Fairfax Students Left Out?

Congratulations to Loudoun County for its commitment to creating an advanced science curriculum through its new Academy of Science ["Seeds of Loudoun Science School Sprout," Metro, Aug. 30].

Perhaps it was an oversight that there was no mention of the Fairfax County students admitted to the academy. As a longtime Fairfax resident, I hope that Loudoun has offered this opportunity to qualified Fairfax students.

For years, Fairfax has admitted qualified Loudoun students to Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. For each non-Fairfax resident admitted, a qualified Fairfax resident is not.

There was even a mention in the article of the Loudoun students who selected Thomas Jefferson over the new academy, demonstrating that these two institutions are vying for the same type of student. It is only fair, now that Loudoun has an advanced program, that it would admit a limited number of qualified Fairfax students.

If Loudoun opts not to offer this opportunity to Fairfax students, then maybe Fairfax needs to revisit the policy allowing the admission of Loudoun students to Thomas Jefferson.

The program that Loudoun is creating sounds exciting and offers an excellent opportunity for students to reach beyond the standard science curriculum. I hope that Loudoun rolls it out in a way that honors the longstanding policy that Fairfax has had toward admitting Loudoun students to Thomas Jefferson.

Holly Weatherwax