The following home sales were recorded recently in Loudoun County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Loudoun County Assessment Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Loudoun and other Washington areas, visit

Aldie-Braddock Road Area

BERYL TERR., 41908-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge to Christy and Kevin F. Kolbye, $447,180.

BERYL TERR., 41921-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge to Shiu Y. and William M. Drennan Jr., $455,500.

CINNABAR SQ., 41856-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge to Huyen T. Nguyen, $452,640.

CINNABAR SQ., 41856-Huyen T. Nguyen to Tashi D. Pryor, $515,800.

CINNABAR SQ., 41944-Wana and Rahmatullah Maiwand to Tammy and John Szydloski, $539,900.

GENIUS SQ., 25381-NVR Inc. to David J. Barton, $413,065.

TERRAZZO TERR., 42223-Mary L. and David W. Anderson to Rebecca R. and Phillip A. Halterman, $400,000.

Algonkian Regional

Park Area

ALLEGHENY CIR., 47761-Ngoc Bich and Nhuan Nam Vu to Rolando Castellon, $690,000.

BIRCHFIELD PL., 20584-Sharon T. and James P. Supp to Sheldon and Allison Buytenhuys, $599,900.

BROADSPEAR TERR., 46594-Brian C. Kane to Hebah Jaghlit and Youssef M. Nokta, $435,630.

CHESTER TERR., 46182-Aruna Kaila and Sannala Srinivas to Srinivas Kasani, $489,900.

COMER SQ., 47633-Mark Henson to Jennifer L. Glakas, $420,000.

HAMPSHIRE STATION DR., 46390-Katherine A. and Allen J. Steele to Forough and Jamshid Salehi, $546,100.

HAWICK TERR., 20370-Judith K. and Mark S. Richards to Petrina L. Dennis, $569,000.

HOLLOW FALLS TERR., 20738-Mary Kathryn Isquith to H. Reddington and Steven Mangano, $469,900.

SCOTSBOROUGH SQ., 47782-Kaysi A. and Jeffrey A. Sanden to Joseph C. Kumos, $739,900.

Ashburn Area

ABBOTT PL., 43803-Chris Cormack Anzalone to Lynn M. and Timothy F. Gossfeld, $705,000.

ALLDERWOOD TERR., 44171-Rosa D. and Dionisio A. Umana to Susy R. and Fredy Herrera, $398,000.

ASHBURN STATION PL., 20748-Tam J. and Roy B. Liggett II to Jennifer Neblett and Aaron C. Bird, $875,000.

ASPENDALE SQ., 19598-Belmont Land Partnership to Wayne Robert Watkins, $553,083.

BEECHWOOD TERR., 20332, No. 202-Connie G. Grigsby to Robert Caines and Robert Burnetti, $255,000.

BLACKWOLF RUN PL., 20080-Belmont Land Partnership to Sireesha and Jayaram Deena, $672,767.

BLACKWOLF RUN PL., 20092-Belmont Land Partnership to Elham Safari and Mehrdad Mohsenzadeh, $662,027.

BREEZYHILL DR., 20541-Chaitali P. and Prakash R. Patel to Jaime A. Mejia, $645,000.

BROOKFORD SQ., 43221-Scott E. Small to Maria M. Renes and Miguel A. Rivas, $411,000.

CAYUGA CT., 20288-Richmond American Homes to Jennifer and Matthew J. Crawford, $682,815.

CEDARPOST SQ., 20933, No. 203-Barbara Perez and Michelle Perez to Maria M. Takashima, $326,000.

CHESTERTON ST., 42980-Nancy M. and Thomas L. Coffman to Ann and Gustavo Pilarte, $560,000.

CORNERPOST SQ., 21098-O. Coronado and Evaristo Coronado to Jennifer J. and Robert M. Thompson, $406,000.

CROCUS TERR., 21161-Melanie J. Baker to Kirby W. Hartle, $389,500.

FITZGERALD DR., 21381-Julie C. and Peter J. Oswald to Sarwar Ali, $755,000.

GATWICK SQ., 43260-Kendra and Gregory Wilson to Abdullahi H. Hassan and Nazish Ahmad, $445,000.

GLENBURN TERR., 20958-Chen Pink Tan and Wing Choy Ho to Rehana and Said Adel Shah, $520,000.

GLENROBIN TERR., 20271-Dianna L. Doepke to Donna M. and Eric T. Fletcher, $426,000.

GREENWICH SQ., 43486-Daisy M. and Robert A. Nardi to Ghamar N. and Jalal J. Ghorbani, $415,000.

HARTWELL ST., 20349-Deborah W. and Chanon Jay Miller to Kristin M. and Kurt A. Wallner, $531,000.

KILLAWOG TERR., 20964-Hillary Miller and Jason A. Ayoub to Ryan J. Graffio, $380,000.

KITTS HILL TERR., 43975-Gary A. McQuown to Kellie N. and Shawn P. Leonard, $389,900.

LADIESBURG PL., 44366-William and Kathy Lam to Heun A. and Si Yo Ok, $690,000.

LAPORTE TERR., 21030-Christine G. and Douglas A. Feit to Jennifer Frederick and Kevin Packare, $505,000.

LORD NELSON TERR., 21315-Terry A. Dignan to B. Akurati and Ravi Munagapati, $494,900.

MINTHILL TERR., 43954-Dawn M. and Michael J. Bracken Jr. to Rozma M. and Tareq Kakar, $374,000.

MOHEGAN DR., 20275-Richmond American Homes to Nadine Benson and Daryl Bauer, $410,692.

MOSSY BROOK SQ., 44247-Ann Pierro, trustee, to Evelyn Lissette Reyes, $400,000.

NAVAJO DR., 44265-Richmond American Homes to Robert V. II and Keisha L. Williams, $538,565.

OLD GALLIVAN TERR., 43068-Carol E. and Gary R. Heinberg to Patricia A. and William R. Furlong, $403,000.

PIONEER RIDGE TERR., 20938-D.M. Patterson and Kevin J. Palmer to Ibrahim Z. Yousef, $392,000.

PRAIRIE DUNES TERR., 20129-Lihua Wang and Juan Chen to Leena and Sachin M. Joshi, $500,000.

SMOKEHOUSE CT., 21295-Matthew Albers to Brandy B. and Tyler M. Smith, $579,900.

TIMBER RIDGE TERR., 21023, No. 101-Jennifer Fischer to Mid Atlantic Development Co., $230,000.

Broadlands Area

AIRMONT WOODS TERR., 22509-Laurie and James L. Kubal to Consuelo E. Belsito, $548,000.

BOWMANTOWN BRIDGE CT., 43539-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Pamela A. and Bradley S. Macaleer, $812,220.

CHADWICK TERR., 43845-Meera and Ram V. Krishnan to S. Guttala and Praveen P. Alavilli, $555,000.

CHELSY PAIGE SQ., 22117-NVR Inc. to Annette Hinaman, $565,750.

CHELSY PAIGE SQ., 22121-NVR Inc. to Tanaya Threlkeld and Albert Rieben, $586,410.

CORTEZ TERR., 42505-Soraia Hussain to Audrey B. and Terrance V. King, $585,000.

CROSSWIND TERR., 43160-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Hawah Bedell, $128,100.

FOREST MANOR DR., 22511-Donna L. and John F. Chin to Kimberly and Michael J. Carpenter, $875,000.

FRAME SQ., 21633-Satu M. and Richard T. Van Rossem to James Ferguson II, $441,500.

GOLDENROD DR., 22919-Grace and John Mathew to Lynette M. and Victor A. Henley Jr., $715,000.

LUCKETTS BRIDGE CIR., 43453-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to S. Kesapragado and D. Donepudi, $534,988.

LUCKETTS BRIDGE CIR., 43453-S. Kesapragado and D. Donepudi to Benu and Sanjay Gogia, $755,000.

MAISON CARREE SQ., 22484-Examerus A. Gaillard to Sreedhara Chidambaram, $425,000.

SUNDERLEIGH SQ., 43264-Miller and Smith at Broadlands to Ronald C. and Patricia Parsons, $568,810.

SUNDERLEIGH SQ., 43266-Miller and Smith at Broadlands to Kelly and Quang Nguyen, $551,080.

TATTINGER TERR., 43827-Ghadeer and Abed N. Kirrish to S. Chakraborty and Malay Mukherjee, $491,000.

TRAJANS COLUMN TERR., 43774-Khang Khoa Vu to Chandy H. and Kosal Ly, $449,999.

Dulles Area

ELKINS TERR., 21883-Charlene Wiggins and Melissa Vogt to Anand Moorthy, $322,500.

FONTWELL SQ., 23052-Ahmed E. Elrayah to Phieu Vuong, $360,000.

FREEPORT PL., 43506-Toll Virginia IV Partnership to Hattie W. and Robert D. Quarels, $763,627.

FREEPORT PL., 43526-Toll Virginia IV Partnership to Imran Khaliq, $681,400.

IRON HORSE TERR., 45644-Katie L.M. and William C. Fedora to Eswari and Mahesh Sastry, $430,000.

KERRISDALE WAY, 23374-Toll Virginia IV Partnership to Bichthao and Dat M. Tran, $860,585.

REGENT TERR., 22918-Kathleen A. Schofield to Kwesi Poku and Akosua Poku, $425,000.

WATERLOO STATION SQ., 45630-Ernest J. Davies to Chantal Hatter, $395,000.

WHITCOMB SQ., 45578-Donald L. Henry to Ana and Lyle Amans, $405,000.

WILLESDEN JUNCTION TERR., 21792-Maria E. Ardila to Paul Chadha, $450,000.

Hamilton Area

TAYLOR RD., 18016-Toll Land IX Partnership to Kelly J. and John D. Phillips, $881,759.

Leesburg Area

ACCOKEEK TERR., 18845-Lansdowne Community Development to Emil Guy Teyssier, $688,550.

ADAMS DR., 54-Priscila Soriano and Ulises Escobar to J. Fuentes and Carlos Avendano, $233,000.

ADAMS DR., 74-Peggy Ann and Derek Summers Sr. to Ranulfo Paniagua Pacheco, $230,000.

ANDROMEDA TERR., 427-James R. Anderson to Joy E. Potter, $310,000.

ANDROMEDA TERR., 461-Brett A. Karschner to David White and Betty Lou White, $360,000.

BARKSDALE DR., 1247-Collene and Joel P. Myers to Jennifer and Mark Henson, $615,650.

BEECHNUT RD., 40870-Cheryl D. and Wayne D. Wyatt to S. Roudbarir and Ebrahim Baradaran, $1.19 million.

BONNIE RIDGE DR., 746-Kimberly and Ronald Kemper, trustees, to Chen Pink Tan and Wing Choy Ho, $606,000.

BRAEMAR PL., 17731-Toll Land IX Partnership to Alison L. and Bradley T. Hokamp, $1.03 million.

BRECKINRIDGE SQ., 516-Marilyn J. and Gregory E. Kraning to Dameron J. Patterson, $375,000.

BRECKINRIDGE SQ., 544-James W. Roberts to James J. Cooper, $371,670.

BRIDLE CREST SQ., 333-Ane S. and Robert L. Marr to Sonia B. Gregersen, $373,000.

CAMELOT PL., 40913-Renaissance at Kings Crossing Corp. to Bhavna V. and Ajay Gandhi, $1.26 million.

CAMPBELL CT., 1410-Arcadia Potomac Crossing Corp. to G.S. Bhatthal and Mandeep Singh, $545,000.

CARRADOC FARM TERR., 43611-Lansdowne Community Development to Raul and Evelhy Enciso Pazmino, $740,498.

CARRADOC FARM TERR., 43615-Lansdowne Community Development to Victor Stemberger and Vivek Malhotra, $643,899.

CATTAIL BRANCH CT., 18310-Kristin S. and James Paul Bunnell II to Christian K. Fabian, $845,000.

CORALBELLS PL., 42991-Michelle L. and Robert B. Aarnes to Circuit City Stores Inc., $789,500.

COREOPSIS TERR., 18983-Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne Corp. to Cynthia L. and William A. Maynard, $744,796.

CORNWALL ST., 16-Julie G. and Stephen R. Chapin Jr. to Kathleen R. and Michael E. Liddick, $1.2 million.

CRESTWOOD ST., 522-Beeren and Barry Investments Corp. to M. Butcher and David Marker, $290,000.

CYPRESS POINT TERR., 18233-M.B. River Creek O. Corp. to Debra J. and Leonard J. Rubin, $796,897.

DETTINGTON CT., 18559-Kimberly and William P. Shanahan to Olga Pozo and Evaristo Coronado, $685,000.

FERRIERS CT., 16596-V.M.K. Associates Joint Venture to Rosemary M. and Mark Sump, $998,846.

FLAG CT., 1707-Wendy and Ryan N. Richins to Karen S. and Stanton W. Dietrich, $598,000.

FOREST GLEN DR., 40758-Sue C. and James H. Thornbro to Jacqueline and Geoffrey A. Keller, $950,000.

GINKGO TERR., 536-Ramona M. and Edgardo P. Henriquez to Kevin T. Flaherty, $415,000.

GLEN ABBEY CT., 18216-Robert J. III and Loretta C. McHugh to Jana L. and Aaron D. Smith, $1.22 million.

GOOSE BLUFF CT., 18904-Basheer Edgemoore Goose Creek Corp. to Melissa S. and Andrew D. Rosato, $877,277.

HUNTMASTER TERR., 1129, No. 202-L. Deanne and Charles R. Speacht IV to Lindsay A. and Joseph W. Harris, $258,000.

KEPHARTS MILL TERR., 19195-Eileen M. and Frank B. Romps to Peta Gaye and Kevin Morris, $560,000.

LAKE VIEW WAY, 346-Tara D. and John K. Norbeck to Diana J. and Greggory T. Sherman, $665,000.

LILAC TERR., 520-Andrea and Mani Pahlevanpour to James R. Fazekas, $374,900.

LOUDOUN ST., 243I-Laura Destanley to Pamela M. Waymack, trustee, $272,000.

MONTVIEW SQ., 18430-Joan R. and Ronald P. Dillard to Joanne T. and C. Terry Titus, $474,550.

NATHAN PL., 636-Bart and Charlene Kutella to Lisa and Kenneth Johnson, $550,501.

PROSPERITY AVE., 103E-Bruce C. Foote to Alka and Rajesh Sethi, $210,000.

PROSPERITY AVE., 103E-Alka and Rajesh Sethi to P. Brown and R. Sibert and Karen Sibert, $259,000.

ROCKFORD SQ., 852-Arcadia Potomac Crossing Corp. to Mujde Kuplay and Gregoria E. Arias, $285,016.

SHIELDS TERR., 1508-Christina Stone and Joseph Lareau to Nicole N. Hull and Joseph G. Romano, $506,995.

SIERRA SPRINGS SQ., 18411-Pamela D. and Randall G. Catts to Monica Andres, $475,000.

SPRINGHOUSE SQ., 685-Kim J. and Michael D. Strickler to Elaine and William M. Bakkeby, $455,000.

STARGELL TERR., 43512-Van Metre Homes at Lansdowne Corp. to Shilpa and Praveen Bahethi, $747,223.

TURNBERRY ISLE CT., 43415-Cassandra B. and Brendan B. Walsh to Deanna K. and David C. Johnson, $820,000.

VANDERBILT TERR., 810-Diane and Scott F. Bartlett to Carrie A. Curry, $381,500.

VESTALS PL., 43320-B.L. Homes Lansdowne Corp. to Hye-Sook C. and Chad Leechor, $1.32 million.

WINTERBERRY DR., 831-Eunjoo and Sang B. Kim to Samuel S. and Hye Jeen Kim, $659,900.

Lovettsville Area

POTTERFIELD DR., 39-NVR Inc. to Kevin King and Jassen Vallerio, $539,410.

Middleburg Area

STONEWALL CT., 17-Linda A. McGrail and Ian A. Brown to Robert Downing, $255,000.

Purcellville Area

CANDLERIDGE CT., 816-Washington Homes Inc. to J.J. Henao Diaz and Claudia Husman, $568,427.

D ST. E., 114-Eugene A. Kurtenbach to D. Boris and Christopher Boris, $394,900.

DEVONSHIRE CIR., 905-Washington Homes Inc. to Judith M. and Hans A. Schichl, $595,045.

F ST. W., 171-Azel A. III and Sheila F. Painter to Camilla Bria and Sharon Livesey, $380,000.

HEATON CT., 212-Renee and John R. Phillips to Jon A. Schreifels, $355,000.

MAIN ST. E., 500-Carolyn Tees and William Whitmore Jr. to Bullock Carpenter Properties Corp., $785,000.

WOODEN BRIDGE DR., 605-Christopher and Kimberly M. Quish to Jennifer and Richard Tribino, $605,000.

WORDSWORTH CIR., 509-Patricia A. Jenkins to Mary R. and John F. Sleeter, $360,000.

Round Hill Area

LETHRIDGE CIR., 17522-Round Hill Investors Corp. to Mohammad Nawaz, $488,000.

NEW CUT RD., 3-Wenesday W. Brownell to Joan E. Wolford, $400,000.

WILLIAMS GAP RD., 35531-Leanne and John J. McNamara to Sandra B. and Scott J. Friberg, $955,900.

South Riding Area

ARTHUR PL., 25556-Toll Cedar Hunt Corp. to Pamela W. and Vaughn Edwards, $949,123.

BROWNBURG PL., 43770-Pulte Home Corp. to Quyen Nguyen and Wa Wynn, $719,202.

CENTER ST., 42983-Katia B. and Richard D. Gardner to Kristi A. Tucker, $454,340.

HOLTBY SQ., 43105-April Rogers and Brian Crawford to Rebecca and Jeffrey Fick, $451,000.

HUSSAR TERR., 25544-Mark Hogg to Lawrence J. Stivers, $399,000.

MINK MEADOWS ST., 43462-Jessie John and Joseph Thangaraja to Myriam A. and Evan F. Atkinson, $550,000.

PADDOCK TRAIL PL., 27284-Byrd Corp. to NVR Inc., $252,000.

PELICAN DR., 42638-South Riding Partners Partnership to Yennhu Huynh and Hai Trieu Huynh, $703,911.

RAWLEY SPRINGS DR., 25751-Omar Farooque to Hoang Dung Ho and Man M. Pham, $900,000.

RAWLEY SPRINGS DR., 25766-Pulte Home Corp. to Sudhakar Manam and Ramesh Annamreddy, $672,100.

Sterling Area

AMELIA ST. N., 1600-Anna M. and Douglas S. Romine to Parvez Zamani, $470,000.

BEECH RD. E., 1305-Deborah W. and Gary S. Hepner to Mario R. Melgar Sr., $489,990.

BURNING BRANCH TERR., 46844-Tracy D. and Julian R. Roberts Jr. to Spenta and Farshad Hormozdyaran, $510,000.

CHURCH RD. W., 605-Maria and Joseph McDonald to Marina and Luis A. Larco, $415,000.

COVENTRY SQ., 263-Thomas H. III and Daisy Tees Christie to Patricia J. Hanson, $265,000.

DUCKSPRINGS WAY, 46884-Julie and Andrew T. Counts to Lauren and Thomas M. Comi, $645,000.

EMORY DR. N., 105-Todd R. Anderson to Quentin Redmund, $185,000.

ETHAN CT., 21063-Ayesha Khalid and Khaja N. Syed to Eugenia Valcarcel and Aldo Guzman, $460,000.

GOLDSTONE TERR., 21858-Claudine Mandeville to Vandna and Manish Chaturvedi, $412,000.

HOWARD PL., 44-Rebecca L. and Mark S. Rausenberger to Eddie James and Jacqueline Labad, $289,900.

PIN OAK CT., 200-Nora E. Parada to Phung Ngoc Kieu, $541,000.

RABBITRUN TERR., 46879-Ram Krishnan to Yalda Soroush and Yavar Soroush, $415,000.

REGIS CIR., 26-Maria T. Moran and Roberto Campos to Vicente Carrion Espinoza, $320,000.

SENECA CHASE CT., 103-Matthew Frank Carroll to S. Muthukannan and P. Asaimuthu, $499,900.

SIGNAL CT., 303-J.N. Jenkins and Jonathan Jenkins to Blanca V. and Manuel J. Abarca, $360,000.

STONEBROOK CT., 46701-Visal Mak and Mony Tan to Jose Santamaria, $650,000.

STONEBROOK CT., 46724-Cora Sue Moore to Victor Vasquez, $600,000.

SUGARLAND RUN DR., 110-Elizabeth M. and John C. Humphries to Oscar Ordonez, $436,000.

TOTTENHAM CT., 1030-Christine A. Stirsman to G. Perez and Regino Perez Garcia, $310,000.

TRUMPET CIR., 46883-Oscar Argueta and Jose M. Caceres to Jorge M. Campodonico, $400,000.

WARWICK CT., 1006A-Claudia Espinoza to Roberto Arturo Rada Prada, $163,500.

WILLIAMSBURG CT. S., 1116-Ximena Y. and James W. Doolin to Norma Luna, $470,000.