Citing privacy and safety concerns, Holy Cross and Montgomery General hospitals do not release names of newborns. However, new parents can have their children listed by faxing the hospital's proof of birth letter to The Washington Post at 301-279-5665 or mailing a copy to Births, The Washington Post, 51 Monroe St., Suite 500, Rockville, Md. 20850. For more information, call 301-294-2600.

Shady Grove Hospital

June 25

Jenna Rachel Dantus, a daughter, to Amanda and Dave Dantus of Gaithersburg.

Lisairy Nagelly De Jesus, a daughter, to Dina Lacayo and Luis De Jesus of Gaithersburg.

Leilani Noel Eckert, a daughter, to Christina Noel Eckert and Joseph Bernard Eckert of Gaithersburg.

Aaron Eleazar Vasquez, a son, to Enis Amaya and Juber A. Vasquez of Gaithersburg.

June 26

Layla Louise Black, a daughter, to Adrienne and Josh Black of Gaithersburg.

Emma May Blessing, a daughter, to Jennifer Christina Blessing and Bryan Tadaaki Blessing of Frederick.

Georgia Fay Hutchinson, a daughter, to Mytyl Molina Cross-Hutchinson and Christian James Hutchinson of Derwood.

Davanee Ann McNairy, a daughter, to LeaAnne and David Michael McNairy of Olney.

June 27

Emily Ching Leung, a daughter, to Shin See Cynthia Tsui and Cheuk Tung Leung of Gaithersburg.

Davian Alexander Neverson, a son, to Kelly Elizabeth and Vibert David Neverson of Germantown.

June 28

Alexa Carolina Contreras, a daughter, to Roxy Carolina Aguillon and Alejandro Jose Contreras of Germantown.

Owen Alex Watkins, a son, to Natalie Mary Watkins and Jeffrey Scott Watkins of Gaithersburg.

June 29

Tristan John Booth, a son, to Kathryn Louise Carmona and Joshua Michael Booth of Silver Spring.

Jocelyn Paolo Lozano, a daughter, to Patricia Lorena Lozano and Francisco Ismael Lozano of Germantown.

Ria Ramkaran, a daughter, to Arpita and Bhowani Ramkaran of Clarksburg.

Karen Tan Wu, a daughter, to May Tan Wu and Michael Z. Wu of Rockville.

June 30

Nevaeh Elizabeth Belin-Cipolla, a daughter, to Amy Nicole Hammett of Rockville.

Mylenna Miruslava Borbon, a daughter, to Yuvinka Deugarte and Lino Figuero Borbon of Olney.

Camille Marie Jones, a daughter, to Gail Roeder Jones and Dale Benson Jones of Middleton.

July 1

Siri K. Nellutla, a daughter, to Shushma and Ravi Nellutla of Germantown.

George Michael Papagiannopoulos, a son, to Aretina and Michael Theodore Papagiannopoulos of Rockville.

Morgan Eileen Ratchford, a daughter, to Beth Michelle Hoover and Kristopher Matthew Ratchford of Woodbine.

Justin Andrew Wershiner, a son, to Diane Mechele Wershiner and Jeffrey Jason Wershiner of Gaithersburg.

July 2

Samantha Xavier Guimaraes, a daughter, to Lauren Beth Poper and Mark Anthony Guimaraes of Derwood.

Solomon Nicholas Kakavas, a son, to Brenda Lynn Bledsoe-Kakavas and Theodore Kakavas of Frederick.

Sibley Memorial Hospital

Aug. 7

Natalie Ann Fleury, a daughter, to Martha Keegan Fleury and John Joseph Fleury of Bethesda.

Aug. 9

Aiden Joseph Eckert, a son, to Patricia Anne and Joseph Ferdinand Eckert Jr. of Silver Spring.

Aug. 16

Wade Patrick Beckstrom, a son, to Kelli and Jason Beckstrom of Germantown.

Leo Paul Holmberg, a son, to Christine Holmberg and Juergen Gonser of Rockville.

Aug. 17

Dylan Ban, a son, to Isabelle Williams and Jonathan Ban of Takoma Park.

Alexander Mark Stockton, a son, to Lydia Ana Stockton and Nick Stockton of Frederick.

Aug. 18

Meryl Diane Docking, a daughter, to Julia Cankell Docking and Timothy William Docking of Chevy Chase.

Aug. 19

Daniel Satoshi Levine, a son, to Kuri Yasuno Levine and Gregory H. Levine of Bethesda.

-- Compiled by GERRI MARMER