The following home sales were recently recorded for Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for

homes in Fairfax and elsewhere

in the Washington area, visit

Alexandria-Belle View Area

BELLE VIEW BLVD., 1303, No. C1-Karen

Morahan to Thomas and Emily Kildoo, $271,055.

CANTERBURY LANE, 7019-Tommy L. and Barbara A.S. Pritchett to Lisa M. Falleroni, $350,000.

DARTMOUTH DR., 2220-Matthew W. and Rebecca L. Gehlhoff to Jason Stoops, $341,060.

DERRELL CT., 6806-John G. Roberts to Chaudhry R. Rizwan, $520,000.

RADCLIFFE DR., 6727-John J. Policastro to Hugo C. and Celestino Hernandez,


10TH ST., 6619, No. B2-Antonio Giustino to Justin R. Samuel, $275,000.

Alexandria-Franconia Area

BIRCHLEIGH WAY, 6520-Denny Montequin to Naveed Farooqui and Jose R. Montequin, $395,000.

BRINDLE HEATH WAY, 6824B-Karla A. Elias to Imma M. Abangan, $320,000.

CALABRIA CT., 5210-Ronald L. Potts and Laura J. Knapp to Ronald Banks and Nathan Carter, $525,000.

CAPTAINS COVE CT., 7121-Luis A. Arciniega and Monica R. Aguilar to Nicholas Di Palma and Jacqueline H. Todt, $457,800.

CASTLETOWN WAY, 6162-Alan C. and Esther R. Gregory to Darren J. and Sandi L. Buck, $499,000.

CROSS GATE LANE, 7451-Susan E. Weston to Scott A. MacCaskill, $485,000.

CURTIER DR., 6024F-Sandra L. Phelan to Bruce B. Cwalina, $361,650.

ELLINGHAM CIR., 6954F-Aaron T. Mack and Wanda R. Bradley Mack to Christine Mackenn, $380,000.

FOUNDERS HILL DR., 5947, No. 101-Matthew S. Moon to Prudential Relocation Inc., $360,000.

FRANCONIA RD., 5613, No. 203-Annette M. Sabella to Amy E. Agostini and George Summersgill, $190,000.

GADSBY SQ., 7420-Brandy B. and Tyler M. Smith to Rebecca M. Devers and Jay W. Jones, $476,514.

GENE ST., 7422-Marshall M. Gentry to V. Hung, $440,000.

HARBOR COURT DR., 5328-Noe T. Landini to Tara C. Bartlett, $361,000.

LA VISTA DR., 5803-Rena H. Hubbard to Jeffrey G. Feaster and Ashley N. Geyer, $325,000.

LEEWOOD DR., 6015-Jose P. and Maria D. Matute to Oscar and Maritza N. Reyes, $360,000.

LUKENS LANE, 8724-Syed F. Bilal to Carlos Turcios, $530,000.

MARYVIEW ST., 6312-Highland Estates Corp. to Ghassan Y. Musleh and Tina M. Musleh, $743,841.

MORNING MEADOW DR., 6544-Georgiann M. Wilson to Nicole K. Conley, $452,201.

NETTIES LANE, 6604, No. 1203-Sharon E. Reynolds to Amy Adcock, $395,000.

NORHAM DR., 5909-Jacque J. Wilson to Virginia Cwalina, $485,000.

OLD TELEGRAPH RD., 6142-John P. and Debora A. Forrester to Edgar W. and Misty A. Tullar, $850,000.

OVERLY DR., 5622-Robert D. and Susan F. Gurick to Edwin Loureiro, $285,600.

PARISH GLEBE LANE, 6510-Eliot A. and Julie E. Sasson to Thomas I. Saltysiak and Jessamyn W. Saltysiak, $500,000.

PINEY WOODS CT., 6067-Centex Homes to Sharon E. and Josephine P. Reynolds, $739,895.

POYNTZ PL., 5914-Carolyn H. Bateman to Shelby Fox, $553,000.

PROSPECT TERR., 6300-Agustin P. and Rosa M. Landeros to Ana Martha Perez, $470,000.

SANDRA MARIE CIR., 6905A-Daniel Radell to Hayat Ahmadouch, $305,000.

SCHURTZ ST., 6656-Khoi Ta and Michelle M. Vu to Anis H. Feghali and Gretta A. Feghali, $825,000.

SKY BLUE DR., 8039-Joyce S. Fotis to Raymond M. and Paula M. Stead, $465,100.

SPRINGIRTH TERR., 6620-Chintan and Shikha Dixit to Regina L. Jones, $599,000.

VICTORIA DR., 6919B-Linda D. and Kerriann Quievryn to Gregory R. and Pamela L. Shoemaker, $295,000.

WESCOTT HILLS WAY, 6010-Susan Sweatt to Loretta L. Naydock Perry, $530,000.

WICKFORD DR., 7329-John R. Hayworth and Dina Stephenson to Napak Kongsitthanakorn, $451,000.

Annandale Area

AMERICANA DR., 4955, No. 203-Frederick B. Wynn to Roldan and Rosemarie Banzuelo, $190,000.

ANN FITZ HUGH DR., 4205-Sonia A. Sarkissian to Harold M. and Sarah R. Schultz, $599,999.

ASPEN HILL CT., 4618-Chong and Hui Kim to Stanley Goldberg, $849,000.

ASTON ST., 3430-Seville Homes Corp. to Michael T. and Elaine D. Phan, $1.307 million.

BRADFIELD CT., 5116-Dennis Albert and Sharon L. Deeny to Wiman P. Rodriguez, $563,000.

BURBANK RD., 8814-Steven M. and David L. Townley to George F. Minde, $526,000.

CALVERT ST., 7236-Miles D. and Marcia L. Oliver to Will A. and Ruth N. Gomez, $575,000.

CAPSTAN DR., 6808-Velma J. Vavrek to Patrick F. Payne, $531,000.

CONWELL DR., 4678, No. 172-Thelma M. Edens to Wanda Ruffin and Barbara M. Lee, $125,000.

DONNYBROOK CT., 7752, No. 209-K. Dzoanh and T. Ngoc to Nghia Vo, $247,000.

DOWNING ST., 4206-William Q. and Theresa J. Doherty to Edwin Gomez and Blanca Becerra, $740,000.

EWELL ST., 3543-Juan and Lynn Neal to Emilio and Zulema N. Merida, $549,900.

GLASTONBURY CT., 8326-Alejandro G. and Mayra Arce to Steven P. Mackey, $404,900.

ISLAND PL., 4400, No. 301-Catherine E. Mullett to Daniel J. and Emily A. Erspamer, $283,900.

KRYSIA CT., 3721-Stefani J. Filak to Charles A. and Sandra J. Miracle, $675,000.

LAFAYETTE FOREST DR., 7703, No. 43-Charlene S. Spann to Manuel G. Tagle and Diosdado M. Madlansacay, $315,250.

LITTLE RIVER TPK., 7447, No. 201-James M. and Carole E. Schweitzer to Jonathan Bandzul, $193,500.

OAK HILL DR., 4300-Charles M. Mills to Lucio and Eva Sejas, $640,000.

RED FOX DR., 4920-Michael E. and Susan T. Smith to Dennis E. and Janet M. Slagter, $640,000.

SUNSET LANE, 4927-Eddie L. Bellett to Young and Louis Kay, $450,000.

TOBIN RD., 8312, No. 33-In J. Song to Donnie Lewis, $261,000.

WALTON LANE, 7403-Quynh D. Vu to Andrew S. and Sukyang Johnson, $685,000.

WHIPPLE CT., 3367-Colleen M. Flaherty and Paul D. Marvaso to Cynthia L. and Timothy P. Andrews, $428,000.

WOODBURN RD., 3350, No. 23-Hilarion Vargas to Ricardo Agramont, $255,000.

WOODBURN RD., 3709-Jeffrey R. Stickle and Enid Zafran to Keun S. Han, $706,000.

WOODBURN VILLAGE DR., 3328, No. T3-Mohammed A. Shamdeen to Thelma Asamoah, $325,000.

Baileys Crossroads Area

GEORGE MASON DR. S., 3701, No. 1617N-Rebecca S. Ward to Ahmed Cherifi,


GEORGE MASON DR. S., 3709, No. 1010-Bethany Sherwood to Argene Carswell, $325,000.

GORDON ST., 3507-Thomas and Michelle D. Mullikin to Edwin Gomez and Blanca Becerra, $600,000.

LEESBURG PIKE, 6145, No. 208-Stephen M. and Elizabeth M. Grant to Ahmed R. Mohamed, $185,000.

MADISON CREST CT., 6113-Ingrid M. Duran to Jitender K. Sen, $547,000.

MANSFIELD RD., 3420-Milton E. and Lillian Steen Mitler to Alan F. and Frieda Dahl, $1.55 million.

SEMINARY RD., 5501, No. 713S-Lucia O. Navia to Renzo R. Chiappo, $210,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5505, No. 1919N-Bagum F. Choudhry to Nicoles Hughes and Muneeb Adam, $247,200.

SEMINARY RD., 5573, No. 102-Brenda S. Barnes to Daniel S. Meehan, $266,000.

Burke Area

ANNABERG PL., 5986, No. 173-Ramzy T. Azir and Madlene F. Loga to Seth Ewing, $355,000.

BESTWICKE RD., 6617-James K. Richters to Alvin L.T. Yabes, $405,000.

BONNIE BERN CT., 6033-Hassan Makki to Sam Gil and Hyun Sook Yoon, $410,000.

CANDLEBERRY CT., 9417-Caferina Arenaza and Moises Marin to Wesley P. Morrison, $420,000.

COVE LANDING RD., 5813, No. 201-Mohammad E. Adeelsoltani to Wendy A. Welch, $297,500.

CROSSRAIL DR., 5458-Maqsood A. Chattha and Naseera Maqsood to Nuchapan Glomdee, $337,000.

FOUR OAKS LANE, 6420-Robert E. and Eileen A. Thomsen to Norma E. Jovel and Guzman German, $600,000.

GLENBARD RD., 6307-Robert C. and Diane M. Majchrzak to Necmi Sevim, $505,000.

HUMPHRIES DR., 9327-Omri Rivera to George Ntiamoa Boakye and Eva Ankoma, $390,000.

LIGHTHOUSE LANE, 5452-Leo Pareja to Gerald R. Burke, $310,000.

MASON BLUFF DR., 5701-Jeffrey Mozingo and Penny Donas Mozingo to Nancy and Quan V. Nguyen, $360,000.

MIDSHIP CT., 5496-Kelly A. Foster to Hareesh Subramanya and Suma Bhat, $400,000.

POND LILY CT., 6113-Buffy L. Flaim and James D. Grande to Joshua Alfred Josephson and Heather Marie Cole, $385,000.

POWELLS LANDING RD., 5956-Gobind C. Sachdev to Gaby Paz and Jitesh Sachdev, $451,000.

SPRUCEWOOD RD., 9258-Taied Aghdasi Assl to Mosammat Kkhanom, $230,000.

TORRENCE ST., 6360-John C. and Margaret J. McGee to Dung D. and Thuan D. Do, $573,000.

WALNUT WOOD LANE, 5762-Michael A. Rutherford and Elizabeth M. Rossini to Behzad J. Mirzapour and Anahita Jaliliun, $421,000.

WINTER PARK DR., 6112-Michael P. McGovern to Bernard V. and Katherine M. Shinal, $471,000.

Centreville Area

ANN GRIGSBY CIR, 13535-Pulte Home Corp. to Matthys J. Fourie, $726,761.

ASHER VIEW, 14157-Susan M. Anderton to Pradip K. Mazumder and Saibali Mazumder, $430,000.

AUTUMN CIR., 14136-Kwang D. and Jung H. Park to Young Eom and Lee Me Ye, $379,000.

BETSY ROSS LANE, 14072-Karen Joyce and Joseph Joyce McMahon to Sean P. Shechtman and Cheryl M. Fernandes, $413,000.

CABELLS MILL DR., 13704-Jorge V. and Paula Rodriguez to Michael R. Hylton, $465,900.

CLAY PIPE CT., 6247-Michael J. Shin to Dokyoon Jeong and Youn Jeung Ko, $430,000.

CLIMBING ROSE WAY, 14313, No. 102-Michael D. Tudge to Richard D. Massaro, $235,000.

CONNOR DR., 13347A-Adnan Khan to Narges Khodaei and Parinaz Mirfakhraie, $350,000.

COOL OAK LANE, 14443-Barbara A. Brown to Adam R. Butler, $290,000.

COTTINGHAM LANE, 6805-Colleen Pais to Lina Chatila, $322,000.

EDMAN RD., 14803-Madhu S. Velamati to Gopinath and Phanideepika Patibandla, $425,000.

GLEN MEADOW RD., 5241-Ahmad Jamal Yusuf to Aaron S. Jefferson and Kristine M. Jeferson, $616,000.

GOTHIC DR., 13939-Seung H. and Jang S. Ahn to Young J. Park, $495,000.

GREENHOUSE TERR., 5033-Emily Young to Young Bo Shim, $517,875.

GRESHAM LANE, 5632-Young Choi and Sung Bok Han to Young Choi and Sung Bok Han, $390,000.


Williams to Prakash and Raj Lalvani, $262,000.

HOSKINS HOLLOW CIR., 6126C-Susan M. Doll to Elizabeth A. Starbuck, $325,000.

IRON STONE CT., 5878-Robert J. and Lisa M. Taylor to Donald H. and Diane L. Woo, $1.375 million.

LAVENDER MIST LANE, 13593-Winchester Homes Inc. to Jin Kwon and Sun Kyung Lee, $548,340.

LAWNES CREEK CT., 15601-John D. Phillips to Theodore J. Coughlin and Michelle Doyle and James M. Coughlin, $797,880.

MACKENZIE ST., 5716-Paul J. and Judith A. Bourgeois to Sandra and Charles Elden, $510,000.

MAIDSTONE CT., 14819-Adisa T. King to Matthew A. Scheller, $325,000.

MIDNIGHT BLUE PL., 13409-Eun J. Paek to Eugene and Ji Hyun Kim, $564,000.

MILLICENT CT., 14830-Glen A. and Ruth M. Pfeiffer to Kenneth J. and Andrea Chadwick, $300,000.

NETHERTON ST., 6054-Shirley Tidmore to Feras and Jumana El Kanouni, $245,000.

ORMOND STONE CIR., 5481-Shan Hsu to Min C. Lee, $680,000.

PALISADES DR., 6487-Christopher B. and Lee A.M. Eanes to Jorge Gonzalez and Hazel Patricia Martinez, $610,000.

PRAIRIE MALLOW LANE, 13518-Nhung K. Ngo and Jessica Tonthat to David and Jane Chang, $532,000.

SHARPS DR., 6508-Rehana Perveen and Shamsul Islam to Satish Maroju and Chepuri Srineetha, $405,000.

SHERBORNE KNOLLS, 5645-Chang and Eun K. Song to Jong W. Ok and Yong W. Pak, $405,000.

SHIREY LANE, 6330-Woo S. Jang to Kyung Ok Pyun and Sae Hwan Lee, $394,900.

ST. GERMAIN DR., 14503-Muhammad K. and Samia K. Iqbal to Michelle E. and Quinton Robertson, $310,000.

STRASBURG DR., 6142-Robert J. and Jocelyn T. Serrano to Teresa Febres, $213,800.

SWEET WOODRUFF LANE, 13688-Winchester Homes Inc. to Jeanette Balanza, $797,720.

THERA WAY, 14647-Amel and Tanya N. Logan to James Quartey, $419,272.

THORNDYKE CT., 5654-Wesley L. Caviness to Kathryn A. Charlton, $358,000.

TWIN PINE CT., 5703-Sang B. and Kyung H. Rhee to John Freestone and Kimberly Heier, $540,000.

VILLAGE CENTER DR., 5559-To T. and Quang D. Nguyen to Ramanujayya and Lakshmi Kanakala, $600,000.

WATERFLOW PL., 13924-Ann C. Smith to Sung H. Chung, $422,100.

WESTBOURNE PL., 6038-Hoang T. Cao to Gloria Anez, $349,000.

WILLIAM MOSBY DR., 6216-Erin L. and

Alice J. Heaps to Kirsten M. Connors, $374,900.

WINDING WOODS CT., 14327-Christina and Eric Paloski to Scott R. and Melissa J. Verbel, $435,000.

WOODGATE MANOR PL., 14544-Timothy

M. Mahoney and Kathleen P. Kutra to

Bestoon Mohamed and Roza Ahmed,


WYCOMBE ST., 14741-Jose V. and Teresa Zacatales to Orlando and Telma Gonzalez, $350,000.

Chantilly Area

BEECH DOWN DR., 3872-Phong Q. and Phuong T.H. Pham to Tan V. Ly and Oanh H. Ly, $450,000.

CHANTILLY RD., 3920-Ruth J. Kauffman

to William D. and Mary H. Lowe,


FLOWING BROOK CT., 13774-Suzanne Reynolds to Nicole Lala and Matthew Burruano, $328,000.

KHALID LANE, 13998-Charles E. and Stephanie A. Casserly to Taher Rashidi and Gaohar Samaei, $565,000.

LINDENDALE LANE, 13919-Judy Kim and Miok Seaton and Terrell R. Johnson to Chong Ho Park, $525,000.

MARSDEN CT., 13770-Engjellushe and Pellumb Aliaj to Keith F. and Sarah E. Kramer, $289,900.

NOVAR DR., 4027-Wa Wynn and Quyen T.T. Nguyen to Luis Zavala, $452,100.

PHILIP LEE RD., 15220-Thomas F. and Kum S. Byrne to Daniel and Maureen Bellingham, $505,000.

PLEASANT MEADOW CT., 4169, No. 98A-Charles L. and Sima R. McCollum to Soheyla Mahmoudi and Mohamadali R. Mahmoudi, $300,000.

WILLOUGHBY CT., 4311-Elizabeth Cruz and Gladys Romero to Juan C. and Freddy V. Veizaga, $411,000.

Clifton Area

CANADA GOOSE CT., 13552-Hye R. Hong to Soon H. Han, $380,000.

HARVEST PL., 13029-James Park to Jason and Anne P. Reynolds, $499,000.

MOUNTAIN SPRINGS LANE, 6117-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Thomas and Jonna Thoma, $655,000.

ORCHARD DR., 13630-Aimee K. Beuerlein to Terry and Britt Williams, $300,000.

UNION VILLAGE CIR., 13506-Gary A. and Susan R. Murdock to Thomas and Mary C. Wood, $530,000.

Fairfax City Area

ABERNATHY CT., 5391-Zion Neighborhoods Corp. to Enayet Rashid, $842,490.

BIDEFORD SQ., 4763-Stanley Y. Song to Willliam and Marilyn R. Ritt, $546,200.

BLUE ROYALE LANE, 8823-Brandon and Deborah Gladstone to Nathaniel V. Hedman and Maria R. Sarsotti, $651,000.

CASBEER DR., 12470-John D. and Christin R. Lecker to Robert J. Smith and Cynthia L. Draws Smith, $589,000.

CASCADE LANE, 10312-Robert C. Barthle to Kenneth R. and Rochelle L. Oedemann, $535,000.

CAVALIER LANDING CT., 11565-Comstock Corp. to Nancy R. Elliott, $80,509.

CAVALIER LANDING CT., 11635, No. 304-Richard R. Jenkins to Erica F. Noon, $540,000.

CEDAR GROVE DR., 3140-Holcombe T. Tuggle and Irene V. to Juan J. Larrain, $442,500.

CHESHIRE MEADOWS WAY, 5441-Joan G. Stanton to Nelly Perez, $390,000.

COLONY PARK DR., 10312-Molly A. McCorkle to Delma S. Ramos, $435,100.

COLTON ST., 10808-Anh M. Tran and Tho T. Nguyen to Necati Ciner and Suleyman Guney, $585,000.

CROFTON GREEN DR., 5514-Hampton Estates Corp. to Aeree Seo, $1.003 million.

DANAS CROSSING DR., 5313-Zion Neighborhoods Corp. to Tho T. Nguyen and Anh Minh Tran, $864,760.

DICKENS WAY, 3852-MHI Rugby Road Corp. to Samuel H. and Phyllis R. Talley, $914,485.

ENGLEMEADE DR., 12003-Robert Dama and Joseph Heath to Betty Tran, $635,000.

ENGLISH HOLLY DR., 4504-Fair Chase Development Corp. to Kristine M. Jones, $574,570.

FAIR STONE DR., 4405, No. 201-Munkyu Chegal to Mahesh Hebbalmatt, $328,000.

FIELDWOOD DR., 10836-John and Lisa M. Visbaras to Michael F. and Mary Elizabeth Carchia, $825,000.

FREEHILL LANE, 3712-Mary S. Sykes to Yufeng Zhao and Yuqiong Liu, $698,000.

GAINSBOROUGH DR., 4746-Wan G. and Sun A. Lee to Soo Duk Chang and Eun Young Noh, $422,000.

GOLDENEYE LANE, 10603-Gopal V. Krishnan to Seong P. You and Kyung B. You, $571,295.

GOLF RIDGE CT., 12000, No. 353-Kil D. Jeon to Yak H. Kim, $275,000.

GRASSY HILL CT., 12204-Carlos A. Perez to Willy O. Pacheco, $445,000.

GRAYS POINTE RD., 12887C-Heidi L. McMichael to Mahin Ghods and Sonny Nazemian, $322,000.

GREEN LEDGE CT., 12110, No. 5-Gregory Wood and Peggy Deprospero to Geoffrey Terril and Lydia Phillips, $319,500.

HACKNEY COACH LANE, 4345, No. 14-Shawn W. and Beth E. Barry to Lindsey A. and Allen L. Hobson, $400,000.

HAYES CT., 12481, No. 102-Ramona Holmes to Paul C. Hvidding, $325,000.

HAZELWOOD CT., 4111-Bonnie T. Fisher to Thomasina M. Ivy, $456,700.

HEAD CT., 5058-Phong Nguyen and Dan Thao Dang to Le Tony and Cam Chau T. Vo, $402,000.

INVERNESS RD., 3789-Melissa L. and Bradley J. Nicholas to William A. and Gisele M. Kusmik, $520,000.

KILDARE LANE, 2967-Teresa Koudjeti to Alai P. Chiu, $630,000.

KINGSBRIDGE DR., 9708, No. 301-Dennis L. and Susan G. O'Brien to Muhammad T. Yousuf, $230,000.

KIRKWOOD DR., 3523-Larry Brooks to Hector J. and Marta Palchik, $610,000.

LEE HWY., 9024-Dennis Alonzo Clark to Elias B. Francis and D. Huy, $580,000.

LYNFORD LANE, 12012-Fair Chase Development Corp. to Ahmad W. Nooristani and Farid A. Nooristani, $563,500.

MAPLE VIEW LANE, 13010-Edward O. and Barbara O. West to Michael B. and Rebecca L. Elliott, $479,900.

MENDELL ST., 5001-Prapun and Songsri Pituckul to Ibrahim and Naziha Mizouri, $455,000.

MIRROR POND DR., 9420-Martha A. Kent to Jeffrey Tran and Loan Nguyen, $551,000.

MOZART BRIGADE LANE, 4210T-Bryan C. McAllister to Guan J. Chu, $335,000.

PENNDALE LANE, 13116-Michael T. Murphy and Lori E. Demarco to Shannon D. Jordan and Brandon V. Moore, $455,510.

PENNYPACKER LANE, 13109-Robert C. and Virginia H. Rutledge to Daniel Lopez and Melca Olivares Padilla, $477,000.

PHEASANT RIDGE RD., 5114-W.W. and L.S. Stogner to Gregory and K.D. Spitzer, $675,000.

PINEY GROVE CT., 2917-James M. and Claudette Connelly to Be Van On and On Meigin Wan, $400,000.

PRINCE WILLIAM DR., 3824-Gene S. and Lynn R. Sykes to Whitney A. Reitz and Adolfo Lagomasino, $759,900.

ROYAL WOLF PL., 12585-Benjamin Gorres to Nicole P. Singh, $580,000.

SANTA CLARA DR., 10845-James F. and Catherine M. Corcoran to Alexander and Judy Nisbet, $702,333.

SHEARMAN ST., 9113-Erica J. Weber to Roger Zurita, $538,000.

STOCKTON TEES LANE, 12231-Fair Chase Development Corp. to Najibullah and Najia Mojadidi, $583,326.

STOCKTON TEES LANE, 12241-Fair Chase Development Corp. to Jin S. and Kyung M. Kim, $558,725.

THORNABY WAY, 4504-Fair Chase Development Corp. to Joseph S. Jinn, $512,145.

THORNABY WAY, 4512-Fair Chase Development Corp. to Yi Zeng, $446,083.

WALNUT COVE CIR., 4082-Stephen R. and Renee H. Adams to Lawrence J. and Lisa M. Kijewski, $625,000.

WILD HORSE DR., 12207-Jeffrey H. and Shari M. Roth to Christopher P. Minichiello and Maurie J. Minichiello, $1.254 million.

Fairfax Station Area

COLCHESTER RD., 6315-Frederick C. Kurtz and Michelle M. Borzillo to Anthony W. and Mary E. Nuti, $975,000.

CROSS CHASE CT., 8620-Scott D. and Helene D. Brady to Jeffrey A. and Susan P. Wagonhurst, $900,000.

JEREMIAH CT., 6820-Carl D. and Lafonda A. Clark to John J. and Francoise W. Hresan, $710,000.

MANOR HOUSE DR., 7834-G. Kevin Saba and Ellen Musante Saba to Joseph J. and Beth E. Plumpe, $1.295 million.

WESTPOINTE DR., 8399-David P. and Christy L. Williams to Marcus and Colette Wilson, $782,000.

Falls Church Area

ANCHORWAY CT., 3152K-Robert G. Serenyi to Jessica S. Rocca, $310,000.

ANNA CT., 8112, No. 14-Carr Enterprises to Paik Y. Yun, $419,900.

CHARING CROSS RD., 2905-Houston D. Hemp and Charlene D. Hemp to Samuel and Mary A. Coxson, $206,000.

DOVER LANE, 2844, No. 203-Heather L. Chabo to Jennifer R. McGuinness, $209,500.

EMMA LEE ST., 2816, No. 303-Michelle M. Decaire to Jackie Balenger, $350,000.

FARRAGUT AVE., 6712-Charles F. Marsden to Jose Perez and David Medina, $519,000.

FISHER AVE., 6712-William T. Zink to Insuk Park, $621,000.

GENEA WAY, 8073, No. 3-Carr Enterprises to Sampaguita Bates and Richard W. Hayden, $449,900.

GEORGE MASON RD. W., 2800-Jeffrey P. Donacik and Ann M. Pelligrino to Jose J. and Angela C. Agosto, $491,501.

INVERSHAM DR., 7725, No. 143-Darin G. and Debra A. Kabalkin to Norman R. Zamboni, $358,000.

MASON LANE, 7439-David B. and Maria N. Zelsman to Claude J. Elton, $495,000.

MENDOTA AVE., 7253-Santos E. Bonilla to Julio A. Bonilla, $650,000.

NEW PROVIDENCE CT., 2845-Caryn B. Smonskey to Rajeev Halankar, $385,000.

NICOSH CIR., 3003, No. 3109-Carr Enterprises to Steven M. Katz, $397,900.

NICOSH CIR., 3003, No. 3305-Carr Enterprises to Alvin C. Lam, $287,900.

NICOSH CIR., 3003, No. 3410-Carr Enterprises to Dae S. and Jung N. Kim, $435,400.

NICOSH CIR., 3009, No. 4203-Carr Enterprises to Brian J. Kurrus, $283,400.

NICOSH CIR., 3015, No. 2104-Carr Enterprises to Juli C. Dixon, $370,900.

NICOSH CIR., 3015, No. 2407-Carr Enterprises to Hoang Tien, $301,900.

NICOSH CIR., 3021, No. 1301-Carr Enterprises to Dae S. and Jung N. Kim, $322,400.

NICOSH CIR., 3021, No. 1406-Carr Enterprises to Karen F. Aguilera, $314,900.

NICOSH CIRCLE LANE, 8055, No. 62-Carr Enterprises to John S. Toman, $527,900.

NICOSH CIRCLE LANE, 8069, No. 51-Carr Enterprises to Hien V. and Hieu V. Ho, $512,900.

ROGERS DR., 2849-Harold M. and Sarah R. Schultz to Mohammed Sharieff, $529,900.

SHERRY CT., 3224-Kuan He Wu and Melanie Zadrima to Kuan He Wu and Sai Lu Pan, $579,000.

SILVER MAPLE PL., 3426-Audra E. Ryan to Tho T. Phan and Gail Phan, $800,000.

WESTLAWN DR., 6910-Daniel G. and Maureen M. Bellingham to Rolando A. Castellon, $437,500.

WESTMORELAND RD., 6820-Jeffrey J. Lamoureaux to Talal Haizoun, $409,000.

WOODLEY LANE, 7104-Nova Business Corp. to Mauricio E. Villegas, $434,500.

Falls Church-Pimmit Area

BEACON LANE, 6629-Louis K. Robbins to Seth A. and Sarah Anne Robbins, $650,000.

DALE DR., 2324-Eugene H. Doebler and Robert T. Reynolds to Martin L. Gillespie, $1.23 million.

EDGAR CT., 2009-John C. and Keri K. Turn- bull to Kenyon R. and Elena L. Miller, $401,000.

MARSHALL HEIGHTS CT., 7736-Karen and Julie A. Stoffle to Ben Grosz, $494,450.

PIMMIT DR., 2045-Beckyanne King and Richard C. Theriot to Todd R. and Jessica L. Steffens, $493,000.

PIMMIT DR., 2311, No. 803-Shahrzad Moattar to Zahra Zamiri, $258,000.

SAVANNAH ST., 7604, No. 103-Haizoun Talal to Haji Lahoucine, $229,000.

TIMBEROCK RD., 7441-Scott M. Reagan and Annemarie Cinaglia to Pamela J. Fell, $520,000.

TREVINO LANE, 7724-Canh V. and Khanh H. Nguyen to Ajaz Begum and Aisha Khan and Almas Khan, $475,000.

Fort Belvoir Area

POINT REPLETE DR., 9207-Carl L. Hubbard to John G. and Iswaree Roberts, $615,000.

Fort Hunt Area

BOULEVARD DR. W., 8307-Albert B. and Leanne M. Hutton to Chris P. and Paul Christou and Maria P. Christou, $651,500.

CAMFIELD DR., 8817-Lloyd Dell Marvin to Drew E. and Kirsten N.W. Cukor, $540,000.

CROTON DR., 923-Jeffrey R. Smith to Jeffrey J. and Elizabeth Reed, $703,800.

RIVERSIDE RD., 8524-Ben and Erin Nielsen to David B. Bailey and Erin Sharp, $525,000.

Great Falls Area

GALLOP WOOD PL., 342-Wilber B. Marshall to Maharaj K. Jalla and Girja R. Jalla, $1.52 million.

INGLISH MILL DR., 11275-Alexander A. and Nijole S. Vaitekunas to Creekstone Inglish Mill Corp., $1.075 million.

NEDRA DR., 10119-Steven C. Shap to Jason Qin and Brenda Lin, $1.34 million.

OLD HOLLY DR., 989-Ellen M. Birch to Jonathan R. and Ana M. Beskin, $1.039 million.

WALKER RD., 900-Douglas F. Welch to Minoo Azizi, $575,000.

WYNKOOP DR., 10724-Deborah M. Mulligan to Erik J. and Dana D. Bowman, $810,000.

Herndon Area

ALABAMA DR., 507-Seth M. Blee and Helen E. Parker to Juan Melgar, $504,000.

ALTON SQ., 12913, No. 4-Wai and Shui W. Chen to Chester M. Trossman, $355,000.

BICKSLER DR., 1128-Phrommet Phrom- thong to David R. and Claudia E. Vasquez, $500,000.

BRANCH DR., 932-Yaneth Rodriguez Bonilla

to Juan Escobar and Carmen Urbina, $310,000.

BROFFERTON CT., 2522-Jerome Allen and Elise E. Geary to George J. Koperna and Amy C. White, $551,000.

CABIN CREEK RD., 13036-Fox Mill Station Corp. to Victoria Bracco, $378,490.

CAPSTONE CIR., 2063-Darbar A. and Lubna Shah to Gui Z. Liu, $529,000.

CLEEVE HILL CT., 13401-Carolin M. Helfenstein to Patrick M. Deally, $320,000.

COOPERS BRANCH CT., 2439-Fox Mill Station Corp. to Denise L. Brooks, $400,855.

CUTTERMILL CT., 1419-Santos Romero to Felix and Angela Martinez, $515,000.

CYPRESS GREEN LANE, 2439-Barbara F. Jurkovic to Jerome and Kristine E. Robinson, $705,000.

FALL OAKS PL., 2889-Edward E. Schudel to Danh V. Nguyen and Phuong T. Quach, $122,018.

FLORIDA AVE., 509-Rene Walker to Gamini Wickramatilake, $216,000.

FREAR PL., 2202-Jorge A. Avelar and Orbelina Navarro Otero to Jose E. Navarro, $300,000.

GUNNELL CT. S., 845-Ralph and Audrie Rogers to Jose R. and Maria R. Solares, $480,000.

HERNDON MILL CIR., 126-James G. Cook to Jeffrey A. Moore, $645,000.

HIDDENBROOK DR., 1532-Matthew and Anna Wagner to Jennifer Bushong, $430,000.

HUNGERFORD PL., 13335-Blanca R. Henriques to Aaron P. Ong and Akiko Sugawara, $346,000.

JAMES MAURY DR., 2524-Satya Vardhan Supraneni and Saisudha Paladugu to Udayender Gopu, $460,000.

KINROSS CIR., 3281-Robert P. and Doris L. Guth to Jerry Fleming, $525,000.

LOGAN WOOD DR., 2631-Austin S. Rosenfeld to Hang T. Nguyen, $542,200.

MARCEY CREEK RD., 13125-Fox Mill Station Corp. to Jason A. Carlton, $382,625.

MARCEY CREEK RD., 13132-Fox Mill Station Corp. to Lawrence D. Cornman, $383,015.

MARCEY CREEK RD., 13143-Fox Mill Station Corp. to David A. Smith, $364,610.

MARCEY CREEK RD., 13168-Fox Mill Station Corp. to Gisela Z. Lukacs and Lorinc G. Lukacs, $404,045.

MIDDLETON FARM CT., 2784-White Homes to Steven M. and Dianne W. Nolin, $959,900.

MUIRKIRK LANE, 13452-Carolyn Cooper to David H. and Karen Freiheit, $520,000.

OLD FARMHOUSE CT., 2450-Rajendra B. Lal and Manju Lal to Qing Song and Qinhui Wu, $407,000.

OLD HUNT WAY, 673-Wally F. Kulesza and Mechelle M. Kulesza to James E. and Theresa L. Rollins, $790,000.

POINT RIDER LANE, 13386-Huy X. Vu to Baoshi Sun and Wenjing Chen, $535,000.

RENEAU WAY, 323-David Vasquez to Boanerges Arriaga and Deysi N. Ayala, $305,000.

RESTON AVE., 1250-Taurus Enterprises Inc. to M. Singh and Khushpal K. Gill, $1.2 million.

RESTON AVE., 1264-Nicholas Yrizarry to Edison K. Picklesimer and Stacy L. Trotter, $950,000.

ROSE PETAL CIR., 13040-Himanshu Panachasara and Nidhi Dhuper to Nilay Gandhi and Tanvi Parikh, $630,000.

ROWLES PL., 13315-Patty K. Emmons to Maria Castillo, $335,000.

ST. JOHNS WOOD PL., 13649-Imran Aftab and Salma Naseer to Bhakthavatsalam Thirumalainivas, $479,200.

SANDBOURNE LANE, 2549-Quoc Anh Hoang to Donald V. Scaltrito, $382,900.

SNOWFLAKE CT., 1511-Mohsen Ganjriz to Mia Rahima Begum and Hanif Mia and Belal Hossain and Jannatul Fardause, $712,000.

SPRINGTIDE PL., 1211-Charles R. Creel to Mid Atlantic Development Corp., $238,000.

STILL POND CT., 3102-Howard M. and Maura A. Cantor to David A. and Andrea S. Korb, $665,000.

TAYLOE CT., 3286-Kenneth Qiu to Ahmet C. and Seval Onan, $379,000.

WEXFORD CT., 1305-Jose W. and Marisa I. Rivera to William A. Taton, $310,000.

WILSHIRE DR., 1214-Santos M. Henriquez to Ana I. and Jose L. Montoya, $310,000.

WILSHIRE DR., 1237-Wilfredo Figueroa to Hugo A. Ramos, $400,000.

Huntington Area

EDGEHILL DR., 5868-Carol S. Carter to James R. Dalkin, $335,000.

EDGEHILL DR., 5933-Robin C. Nunez to Pearse Marschner, $340,000.

HUNTINGTON AVE., 2521, No. 26-Gayl A.W. Lesmes and George F. Lesmes to Julie Germanoski and Jason C. Ziemienski, $250,000.

LOFTHILL CT., 5728-Brian S. Cunneff to Jagdish K. Singla and Anu Singla, $463,601.

MOUNT EAGLE DR., 5901, No. 1-Bonnie M. Norris to Louis and Shirley Hsu and Joni Hsu, $288,000.

MOUNT EAGLE DR., 5903, No. 3-Charles J. Dunlap to Artin Philipos J., $354,999.

MOUNT EAGLE DR., 5904, No. 4-Mark C. Biron to Bonnie M. Norris, $410,000.

SABLE DR., 5802-Rex W. Firkins to Caroline Stief, $405,400.

WAGON DR., 2622, No. 315-Marian Gutierrez to Jorgen T. and Ermes Cruz, $215,000.

Hybla Valley Area

AUDUBON AVE., 7991, No. 7-Alberto Portillo to Marvin A. Rivera, $170,000.

BALLYCASTLE CIR., 5123-Kimberly A. Maloney to James C. Pan, $564,000.

BRYANT TOWNE CT., 7029-Sonia M. Guardado to Jorge Lopez, $325,000.

CLAYBORNE AVE., 3426-Michael R. Boger to Peter E. Sartino, $441,250.

FLINTSTONE RD., 4521-David D. and Shirley M. Lester to Robert E. and Diane C. Boettcher, $518,100.

FRIARS CT., 7826-Bryan B. and Antonia F. Edwardson to Weichert Relocation Resources Inc., $615,000.

LIBERTY SPRINGS CIR., 7818-Joseph F. Heath and Robert P. Mollenberg to Thanh Q. Tran and Phuong K. Pham, $124,881.

PHILLIPS DR., 2417-Kenneth Douglas Kuhn to Mauricio and Norma E. Gomez, $470,000.

SNOWPEA CT., 7525, No. 95-Tammie L. Ward to Thomas E. Raschke, $300,000.

STRAWN CT., 7140-Maria D. Martinez and Libia R. Martinez to Althea Diane Kuhn, $325,000.

Lincolnia Area

ARCADIA RD., 4015-Victoria A. Devries to Carmen Butron, $559,900.

BERMUDA GREEN CT., 6572-Kyong Y. and Ji M. Kim to James S. Pae, $385,000.

CHEYENNE DR., 6481, No. 1-James B. Lincoln to Young Il Lee and Paulo L. Baek, $349,000.

HERSHEY LANE, 5622-Michael C. and Jennifer A. Jordan to Garth A. Henning and Rachel F. Roll, $516,000.

INDEPENDENCE CIR., 5754-Shirley M. Simmons to Matthew T. Felber, $317,000.

JUPITER HILLS CIR., 6601G-Michael M. Young and Christine Lemyze to Dong J. Shin and Dong J. Ra, $389,000.

MITCHELL ST., 5204-Bahram B. Forouzanfar to Maritza Disciullo and Hugo Teufel, $695,000.

RYNEX DR., 4406-John D. Daggs to Brett and Stacey Klees, $759,000.

WALKING LANE, 6331-Stacy Y. Oshry to Alexander and Alla Belenky, $576,000.

EIGHTH ST., 6339-Frances Caroline Lane to Thanet Ruengrote, $400,000.

Lorton Area

BARROW FURNACE LANE, 8553-NVR Inc. to Wahid M. Azimi, $666,230.

BENHAM ST., 8821-Jody L. and John W. Taylor to Cesar F. and Raquel H. Nunez, $435,000.

BIRCH BAY CIR., 8969-Pulte Home Corp. to Seung H. Ahn, $669,781.

CALIFORNIA POPPY LANE, 8796-Pulte Home Corp. to Rajesh K.N. and Sarita R. Singh, $795,850.

CARDINAL FOREST LANE, 9215-Ronald and Joyce Airey and Kimberly Airey to Joseph T. and Susan Cole, $360,000.

GREENCASTLE LANE, 9508-Roman B. and Anna L.D. Namata to Teclehimanot Gebremskel and Feven Goitom, $375,000.

HARROVER PL., 9030-Michael P. Nghiem and Phivan T. Nguyen to Wahid Khugyani and Sahera Halim, $702,500.

HAWKSHEAD DR., 9654-Abdul G. Khan to Linglan Xu and Gang Ling, $629,900.

KIGER ST., 9017-Myron L. Hardy to Robert Oehrlein, $353,000.

KOLUDER CT., 8541-Kevin B. Cook to Clint R. and Celeste E. Burnham, $320,000.

LAUREL HEIGHTS LOOP, 8211-Richmond American Homes to Mohammad Shuaib, $543,965.

LINNETT HILL DR., 9574-Samina A. Cheema to Joseph and Deborah Cooper, $610,000.

MILFORD HAVEN CT., 7747, No. 47C-Munir Cheema to Min C. Lee, $420,000.

MILFORD HAVEN CT., 8925, No. 17-Celine and Catherine Thai to Congquyen Nguyen, $390,000.

MILLOM CT., 8357-Arnel T. Ryan to Harold and Melinda Henson, $610,000.

MOCKNGBIRD WOODS CT., 6700-Joseph O. and Sherry L. Prewitt to Glen Edward and Ki Suk Yeager, $420,000.

PARSONAGE LANE, 9525-M/I Homes to Ali Ghaderi, $744,511.

RHONDDA DR., 7311-Thomas A. Houze to Gabriel D. and Lucia C. Ortiz, $373,500.

RIVER DR., 6108-Charles M. and Chong C. Surratt to James V. Curry, $1.05 million.

SAMUEL WALLIS ST., 8038-NVR Inc. to Claudia M. Morales, $569,340.

SHEPHERD HILLS DR., 9523-Julio and Desiree Gutierrez to Fabiola Ballesteros, $350,000.

SINGLELEAF LANE, 8205-Ahmad Zaki to Tim and Maryse Newton, $540,000.

STANA CT., 7669-William A. Sayers to Timothy McWilliams, $300,000.

STONEGARDEN DR., 9183-Mustafa S. Hashimi and Roya Hashimi to Michael J. and Erika L. Meyer, $600,000.

SUSQUEHANNA ST., 8737-Mohammad Hakimzada to Yuvadee Chulasrisomboon and Param Sharma, $275,000.

TWO BAYS RD., 9072-Ula and Romeo Ruddock to Ejaz M. Mughal, $425,000.

WHITEHAVEN CT., 8407-Engle Homes to Abdul and Husnia Khalique, $780,394.

WOUNDED KNEE RD., 7484-Brenda S. Ziemann and Edelmiro Ramos to Kishwar Bhatti and Mukmtaz A. Bhatti, $290,000.

McLean Area

BALLS HILL RD., 1117-James G. and Pamela H. Biever to Demetra C. Mandis, $1.055 million.

CARRIAGE HILLS DR., 7450-Katy C. Wei to Linda G. Bacon, $915,000.

COLONIAL RD., 1209-Timothy O. Fanning to Sanjar Moinizandi and Nazi Zahedi, $825,000.

CORNER LANE, 6711-Karl Schumacher to Isabel T. Ferguson, $810,000.

ELDORADO CT., 7357-Joyce H. Marino to Sung K. Kun, $665,000.

FOXHALL RD., 1900-Laird and Barbara H. Ueberroth to Allison P. Lurton and Bowie V. Lurton, $887,000.

GREENSBORO DR., 8340, No. 202-Ana Cerna to Patrick and Jenny Y. Lee, $305,000.

GREENSBORO DR., 8360, No. 816-Mary Louise Leblanc to Elaine M. Kash, $313,100.

INTERNATIONAL DR., 1625, No. 317-Negin Shakibi to Zane Kerby and Cecila M. Kerby, $462,000.

LINCOLN WAY, 1523, No. 303-Sean C. and Susan W. Fahey to Rachel Blake, $315,000.

LINCOLN WAY, 1533, No. 201-Donald R. and Ann H. Greenwood to Danh T. Nguyen, $299,900.

McFALL ST., 1935-John C. Pastore to Sung Bo Kim and Jung Hi Choi, $689,000.

MELROSE DR., 6805-Juan F. and Riley M. Yriart to Frances C. Lane, $635,000.

MONTVALE WAY, 7804-Christopher J. and Donna S. Brightman to Sharri L. Dean, $4,000,000.

MORI ST., 6303-Paul F. and Ana M.V. Clarke to Karen Lau and Craig Gibian, $820,000.

OLD MEADOW RD., 1800, No. 204-Joanne E. Powell to Gerald Waldman, $377,500.

OLD MEADOW RD., 1808, No. 806-Ivan Sifton to Jennifer L. Gold, $390,000.

ROBERTA CT., 1102-Duk W. Ro and Jae Hyun Lee to Adam R. and Leticia A. Zeitz, $836,000.

SNOW MEADOW LANE, 1360-John T. and Celine T. Callahan to Mouafac Harb and Paulette Yaghobian, $775,000.

SPRING GATE DR., 1580, No. 4114-Cindy T. Mao to Venkataramana R. Patla and Jayasree Patla, $435,000.

SUMMERWOOD DR., 8311-Eilif Serck Hanssen to Stuart Fruman and Stefanie F. Bloom, $1.94 million.

TOWLSTON RD., 1114-Alan and Cynthia K. Shams to Galawez A. Karadaghi and Pary Karadaghi, $1.999 million.

TYNDALE ST., 6928-Geary Sutterfield to Jason B. and Emily Sparrow, $761,284.

YATES CT., 7303-Charles A. and Anna M. Corcoran to John J. and Shawn H. Kim, $950,000.

Mount Vernon Area

BYERS DR., 8463-Michael Thorpe to Antoinette Ayala, $505,000.

COOPER ST., 8111-William James and Patricia F. Price to Louis T. and Karen L. Burris, $550,000.

FRYE RD., 8235-Dina D.C. Mendez to Joseph Arcie Ramos, $400,000.

GILA CT., 8506, No. 180-Loretta M. Blank to Ephraim and Frances Catherine Marie D. Fermin, $262,000.

GROOMBRIDGE WAY, 4400, No. 29F-Jacqueline Y. Walters to Willie J. Williams, $195,000.

LARAMIE PL., 3805, No. 123M-Rolando Fernandez to Roberto Garcia Barrial, $203,000.

LITTLE VALLEY WAY, 6193-Gwendolyn L. Walton to David Gregory, $377,700.

MARTHA WASHINGTON ST., 8002-Irving B. and Velma E. Ellis to Lazaro and Maria Caicedo, $402,000.

ODESSA DR., 4608-Syed S. Ali to Yvonne M. Agyei and Ntim Bernard Wireko, $490,000.

PANTANO PL., 8087, No. 7-Jeffrey A. and Joyce B. Williams to Norma Amaya, $196,900.

REDONDO PL., 3807C-Filiberto S. Diaz to Ana I. Chavez, $227,000.

VILLAGE SQ., 8630-Snjezana Zurzulovic to Thelma L. Narvaez, $195,000.

WALUTES CIR., 8644-Stephanie A. and Sandra K. Haspel to Megan E. McNeely and Ryan A. Reedy, $210,000.

North Springfield Area

AXTON ST., 7414-Robert A. and Tracy B. Converse to Jennifer R. and Derek A. Minton, $450,000.

FERNDALE ST., 5217-Mi Hyun Cha and Cha Mi Sun to Sergio Romero, $540,000.

LONSDALE DR., 5204-Stewart S. Kim to John Hwang, $319,130.

MONTGOMERY ST., 5314-Thomas A. Funderburk to Veronica V. Blanco, $445,000.

RAVENSWORTH RD., 5334-David W. McDonald to Ann Gacek, $426,000.

Oakton Area

ASHBROOKE CT., 10202A-Mary B. Schlesinger to Eileen J. Ba, $330,000.

BORGE ST., 2966-Soon D. Ham to Sherif Mowafy and Ondine Hassan, $430,000.

JERMANTOWN RD., 2817, No. 511-Laura L. Yates to Hyun J. Jung, $328,000.

OAKTON KNOLL CT., 2945-Steven G. and Denise E. Bilidas to Jeff and Kristen Bae, $1.1 million.

VALENTINO DR., 10227, No. 7114-Paul

D. McManus to Phylis M. Benner,


WALNUT CREEK CT., 11300-Myung H. Won to Kyong Y. and Jimin Kim, $1.36 million.

WESTHURST LANE, 3001-Gene R. and Norma T. Davis to Ann H. Ford, $1.426 million.

WILLOW GREEN CT., 3505-Rachel L. Underwood to Yinghai Li and Juan Huang, $630,000.

Reston Area

ABINGTON HALL PL., 12161, No. 104-Ethan C. Gill to Shiva Ossareh, $425,000.

AUTUMN RIDGE CIR., 1599-Ralph V. and Nancy E. Strauss to James Edward and Rupashree Majali Hicks, $456,000.

BLACK FIR CT., 2645-Robert R. and Mary R. Dubois to David B. McGregor and Pamela A. Lakner, $799,000.

BRENTON POINT DR., 2539-Gabriel A. Cucinelli to Cendant Corp., $700,000.

CASTLE ROCK SQ., 2230, No. 1B-Raul Cruz Menjivar to Jose Carranza and Isabel D. Quinteros, $245,000.

CHAPEL CROSS WAY, 11604-Richard B. and Erma J. Krahl to Stephen C. Holder and Gale A. Quint, $590,000.

CHATHAM COLONY CT., 1523-James M. and Jean M. Burn to David M. Swartzbaugh and Ruth M. Lawlor, $445,000.

CHURCH HILL PL., 1475-Latoya R. Deans to Julie C. Edison, $350,000.

DEER FOREST RD., 11645-Lochini R. Johnston to Douglas A. Rehnstrom and Martine Cantrel, $825,000.

DORRANCE CT., 12202-Serafino V. Cordaro to Kevin and Wendy O'Brien, $729,000.

EDGEMERE CIR., 12035-Mary C. Britell to Sara E. Donegan, $575,000.

FAIRWAY DR., 11500, No. 202-Larry W. Snellings to David M. Nolan, $352,500.

FARRIER LANE, 2510-Mary E. Miller to Gregory and Laura Thompson, $535,000.

FREETOWN CT., 2316, No. 1B-Julio A. Bonilla to Samidip Sarkar and Chandan Mukhopadhyay and Sumitro Majumdar, $210,000.

GARDEN WALL CIR., 1377, No. 609-Kath-leen C. Bradshaw to Sandra A. Wade, $385,000.

HEMINGWAY DR., 11555-Laufey A. Downey to John E. and Rita S. Moffat, $755,005.

HORSEFERRY CT., 2300-Christopher P. Clark to Phillip Snyman, $359,900.

IVYSTONE CT., 11648, No. 1B2-Colleen L. Mathis to Anna K. Howell, $375,257.

LOFTY HEIGHTS PL., 2202-Emilio O. Chaves and Juan I. Martinez to Edwin D. Romero and Delmis Marina Padilla, $322,000.

MARKET ST., 12000, No. 114-Savoy at Reston Town Center Corp. to Waseem S. Garbia and Samer S. Garbia, $454,900.

MARKET ST., 12000, No. 171-Savoy at Reston Town Center Corp. to Ravi K. Mullapudi and Sarita Nippuleti, $324,900.

MARKET ST., 12000, No. 211-Savoy at Reston Town Center Corp. to Soon H. Cho, $365,200.

MARKET ST., 12000, No. 220-Savoy at Reston Town Center Corp. to Kamlesh Verma and Pandu R. Soprey, $334,900.

MARKET ST., 12000, No. 269-Savoy at Reston Town Center Corp. to Rasy Pin, $362,800.

MARKET ST., 12000, No. 320-Savoy at Reston Town Center Corp. to Arne Ventures Corp., $339,900.

MARKET ST., 12000, No. 343-Savoy at Reston Town Center Corp. to Ahmad O. and Mary Noori, $368,400.

MARKET ST., 12000, No. 377-Savoy at Reston Town Center Corp. to Wahid Azimi and Malalai Sherdil Azimi, $366,900.

MARKET ST., 12000, No. 420-Savoy at Reston Town Center Corp. to Yusef A. Khatib, $419,400.

MARKET ST., 12000, No. 446-Savoy at Reston Town Center Corp. to Amy D. Bomes, $439,900.

MARKET ST., 12000, No. 471-Savoy at Reston Town Center Corp. to Bari P. and Mark J. Applestein and Paul Stone and Sue Stone, $404,900.

NORTH SHORE DR., 11771-Kay M. Hutchison to Wilson W. and Diana L. Tan, $420,000.

NORTHGATE SQ., 1552, No. 32B-Heideh Ekhvanossafa to Melissa L. Gullo, $260,650.

OAK SPRING WAY, 1602-N. Sean and Paige J. Terry to Michael J. and Jamie N. Kutchman, $426,000.

OAK SPRING WAY, 1642-Jeremy C. Lundberg to Ginger G. Rittenhouse, $440,000.

PURPLE SAGE DR., 1630-William M. Blechman and Erin L. O'Rourke to Javad Nikpour, $305,000.

QUIETREE DR., 1709-Cheryl L. Tipton to Leslie Perry, $351,000.

RIDGEHAMPTON CT., 2454-William P. and Ruth E. Sellers to Donna K. Whited, $350,000.

ROLLING GREEN CT., 11561-Stephen C. Helfen to Donald Foor and Kathleen Conlan, $311,500.

ROYAL FERN CT., 2061, No. 1C-Juan F. Saa to Mir Y. Ali, $301,000.

SENTINEL POINT CT., 11911-James D. Butler to Vladimir V. Perfiliev and Ekaterina Perfilieva, $440,000.

SOUTHGATE SQ., 2409-Radhakrishna Gunupati to Prem K. Nagireddy and Subrahmanyeswararao Kilari, $327,000.

STONEVIEW SQ., 11604, No. 12C-Tieuphuong Trinh to Christian Pando and Monica Fabiola Martins, $257,000.

STONEVIEW SQ., 11635, No. 22C-Behzed Malakooti to Tania Cunha, $288,000.

STRATFORD HOUSE PL., 11776, No. 306-Charles A. Beling to Theresa V. and James M. Hauck, $750,000.

STRATFORD PARK PL., 1855, No. 107-Imran Abbas to Roy L. and Susan J. Sumner, $394,000.

SUNSET HILLS RD., 11800, No. 104-Carlton House Development Corp. to Theresa K. Rhee, $256,900.

SUNSET HILLS RD., 11800, No. 124-Carlton House Development Corp. to Hyosik and Julie Kim, $256,900.

SUNSET HILLS RD., 11800, No. 207-Carlton House Development Corp. to David and Shin J. Moon, $475,334.

SUNSET HILLS RD., 11800, No. 220-Carlton House Development Corp. to Gilja Sylvester, $340,343.

SUNSET HILLS RD., 11800, No. 302-Carlton House Development Corp. to Lathika Kotta, $371,900.

SUNSET HILLS RD., 11800, No. 308-Carlton House Development Corp. to Ali S. Kazmi, $359,900.

SUNSET HILLS RD., 11800, No. 320-Carlton House Development Corp. to Dimosthenis Giakoumatos, $372,900.

SUNSET HILLS RD., 11800, No. 401-Carlton House Development Corp. to Davis Dai and Sarah Lam, $167,900.

SUNSET HILLS RD., 11800, No. 408-Carlton House Development Corp. to Syed I. Kazmi, $367,900.

SUNSET HILLS RD., 11800, No. 415-Carlton House Development Corp. to Nelida and Omar Bordatto, $420,648.

SUNSET HILLS RD., 11800, No. 419-Carlton House Development Corp. to David Adi, $254,900.

SUNSET HILLS RD., 11800, No. 425-Carlton House Development Corp. to Satyan Merchant and Amita D. Merchant, $234,900.

SUNSET HILLS RD., 11800, No. 502-Carlton House Development Corp. to Wade Beauchamp and Keae Crowley and Megan S. Chung, $398,471.

SUNSET HILLS RD., 11800, No. 509-Carlton House Development Corp. to Brian J. and Roxanna Zamora and Julia Zamora, $271,657.

SUNSET HILLS RD., 11800, No. 518-Carlton House Development Corp. to Alireza Jian, $314,620.

SUNSET HILLS RD., 11800, No. 524-Carlton House Development Corp. to Matthew H. Fogo, $258,054.

SUNSET HILLS RD., 11800, No. 602-Carlton House Development Corp. to Jyoti A. Sachdev and Anirudh Sachdev, $400,900.

THRUSH RIDGE RD., 11033-Marc Labgold to Henry E. Christian, $510,000.

UNDEROAK CT., 11521-John W. and Christine W. Andrews to Thomas M. and Sarah H. Burdi, $341,000.

VALENCIA WAY, 1615-Michael P. and Sarah C. Tiernan to Jason M. Davis, $350,000.

VILLARIDGE DR., 1968B-D. Juanna S. Hester to Glenn Farello, $215,000.

WAINWRIGHT DR., 1851-Walter and Renee H. Konrad to Steven W. Brisbane, $425,000.

WAKEROBIN LANE, 2232-Fredric A. and Karen R. Weinberg to Sigrid and Thomas Smitt Jeppesen, $885,000.

Seven Corners Area

ARLINGTON BLVD., 6001, No. 120-Barry D. and Jacqueline L. Bergman to Jose A. Landaverde, $190,000.

FABER DR., 3106-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Paul Gustafson, $542,500.

MANCHESTER ST. S., 3101, No. 716-Lynn S. Kern to Martha P. Nieto, $265,000.

PRINCE CHARLES CT., 3327-Mary P. Hacskaylo to Macarena Vidal Liy and Paul M. Dempsey, $639,900.

RAVENWOOD DR., 3151-Citicapital Relocation Inc. to Elias M. Claros and Orlando A. Castro, $580,000.

Springfield Area

ANDREW MATTHEW TERR., 6406-Matthew L. Skidmore and Brittany C. Skidmore to Selvakumar Rathinavelu and Jayasankari Muthaiyan, $410,000.

ARUNDEL PL., 7402-Michael R. Chase to Kevin and Marguerite C. Garrison, $789,400.

BARK TREE CT., 8300-Jay L. Schmid to Jay

L. Schmid and Carolyn J. Figurski,


CERVANTES CT., 7615-John R. and Tracey M. Casciano to Jeffry E. and Denise S. Gates, $630,000.

CHANCELLOR WAY, 7648-Charles Garber and Sharon E. Shankland to Keith A. Tucker and Diane F. Lent Tucker, $620,000.

CRESTMONT CIR., 8279-Jacqueline W. Kessy to Juan C. and Ana E. Urbina, $316,000.

DAYSPRING CT., 8001-Motevalli Lazem to Odis R. Flores, $333,000.

FISHERMANS LANE, 9128-Antonio R. and Gloria E. Rodriguez to Derek R. and Jessica Lewis, $652,500.

FREDERICK ST., 6003-Virasone and John J. Torrez to Vilma Ortiz and Elba C. Perez, $479,950.

HALIFAX PL., 7202-Rene Rodriguez and Hector Rodas to Andrew Rice, $369,000.

HUNT SQUARE CT., 9522-David B. McGregor to Kevin P. Stiens and Kathryn A. Del Corso Stiens, $398,000.

JOHN RYLAND WAY, 7265-Cendant Corp. to John A. Fusco and Aurilla M. Fusco,


LORETTO ST., 6006-Keith W. and Tina D. Murrow to Gary and Glorianne M. Oneilin, $483,500.

MAPLE RIDGE AVE., 8222-Christopher N. Lewis to John P. Neher and Christen R. Puckett, $310,000.

MARSH CT., 8607-Lynne L. Storer to Thomas S. and Cassandra E. Storer, $550,000.

NORTHERN OAKS CT., 7689-Diyana Shekeba to Cheikh Abdelmoumen and Asmaa Boukheroua, $382,000.

RUSHING CREEK CT., 8453-Jon M. Bechtle

to James D. and Martha C. Schrote, $590,000.

STAGECOACH ST., 6614-Joseph E. and Linda L. Griffin to Rina Hernandez, $480,000.

STAGG CT., 6386-Theresa D. and Kathleen M. Thoman to Kevin T. Pogoda, $395,000.

SUMMER BREEZE LANE, 8501-Diego A. Parra Kippez to Miriam and Carlos G. Terrazas, $415,000.

SUMPTER LANE, 7209-Elvis J. Nina and Sonia S. Arnez to Juan and Sheryl L. Castro, $410,000.

VOGELS WAY, 7594-John G. and Sheila Kuchinski to Kermit W. Britnell and Susan F. Sumner, $599,950.

WESTMORE DR., 7525-Michael A. Lancaster to Crystal Parker, $476,000.

WHITE STAR CT., 8308-White Star Corp. to Muhammad Z. Rahman, $400,000.

ZEKAN LANE, 6203-H. Boggs and Susan M. Wright to Anthony and Angela Corvin, $425,000.

Vienna Area

BALLYCOR DR., 1904-Ali Rakei and Mona R. Xarei to Saghi Ganjavi, $740,000.

CENTERBORO DR., 2791, No. 476-Marquis at Vienna Station to Edward L. Ortiz and Takako A. Ortiz, $540,100.

CORAL CREST LANE, 9467-George B. and Lynne L. Lotz to William G. and Joan C. Bozin, $1.35 million.

DAWSON ST., 1795-Stuart A. Fruman to Ronald M. Barrett, $750,000.

GALLOWS TREE CT., 2018-Salih Tambil to William J. Hoffman, $659,900.

GLENGYLE DR., 2503, No. 143-Juan B. Portillo and Francisca P. Cid to Daniel J. and Claudia P. Stine, $265,000.

HINE ST., 411-Abdul O. Alamin to Abdalla

A. Mohamed and Abeer A. Ibrahim,


KNOLL ST., 303-Knoll Street Development Corp. to Andrew J. and Mary Moriarity Green, $1.495 million.

KNOLLSIDE LANE, 2755-Stephen S. Chu to John and Soo Aldrich, $440,000.

MEREDITH DR. W., 2510-Ralph Rowland and Judith C. Young to Mara J. Kamen, $824,000.

MOORE AVE. SE, 200-Therese A. Diachok to Patrick T. Johnson, $530,000.

NINOVAN RD., 616-William T. and Lorraine F. Mullen to John D. and Veronique Lilienthal, $650,000.

OAKDALE WOODS CT., 9924-Reghu A. Gopinathan and Sheela Reghu to Christina N. Sgroi and Christopher J. Condrey, $446,999.

OLD COURT HOUSE RD., 9428-Shirin G. Kavyani to Sirous A. Shirazi, $780,000.

PLUM ST., 616-Michael T. and Alecia O.

Burns to Jeffrey A. and Brett C. Cordeau, $546,000.

SHADY DR., 905-Sigel Stuart and Priscilla Ann Peacock to Bryan Yu, $480,000.

UPHAM PL., 721-Shidan and Bahareh Sardari Derakhshani to Joseph Michael Collins, $650,000.

VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD., 9486, No. 120-Marquis at Vienna Station to Katherine M. Schmidt, $428,900.

VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD., 9486, No. 319-Marquis at Vienna Station to Jeong R. Lee and Yong S. Yoon, $458,900.

VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD., 9486, No. 419-Marquis at Vienna Station to Keumran Lee, $509,900.

VIRGINIA CENTER BLVD., 9490, No. 336-Marquis at Vienna Station to Krishnan Swamy and Anurita Krishnan, $447,900.

WATERFORD CT., 2937-Todd Rakes to Nagi Elsewaissi and Mervat A. Sorour, $480,000.

WESTVIEW CT., 307-Cendant Corp. to Kristan Beck and Silverio E. Dohmen, $750,000.

WINTERCRESS CT., 9816-Imran and Amy S. Javaid to Heather S. and Michael H. Ness, $730,000.

YEONAS DR., 2804-Santos E. Lazo to Jose B. and Belkys Escobar, $565,000.

West Springfield Area

BARDU AVE., 6141-Peter C. Pieri to Hirut and Hailu Hassen, $502,000.

BLARNEY STONE DR., 9140-Gyu M. Jeong and Mi S. Jeong to Kaven Wilson, $418,000.

BROMPTON ST., 7900-Anne M. and Henry T. Alexander to Jorge I. and Milagros Y. Arica, $490,000.

COACHMAN DR., 6617-Labib Mikhail Gilbaia to J. Howard and Eleanor F. Sheble,


COLONY POINT RD., 8114A-Brandon Brown to Kenneth R. Meadows, $195,000.

DUNHAM CT., 8353B-Mirza K.S. Baig to Kristen and Kathleen Emanuel, $242,000.

FOREST CREEK LANE, 6163-Lailuma M. Yaacoobi to Candice A. Mustard Scott and Heath E. Scott, $440,000.

JILLSPRING CT., 7202, No. 24C-Shahid Ahmed to Adnan J. Khan, $228,000.

KINGSFORD RD., 5902H-Richard and Anamaria Guerrero to Matthew A. and Baseeret P. Russell, $285,000.

LEXTON PL., 7706A-Kimberly D. Copps to Adam S. Ebert, $250,000.

O'KEITH CT., 9011-Stephen J. and Judith A. Schoen to Kye H. and Sook M. Kim, $422,000.

OLD SCOTTS CT., 6409-Paul Walden to Johan K. Milbrink, $410,000.

ROLLING WOODS CT., 7880, No. 2M8-Brookfield Rolling Woods Corp. to Thomas E. and Patricia A. Anderson, $483,078.

ROLLING WOODS CT., 7880, No. 2PH4-Brookfield Rolling Woods Corp. to Betty M. Fraser, $347,190.

ROLLING WOODS CT., 7880, No. 2T2-Brookfield Rolling Woods Corp. to Spencer C. Brand, $353,565.

SHOOTINGSTAR DR., 7764-Anna L. Dorsey to Gelila Berhanu, $440,000.

SOLOMON SEAL CT., 7045-Kim Anh Nguyen to Zaki Rahman and Amelia Sharmeen, $455,000.

SQUIRREL RUN RD., 8114-Curt S. Cooper to Bing T. Ong and Shao P. Ong, $449,900.

TAUNTON PL., 8221-Fred C. and Mary S. Beisel to Michael L. and Kathleen U. McCarthy, $515,000.

TIVERTON DR., 7645-Richard A. Sites to Leigh A. Whalon, $337,000.

TUTTLE RD., 8631, No. 2-David H. and Dorothy V. Paul to Steven Byers, $675,000.