice H. Martin to Toni M. Wilson, $173,500.

MESQUITE CT., 6710-Lajuan G. and Stephen L.J. Graham to Stephanie Holodnak, $241,000.

MILLTOWN CT., 6847, No. 6847-Inez E. Branch to Nikeith D. Goins, $150,000.

OAK GLEN WAY, 2407-Joan M. and Joseph H. Tippett to Fatima Diop, $293,000.

OVERDALE PL., 2512-John P. Blake to Salvador Montoya and Santos Salinas, $185,000.

PHELPS AVE., 2606-Jenel S. Cordell Young to Mattie Brooks, $195,000.

PUMPHREY DR., 3322-John Cusack IV to Michael C. Collins, $165,000.

REGENCY PKWY., 3433-Paul Miller to Kim Harrison, $173,000.

STONEY MEADOW DR., 5410-Freddie E. Wofford Jr. to Erica A. McDowell, $235,000.

SWEETWATER CT., 2759-Janelle D. and Paula D. Cooper to Creshaunda Hayes and Jeffrey Roscoe, $200,000.

TIBER DR., 2109-Leroy Stover Sr. to Tyrone M. Bryant, $169,600.

WEBER DR., 2117-Shantha Preston to Charles T. Reid, $172,000.

Fort Washington Area

AUTUMNWOOD LANE, 11967-George T. and Elizabeth R. Edmonds to Mary Scott and Torrance E. Jones, $499,900.

BEECH ST., 303-John S. Selden III to Angela Jones and Donald B. Morris, $390,000.

BENTWOOD DR., 502-Charles C. and Yvette M. Jackson to Yaa Asantewaa and Mark K. Owusu, $285,900.

BOCK RD., 6810-Bridget A. Beverly to Troy A. Arnold, $204,000.

BRANDYHALL CT., 6118-Roberta J. Ha and Walter L. Jordan to Claire S. Brinkley, $141,400.

BUCKLAND CT., 6528-Amy D. Coleman to Brian H. Green, $170,000.

CHERRYFIELD RD., 6800-Andrew L. Eseigbe to Gloria Miranda and Elio Merida, $330,000.

CLARION RD., 12903-Martha and Andres Zelaya to Crystal R. Holland, $378,900.

CROSS FOXES DR., 112-Erica Epps to Patricia S. and Sherman L. Charles, $699,900.

EAGLETON LANE, 6904-Maggie M. Fo and William Sheppard to Gilma I. Diaz, $325,000.

GOSPORT CT., 2904-Reginald Winston to Shawna M. Purvis, $225,000.

HUNTLEY SQUARE DR., 3335, No. T1-Lizzie B. Smith to Barbara Davenport, $81,000.

IVANHOE RD., 9306-Carson H. Alston to Mark K. and Sheree A. Taylor, $295,000.

JAYWICK AVE., 7610-Daniel Wilson to Wanda and Alonzo M. Walker Sr., $273,000.

LOCKSLEY RD., 9115-Margaret A. and David D. Blackburn to Matthew L. Dunne, $272,500.

MACDUFF DR., 12608-Gregory and Sonjia Beckham to Sonjia Beckham, $15,000.

MIDDLEFIELD TERR., 6819-Raymond Durant to Mark E. Koehler, $278,500.

MUSKET CT., 10306-Wayne A. Bell to Kenneth Sosnick, $305,000.

OLD FORT RD., 12521-John P. and Margaret H. Morgan to Sherita M. and Harry L. Seawright, $214,900.

PARKTON ST., 12226-Kingsley Atere to Ibrahim Aburish, $348,000.

PENDLETON ST., 13309-Selena H. and Houston E. Gray to Adrian D. Brisbon, $350,000.

PENDLETON ST., 13505-Margery H. and Francis W. Patten to Doris A. Thigpen, $399,000.

POWDER HORN DR., 2116-Benjamin F. and Fonda L. James Jr. to Sonia E. and Amilcar Amaya, $270,000.

TAYLOR AVE., 1720-Levette Jone and Brian K. Jones to Carolyn D. Conquest, $205,000.

TUCKAWAY TERR., 915-Gertrude D. and Joseph A. Queen to Tanisa Sommerville, $370,000.

WEBSTER LANE, 7516-Pamela McKenzie to Keeyon J. and Shauna B. Raspberry, $265,000.

WEST FORT FOOTE TERR., 8817-Alexander S. and Zana C. Colevas to Juana E. and Elias A. Caceres, $288,000.

Glenn Dale Area

GUINEVERE PL., 12123-Ronald B. and Dona M. Harris to Marie A. and Terry J. Lambert, $550,000.

GUINEVERE RD., 12206-Richard A.W. and Shirley Steiner to Brenda A. Blades and Linda Raye, $370,000.

NORTHERN AVE., 7600-Frederick and Antoinette Kearney to Rosalina and Julio Umana, $147,000.

SPRINGFIELD RD., 7904-Florence V. and Paul T. Sumler to Santos L. Villegas, $579,000.

Greenbelt Area

CANNING TERR., 8261-Omotayo Oreagba to Yunyun Dai and Baozhong Mao, $220,000.

CANNING TERR., 8347-Elsie and Harvey R. Brewington to Benardette M. Musau, $258,000.

GREENBELT RD., 8657, No. T2-Charles Anderson to Rosa Reyes, $165,000.

HANOVER PKWY., 7812-William H. Riley to Gregory S. and Nettie L. Scott, $185,000.

KARA CT., 7907-O. Connell James R. and Donna B. to Victor Onireti, $405,000.

LAKE DR., 7106-Timi R. Omokehinde to Dwayne Nmezi, $325,000.

LAKESIDE DR., 32-Richard A. and Greg W. Et Brunatti to Holley T. and Leonard A. Wallace, $530,000.

LASTNER LANE, 121-Barbara Brown to Barbara and Thomas T. Simon, $355,000.

MANDAN RD., 7919, No. 705-Margaret M. and Gunter F. Weirich to Abie K. Alexander, $172,000.

MEGAN LANE, 7101-Mark T. Standard to Steven Matera and Elizabeth Gish, $425,000.

MORRISON DR., 7320-Charlita L.M. and Janet L. Norris to Sundiata Sudah, $265,500.

SOMERSET CT., 7800-Kalpana Aryal to Natalie and Nganyang Tchabong, $272,000.

Hyattsville Area

CHESAPEAKE RD., 5331-Francisco Ri and Luis Rodriguez to Juan C. Dominguez, $269,000.

JEFFERSON ST., 4016-James K. and Virginia L. Keating to Marsha K. and Mark J. Mazz, $450,000.

OGLETHORPE ST., 4410, No. 406-Donald F. McBride to Miguel Calderon, $110,500.

OGLETHORPE ST., 4410, No. 817-Cheryle S. and Janet T. Aker Weal to Getachew H. Abdi and Yonas Tesema, $65,000.

47TH AVE., 5207-Earl and Jacqueline S. Ball to Keith A. and Wesley A. Ball, $125,000.

54TH PL., 5018-Elda F. Portillo to Oscal Palma and Reyna Flores, $250,000.

Langley Park Area

EXCALIBUR CT., 3710, No. 101-Kristi Waits to Alesha E. Coates, $226,000.

Lanham Area

DUCHAINE DR., 5608-John S. Aiyepola to Sunday Asata, $280,000.

ELBROOK RD., 6912-Roger K. Roch to Jose L. Lara, $292,900.

ELLERBIE ST., 5803-Walter J.K. and Ruperta R. Charles to Sonia E. and Juan C. Tobar, $273,600.

HARDWOOD DR., 6306-Charles and Budd Rubin Kahanov to Temitayo I. and Idowu T. Akinlemibola, $317,000.

JOHNSON CT., 3200-Yanet M. and Jose A. Garcia to Adan S. Herrera, $190,000.

LANHAM SEVERN RD., 9321, No. T2-Oluremi O. Adeola to Olanike Alufa, $345,000.

LINCOLN AVE., 5519-Kelvin N. and Verona C. King Sr. to Brenda and Selvin Osorio, $291,000.

MAGNOLIA TERR., 6606-Yewande O. Fadoju to Maria C. and Jose F. Viera, $340,000.

NAVAL AVE., 6112-Princess Gardens Partnership to Ismael Njingou, $280,000.

OGDEN PL., 9315-Joseph S. Owen Jr. to Dilsian E. and Jose E. Palacios, $300,000.

PALAMAR TERR., 7012-Laverne R. and Kerry W. Cochrell to Jamal Sesay, $260,000.

RUXTON DR., 5508-Noelia R. Rodriguez Kebede to Sheree B. Davidson, $300,000.

SPRING AVE., 8904-Kathleen M. Phelan to Tanya P. and Benjamin A. Helmen, $316,000.

WOOD STREAM DR., 6801-Ernesto Medina to Dolores Rodas and Rene A. Vides, $340,000.

WOODBERRY ST., 9303-Thomas O. Dixon, trustee, to Luvenda R. and John Forrester, $350,000.

100TH AVE., 6504-Asisat Shonekan to Edgar Mejia and Maria E. Nunez, $306,000.

93RD PL., 6204-Janet A. and Henry K. Rotimi to Kelly Oriola, $325,000.

96TH PL., 7022-Samuel T. Francis to Ali Diallo, $351,000.

Largo Area

ARDWICK ARDMORE RD., 9418-Henry A. and Eva K. Ogbuokiri to Ivette and Henry Moore, $449,900.

BERRYWOOD LANE, 2919-Terry O. Baker to Chuck O. Kendall, $281,000.

CAMPUS WAY S., 10679-Phyllis A. Love to Oluseun K. Sonuyi, $227,000.

CASCADE LANE, 10101-Delores I. Guthrie to Jerry Medley, $248,900.

DUNLORING DR., 11551-Lauren J. Randall to Miya A. Smith, $225,000.

GREEN WING TERR., 15109-Leslie P. and Robert J. Taylor to Zola Hall, $324,000.

HOBART ST., 8935-Mignon M. Bowie to Melanie N. and Terrance W. Williams, $310,000.

JOYCETON DR., 10637-Carrie V. Staton to Thomas Hill, $219,900.

MUSCOVY CT., 13207-Tupac Derenoncourt to Mary Berry and David Britton, $420,000.

TOWN CENTER CIR., 8911-Cassandra Johnson to Cheryl and Columbus Fuller, $150,000.

Laurel Area

ARBORY WAY, 15433, No. 197-Yolanda Scott to Rodway Newman, $212,000.

ASHFORD CT., 14946-Raxa U. and Ravi Patel to Katheryn E. and Luther L. Roberts III, $261,000.

BELLE AMI DR., 14940, No. 37-Michele M. Thiec to Olapomi Olorunfemi, $245,000.

BOUNDS AVE., 15405-Ralph J. and Jondelle K. Truitt to Morlai and Martha Kamara, $350,000.

CHAPEL COVE DR., 8024-Wayne R. Jon and Robin M. Douglass to Thomas J. Amer, $151,000.

DORSET RD., 15603, No. 104-Mahadeo Persaud to Pedro A. Guerrero Mejia, $110,000.

DORSET RD., 15939-Darnell K. and Laurie L. Johnson to Kathleen E. and Jason M. Edmonds, $255,600.

ERICA LANE, 7613-William C. and Deborah A. Smith Jr. to Rhonda Burton and Lori J. Tanguay, $258,000.

JUSTIN WAY, 14018, No. 24F-Jacqueline Perilla to Keith C. Booker, $147,000.

KALMIA DR., 15125-Perry A. and Sonya R. Simmons to Pasquita W. and Moses K. Sherman, $265,000.

KENNY RD., 16115-Penelop and William Protzman Jr. to Eric J. Protzman, $320,000.

LAURELAND PL., 15038-Carlos I. and Ismael Medina to Rani W. Anandraj, $250,000.

LONDONDERRY CT., 8119-Stephan and Christopher A. Thomas to Olufemi Padonu, $255,000.

PARKWAY DR., 6103-Mary S. and William H. Morgan to Babar Nawaz, $385,000.

PLAID DR., 15627-Sheila J. Ritter to Constance M. and Jonrika M. Malone, $172,000.

TALBOTT AVE., 326-Jorge Rivera to Humberto Marquez, $345,000.

VISTA DR., 14020-Jeffrey R. Davison to Cesar Moreno and William A. Sanchez, $163,000.

VISTA DR., 14033, No. 189C-Katrina R. Tate to Lintanya Harris, $155,000.

VISTA DR., 14056, No. 55-Patric and William E. Lucas III to Adedoyin C. Adeniji, $176,500.

VISTAS DR., 14051-Angela Joy and Vincent Dunbar to Anika Z. Hunter, $150,000.

WOODBINE DR., 7505-Amalia and Juan C. Oriolo to Christopher Romett, $200,000.

WOODBINE DR., 7625-Effeby A. Fall to Isabel Martinez, $232,000.

WOODVIEW TERR., 16005-Kathryn K. and John A. Harrison to Bonnie M. Gregorio, $435,000.

Montpelier Area

APACHE TEARS CIR., 12202-Mayte A. and Carlos O. Klinger to Duc T. Nguyen, $345,000.

BRIARWOOD DR., 13704-Joe Jackson to Karen D. and Owen W. Ayton, $305,000.

GREENVIEW DR., 14215-Ruth A. and John Stebbins to Stephanie Tolson, $387,000.

HERMOSA DR., 11400-Alfred Amoya and Fredua Agyeman to Fredua Oduro, $340,000.

IMPERIAL DR., 8274, No. IVB-Yvonne Nenbh and Karen Shaw to Jennifer Ferguson, $228,000.

LANNER PL., 11904-Ellen M. and David A. Willenbecher to Marcia J. and Joseph C. Roper, $447,000.

LAURELWALK DR., 11454-Dale M. Kostishak to Becky J. Mayomi Uviovo, $129,000.

LIGHTHOUSE DR., 11614-James E. and Gail L. Straight to Becky and Mark Lenart, $417,500.

MALLARD DR., 9900-Robert F. Silva to Quang A. Pham, $135,000.

VAN FLEET CT., 9205-Elinor Orr to Garrick M. and Velvet A. Graham, $303,000.

Mount Rainier Area

EASTERN AVE., 3621-Francisco Ramirez to Raul H. and Berta I. Quintanilla, $264,000.

SHEPHERD ST., 3706-Akida A. Zidikheri to Ruben and Dayse T. Taruselli, $272,000.

30TH ST., 4110-Robert B. and Edna M. Hill to Robert J. Frankenfield, $100,000.

New Carrollton Area

CARROLLTON PKWY., 8304-Charles Mansfield to Ines M. Abarca and Manuel Mercado, $325,000.

FARMCREST DR., 7411-Edward M. Massaquoi to Roberto A. Rivera, $290,000.

GAVIN ST., 8115-Jose D.L.P.M. Sanchez to Teresa H. and Liborio H. Rojas, $325,000.

GLENRIDGE DR., 7240-Lolyta L. Roy and Efrain Perez Jr. to Anthony Gregory, $155,000.

GREENVALE PKWY., 7004-Jennifer M. and Kevin M. Stowe to Hector O. Centeno, $250,000.

INGALLS AVE., 3700-S. Mozelle Steele to Jude K. Greene, $173,000.

INGALLS AVE., 3722-Jose Arevalo Portillo to Rigoberto Ramos, $210,000.

LONGBRANCH DR., 7312-Thai Huu and Phuong Thao Nguyen to Olga and Manuel Polio, $300,000.

NEWPORT RD., 6614-Robert and Della M. Sailor to Jose R. Fuentes and Juan R. Canales, $260,000.

PERRY ST., 6508-Samuel and Edith Y. Alfaro to Hien T. Tran and Vinh N. Nguyen, $290,000.

POWHATAN ST., 7905-Renee T. Richardson to Yolanda Zelaya, $365,000.

RIVERDALE RD., 7517, No. 1920-Olarewaju N. Olugbane to John D. Campbell, $70,000.

TAYLOR ST., 7509-Sidney C. Chapman to Paul Walker and Joan M.W. Atchison, $315,000.

TILDEN ST., 7414-Clarence Harvison to Hector A. Campos, $237,000.

58TH AVE., 3813-J. and M. Home Invstmt to Miguel A. Lopez Ruiz, $265,000.

66TH PL., 4807-Ademoluyi Olatunji to Luis I. Manzanares, $211,000.

70TH PL., 4815-Roxanne F. and Cullen E. Elias to Hilary Ikpeama, $265,000.

85TH PL., 6012-George A. and Helen M. Jones to Sofia and Wilfredo Espinoza, $257,000.

86TH AVE., 6203-Sherri A. Lee and Ian A. Minton to Roberto G. Salazar, $290,000.

89TH AVE., 6008-Janis A. Watkins to Laurie N. and Jose A. Bautista, $240,000.

Oxon Hill Area

ALICE AVE., 2000, No. 301-Doreen and Marcellus L. Brown to Samara Nealious, $140,000.

BLACK HAWK DR., 5715-Zola N. Donovan to Dori Evans, $260,000.

HURON DR. N., 215-Jerrilyn Ball to Cynthia Eugene, $220,000.

KENMONT RD., 5213-Ernestine M. and Donald Bowden to Francisco J. Reyes, $130,000.

MARCY AVE., 1135-Johnnie Parker to Sean Floyd, $145,000.

MAURY AVE., 604-Jo Lo Inc. to Anthony Coles, $146,000.

NORLINDA AVE., 2210-Joyce S. Davila to Larry Haley, $167,000.

NORLINDA AVE., 2305-Timothy M. Di and Robin Johnson to Angele R. Reid, $250,000.

NORLINDA CIR., 5402-Candy A. and Cedric Simon Jr. to Roque A. Canas, $205,000.

ONONDAGA DR., 114-Garland T. Crudup to Alfred A. Bell Jr., $170,000.

ROLPH DR., 126-Chris Tine L. and Don Olson to Karla Chandler, $220,000.

SHELBY DR., 835-Carlos J. and Adoracian Bautista to Lucerio R. and Paulo Bautista, $187,000.

WENTWORTH DR., 1110-Forest Investments Corp. to Julio and Pablo Amaya, $179,600.

WILSON BRIDGE DR., 521, No. 6720-Shenita R. Murphy to Detrick Leggett, $63,100.

WILSON BRIDGE DR., 578, No. B1-Seneca A. Dent to Hung T. Nguyen, $140,000.

WILSON BRIDGE DR., 582-Samuel N. Smith to Donna M.P. Wilson, $71,000.

Riverdale Area

GREENVALE PKWY., 6015-Larry T. Marrow to Milton Brizvela, $180,000.

NEWBY AVE., 5420-Robert T. and Vivianese D. Dennis to Teodoro and Floriselda Lopez, $260,000.

POWHATAN ST., 6607-Yvonne W. Johnson to Heraclio V. Martinez, $200,000.

QUINTANA ST., 5707-Ladislao T. and Henry Yarbor Aros to De Artiga Gloria, $215,000.

SORA LANE, 5805-Sherwood H. and Velma D. Cummings to Chika M. Mokwunye, $282,000.

67TH AVE., 5716-Ronald W. Paige to Milagro E. Lop and Santiago L. Cordova, $201,000.

Suitland Area

APPLE CIDER CT., 4209-Tercola M. Finley to Andrea L. Byrd, $175,000.

APPLEGATE CT., 4122, No. 2-Rhoda Pettiford to Anthony W. Brown Jr., $180,000.

AUTH RD., 6109-Geraldine Roper to Dadalberto F. Portillo, $210,000.

GOODFELLOW DR., 6016-Carla Bond to Benocia Wilson, $174,500.

KEIR DR., 3414-Michael Rogers to Michael L. Nixon, $265,000.

LAMAR AVE., 4656-Gwendolyn A. and W.J. Wynn III to Tina Hall, $170,000.

RANDALL RD., 3500-Buckrey Jamison to Annie J. and Jonathan Mitchum, $118,000.

SILVER PARK TERR., 4076-Robert E. and Michelle T. Parran to Tiffany and Deryl Johnson, $188,000.

WALTON AVE., 6113-Carolyn M. and Mark C. Rivers to Jose M.S. Landaverde, $299,000.

WESSON DR., 6018-Carolyn B. and Damon T. Adams to Valerie A. Osborne, $250,000.

Takoma Park Area

FAIRVIEW AVE., 907-Jennifer B. Weathers to Ulises I. Ramos, $222,500.

16TH AVE., 7509-Patricia J. Watson to Carlos Anazgo, $275,000.

Temple Hills Area

ACORN DR., 5301-Francis B. and Wendy Smoak III to Martina L. and Raymond L. Brown, $310,000.

ALDERNEY PL., 5204-Vickie and Thomas M. Banks to Vijayanand Mahabir, $255,000.

ANVIL LANE, 2344-Jasen C. Wyche to Devona C. McReynolds, $168,000.

BIRCH LANE, 6701-Legacy Funding Corp. to Sylvia Knight, $320,000.

BRINKLEY RD., 4712-Jose A. Diaz to Jose A. Diaz and Rosemary Ocon, $290,000.

CHESTERFIELD DR., 5515-Valoria Gerald to Terra S. Allison, $373,000.

DALLAS DR., 3311-Integrity Properties to Colease Dixon, $175,000.

DEERPOND LANE, 5505-John Bethea to Maria D. Sanchez and Helmer A. Pineda, $200,000.

DUNLAP ST., 3728-Sheila D. Carpenter Chavis to Jeffrey G. Johnson, $165,000.

ELIOT PL., 2502-Geraldine Cameron to Jing M. and Steven Fong, $235,000.

FAIRLAWN ST., 2915-Citifinancial Mortgage Co. to Solomon A. Teklai, $165,000.

FISHER RD., 5508-Ruth H. and John E. Kocisko to Richard B. Leavy, $402,550.

GOOD HOPE AVE., 3107, No. N616-Johnnie M. and Cornell G. Adams to Tajuana Elam, $82,000.

HUNTLAND RD., 5711-Carlotta E. Anderson to Pamela Taylor, $330,000.

HUNTLEY SQUARE DR., 3326, No. A1-Antonio P. and Carl A. Nofuente to Marvin T. Lester Jr., $85,900.

IVERSON PL., 4901-Marion F. and Marcus D. Williams to Dianne Winder, $235,000.

IVERSON ST., 2750, No. 172-Taro G. Gehani to Walter Tweedy, $49,900.

REINER CT., 3101-Glaumeiz Croom to Kaifa Hall Anderson, $185,000.

TARQUIN AVE., 7004-Betty B. Moone to Bette B. and Ronald W. Chase, $334,450.

TEMPLE HILL RD., 7338-James T. and Mary E. Ebron to Dion M. and Karen Proctor, $460,000.

26TH AVE., 3880, No. 14-Asia M. and Joseph Stoddard to Marcia Porter Applewhite, $107,000.

28TH AVE., 3857-Donald A. and Candice L. Thompson to Katrina and Tony McNeil, $100,000.

University Park-

West Hyattsville Area

BEECHWOOD RD., 4023-Craig M. and Mary K. Fitzgerald to Michelle Brane and Jared J. Traver, $420,000.

HAYDEN RD., 2005-Linda D. and Sam H. Herford to Darryl Smith, $145,000.

JEFFERSON ST., 3711-Gwendolyn Y. and Anthony K. Opoku to Ana Martinez, $330,000.

LANCER PL., 3108-Edgar and Maria L. Castellanos to Maria L. and Marta Figueroa, $325,000.

LONGFELLOW ST., 3610-Denis R. and Patricia Bryant to Dora and Ricardo Pacheco, $369,000.

PARTRIDGE PL., 7015-Matthew R. and Andrea O. Thomas to Jennifer A. and Eric K. Klein, $740,000.

TOLEDO TERR., 3450, No. 204-Lakita James to Jacqueline Jumper, $113,000.

23RD AVE., 6643-Norma and Jose S. Hernandez to Jose Hernandez, $260,000.

36TH AVE., 5810-Pearline H. Marks to Rohan and Hanif Clarke, $200,000.

36TH AVE., 5819-Michael D. and Camille Sansalone to Santos L. Arevalo and Isidro D. Velis, $245,000.

40TH AVE., 6704-Dazhi and Changyun Jiang to Tahereh and Babak Hosseini, $399,900.

Upper Marlboro Area

BENTWATERS DR., 13803-Kim R. Johnson to Jason Martz, $229,000.

CAROUSEL CT., 12802-Terri Neal to Wayne Deadwyler, $104,500.

COLONEL DENT CT., 4710-Jamal D. Carroll to Denise Vest, $247,500.

ESSENTON DR., 123-Thomas S. Chambers to Robert Lyles, $290,000.

GAY DR., 9918-Deborah D. Linnell to Rebecca and Joseph Pfeffer, $275,000.

GRANDHAVEN AVE., 9120-Donna Y. and Melvin Jacobs to Cheryl Trimble, $275,000.

HALIFAX PL., 504-Tonya D. and William F. Washington to Sandra Martinez, $295,000.

HALLAM CT., 6502-Helen R. and Theodorus F. Deckers to Adelma Bowrin, $330,000.

HARWICH TERR., 4522-Marla N. Robinson to Brandon L. Johnson, $247,000.

HERRINGTON DR., 6-Pamela J. McGill to Emmanuel A. Kyle III, $314,900.

KETTERING PL., 11252-Leon Dukes Jr. to Matthew Taylor, $271,000.

KEVERTON DR., 13011-James D. Wright Jr. to Vivian and Ramona Price, $319,000.

KING FREDERICK WAY, 13810, No. 141-Mickey Herbe and Mary F. Hunt to Lacey Mitchell, $210,000.

KING GREGORY WAY, 13923, No. 405-William E. Luck to Germaine D. Johnson, $221,000.

LORD DUNBORE PL., 13404-Rebecca J. Chipps to Robbin V. Reeder, $185,000.

LORD FAIRFAX PL., 13821-Patricia W. Brown to Deidre N. Jackson, $228,500.

LORD FAIRFAX PL., 13857-Beatrice L. Dunn to Jermaine D. Lassiter, $247,000.

LORD STERLING PL., 13578-Bianca A. Roberson to Elaine R. Lancaster, $170,000.

MARLBOROUGH LANE, 14336-Connie Price to Margaret Owens, $175,000.

MARLTON CENTER DR., 12706-Priscilla A. Chatman to Cisha Watson Nelson, $312,000.

MOUNT CALVERT RD., 14910-Tracy L. Sequenzia to Robin Catloth and Darryl Oden, $435,000.

MOUNT LUBENTIA CT., 695-Laura K. and James A. Ferguson to Shirley Price, $235,000.

NOTTINGHAM DR., 9503-Robin Traveny to Rose M. Kreider, $296,000.

OLD COLONY DR. S., 8414-Angela M. and Rodney J. Brown to Samuel D. Caternor, $265,000.

OLD ENTERPRISE RD., 108, No. 105-Catina M. Hebb to Sonia Chase, $189,000.

ROBERT LEWIS AVE., 1815-Tonya and Larry Greenhill to Diana L. Dunn, $415,000.

SIMEON CT., 8926-Marquerita N. Moody to Kristal E. Smallwood, $185,500.

SOUTHALL DR., 10812-Gloria J. and Joe L. Canada to Osaetin M. Evbuoma, $222,000.

TEAKWOOD DR., 9712-Philip Enkiri to Michael Chikere and Henrietta Ike, $345,000.

TOWN CENTER WAY, 12707-Tanya R. Brown to Tanya K. Morris and Tory Smalls, $263,500.

TOWN CENTER WAY, 12825-Regina E. Washington to Lajuan Watson and Lakeita D. Greenhow, $250,000.

TRUMBULL DR., 13021-Mary J. Williams to Maurice Murrell, $207,100.

VAN BRADY RD., 13220-Joyce A. Lofty to Margaret R. and Joseph M. Melo, $115,000.

VICTORIA DR., 9524-Larry G. Joyner to Kimberle N. Tyus Anderson, $341,000.

WEBBWOOD CT., 11112-Anita C. Zammett to Basiratu and Saidi A. Alayo, $320,000.

WILLIAMSBURG DR., 9903-Victoria A. Akinnuso to Josiah O. Akinnuso, $250,000.

Woodmore-Lake Arbor Area

BEACON RIDGE DR., 10504-Annette L. London to Robbie Johnson Figueroa, $168,000.

BERMONDSEY DR., 2208-Bianca L. and Arlo K. Allen to Lorraine S. Chaney, $535,000.

FAIRLAKES PL., 1404-Sheila S. and Ade Adebisi to David A. Lacy, $405,000.

FORESTGROVE LANE, 10302-Antoinette Mingo to Maria A. Cortez and Jose O. Santos, $294,000.

JAMES RIDGE RD., 600-Raymond S. Singh to Dwight Cousins and Sharon Anderson, $730,000.

JANDLE WAY CT., 15005-Andre and Carol S. Braswell to Elizabeth and Anthony Falodun, $510,000.

KINGS VALLEY DR., 1105-Ronald D. and Rose D. Green to Baromie Koroma and Hamid Conteh, $330,000.

KITCHENER CT., 10767-Steve Tips to Deon L. Dobyns, $260,000.

LAKE SHORE DR., 943-Frances R. and William H. Toney to Darrell E. Bowie, $251,000.

LONGWATER DR., 12310-Gary F. and Karen T. Weidinger to Yvonne M. and Keith T. Strong, $1.5 million.

PINE TREE CT., 15409-Robert and Betty J. Lazevnick to Kwashie and David Strong, $385,000.

WOODSHADE CT., 1925-Geraldine Sims to Cynthia J. Washington, $379,000.