News of interest to Loudoun and Fauquier counties that appeared in the daily Post Aug. 21-27.


Seeking a League of Their Own

Organizers of a men's soccer tournament at the Potomack Lakes Sportsplex hope the players, mostly Hispanic immigrants, will form a league.


Patients Urged to Get HIV Tests

Officials with Inova Loudoun Hospital have contacted 144 patients who underwent endoscopic exams and urged them to get tested for HIV and hepatitis, citing the hospital's failure to properly disinfect its equipment.


Flag, and Dispute, Up in Smoke

In March, Loudoun School Board Chairman John A. Andrews II purchased an American flag on eBay for $25,000. Last week he burned it. It was neither a protest nor an act of disrespect, but an effort to end the controversy over the banner's authenticity. Depending on whom you ask, the flag did or did not fly at the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001.


Plea in Attempted Drowning Case

A Lansdowne woman charged with attempted capital murder after she allegedly tried to drown her two children avoided a possible life sentence by entering a plea to reduced charges of child abuse.


Two Cyclists Killed on W&OD

Two cyclists were killed in separate accidents a half-mile and two days apart when they apparently rode through stop signs on the W&OD trail and struck or were struck by vehicles.