The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert County

Chesapeake Beach Area

BRAEBURN CT., 8668-James A. and Linda M. Gasch to Susan M. and Kevin S. Collins, $305,000.

BROOKESIDE DR., 3602-Christine E. Sheehy to April Starr and Eric Hudson, $330,000.

27TH ST., 3811-Gladys McDonald to Patricia C. and Michael G. Bryan, $294,950.

28TH ST., 3616-Steven S. and Laura L. Hines to Wendy M. and Richard Weatherbee, $429,000.

Dunkirk Area

COUNTRY RD., 11219-Charles A. and Doris E. Benesh to Gloria J. and Robert D. Bradley, $385,000.

COUNTRY RD., 11227-Peggy Lou Neidhardt to Erin M. and James R. Coyner III, $349,000.

GOLDEN RUSSET DR., 9813-George T. and Carol E. Owens to Thisbe and Paul Sahwell, $405,500.

THREE DOCTORS RD., 10230-Joseph M. Shatrowsky to Miam L. and Michael J. Dufek, $500,000.

Huntingtown Area

ALLDAY RD., 3250-James K. and Nancy Bartlett to William K. and Alyssa M. Simon, $340,000.

BRISTOL DR., 4150-Michael S. and Pamela D. Schmidt to Mary Regina Evans and Ross C. Crampton, $549,900.

PONDS WOOD RD., 3595-Ronnie L. and Janice E. Waters to Lisa M. and Richard E. Hancock, $425,000.

Lusby Area

BARREDA BLVD., 12918-Lea A. and Joseph M. Smiley to Charles D. Chialastri Jr., $175,000.

CATALINA DR., 12152-Russell A. Bertino Jr. to Stephanie H. and Robert C. Lafferty, $258,000.

CATALINA DR., 12569-Thomas Roland Gaines to Nancy Lee and Scott Andrew Woolverton, $290,400.

COMSTOCK DR., 475-Theodora K. Watts to Margaret D. and Robert J. Conner III, $299,950.

DEADWOOD DR., 11512-Michael J. and Margaret K. Bull to Allison and Jeff Gregus, $213,000.

DURANGO DR., 11528-Jeffrey C. Hallo to Shylah R. Paul, $216,500.

LAUREL DR., 245-David B. Ritchie to Cecelia and Kip R. Sage, $190,000.

MONTEREY RD., 1151-Hayden Estey, trustee, to Sara J. Renick, $349,900.

ROUSBY HALL RD., 12717-Mary L. Humphreys to Mark B. Jones, $200,000.

WENDY WAY, 905-Janice Parks and Charles L. Collins to Kelly Francis and William Edward Gray Jr., $239,900.

North Beach Area

NINTH ST., 3712-Mary T. King to Kathryn Medley and William T. Bourne, $289,900.

Owings Area

HARRISON BLVD., 8362-Patrice M. and Robert L. Anleitner to Colleen K. Kirkpatrick, $458,000.

ONTARIO CT., 1149-Mary W. and John A. Strysik to Robert Bowling, $549,900.

SOUTH POINT CT., 9635-Leonard and Joann Desanto to Linda and James Gasch, $559,000.

Port Republic Area

INDEPENDENCE DR., 4785-Ronald L. and Julie T. Siefert to Linda S. and Patrick K. Horty, $462,000.

Prince Frederick Area

HALLOWING POINT RD., 3845-Bonnie Lee Royle Allen to Robert Turner, $332,000.

SOLOMONS ISLAND RD. S., 2420-Douglas C. and Barbara M. Wood to Tammi M. and Jimmy L. Wilson, $525,000.

Solomons Area

BACK CREEK LOOP, 1105-Amelia M. Grady to Dennis L. Smith, $230,717.

BACK CREEK LOOP, 1204-Marc J. Rose to Rebecca N. Strandberg and Larry Logan, $259,999.

DRIFTWOOD LANE, 223-Jean J. and Vernon D. Horsmon Sr. to Paula J. Middleton, $314,900.

LORE PINES LANE, 13442-Grace H. and Albert E. Seemayer to Francis P. and Nancy R. McCabe, $475,000.

St. Leonard Area

BEACH DR., 5525-William K. Keller Jr. to Joanne M. and Christopher M. Koterwas, $450,000.

PEACE CT., 2075-James Chew to Douglas Chew, $160,000.

Charles County

Bel Alton Area

REDBAY RUN, 8725-Nallan C. and Vanaja Ramakrishna to Lakeisah and Jerome Martin, $400,000.

Bryans Road Area

BUCKNELL RD., 6644-Kevin D. and Barbara A. Brunet to Carlette N. and Brian D. Ritter, $275,000.

CHIPPEWA ST., 2861-Robert N. Traylor to Jonathan T. Braun, $279,900.

HAMMOCK CT., 2709-Renee Jackson to Byron Cosey Wheeler, $232,000.

HAMMOCK CT., 2766-Camille M. and Brian J. Brown to Maisha Byrd, $232,000.

HEATHER DR., 6956-Victor J. and Mary E.J. Welth to Timothy Moore and Michael Williams, $190,000.

PAULINE CT., 6756-Goldbert Investments Inc. to Lewis H. Finney, $237,000.

SOUTH LAKE CT., 6321-Tara N. Butler to Janelle M. Hargett, $224,000.

WOODBERRY DR., 2293-River Hill Corp. to Buffy M. Arnett and Jason S. Wells, $275,000.

Bryantown Area

LEONARDTOWN RD., 7071-Jeanne M. and Christian R. Hansen to Skipjack Development Corp., $835,478.

Cobb Island Area

CYPRESS DR., 18073-Margarita and J. Guy Hardesty to Jody S. Powell, $289,000.


Prince Frederick Road Area

COLONIAL LANE, 7055-Hampton Homes Corp. to Regina M. and Clifford T. Hughes, $439,950.

Indian Head Area

ALTON CT., 3-Betty A. Dement to Carl E. Price III, $199,000.

CHARLES PL., 128-Cynthia B. Skahill to Sean Curry and Nadia Thompson, $167,000.

CHINABERRY LANE, 34-Katharine S. Phaneuf to Michael Patrick, $155,000.

JENKINS LANE, 3238-Kenneth V. and Barbara I. Kragh to Melissa Raby and Christopher Berry, $240,000.

La Plata Area

ALEXANDER PL., 8070-Audrey L. Boland to Kathleen and Melanie Lauer, $580,000.

BOBWHITE CT., 24-Rolf and John Hammerer, trustees, to Jean M. Dixon, trustee, $395,000.

CLARKS RUN RD., 719-Joseph L. Jr. and Janice D. Spicer to Aimee S. and Kevin A. Dailey, $399,900.

COACH PL., 7535-Wanda L. and John P. Melenson to Helen Brooks, $299,500.

FAIRGROUND RD., 7950-Vickie and Richard Williams to Daniel R. Millar, $243,500.

JENNIE RUN DR., 311-Cindy C. and Joseph Martin to Randy F. Perillo, $162,000.

PORT TOBACCO RD., 8715-Mary Edna and Thomas H. Kellum to Tracy B. Richardson, $335,000.

TERRI DR., 9620-Justin T. and Julie E. Renner to Bonnie A. and James W. Carpenter, $430,000.

Port Tobacco Area

SIMMS LANDING RD., 7365-William M. and Julie A. Burgess to Sarah K. and Kenneth R. Bradley, $489,900.

St. Charles Area

BISMARK ST., 2789-Howard L.A. Dunlap Jr. to Maria E. Hayes, $352,000.

CALICO WOODS PL., 11951-Katara N. Horne to Lionel Toure, $258,000.

COPLEY AVE., 1016-Brian D. Lough to Jose G. Ramos and Miguel P. Ventura, $260,000.

DEREK PL., 12428-Charles W. Jackson to J. Stewart Aaron and Tyree D. Aaron, $267,000.

HEATHCOTE RD., 3045-Jo Ann Crowder to Herbert Tristan, $151,000.

HEATHCOTE RD., 3086-Tama and Shawn Hicks to Duane T. Chagnon, $155,000.

HIGH TIMBER CT., 3209-Erich P. Heins to Stacy and Kenneth Sneed, $260,000.

KEEPSAKE PL., 6-Elizabeth A. Dishongh to Elaine C. Murray, $167,000.

LAKEWOOD PL., 3813-Peter B. Agostinho to Dedra Swimpson, $265,000.

LARKSPUR CT., 805-Dionne L. Johnson to Alana D. and Randolph A. Stanley, $175,000.

MATLOCK PL., 3620-Gaylord M. and Mariela Frazier to Crystal R. and Jason S. Woods Sr., $250,000.

MOONCOIN CIR., 9-Dana M. and Lowell C. Roberson to Rhonda Darden, $255,000.

OLD WASHINGTON RD., 4078-Virginia R. and Emmet B. Potter to Raymond M. Johns, $184,500.

RIVERMONT DR., 315-Wallace R. and Maryjane Beamer to Taneeya and Christopher Valentine, $275,000.

Waldorf Area

AVON PL., 2659-Edward Weibrecht to Gurvinderpal Singh and Arvind Saini, $295,000.

BIGEYE CT., 5047-Robert P. and June M. Jackson to Keith and Walter D. Ritter, $297,000.

BITTERN CT., 4012-Samuel E. James to C.R. and Mary A. Oshlo, $318,000.

BLACK BEAR CT., 6015-Veronica Brandon to Kimberly A. Binsol, $324,500.

BUNKER HILL RD., 9965-Michael N. and Theresa J. Proctor to Darryl T. and Lucinda R. Davis, $240,000.

BURNING OAK CT., 12312-Hao H. Chang to Darlene R. Green, $328,000.

CORMORANT CT., 2916-Joyce L. and John B. Davey Jr. to Mark A. Kruse, $465,000.

COUGAR CT., 6610-Gary Royal to Aissatou D. and Ishmail Hashim, $360,000.

DRYDEN CT., 2228-Roxane S. and Alphonso Nelson to Angelina C. and Mathew E. Gray, $350,500.

EUTAW FOREST DR., 2980-Scott G. and Julee A. Rudolf Smith to W. Stea and Philomenia Duggan, $320,000.

HAZELWOOD CT., 2372-William W. and Mary I. Templeman to Petras Rauchas, $219,000.

HAZELWOOD CT., 2399-Kelly R. and Jeffrey D. Knode to Julie N. Jalbert, $205,000.

HICKORY VALLEY DR., 3004-Andrew F. and Alys L. Bauer to Severine C. and James M. Davis, $309,900.

HOLLY AVE., 8009-Patrick Carl and Joseph A. Clements to Bernardo C. Vazquez, $300,000.

HOMESTEAD PL., 11897-Regina Palmer to Devonna J. Porter, $177,500.

KANGAROO DR., 6877-Lee Anne and James M. Chapman to Gregory A. Johnson, $342,500.

LARSON PL., 9831-Valerie D. Smith to Rebecca J. Alexander, $280,000.

NIGHT SERGEANT CT., 5704-William Lee Cato to Thande Njuguna and Margaret Thande, $410,000.

PAM DR., 10830-Cortes J. and Joan W. Randell to Isabel and French W. Holt, $325,000.

PINEWOOD DR., 2710-Francis L. and Jane E. Jenkins to Marilyn France and Mary Hensley, $280,000.

POOKA CT., 6101-Matthew S. and Heidi M. Ludwig to Melissa and Lawrence Blake, $355,000.

PUPFISH CT., 5007-Ronald A. and Mary L. Wilson to Donald E. and Kristin A. Bader, $409,950.

ROOKS HEAD PL., 2667-Sue Ann and Bernard Packman to Vincent Robinson, $135,000.

SANDWICH CIR., 4204-Gloria J. and Michael J. Lindemann to Sandra A. Markovich, $280,250.

SKIPJACK CT., 5508-Nancy J. and Marlin D. Monroe to Frederick T. Decurtis, $300,000.

STODDERT AVE., 118-Rachel and Jack M. Dehanas, trustees, to Johnny Armstead, $244,800.

UNIVERSITY DR., 612-Patty L. and Arthur W. Padgett to Teresa Peters, $287,800.

VENTURE DR., 8328-Lawrence M. III and Deborah Hammett to Mary A. and William M. Fowler, $320,000.

WESTDALE CT., 3248-Michael A. Edwards II to Azalia M. Stephens, $162,500.

WOODCHUCK PL., 6257-Patrick J. Jr. and Tass Rupert Reilly to Elizabeth and Shawn M. Amorino, $199,900.

Welcome Area

BLOSSOM POINT RD., 8320-Terry G. and Douglas F. Riley Jr. to Deana M. Lopez, $399,900.

PORT TOBACCO RD., 7560-Barbara J. Streett to Kathy Z. and James M. Courtney Sr., $349,000.

White Plains Area

PRINCE EDWARD DR., 3680-Jamie L. and Therese A. Dean to J.A. Mudd and Mark R. Millinger, $385,000.

St. Mary's County

Avenue Area

PERRY GIBSON LANE, 21193-Joan L. and William G. Morris Sr. to Christopher D. Lanham, $390,000.

Bushwood Area

UPLAND DR., 23121-Robert J. Coffren to Milton E. Wolfe III, $209,900.

California Area

COBBLESTONE LANE, 23140, No. 207-Patricia E. Norris to Dorothy T. Roland, $140,000.

MILL COVE HARBOR RD., 45310-Melanie Hungerford to Anne D. and John J. Bauer, $599,000.

SPRINGSTEEN CT. S., 45903-Robert Joseph Summers Sr. to Todd Newell, $156,000.

WILLIS DR., 22051-Joseph Robert Meeks to Mary Susan Bates, $260,000.

Drayden Area

WINDMILL POINT RD., 18445-Norman P. Fisher to Judson Rupert, $232,000.

Great Mills Area

BRAWNY ST., 45524-Steven Daczkowski to Tricia Elaine and Nicolas Dimitri Yamodis II, $310,000.

CARAVEL CT., 22063-Steven E. and Marva V. Pixton to Demetria and Myron D. Hall, $253,000.

CIRCLE DR., 45811-Daniel L. Rebarchick to Dawn E. and Tony R. Langford, $276,000.

CLIPPER DR., 22148-Bryan Wayne and Duval Cubero to Richard J. Paletta and Lawrence A. Feragotti, $250,000.

LEXINGTON CT., 45909-Charmain Carey to Connie and Corey Butler, $130,000.

MADISON DR., 21526-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Kathryn A. and Timothy M. Wingenter, $284,900.

MANOS DR., 23354-James Dobry to Alison J. Rhodes, $229,500.

ST. GABRIELS CIR., 22053-Sean M. Kaner to Susan Geeson Paul trust and Robert W. Paul Jr. trust, $195,000.

VICTORIA CIR., 22060-Dorothy A. Wise to David M. Tayman, $360,000.

Hollywood Area

ANNE CT., 42487-Francis P. Hayden Jr. to Joseph E. Hayden, $269,900.

MORGAN RD., 24411-Rauf A. Rana to Alfonzo Capers, $275,000.

NELSON HILL WAY, 24725-Sara L. and Christopher X. Guldi to Maria F. and Robert Gable, $210,000.

Leonardtown Area

CHARLES ST., 41425-Medard Rand Kowalski III to Pamela and Jason D. Fassett, $242,500.

HICKS DR., 23720-Roger Bradford Bussler to Sandra K. Varesko, $269,000.

POINT LOOKOUT RD., 23849-John H. Dejong to Linda L. and Kyle J. Abell, $215,000.

RUSSELL RD., 18950-William Clayton Combs to Paul Robert Faneuf, $549,000.

Lexington Park Area

ATALANTA ST., 21643-Nemesio C. Chavez to Tennay L. Davis, $188,250.

CHESTNUT ST., 18281-Beck and Beck Corp. to Joseph T. Labrack, $321,220.

CHESTNUT ST., 18393-Brian Mahoney to Chad Dawson and Michele L. Shaw, $353,130.

ESPERANZA DR., 23075-Joseph A. and Barbara J. Rivera to Michelle K. and James M. Parish, $345,000.

FLETCHER CT., 46321-Alison J. Rhodes to Victor C. Disanto, $401,000.

MANON WAY, 21420-Paul L. Willoughby to Steven E. Pennell, $139,900.

OXFORD DR., 21566-Lan S.T. Yue to Jennifer I. and Andrew D. Gephart, $342,000.

PICKETTS HARBOR CT., 48213-Russell A. Garner Sr. to Blair Davis Kitchen, $175,500.

PICKETTS HARBOR CT., 48221-Jennifer M. O'Connor to Sarah J. Rice, $170,000.

PICKETTS HARBOR CT., 48279-Thomas M. Burger to Barrett D. Justice, $190,500.

THREE NOTCH RD., 18610-Melvin Kenneth Wolinski Jr. to Jesus Moran, $242,000.

Loveville Area

TRADESMAN'S LANE, 26170-Ronnie and Stacy Quesenberry to Sarah and Timothy N. Tucker, $250,000.

Mechanicsville Area

BET LANE, 38526-Charles H. Wood to Mark Love, $117,000.

CLOVER HILL RD., 42630-Jackie K. Thompson to Suzanne Maguire, $200,000.

COCHISE CT., 30040-William R. Massey III to Jacqueline J. Vos and C.O. Jennifer Massey, $209,600.

ERIN DR., 26896-Jeffrey M. Howard to Tina M. and Philip C. Burroughs, $310,000.

SYRINGA CT., 39210-Timothy Allen Vallandingham to James Timothy Hill, $137,750.

THREE NOTCH RD., 27463-Richard Lee Mowry Jr. to Richard J. Galentine, $254,000.

Park Hall Area

POINT LOOKOUT RD., 18330-Joseph E. Cannetti to Cannetti King Corp., $46,000.

Ridge Area

BUZZ'S MARINA WAY, 49700-Frank W. Dean to Lucy Lynn and Robert Melvin Bradburn Jr., $34,000.

Tall Timbers Area

TALL TIMBERS RD., 44415-Roger A. Myers to Melody A. and Jean Jacques Visele, $229,000.

Valley Lee Area

MOUNT OLIVE WAY, 45479-David J. Bowes to Barbara A. and William D. Underwood, $459,900.