June 29

Liana Rose Deaderick, a daughter, to Andria and Jason Deaderick of Chaptico.

July 22

April Reily Burkman, a daughter, to Kimberly Eatmon and Frank Burkman of Lusby.

Jeremy Miguel Bolden, a son, to Sharita and Anthony Bolden of Lexington Park.

July 23

Jayden Ezell Frederick, a son, to Toccara Threatt and Mark Frederick of Mechanicsville.

Gavyn David Cooper, a son, to Shana and Chad Cooper of Leonardtown.

July 24

Kylie Rose Warren, a daughter, to Shawna and Bobby Warren of Patuxent River.

Kailiyah Nashae Parnell, a daughter, to LaKisha Douglas and Kyalis Parnell of Lexington Park.

July 25

Ella Jane Gunn, a daughter, to Carol and James Gunn of California.

Lily Grace O'Neill, a daughter, to Amanda and David O'Neill of Mechanicsville.

July 26

Amyra Mari Chase, a daughter, to Shileka Smith and Antonio Chase of Lexington Park.

Nyla Jade Dickerson, a daughter, to Myra Dickerson of Abell.

July 27

Emily Grace Giacchetto, a daughter, to Lisa and Paul Giacchetto of Great Mills.

Lillian Marie Canter, a daughter, to Jaime and Aaron Canter of Piney Point.

July 28

Ian Foster Wood, a son, to Amber and Charles Wood of Valley Lee.

Haidayn Joan Asman, a daughter, to Patty and Jared Asman of Lexington Park.

Ethan Drew Angersbach, a son, to Jennifer and Mark Angersbach of Lexington Park.

July 29

Steven Patrick Guy Jr., a son, to Tina and Steven P. Guy Sr. of Leonardtown.

July 30

Kayla Lehnen, a daughter, to Kristeena Sheets and William Lehnen of La Plata.

July 31

Justin Ray Campbell, a son, to Jennifer and Allen Campbell of Leonardtown.

AUG. 2

David William Metzger, a son, to Jennifer and Eldon Metzger of Leonardtown.

AUG. 3

Victoria Lynn Webb, a daughter, to Veronica and Randy Webb of Mechanicsville.

Jasmin Sumara Ali, a daughter, to Crystal and Asif Ali of Waldorf.

Hana Teresa Cahill, a daughter, to Akiko and Kevin Cahill of Patuxent River.

AUG. 5

Erin Alyssa Huber, a daughter, to Dawn Peyer and Jeffrey Huber of Mechanicsville.

AUG. 6

Mark James Stokel, a son, to Tracy and Mark A. Stokel of Leonardtown.

AUG. 7

Adriana Connolly, a daughter, to Jessica and John Connolly of Patuxent River.

Makayla Kimble, a daughter, to Amanda Tucker and James Kimble of Leonardtown.

AUG. 10

Gracie Megan Bowles, a daughter, to Kathy Murphy and Joe Bowles of Great Mills.

AUG. 11

Richard Nicholas Post, a son, to Katrina and Erick Post of Great Mills.

AUG. 12

Cora Alice Lilly, a daughter, to Michelle and Steven Lilly of Patuxent River.

Brett Alexander Redmond, a son, to Melissa and Roger Redmond of California.

AUG. 13

Crystal Nicole Suite, a daughter, to Ashley Suite of Great Mills.

Jillian Jenna Waxman, a daughter, to Debbie and Paul Waxman of Great Mills.

AUG. 15

Morgan Roseanna Veney, a daughter, to Wendy Morgan and Eric Veney of Mechanicsville.

AUG. 16

Brookelynn Jade Simmons, a daughter, to Bridget Wesberry and Russell Simmons III of Port Republic.

Emma Grace Cooper, a daughter, to Michelle and Rusty Cooper of Dameron.

Matthew Ronald Fletcher, a son, to Margaret and Ronald Fletcher of Mechanicsville.

AUG. 17

Ayden Patrick Pyle, a son, to Jenifer Boyle and Brian Pyle of La Plata.

Ryan Patrick Holtz, a son, to Christine and Chad Holtz of California.

AUG. 19

Darius James Henderson, a son, to Margot Ristvedt and James Henderson of Great Mills.

Laci Rae Johnson, a daughter, to Angela Norris and Michael Johnson of Avenue.

Corbin Dallas Wright, a son, to Jessica Stanley and Michael Wright of Leonardtown.