The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince William County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince William and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Bristow Area

BATHGATE WAY, 13037-U S Home Corp. to Daungjai Inlupate, $384,205.

BENCHMARK LANE, 8851-Abdul Rashid Momen to Iraima S. Ferrer, $335,000.

BIG SPRINGS LOOP, 9170-Lori M. and Bryan K. Dolieslager to Kara L. and Jerry Allen, $559,900.

BREVET CT., 11655-Centex Homes to Stephen and Sapho D. Hinkle, $438,224.

CANMORE WAY, 9800-Brian J. House to Kathleen Lavache and Jason Crummett, $524,900.

COLD STREAM GUARD CT., 12339-Gita D. and James T. Winterrowd to Beth and Billy Watts, $584,000.

CROSSMAN CREEK WAY, 12736-Richmond American Homes to Lucia and Brian Lawlor, $585,500.

DARNAWAY CT., 10050-Erin M. and David D. Wilson to Annamarie and Richard Spencer, $510,000.

ELLIOTS OAK PL., 12039-Kristin S. Connor to Robert L. and Donna J. Rowland, $355,000.

FALCON GLEN CT., 9024-Dawn M. and Keith A. Bradshaw to Amy E. and Manuel J. Rios Jr., $332,772.

FISHERFORD CT., 9920-Jeffrey H. De Guzman to R. Maurine and Phillip B. Wilcox, $520,000.

GOLDERS GREEN PL., 13247-Christopher A. Barney to Erin M. Angell and Christian M. Collins, $350,000.

HUME CT., 10033-Alejandro Villegas Padilla and Lindiwe Tshuma to Kimberly and John Cicero, $418,200.

INCHBERRY CT., 10209-Samir J. Iskander and Emad F. Touma to Seo Jong Sun, $624,900.

IRON BRIGADE UNIT AVE., 11644-Centex Homes to Geoffrey A. Willis and Vina Anissa Cheek, $394,510.

IRON BRIGADE UNIT AVE., 11650-Centex Homes to Donna and Gary Gochenour, $400,710.

KIRKMICHAEL TERR., 13146-Brookfield Braemar Corp. to J. Gregory Holmes, $500,440.

LANIER OVERLOOK CT., 8434-Richmond American Homes to Ana E. and German Gonzalez, $529,390.

LANIER OVERLOOK CT., 8450-Richmond American Homes to Abid Mahmood, $506,165.

LANIER OVERLOOK CT., 8456-Richmond American Homes to Laila Hatami and Shaima Hatami Shaidah, $556,395.

MALVERN WAY, 12330-Sally A. Mills to Patricia A. and William R. Croisetiere, $365,000.

NESS HOLLOW CT., 12937-Birchwood Corp. to Johann Otiniano, $466,290.

ORMOND DR., 13090-Brookfield Dunbarton Corp. to Scott P. Streicher, $369,190.

ORMOND DR., 13104-Brookfield Dunbarton Corp. to Jansen Hrafuhildur A., $356,890.

PIKE BRANCH DR., 12523-Richmond American Homes to Zorayda and Manuel Palacios, $449,515.

SCOTTISH HUNT LANE, 13144-Lisa G. and Daniel A. Gutwein to Wilfredo and Yensi Melendez, $560,000.

SHENVALE CIR., 13008-Ghulum Ruqayya and Adeel Zafar to Julie Pham and Nicholas Hung Yao Lin, $389,500.

SIDLAW HILLS LANE, 13080-U S Home Corp. to Niu Duan and Ya Ting Chen, $381,190.

SOLITARY PL., 9876-Melody H. and Billy J. Powers to Prudential Relocation Inc., $490,000.

SOLITARY PL., 9908-Leslie R. and Lance A. Hamilton to Megin P. and Christopher T. McRae, $530,000.

TANALIAN FALLS LANE, 12308-Miller and Smith Homes to Julie Jiang, $425,320.

TANALIAN FALLS LANE, 12311-Miller and Smith Homes to Natalie Herber and Troy Lee Gregory, $398,170.

TULANE FALLS DR., 12257-Beazer Homes to Lori L. Gibbs, $496,182.

WEATHERSFIELD DR., 9159-Andrea L. and Nicholas J. Gallucci to Carol G. and Thomas J. Axberg, $559,000.

WOOLEN KILT CT., 10044-Bethany L. and Robert R. Miller to Michael L. and Catherine M. Sconce, $491,250.

Dumfries Area

BADGER CT., 16600-Kettler Forlines Homes to Niamatullah Asizi, $561,078.

BANKS CT., 2817-David Hatmi to Gustavo Nunez, $228,000.

BARNACLE PL., 5010-Bin Jiang and Jin Chen to Heather A. and Erik K. Breitenbach, $340,000.

BAYOU BEND CIR., 17444-Beazer Homes to Monica Smith Goode, $358,440.

CAHILL LANE, 3033-Bentil A. Boateng to Daniel Fialor and Yaw Akyena Agyei, $325,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 2158-Robert Nolan and Myrtle B. Abel to Aaron V. Hernandez, $515,000.

DAHLGREN PL., 3631-Patricia Cienfuegos to Jamie M. Landers, $228,000.

DEWEYS RUN LANE, 17563-Sangsoon and Chaesik Lee to Doris C. and Jeffrey L. Parker Sr., $460,000.

FAIRFAX ST., 3957-David Godfrey Moore Jr. to Margaret Gulledge Starling, $395,000.

FORT FISHER CT., 1616-Ana Rodriguez and Robert M. Evans to Karen A. Carter, $235,000.

FORT HENRY CT., 1727-Colin A. Moore to Gevell V. Selby, $240,500.

FORT HENRY CT., 1737-William M. Harris to Shirley Reid, $202,000.

FORT PULASKI CT., 1840-Key Property Investors Corp. to Luis Moreno, $230,000.

FOUR SEASONS DR., 17075-Hovnanian Homes to Wynona G. Cooper, $336,789.

FOUR SEASONS DR., 17091-Hovnanian Homes to Nancy C. Aderholdt, $469,881.

FOUR SEASONS DR., 17176-Hovnanian Homes to Angolden A. Brewer, $399,990.

ISLE ROYALE TERR., 17529-Steven R. Jones to Bruce E. Brown and George Preston Miller, $320,000.

MYRTLEWOOD DR., 2996-Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. to Bertin Osorio, $590,000.

ORIOLE CT., 3874-Don V. Nguyen to Nash Lee C. Hensley and Mina O. Hensley, $400,000.

OVERLOOK RD., 17612-Debora Inawati and Hendrianto Stepanus to Gloria and Cristobal Gonzalez, $515,000.

POINT PLEASANT LANE, 17021-Alicia G. and Donald R. Holden to Nana Yaa and Earnest K. Danso, $290,000.

RESERVOIR LOOP, 16598-Kettler Forlines Homes to Seeman Saeed and Mohammad Salim, $421,610.

RESERVOIR LOOP, 16614-Enayatullah Azizi to Agnes and Alexander Acquah, $465,000.

SECRET GROVE CT., 3643-Hovnanian Homes to Patricia M. Manalio, $452,266.

SECRET GROVE CT., 3667-Hovnanian Homes to Anna M. and John D. Richards, $414,803.

WAYSIDE DR., 17504-Pighini Builders to Mobeen A. Khan, $535,270.

WIDEWATER DR., 15751-Karen J. and Jackie E. Williams to Shawn C. Gray, $358,000.

Gainesville Area

ANCHOR MILL PL., 15058-Glenkirk Neighborhoods Corp. to Sarah J. and Jonathan D. Yakel, $524,287.

ANCHOR MILL PL., 15062-Glenkirk Neighborhoods Corp. to Criselda M. and Gregory M. Thomas Jr., $688,105.

ARTEMUS RD., 5703-June C. and Jay C. Reed Jr. to Jose E. Novillo Teran, $375,500.

BROGUE CT., 13426-U S Home Corp. to Frederick R. Smith, $329,763.

BROUGHTON PL., 14315-Kessa and Carl D. Bohman to Rhonda and Joselindo Davila, $495,000.

CAYBURY PL., 6508-Francine L. and Ronald J. Bowen to Michelle and Gregory Cordell, $480,000.

CHENEY WAY, 6604-NVR Inc. to Lisa D.A. and Gregory H. Hilgenberg, $623,490.

DERBY RUN WAY, 6865-Barbara C. Gwaltney to Nancy W. Carr, $495,000.

EARLY MARKER CT., 7330-NVR Inc. to Guljeet and Maneet Kaur, $516,018.

ELDERMILL LANE, 6704-NVR Inc. to Scott Jeffrey Davis, $500,665.

HERITAGE FARMS DR., 13513-Marilynn D. and Renold R. Beck to Ceferina A. Arenaza, $671,272.

HYDE PARK PL., 14012-Drees Co. to William Roy and Diane Jennings, $551,102.

KATIE LYNN CT., 8228-Diane C. and Brian S. Hagarty to Domingo Bonilla, $506,000.

KYLEWOOD WAY, 14554-Engle Homes to Syed F. and Rana T. Daud, $311,200.

KYLEWOOD WAY, 14584-Engle Homes to Cristina and Daniel Dougherty, $296,660.

KYLEWOOD WAY, 14592-Engle Homes to Joy and Eun Hee Lee, $315,840.

LOFTRIDGE LANE, 17000-Porfirio Leonel Hernandez to Zulema Salas Perez, $545,000.

NEWBERN LOOP, 14268-Heather L. and Curt E. Evans to Brian J. Capezio, $320,000.

RANSOM OAKS CT., 15009-Stacey L. and Michael S. Driscoll to Diane and Brian Hagarty, $800,000.

REIDHALL PL., 14200-NVR Inc. to Ana and Saul E. Castro, $461,975.

ROXBOROUGH LOOP, 8284-Nelson Construction Corp. to Elizabeth A. and Errol Unikel, $934,384.

SAUVAGE LANE, 7042-Hun S. Jang to Melva Lazo and Jose Maria Diaz, $369,500.

SNICKERSVILLE DR., 14172-Kelly S. and George Hong to Marcello Monterrosa, $975,000.

TALL TIMBER DR., 8115-Kathleen M. and Charles J. Smith to Valentina D. and Semir Grozdanic, $425,701.

TYSONS OAKS CT., 8028-Equity Homes to Ki N. and George J. Brown, $691,900.

UPLAND MEADOW CT., 6013-U S Home Corp. to Debra L. and Sean P. Flattery, $410,731.

VICTORY GALLOP WAY, 13450-Thelma M. and Stephen F. Hample to Shirley M. Gilbert, $392,500.

WALNUT HILL DR., 6934-Cendant Corp. to Isla and Charles Marsden, $371,000.

Haymarket Area

ALDERBROOK DR., 15653-Dominion Country Club to Doris and Adolf K. Waizecker, $596,509.

ALDERBROOK DR., 15675-Dominion Country Club to Margaret and Peter Karis, $731,834.

ALDERBROOK DR., 15679-Dominion Country Club to Laura and William R. Pfeil, $661,045.

ALDERBROOK DR., 15687-Dominion Country Club to Penelope J. and Paul R. Golkin, $621,090.

ALDERBROOK DR., 15704-Dominion Country Club to Carol P. and Allan S. Dam, $581,735.

ANTIOCH RD., 5360-Elizabeth and Barry Reighard to Zerlesht Aman, $784,000.

ARNOLD PALMER DR., 15416-Jeffrey L. Fox to Gerald D. and Janet L. Reisdorff, $630,000.

ARROWFIELD TERR., 5504-Dominion Country Club to Tracey L. Madorma and Patricia Lynn Pittman, $478,083.

ARROWFIELD TERR., 5508-Dominion Country Club to Kimberly Blair, $459,893.

CHAMBERRY CIR., 14521-Marchelle G. and James W. McDermott to Kathlyn and Gerald Sullivan, $935,000.

COMANCHE CT., 6701-Robert H. Kasbohm to Dominic Ellis, $224,000.

CULLEN PL., 6342-Elizabeth A. and Scott A. Regalado to Rosalyn and Marc A. Busman, $410,000.

DANUBE WAY, 15016-Jo Nell Sanchez to Lori and John L. Geraghty, $440,500.

FAYETTE ST., 6785-Phyllis E. Johnson to Christine C. and Matthew J. Petrus, $489,000.

INTERLACHEN CT., 5940-Dominion Country Club to Diane and Scott Bartlett, $739,947.

JACOBS CREEK PL., 5297-Dominion Country Club to Sun Yon and Daniel Bahk, $652,762.

JEFFERSON ST., 6782-Linda L. and William L. Peters to Michael and Nicole Tessitore, $530,500.

RYDER CUP DR., 15671-Hyon Matos to Chung Mo Seo, $650,000.

SEVEN PINES CT., 5814-Dominion Country Club to Jaime R. and Eric M. Steinberger, $644,454.

SHELTER LANE, 14301-Ann C. and Mark W. Billings to Ona Valys and Robert Joseph Orkin, $574,500.

SOLHEIM CUP DR., 5639-Dominion Country Club to Judy and Mark Brady, $583,501.

SOLHEIM CUP DR., 5643-Dominion Country Club to Jennifer and Jae Jung, $495,955.

TIFFANY LANE, 16010-Becky S. Riddle to Robert D. Moyer, $319,000.

TULLOCH SPRING CT., 5886-Deborah A. and Mark D. Hefty to Mary Beth Scullion, $625,000.

TULLOCH SPRING CT., 5887-Lisa M. and Michael A. Labelle to Alison H. and Mark Muldowney, $685,000.

VERDE PL., 14359-Grace Lee and Soon K. Lee to Jill J. and John F. Van Wert III, $430,000.

WHEELWRIGHT WAY, 5706-Kyung Hwa Baek and Kwan Soo Park to Roy B. and Tam J. Liggett III, $542,000.

Manassas Area

ASSATEAGUE PL., 5649-Robin S. and Dean K. Shear to Tamara and Keithe Bradford, $490,000.

BAYONET WAY, 8165, No. 202-Jennifer A. Brown to Carol Membreno, $265,000.

BRECHIN WAY, 10546-Yvette M. and Wilson O. Zenteno to Chin S. Presgrave, $352,000.

BRIGHTON WAY, 7932-Luis A. Navarro to Greyci X. Aburto, $186,000.

CALLAN DR., 7697-Tamara May and Chad Wayne Ewing to Thuan N. Lam, $237,000.

CALLAN DR., 7699-Luis Alfonso Valdizon Rivas to Jorge and Gladys Saldana, $185,000.

CAMFIELD CT., 11052, No. 6A-Ramin Malakooti to Catalina Maldonado, $168,000.

CHESHIRE RIDGE CIR., 9751-Leonard and Ans Christine Whitaker Santa to Julia T. Coco and Howard E. Annaco, $367,000.

CLIFTON ST., 7915-Delmy Y. and Juan A. Mejia to Luzberth Paz and Victoriano Alvarracin, $454,500.

COLTON LANE, 7369-Jose Alejandro Medrano Cantarero to Erika I. Gomez and Juan A. Zavaleta, $275,000.

COLTON LANE, 7392-Brian A. and Kirsten K. Bruder to Reina C. and Wilber A. Amaya, $300,000.

COMMUNITY DR., 8087-Jessenia Reyez and Manuel Martinez to Maximo Merino and Jaime Joel Diaz, $235,000.

COPPERFIELD WAY, 7992, No. 103-Randolph H. Jewell Sr. to Julie and Michael Colgan, $215,000.

DAMASCUS DR., 9522-George A. Frank to Jose Calixto Molina, $375,000.

DAVIS FORD RD., 5630-Clent D. Schoonover to Mark S. Eshenour and Herbert H. Terry, $450,000.

DEER PATH CT., 6199-Debra A. Turner to Cendant Corp., $549,950.

DOUBLEDAY LANE, 11032-Patricia and Conrad Lawson to Patricia Delaguila and David E. Hess, $375,500.

FLAGER CIR., 7800-Nicole and Ira D. Grinnan Jr. to Loan V. and Dat S. Nguyen, $370,000.

FOREST OAK CT., 12800-Joseph Mummert to Reina and Juan P. Vasquez, $364,000.

GARNER DR., 7831-Luis E. and Tomas Chicas to Maria Garcia and Francisco D. Arias, $415,000.

GENIE TERR., 6052-Sorensen Construction Corp. to Laurie Miller Laychak and Adel James Chareq, $888,050.

GREENVIEW LANE, 9901-Marilyn and Ronald R. Turner to Antonio Ovando, $451,000.

HELMSDALE PL., 7572-Wendy R. and Tracy L. Morris to Marco A. and Elisabeth R. Monsalve, $360,000.

HERSCH FARM LANE, 9360-Carol W. and Charles D. Howell Jr. to Crystal and J. Scott Whalen, $520,000.

HOBSONS CHOICE LOOP, 5540-Katherine M. and Phillip S. Gabany to Total Investments Corp., $439,000.

HOBSONS CHOICE LOOP, 5566-Timothy J. and Kimberly S. McAnany to Leah J. and Demetris A. Charalambous, $448,990.

IRONGATE WAY, 10009-Pyung Ho Son and Su Cha Hwang to Pok Im Lee, $230,000.

IRONGATE WAY, 8379-Erica and Bernard Etienne to Susana Hernandez and Mejia Mariano Arevalo, $256,000.

KENDRICK CT., 7880-Melissa D. and Thomas W. Fleming to Prudential Relocation Inc., $599,000.

KOMAN CIR., 11006, No. 188-Felix Duarte to Young Jin Cho, $245,000.

LACY DR., 8075, No. 76-Alejandro A. Pruneda and Michelle C. to Constance Capone, $205,000.

LACY DR., 8115, No. 104-Dafne Perez to Erkan Ekingen, $267,000.

LUCASVILLE RD., 10704-Leslie S. and William F. Delsignore to Gluber Silva, $350,000.

MEADOW CT., 7883-Ana H. Quinteros and Juan P. Posada to Salvador Mendoza, $255,000.

MEADOW GROVE CT., 10718-Sarah N. Gortney to Elizabeth Shaw, $260,000.

MEADOWGATE DR., 7803-Joan E. and Timothy S. Norgart to Sirva Relocation Corp., $699,950.

MONITOR CT., 7629-Dawn M. and Charles C. Aracich to Amparo Del Carmen Reyes, $365,000.

OMEGA LANE, 6061-Ridgedale Inc. to Cybil N. and Edward R. Mills, $422,561.

OMEGA LANE, 6064-Suhail Chaudhry to Jagdish Kaur and Balbir Singh, $510,000.

OMEGA LANE, 6072-Ridgedale Inc. to Shumaila Parveen and Muhammad Noman Siddiqui, $428,509.

QUAIL RUN LANE, 7572-Amin Hussainy to Walter O. Velasquez, $285,000.

ROXBURY AVE., 7394-Melba K. Brown to Shahnaz Azhar and Azhar Hassan, $365,000.

SOLDIERS CT., 11159-Pedro Gomez and Isela Ortega to Jose Almir Portillo Cornejo, $354,900.

STATESBORO CT., 10136-Lorena A. and Fidel Turcios to Argentina Turcios, $255,000.

STILLBROOKE RD., 8007-Debra A. and Thomas W. Farrell to Timothy Hoff, $325,000.

STONEBROOK DR., 11199-Coretta H. and Manuel V. Key to Helen S. and Michael J. Stine, $635,000.

SUDLEY MANOR DR., 9803-Jilann O. Brunett to Kathy Jo Shea and Jilann O. Brunett, $100,000.

SUMMER BREEZE PL., 8448-Lennita R. and Donald B. Megahan to Sheri and Andrew Cizek, $661,000.

SUMMIT RIDGE CT., 11513-Shelia L. and Jeffery S. Reagan to Kyungsoon and Heeyoung Yoon, $798,000.

VIOLET CT., 10816-Nelson V. Jimenez Cruz to Jose Balmore Martinez, $232,000.

WALLACE LANE, 8304-Marie and Louis A. Wrenn to Vugar T. Shahtakhtinskity, $359,900.

WILLARD LANE, 8112-Brenda and Harold Lewis, trustees, to Michele G. and Quentin and Timothy A. Koelkebeck, $423,000.

WILMINGTON ST., 10192-Edwin Flores Lopez and Tito Noe Turcios to Wilfredo Salmeron Florez, $240,000.

Manassas Park Area

ALBEMARLE DR., 7528-Donna J. and Robert L. Rowland to Roberto Dominguez, $351,000.

BYRON ST., 9301-Wanda L. and William A. Gray to Pamela and David Phipps, $366,000.

CHADDS LANDING WAY, 7625-Sharda and Baldev R. Sharma to Roberto P. Melgar, $326,000.

COBBLE POND WAY, 8185-Comstock Corp. to Sengkeo and Glendell Hill Jr., $404,125.

COLBERT LANE, 9760-NVP Inc. to Sherry J. and James K. Hughes, $608,931.

COURTLAND CIR., 7419-Maria Iglesias to Juana Molina Hernandez, $325,000.

HARD SHALE RD., 8125-Comstock Corp. to Christie L. Keller, $424,050.

JANET ROSE CT., 9646-Janice T. Petzold to Farhan Nawaz, $635,000.

MAPLEWOOD DR., 8103-Timothy Scott Clayborn to Jose D. Umanzor, $387,900.

PINE ST., 7505-Alan McFarlane to Daniel Henriquez, $350,000.

RUMSON PL., 15040-NVP Inc. to Michelle V. and Peter J.G. Caylor, $575,531.

SIGNAL HILL RD., 6904-Sharon A. and Ralph D. Barlow to Baker Properties Corp., $300,000.

WHISPERING WIND LANE, 8080-Baljit K. Sandhu and Bikram J. Singh to Harvey Maurice Nelson Jr. and Georgia Wall, $420,000.

YORKSHIRE LANE, 8911-Stella M. and Houston P. Mullins to Ivonne G. Mendoza, $400,000.

Nokesville Area

BRISTOW RD., 13315-Wendy J. and Arthur C. Lial to Min Kim and Jong Joon Park, $350,000.

BURWELL RD., 9041-Hazel D. and Billy W. Smoot to Lonnie G. Plaster, $332,900.

CRASHING THUNDER PL., 10142-Richmond American Homes to Solange and Raydel Silva, $594,390.

FEATHER LANE, 14123-Carolyn A. and Golden C. Kirkland, trustees, to Sandra M. and Dean B. Overman, $550,000.

FITZWATER DR., 13608-Sharon M. Little and Scott A. Short to Brady S. Russell, $303,900.

GUYER DR., 9300-Mary Lou and Major L. Sansam to Dana L. and Douglas P. Gaetano, $390,000.

HOPKINS LANE, 10001-Loretta J. and Gary R. Shrout to Scott and Sharon Short, $380,000.

PARKGATE DR., 11805-Karen S. and Timothy A. Cope to Bonnie L. and Bradley M. Hughes, $590,000.

Quantico Area

FOURTH AVE., 217-Augusta R. and Herbert J. Saunders to Jenny B. and Eric L. Hatch, $245,000.

FOURTH AVE., 293-James M. Kovakas to Alfred and William Talamantes, $295,000.

Triangle Area

NOB HILL DR., 18328-Rosemond Mensah Kane and Emmanuel R. Dennis to Theresa M. Galloway, $380,000.

SAPLING WAY, 4054-Wall Neighborhoods Corp. to Dene A. and Jimmy A. Jackson, $560,026.

STONEWALL MANOR DR., 3709-Jenny Phan and Khue Thanh Thai to Tensaye Ambaye and Aberra Zerabruk, $750,000.

WOODLAND DR., 18409-Sabrina L. and Joseph A. Hager to Atlantic Investment Corp., $200,000.

Woodbridge Area

ALDRIN ST., 13211-Ana Maria Olazabal to Manuel Del Cid, $330,000.

ALISON ST., 13204-Talat Mahmood to Syeda Sultana, $340,000.

ANN SCARLET CT., 1747-Mian G. Mustafa to Margaret A. Morris and Adam L. Brotman, $540,000.

ARABIAN PL., 12248-Brenda S. and Thomas M. Parker to Jessica E. and Josue P. Hoces, $439,000.

ARMSTEAD ST., 13178-Morena D. Montano to Sheryl De La Cruz, $440,000.

AURORA DR., 14500-Dorothy H. and Jeffrey A. Raskin to Florentin MacHado, $374,000.

AURORA DR., 14501-Moetaz B. Mohamed and Eman A. Ziadeh to Huber Frescas, $395,000.

AYRSHIRE LANE, 768-Centex Homes to Kenneth A. Barnett and Joseph F. Heath, $388,200.

AYRSHIRE LANE, 771-Centex Homes to Hon Kwan, $387,017.

BALI CT., 3997-Lelia Nicole Jackson to John Silva, $365,000.

BARKSDALE ST., 14783-Julia E. McNeil to Jeri and Maxie E. Justice, $250,000.

BARKSDALE ST., 14787-Pamela C. and Ray Bramhall, trustees, to Rosa and Franciso Lara, $199,000.

BARN SWALLOW PL., 16028-NVR Inc. to Abram L. and Jeffrey R. Martin, $516,920.

BARN SWALLOW PL., 16034-NVR Inc. to Valeri M. Dawson and Ray W. Bolton, $475,470.

BEAUMONT RD., 3312-Lisa Aiken and Paul L. Miller to Nancy Y. and Esteban A. Hernandez, $337,000.

BELFRY LANE, 3425-Gussie and Willie White Jr. to Adolfo Hernandez, $255,000.

BELLEVILLE AVE., 14307-Anthony S. Gerogosian to Israa Hasan and Yeman Alruznamaji, $282,000.

BELMONT BAY DR., 440-Harbor Point East Associates Corp. to Malcolm P. Sykes, $479,900.

BLACKSMITH TERR., 15346-Cynthia A. and Charles K. Seidel to Kathryn K. and Terrence E. McCoy, $270,000.

BRANDY MOOR LOOP, 16771-Richard L. Groover Jr. to Kimberli G. and Donald E. Griffin Jr., $336,000.

CALIFORNIA ST., 1458-Fran Marquez and Wilfredo M. Flores to Celia C. Lopez and Cesar A. Banegas, $349,000.

CAMBRIDGE DR., 2937-Ashan R. and Ramzan Ul Haq to Jose Luis and Jose Lozada, $308,000.

CATALPA CT., 15046-MAFC Residential Inc. to Chad Berry, $285,000.

CAVALIER DR., 12542-Donnell and Dana Sherred to Karen and Thomas M. Hagedorn, $470,000.

CAVALLO WAY, 4807-NVR Inc. to Patricia G. and Stuart Mac Shapiro, $365,552.

CHARTER CT., 4785-Basheer Edgemoore Corp. to Luverta E. and William L. York, $1.098 million.

CHETHAM WAY, 4066-Beth D. Sunderland to Wesley G. Phillips and Thomas I. Knedler Jr., $276,000.

CHEVINGTON CT., 723-Centex Homes to Shuaib and Gity N. Porjosh, $434,995.

CHEVINGTON CT., 737-Centex Homes to Khawar and Zafaryab Saeed, $431,585.

CHEVOIT HILL CT., 2857-Patricia A. and Daniel A. Stanley to Catherine L. Jordan, $508,200.

CLAREMONT LANE, 3814-Teresa Navarro to Douglas Marquez, $250,000.

COLCHESTER FERRY PL., 13379-Clarence L. Fisher to Carlos Garcia, $450,000.

COLLINGTON CT., 742-Centex Homes to Scot Russell, $401,020.

COLLINGTON CT., 744-Centex Homes to Duong and Ngoc Buu Tran, $408,655.

COLLINGTON CT., 747-Centex Homes to Lisa L. and Tony D. Tep, $413,385.

COLONIAL DR., 1523, No. 304-Mui Shokouhi to Christopher L. Tolson, $210,000.

CORBETT PL., 1287-Jason M. Muchmore to Lamba Munish, $325,000.

CRESSIDA PL., 4039, No. 70-Fred Adun to Oluwatoyin Agoro, $292,000.

CREST MAPLE DR., 11661-Desma H. and Stephan D. Bell to Vanessa D. and Albert J. Gardiner Jr., $679,900.

CUDDY LOOP, 14197, No. 102-Catherine M. Davis to Randall E. Hyler, $237,000.

CUMBERLAND DR., 2016-Joan T. Huynh to Long Bien Pham and Jennifer Chau, $395,000.

DAPPLE GRAY CT., 12183-Deborah A. and Michael B. Moser to Jill V. Sobon, $410,000.

DIVIDED SKY CT., 4213-Mohammad A. Haider and Kaleem Lodhi to Humaira Iqbal, $632,000.

DONALD CURTIS DR., 15923-Deborah A. and David A. Yates to Sophia C. and Juan G. Gallegos, $330,000.

EARLHAM CT., 14622-Veronica A. Todd to Jose Del Carmen Gomez, $275,000.

EASTMAN ST., 14555-Lidia C. Reyes to Patricia Cienfuegos, $365,000.

EMBERDALE DR., 14909-Nancy Waltz and William J. Brown Jr. to Mid-Atlantic Development Corp., $202,200.

ENDSLEY TURN, 14755-Jovanka and Dragan Vucelja to Silvia A. Rivera and Oscar A. Guevara, $280,000.

EVANSDALE RD., 4385-Stephan P. Clark and Gerald P. Morgan to Susan L. and Britt A. Skaggs, $348,000.

FALCON DR., 12720-Cendant Corp. to Stephanie and Arnold Bennett, $565,000.

FALLWAY LANE, 4100-Robert Lewis Taylor to Teresa M. and James E. Walters, $427,000.

FERRARA TERR., 4101-Young Joo and Wan Chong Choe to Phyllis and James Ruffin, $236,000.

FITCHBURG CT., 3407-Berthina M. and Howard Hayes Gaskins to Mohan and Mahesh P. Tahiliani, $270,000.

FLINTLOCK TERR., 15257-Linda L. and Lawrence Dalme Jr. to Sadia M. McKinnon, $261,000.

FORESTDALE AVE., 3542-Sonia Soledad Arnez and Elvis J. Nina to Victor Manuel Molina, $334,000.

FORT CRAIG DR., 12101-Helen A. and Robert S. Schiro to Kelly and Daniel McGreal, $515,000.

GARDENVIEW LOOP, 1067-Rezvan Hosseini to Leroy C. Coleman, $252,500.

GARFIELD PL., 13615, No. 201-Karen Barber to Colleen S. Grizzle, $206,000.

GEDDY CT., 16602-Cynthia Rogers to Hollace Enoch, $238,000.

GLOUCESTER CT., 2855-Iris Y. Cruz to Ana Reinado, $190,000.

GRAYSON RD., 14125-Denise and Michael H. Gendron to Jose O. Mejia, $399,950.

GREENDALE DR., 13965-Centex Homes to Amer Mian, $386,120.

GREENWOOD DR., 13701-Sarah K. and John R. Ryan to Cruz Flores, $328,000.

GREENWOOD DR., 13723-Gary R. Rowley to Santos V. Andino and Preecha Lertmongkol, $275,000.

GREENWOOD DR., 13813-Irma Fuentes and Santos Flores to Ahide Galan and Manuel D. Galan Chavez, $368,000.

GROSBEAK CT., 1531-Lisa and Robert Walters to Stella D. and Robert B. Brannon, $459,990.

GULLANE DR., 13805-Centex Homes to Charlene Jessup and Bret M. Kurihara, $367,650.

GULLANE DR., 13963-Centex Homes to Imtaz Yusuf and Kamal Ahmed, $334,693.

HACKWOOD ST., 14715-Jose V. Sorto to Maria H. and Margarito H. Salmeron, $240,000.

HARBOR DR., 12605-Kimberly and Christopher D. Klepatzki to Rulia Ferrufino, $415,000.

HARBOR SIDE ST., 705-Stephanie B. and Jeffrey A. Goodman to ACKT Properties Corp., $590,000.

HAWTHORN LANE, 13309-Margaret M. and Albert L. Snyder Sr. to Binh T. Bhuyen, $301,000.

HEDRICK LANE, 4723-Elmer Rodriguez to Christine M. Greene, $253,000.

HOLLY VIEW DR., 11954-Beeren and Barry Investments Corp. to Sharon L. Miranda and Joseph M. Deleon, $369,900.

KEMPSTON LANE, 12516-Adrienne R. Tunstall to Sharyn M. Timms, $260,000.

KENTUCKY AVE., 1512-Dorothy M. and Harold R. Jacobs to Beeren and Barry Investments Corp., $220,000.

KENTUCKY AVE., 1514-Christi A. and Jack Hendricks II to Betty and Georgann M. Gunter, $285,000.

KERRYDALE RD., 13110-Christina L. and Daniel C. Campbell to Doris and Dimas F. Lizama, $298,000.

KIMBROUGH LANE, 12907-Samuel Estrada to Gelmer O. Lima Munoz, $330,000.

KINGSMAN RD., 13414-Brenda K. Berry to Zafaryab Saeed, $340,000.

KINGSWOOD CT., 2543-James R. Leblond II to Juana Bulacia and Esteban Ranz, $325,000.

LADINO CT., 3333-Keithe Bradford to Kevin E. Shields, $260,000.

LADUE CT., 1621-Potomac Pointe Corp. to Beverly J. and William J. Hamon, $282,100.

LAMBSGATE LANE, 5019-Concessa L. Sullivan to William P. Lawhorne, $270,000.

LEATHERWOOD LANE, 12901-Marie and Ulbio G. Parraga to Tahir M. Mughal, $480,000.

LEATHERWOOD LANE, 12903-Kendall Lamar Sneed to Kristian Lowe and Clancy E. Wahlgren, $430,850.

LEATHERWOOD LANE, 12919-James R. Lippold and Scott L. Litman to Judith K. and Alberto Borrero, $470,000.

LIGHTHOUSE LANE, 12749-Shirley A. Ginwright to Robin L. Simpson, $345,000.

LINSEY CT., 4950-Karen Wilkinson and Karim F. Sharif to Nowruz Rasteh, $330,000.

LUCKLAND WAY, 2501-Beazer Homes to Irfuan Younas, $373,315.

LUCKLAND WAY, 2509-Beazer Homes to Kimberly and Edward J. Graves, $381,250.

MADEIRA CT., 2902-Theron and Katia Clements to Daniel A. Peterson and Gregory G. Webber, $269,900.

MADRIGAL DR., 14333-Harold Aguirre to Beemnet W. Dada, $350,000.

MAPLEDALE AVE., 13746-Diola and David Pearson to Ali Imran, $350,000.

MARBLESTONE DR., 12848-Prince William Townhouse Corp. to Diana M. Sheriff, $325,390.

MARBLESTONE DR., 12854-Prince William Townhouse Corp. to Sridevi Davuluri and Kamal K. Devabhaktuni, $307,775.

MARINER LANE, 1906-William A. Nameth to David W. Pressler Jr., $308,100.

MARR CT., 14595-Kathleen C. and David T. Strange to Cendant Corp., $466,630.

MARY ST., 1405-Sharon R. and Paul H. McGuire to Adriana W.E. and William Wilson, $327,005.

MEADOWBROOK RD., 13828-Beckey A. Sabol and Kelly A. Locklar to Maria Flores, $300,000.

MERRYWOOD CT., 2571-Tonya F. and Anthony V. McNair to Tely Mohamed Diallo, $230,000.

MILL BROOK CT., 12840-Maurice R. Alexander Jr. to Janice Vanraay, $335,000.

MONUMENT AVE., 758-Margaret Ranieri and Roger Nelson to Wai and Li Li Fu, $580,000.

NEDDLETON AVE., 5577-Adan Romero to Katy J. and Roger Avila, $447,000.

NICKLESON DR., 13332-Lisa H. and Thomas Melendez to Marisol Penate, $371,000.

OAK FARM DR., 13219-William L. Smith to Don P. Swartz, $580,000.

OXBRIDGE INN CT., 14052-Connie L. and William H. Long to Victor M. Harper, $300,000.

PACKARD DR., 13316-Anita L. and Jeffrey W. Lanning to Miranda A. and Richard D. Murrell, $630,000.

PATRICK ST., 2113-Nanette M. Wurv and Woodford M. West to Ligia Pavon, $415,000.

PHILLIPP CT., 6014-Julie M. and Christopher J. Gwin to Sara Lynn Christner and Antonio Stornaiuolo, $375,000.

PINETREE DR., 13417-Lisa B. Twiford to Ruben Aguilera, $310,000.

PLYMOUTH CT., 12578-Raoul Short to Teofilo Jimenez Moreno, $310,000.

QUANN LANE, 13102-Tamara M. Baptiste to Joseph L. Clar, $290,000.

QUEENSDALE DR., 13269-Gertrude and Louis W. Hall to Leonard N. Brooks and Christa D. Sorrell, $512,000.

QUELL CT., 5007-Ridgedale Inc. to Hesham Salih, $721,624.

RACE POINTE PL., 5142-Herbert Terry to Sukhdev Singh, $357,900.

RADBURN ST., 16220-Engle Homes to Lorraine M. Joseph, $446,280.

RADFORD CT., 14202-Harold W. Tipton to Rafael and Elmer Angel Flores Portillo, $343,500.

RAYBURN CT., 13750-Shevella Y. and Michael D. Wilson to Margarito Bonilla, $440,000.

REESE CT., 12935-Penny Sue Aits to Thomas J. Navo IV, $265,000.

SEMINOLE RD., 2855-Larysa V. and Daniel O. Dinges to Deborah A. Collins, $325,500.

SILVERDALE DR., 14507-Christopher Travis Reed to Ellen M. Baker, $339,000.

SOUTH PARK CT., 4712-Betty G. Abshire to Gunther P. Hashida, $285,000.

SOUTHGATE CT., 14324-Mansoor Ahmad to Raffia Musarrat, $375,000.

STEVENSON CT., 12227-Cora A. and Michael L. Martin to Nitram Investment Properties, $191,000.

SWEENEY LANE, 16734-Jennifer E. Torre and Henry A. Melvin to Timothy A. Harris and Concepcion Fonseca, $401,000.

SYLVAN MOOR LANE, 2586-Tami C. Terellafaram and Mark D. Faram to Lear E. Dutton, $337,000.

TARBERRY PL., 6211-Teri L. and Maurice T. Watkins to Steve Ringold, $425,000.

TEAL WAY, 1609-Kimberly E. and David R. Klain to Kil C. and James D. Lawrence, $522,000.

TERMINAL WAY, 13034-George W. Deryckere to Sabrina M. and Kenneth D. Greene, $375,000.

THACKERY TERR., 4071, No. 86-Chang K. Yang to Dae Kyu Lee and In Sook Lee, $336,000.

THENIA PL., 1650, No. 5-Bernice Nesbitt to Nazia Gulzar, $245,000.

THREE DORMERS CT., 14543-Richmond American Homes to Nith and Eric P. Van Hook, $637,315.

TOLSON PL., 11590-Cathy L. Jordan to Christopher Bassford, $425,000.

TWO CHIMNEYS CT., 5100-Doris E. and Fernandito Montanez to Meiriel C. Cisneros, $666,000.

WAINSCOTT PL., 3474-Judith A. and Norman K. Ball to Yadira Montes and Juan C. Lemus, $525,000.

WHITTIER LOOP, 15000-Michael Bradshaw to Paul Osei and Beatrice Sey, $355,000.

WIGAN DR., 3768-Christina M. and Brian M. Cropp to Dawn and Thomas Murray, $471,050.

WINDING LOOP, 14847-Linda D. Smith to Total Investments Corp., $275,000.

WINSLOW CT., 1951-Samuel Prince Karikari to Hannah Afriyie, $274,000.

WINSTON LANE, 16840-Ceasear A. Zarsah and Traphine Freeman to Richard E. Wilson, $300,000.

WOLF RUN SHOALS RD., 5080-Basheer Edgemoore Corp. to Elizabeth H. and John W. Burch, $865,752.

WOODFERN CT., 2703-Rosita G. and Mark M. Ramsey to Linda and David Krough, $479,900.

WOODHAVEN CT., 3649-Lisa A. Coniglio to Terri Mancini, $285,500.

WOODLAWN CT., 12321-Antonio R. Harris to Marrisha Lewis and Thomas J. Engler, $263,000.