The following home sales were recorded recently in Loudoun County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Loudoun County Assessment Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Loudoun and other Washington areas, visit

Aldie-Braddock Road Area

BERYL TERR., 41904 -- Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge to Magdalena Roman, $134,094.

BERYL TERR., 41910 -- Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge to Monique A. and Matthew A. Hurley, $495,585.

HIDDEN VALLEY PL., 24260 -- Winchester Homes Inc. to Martha A. and Richard Augugliaro, $1.02 million.

TERRAZZO TERR., 42262 -- Deborah F. and James D. Williams to Chanille and Troy Thomas, $425,000.

VACATION PL., 25355 -- Abdul R. Fazilat to Aicha Baou, $589,900.

VISIONARY CT., 41940 -- NVR Inc. to Gyoung Ja and Young Mu Song, $690,980.

Algonkian Regional

Park Area

ALDEN CT., 21 -- Eugenia Barreto and Aldo Guzman to Lily Salazar, $330,000.

ALLEGHENY CIR., 47820 -- Michelle L. and Andrew J. Ferris to Colette Knowles and Brentin Evitt, $700,000.

BERKELEY CT., 6 -- Mark Stephen Hines to Sheila B. and Michael David Watjen, $366,500.

CLEAR SPRING TERR., 45531 -- Karen J. Gray to Moises Martin La Plata, $435,000.

COSWORTH TERR., 20902 -- Ram Prasad Nekkanti to Yasha Tehrani, $460,000.

DRYSDALE TERR., 46590, No. 300 -- Jessica Kirsten Benton to C. Doug Izard and Megan A. Kidd, $345,000.

DUDLEY CT., 5 -- Jefferson Group Corp. to Ramiro Melendez, $450,000.

FAIRMONT PL., 5 -- Frances A. Larsen to Byron Leon, $365,000.

HAXALL CT., 28 -- Alicia Marie Harvey to Susan Oduffy and Charles W. Agel, $367,500.

MIRANDA FALLS SQ., 20813 -- D. Strickland and Kent T. Geerlings to Vivien H. Lau and Charles C. Lin, $565,340.

NEWLAND CT., 12 -- Jim E. Daniels to Mary R. and William G. Davidson, $496,000.

NEWLAND CT., 5 -- Leslie J. and Sherman D. Shuff to Angela and Bryan Henson, $455,000.

PRINCE LOWES TERR., 20896 -- Drees Co. to Carol E. and Gary R. Heinberg, $582,032.

QUINCY CT., 12 -- Jasmin and Miguel Bendezu to Wilber and Leydy Vasquez, $350,000.

RIVERBEND SQ., 20417, No. 203 -- Sandee R. and Craig R. Everett to Angelina Hidalgo, $315,000.

RUTHERFORD CIR., 13 -- Donna M. and Charles E. Brisbin to Mary Anna and Thomas K. Smith, $595,000.

SHARPSKIN ISLAND SQ., 47496 -- Terry R. Cogdill to Kristen M. Markell, $406,000.

WILLOWMERE CT., 20455 -- Susan H. and Carl P. Moyer to Adelaide Whitaker and Karen Johnson, $771,000.

WILTSHIRE CT. E., 11 -- Harriet E. and Willie W. Hassell Jr. to Dana R. and Dexter T. Ferguson, $560,000.

WOOLCOTT SQ., 47691 -- Harold R. Robbins to Luz Gloria Vera, $449,990.

WYATT CT., 7 -- Wilma and Jose Urgel to Jay Jaemyung Noh, $356,160.

YOUNGS CLIFF RD., 19179 -- Theresa M. Wasserstein to Amy B. Gill and James W. Rautner, $780,000.

Ashburn Area

ALDERLEAF TERR., 20414 -- Afshan and Yaqoob B. Ashai to Erin M. Gough and Kenneth Brooks, $365,000.

ALLDERWOOD TERR., 44143 -- Audrey B. and Terrance V. King to L. Scott Buffardi, $399,990.

ASPENDALE SQ., 19596 -- Belmont Land Partnership to Mohammad Asim Zafar, $514,875.

BEECHWOOD TERR., 20292, No. 301 -- Jeanine Corvalan to Edwin Del Valle Encarnacion, $288,000.

BLACKSMITH SQ., 43600 -- Kimberly A. and John C. Distaso to Rachel F. and Matthew J. Fischer, $420,500.

BLACKWOLF RUN PL., 20056 -- Belmont Land Partnership to A. Kankanics and Leslie Kaciban Jr., $745,970.

BOXWOOD PL., 20137 -- Minh Tam Do and Bai Cong to P. Polapragada and V. Pulugurta, $760,000.

CAMELLIA ST., 43886 -- Toll Virginia IV Partnership to Riddhi R. and Rushi D. Shah, $651,267.

CAMELLIA ST., 43890 -- Toll Virginia IV Partnership to Ling Ling Fang and James Lee, $678,542.

CLEMENS TERR., 43748 -- Brian Miller to Christopher Wells, $465,000.

DEER RUN WAY, 20972 -- Catherine Princiotto to Phyllis O. and Auston E. O'Neill, $630,000.

DESERT FOREST DR., 20098 -- Belmont Land Partnership to Maureen L. and Douglas D. Fletcher, $809,865.

DESERT FOREST DR., 20142 -- Belmont Land Partnership to B. Vojdani and A. Ghazanfari, $792,945.

FULTONHAM CIR., 21311 -- Mark J. and Kimberly H. Sowers to Randy and Jeanne Nappier, $575,500.

GREYMONT TERR., 20477 -- Belmont Land Partnership to Michael J. Frederick, $340,498.

HIDDEN CREEK CT., 20198 -- Christina N. and Michael J. Moore to Marcia L. Eck and James B. Anderson, $739,000.

HUNTLAND CT., 20950 -- Sabahat and Imran Malik to Carmen and John Session, $650,000.

ISLAND AVE., 19709 -- Celeste L. and Walter F. Veno to Juan D. and Elizabeth Cuevas, $1.1 million.

KILLAWOG TERR., 20963 -- T. Threlkeld and Albert W. Rieben to Barbara B. and Quentin R. Corrie, $415,000.

KOUROS CT., 21548 -- Karen L. and Michael O. Davis to Brenda and Terence Kearney, $815,000.

MARCHAND LANE, 44276 -- Joann J. and Geoff H. Roser to Lauren P. and Clifford U. Haring, $528,900.

MOSSY GLEN TERR., 21041 -- Jingqing Wu and Ligeng Cao to Tracie L. and Roberto D. Rosales, $410,000.

MOSSY GLEN TERR., 21067 -- Melissa L. and John F. Dickinson to Terrence Lewis and Christina Lewis, $450,000.

NEEDMORE CT., 43993 -- Tarek Ibrahim to Michael J. Barrett, $650,000.

POTTER TERR., 44511 -- Shelly and Ronald Huffman to Trieu T. Truong, $410,000.

PRAIRIE DUNES TERR., 20111 -- Belmont Land Partnership to Varanya and Rajagopal Janampally, $466,267.

PRAIRIE DUNES TERR., 20113 -- Belmont Land Partnership to Myung Joo Hong and Asaph Y. Chun, $478,184.

ROWLEY TERR., 44319 -- Quan Ming Chen to Shipla Garg and Rohit Moza, $526,000.

SNOWSHOE SQ., 20582, No. 202 -- Margaret A. Benzin to Patricia A. May, $289,900.

SOLHEIM CUP TERR., 43605 -- James L. Mizelle Jr. to Kay A. and Ronald W. Walker, trustees, $540,000.

TILTONSVILLE TERR., 43310 -- Nelson H. Pearsall to Jean R. Schollard, $420,000.

Broadlands Area

BROOKSHADE DR., 22786 -- Centex Homes to Katherine B. and William W. Eager, $746,915.

CROSSWIND TERR., 43158 -- Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Lauren Gall and Samuel Bonsall IV, $448,044.

CROSSWIND TERR., 43162 -- Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Priya and Vinod Moorjani, $420,640.

HIGHGROVE TERR., 43236 -- Miller and Smith at Broadlands to Ki Seok Cheon, $437,270.

SIMONET BLANC TERR., 22675 -- Mohammed Faiz and Tasneem Qureshi to Mohammad M. Piracha, $565,000.

SUNDERLEIGH SQ., 43268 -- Miller and Smith at Broadlands to Tuyen K. Huynh and Khanh Q. Nguyen, $546,410.

SUNDERLEIGH SQ., 43270 -- Miller and Smith at Broadlands to Uma and Prakash M. Patel, $599,580.

VALLEY PRESERVE CT., 22799 -- Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Benu and Ajit K. Arya, $1.06 million.

WELBORNE MANOR SQ., 22533 -- Randy Bailey to Bhanumathi and Sathish Medavarapu, $585,000.

Dulles Area

BENSON TERR., 22921 -- Manju and Neeraj Bhushan to Gandharv and Sanjogta Sharma, $421,000.

BOX CAR SQ., 22017 -- Joshua Leo Nowell to Bladimar Contreras, $437,000.

KNIGHT TERR., 46019 -- Margaret Ann and Dale W. Larsen to Ming Yin Huang, $443,000.

REGENTS PARK CIR., 21745 -- Marianne and Brittain T. Kasoff to Khalid and Shahnaz Mahmood, $675,000.

WATERLOO STATION SQ., 45689 -- John D. Nguyen to Stephanie and Brian Rice, $420,000.

Great Falls Forest Area

MERCHANT CT., 30111 -- Janet L. and David E. Craig to 30111 Merchant Court Corp., $400,000.

Hamilton Area

WATERFORD CREEK CIR., 16085 -- Tierney D. and Joel T. King to Robyn and Susan Lynch, $1.23 million.

Leesburg Area

ACCOKEEK TERR., 18843 -- Lansdowne Community Development to Timothy W. Treharne, $748,445.

ALPINE DR., 237 -- Jean E. and Patrick G. Hagen to Gale M. and Douglas W. Hall, $660,000.

ARROYO TERR., 19070 -- B.L. Homes Lansdowne Corp. to Robert D. Greenlee, $858,360.

BARTON CREEK PL., 18498 -- Melissa J. and Andrew W. Fones to Jennifer B. and James F. Kerr, $1.1 million.

CALEDONIA CT., 43049 -- Hong Shen and William Dill to Helene M. and Gary L. Crawford, $709,000.

CARRADOC FARM TERR., 43619 -- Lansdowne Community Development to Donna and Craig Johnson, $718,090.

COBBLER TERR., 601 -- Quang and Vicky Lam to Brett Morris, $377,000.

CONSTELLATION SQ., 625C -- Ann M. Walroth to Rosemarie and Joe Terry Swaim, $270,000.

CYPRESS POINT TERR., 18235 -- M.B. River Creek O Corp. to L. Barbara and David C. Butow, $677,409.

FORT EVANS RD., 107-B -- Zeljko Jovanovic to Thomas C. Watson, $235,000.

FOSTER PL., 1003 -- Frances L. and Harry E. Sparshott to John N. Kukorlo, $458,500.

HUNTMASTER TERR., 1105, No. 301 -- Suzanne G. Shultz to Hun Lam Tai, $240,000.

HUNTMASTER TERR., 1135, No. 102 -- Erin M. Martin to Kenay D. Wise, $225,000.

HUNTON PL., 732 -- Kimberly A. Holloman to Diana C. and Brian L. Myers, $609,000.

MCLEARY SQ., 674 -- Kristi N. and Shane Robert Smith to Namita and Atul Srivastava, $457,900.

MEADOWS LANE, 146 -- Peter W. Osada to James and Nina Fernandez, $275,000.

MEADOWS LANE, 169 -- Rey D.T. Rivas and Carlos H. Gaitan to M. Ubillus and Vilma Lozada, $315,000.

MEADOWS LANE, 205 -- Oscar Saenz to Brian P. Gillingham, $285,000.

MILL SITE PL., 19279 -- Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne Corp. to Patricia J. and Devinder P. Goyal, $866,879.

MOORE PL., 1412 -- Norman T. Jr. and Jennifer L. Price to Julie D. and Mark A. Goforth, $726,250.

MOORLAND CT., 43714 -- Denyele Gourley and James Kelly to Prudential Residential Services Partnership, $1.08 million.

MORVEN PARK RD., 208 -- Maria Escobar and Luis Fajardo to Jose F. Lara Rivas, $449,900.

PANORAMA PL., 41986 -- Glynn Tarra Estates Corp. to Nilsa R. and Melvin Cordova, $665,982.

PLANTERS TERR., 521 -- Drees Co. to Sadia N. and Syed N. Akhtar, $389,010.

QUIVER RIDGE DR., 19048 -- Lansdowne Community Development to Ramesh Annamreddy, $660,838.

RASPBERRY DR., 41741 -- Judith and Ellwood S. Seifert II to Terry Ann and Kirk M. Harrison, $1.2 million.

ROCKFORD SQ., 850 -- Arcadia Potomac Crossing Corp. to Nancy D. and David M. Decker, $319,289.

SHADOW TERR., 43140 -- Lisa M. and Matthew S. Plummer to Sandeepa and Rajeev Mohal, $485,000.

SHENANDOAH ST., 203 -- Nelson C. Davis to Mid Atlantic Development Co., $225,000.

SHINNIECOCK HILLS PL., 18201 -- Rebecca F. and Louis E. Dolan Jr. to Traci J. and Michael J. Burke, $1.02 million.

SPECTACULAR BID PL., 40765 -- Renaissance at Beacon Hill Corp. to Ellen W. and Michael T. Siuta, $1.4 million.

Lovettsville Area

ARMISTEAD FILLER LANE, 11714 -- Renee L. and William H. Geiger to Dawn Taylor and Paul A. Garrison, $428,000.

BOOTH RD., 12822 -- Christine and James D. Hill to Paul and Alana Columbo, $575,000.

DUTCHMANS CREEK RD., 11264 -- Palmer Family Partnership to Richard Justin Palmer, $1.41 million.

MILLTOWN RD., 12773 -- Jean M. Langley to Christina and Jeremy C. Lundberg, $759,000.

POTTERFIELD DR., 41 -- NVR Inc. to Melissa Hughes and Yuri R. Cassanello, $549,285.

WENNER RD., 39796 -- Carolyn E. and John Allen Payne Sr. to Wendy A. and John Allen Payne Jr., $400,000.

Purcellville Area

CANDLERIDGE CT., 824 -- Washington Homes Inc. to Pearl R.S. and Peter Guilfoyle, $601,341.

COCKERILL RD., 20198 -- B. Belfiore and Douglas Kittrell to Melissa L. and John Dickinson, $599,000.

COLCHESTER RD., 19901 -- Ronnie L. Vansweringen to Kimberly and Christopher M. Quish, $825,000.

DAVIS DR. S., 371 -- Flora L. Focer to Renee and John Phillips, $442,000.

FALCONHURST DR., 16785 -- Washington Homes Inc. to Stephanie A. and Joel R. Kline, $679,480.

GOLDENCREST CIR., 16490 -- Cindy L. and Harold D. Holec to Latifa and Alam Shoja, $799,000.

GOLDENCREST CIR., 16667 -- U S Home Corp. to Leslie A. and Robert C. Hoff Jr., $802,477.

NEWKIRK CT., 102 -- Teresita B. and Jeffrey A. Bone to James R. Carman Jr., $336,350.

PURCELLVILLE RD., 16006 -- Carpenter Bullock Properties Corp. to Sian K. and Lawrence H. Simon, $985,000.

SERENITY GROVE TERR., 911 -- Toll Virginia Partnership to Farina and Zulfikar Hussain, $429,757.

Round Hill Area

CLOVER TERR., 35904 -- Arlene S. and Gerard T. Leen to Michael Vaughn and Kim Scheifla, $333,000.

South Riding Area

BERESFORD DR., 25501 -- Shawn Arlene and Paul V. Whalen to Aprajita and Ashit Chandra, $530,000.

CHAMBERS DR., 25466 -- Jin C. and Hong Y. Lee to Jung Hee Suh and Dong Wan Suh, $699,500.

DUNVEGAN SQ., 25213 -- June C. and Kisoo Baek to Andrew and Laura Baek, $410,000.

EUSTIS ST., 43069 -- Henry L. III and Lisa Pope to William G. Bell Sr., $556,000.

INDIAN HILL CIR., 25424 -- Shereda L. Braggs to Lance K. Hatten, $460,000.

KIRKWOOD SQ., 25899 -- Karen Stairs and Matthew Clemente to Debbie and Patrick Smiley, $504,000.

LATROBE ST., 42695 -- Mary Caldwell and Scott W. Rutler to Hye R. Hong, $505,680.

LONGACRE DR., 42527 -- Toll Cedar Hunt Corp. to William F. and Pamela Peterson, $898,037.

LONGACRE DR., 42542 -- NVR Inc. to Bill Vasilis Bifsas, $874,130.

MCINTYRE SQ., 25352 -- Robert Convey Jr. to Kyle McKeown and Wesley E. Young, $499,900.

MINK MEADOWS ST., 43595 -- Julie M. and Terry L. McElyea to Heather and Orlando Perez II, $590,000.

PILGRIM SQ., 42839 -- Rory Toth and Deborah Cosner Toth to Pooja Kapoor, $415,000.

PROVIDENCE RIDGE DR., 42252 -- Richmond American Homes to Amy and Christopher Joseph, $650,565.

QUINLAN ST., 25905 -- South Riding Partners Partnership to Madhuri and Ram Nekkanti, $650,000.

RACHEL HILL DR., 26129 -- Danah J. Balmaceda to C. Relano and Christopher Atienza, $775,000.

RADKE TERR., 25392 -- Karen R. and David P. Curtin to Thu Doan, $410,000.

RAWLEY SPRINGS DR., 25751 -- Pulte Home Corp. to Omar Farooque, $815,475.

SCARLET SQ., 43747 -- Eric R. Taylor to Julia S. Vecserine and Saw Samuel, $435,000.

TALMONT DR., 25959 -- S. Ramachandran and R. Kuppuswami to Jennifer L. and Daniel J. Delean, $675,000.

Sterling Area

ALDER AVE. S., 707 -- Clark R. Smith and Thomas G. Tipton to Alicia Tyler and Leveron Hammond, $355,000.

ALDER AVE. S., 707 -- Ilona and Laszlo Banyai to Clark R. Smith and Thomas G. Tipton, $295,000.

ARGONNE AVE. N., 418 -- Lourdes Gomez and Susana Battle to Susana Battle, $332,000.

BALDWIN SQ., 21771 -- James Yeager to Sharon and Leah Oats, $337,000.

CAROLINA CT., 2 -- Walter A. Baldwin Jr. to Oscar Orellana Argueta, $357,000.

COLLEGE DR. N., 103 -- Robert T. Ferguson Jr. to Amy E. Galloway, $150,000.

CORNELL DR. E., 208 -- Miguel A. Castro to Wilfredo Ruano, $255,000.

EATON TERR., 46893, No. 101 -- Lisa Michelle Browder to Ursula and Mark Donald Ritter, $294,000.

FILLMORE AVE. N., 121, No. 8 -- Sanford D. Horn to Selwa Mazouz and Ryan D. Reph, $207,000.

GOLD THORN WAY, 103 -- Kimberly D. and Keith Swanson to Santos E. Valle, $465,000.

JOHNSON RD. N., 116 -- Richard Benenati to Samuel Alfredo Cerritos, $500,000.

LAKE DR., 127 -- Fritz M. and Carol L. Jorge to James W. and Ximena Y. Doolin, $822,000.

LOST TRAIL TERR., 45488 -- Paula J. and Dick M. Greenlee to Mikele and Michael A. Torgler, $419,000.

MARGATE CT., 1042B -- Edna and Irving Robinson to Jorge A. Hernandez, $260,000.

MARSDEN CT., 1005 -- M. Antelo Suarez and Pablo R. Carlotto to Lourdes Ramirez and Karel Alvarez, $308,000.

MEADOWLAND LANE W., 202 -- Ruben D. Bustillo to Rachel K. and Mark D. Parkinson, $468,000.

MONARCH DR., 16 -- Gustavo Del Callejo to Shakir Alfonse and Shaukat J. Alfonse, $322,000.

MORNING WAY, 21142 -- Gracie Ramsburg to Melissa and Scott Pierson, $495,450.

NEWBURY PL., 219 -- Tricia L. Devine to Valentin Portillo, $400,700.

OAK TRAIL SQ., 45450 -- Ola Mallaug to Cynthia Rosso and William A. Word, $385,000.

PENNY LANE, 217 -- Ray A. Tolson to Victorio Santos, $430,000.

SHERWOOD CT., 204 -- Helen R. Yates to Jennifer N. and Larry J. Becker Jr., $270,000.

STABLEHOUSE DR., 22384 -- J.D. Jenkins and Jeremy N. Jenkins to M. Siebenhuener and Michelle King, $299,000.

STERLING BLVD. N., 203 -- Teresita F. and Rolando H. Palermo to Nieve C. Manalo, $370,000.

SUMMERS CT., 206 -- Julie P. Vuong and Wai Yan Chow to Ovidio Funes, $380,000.

SYCAMORE RD. N., 116 -- Barbara Jean and Charles Clyde Webb to Evarista Gonzalez, $384,900.