The following cases were received recently by Loudoun County Animal Care and Control. For information, call 540-882-3211 or 703-777-0406 or visit

Cat Killed in Fox Attack

ASHBURN, Coldstream Terrace, last Sunday. An animal control officer responding to a report of a fox attacking a cat found the cat's tail in the road and the dead cat nearby. The officer spotted the fox, which appeared healthy and unharmed, under a vehicle but was not able to catch it.

Stray Terrier Taken to Shelter

LEESBURG, Falls View Square, last Sunday. A resident confined a Jack Russell terrier that had been running loose. An animal control officer took the small male dog, which had a multicolor collar and choke chain but no identification, to the animal shelter. Reports of lost animals were checked, but no matches were found.

Dog Left Outside Is Okay

STERLING, Potomac Ridge Court, Monday. A resident complained that a dog was kept outside on a short tether all night. An animal control officer met with the dog's owner, who said she had put the dog out for an hour the previous evening because it was having stomach trouble and needed to be outside. The officer checked the dog, which seemed healthy. No violations were found.

An Open and Shut Case

ROUND HILL, Sourwood Place, Monday. A woman reported two stray dogs in her back yard. An animal control officer found that the dogs had identification tags with a phone number. The officer called the owner, who took the dogs home.

Bat in Home Tested for Rabies

LEESBURG, Washington Street, Tuesday. A man reported a bat in his cupboards. An animal control officer found a small, brown bat and took it to the animal shelter. It was euthanized so that it could be tested for rabies.