The following links offer resources for students, parents and educators.

Fairfax County Public Schools

* The school district's main Web address is

* To find a schedule and descriptions of state and county tests, go to

* To e-mail a teacher, go to

* The school district has an e-mail update service for parents, students and community members interested in receiving timely information. Go to and click on "Keep in Touch E-Mail."

* To determine which schools serve your residence, use the boundary information service at

* To look up your back-to-school night, go to

Falls Church City Public Schools


Fairfax City Public Schools


For Students

*, a comprehensive information portal providing answers about education, career, government and more:

* Federal Resources for Educational Excellence, information from more than 30 federal agencies:

* Grade-point average calculator:

* Homework help:

* College Opportunities On-Line:

* Student and teacher resources:

For Educators

* Gateway to Educational Materials:

* Library of Congress's Learning Page for teachers:

* Student and teacher resources:

For Parents

* After-school activities:

* Child-care finder:

* FirstGov for Parents:

* Head Start program:

* Helping your child:

* Health insurance information:

* Your child's first day of kindergarten:

Financial Assistance

* Financial aid for students:

* Free Application for Federal Student Aid:

* Student budget calculator:

More Online Resources

* Back-to-school facts:

* Find a school, college or library:

* Literacy resources, by state:

* Nontraditional education:

* Order U.S. Department of Education publications:

* U.S. Department of Education:

How Are We Doing?

* The Condition of Education:

* The Nation's Report Card:

* No Child Left Behind:

Safe and Healthy Students

* Bullying:

* Mental health of children and adolescents:

* Preventing drug abuse:

* School bus safety:

* School lunch and breakfast programs:

* Child nutrition:

* School safety tips from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission:

* Vaccination schedule for children and adolescents:

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