Projects Proposed

1. South Riding Section 87, west side of Riding Center Drive. Subdivide 79.98 acres zoned PDH-4 (planned development housing-four units per acre) for 21 residential lots, three public roads, two open parcels and associated utilities.

2. South Riding Section 88, west side of Riding Center Drive. Subdivide 178.03 acres zoned PDH-4 for 52 residential lots, three private roads, three open parcels and associated utilities.

3. Amberleigh, Section 2, Lots 113-144, south side of Croson Lane, west of Ryan Road. Subdivide 50.44 acres zoned PDH-3 (planned development housing-three units per acre) for 32 townhouses and one open parcel.

4. South Riding Section 84, south of John Mosby Highway, east of Gum Spring Road. Subdivide 82.89 acres zoned PDH-4 for 45 single-family attached lots.

5. South Riding Section 86, south of John Mosby Highway, east of Gum Spring Road. Subdivide 79.98 acres zoned PDH-4 for 54 single-family attached lots.

6. Courtland Rural Village Section 3, south of Gleedsville Road, west of The Woods Road. Subdivide 200.53 acres zoned PD-RV (planned development-rural village) for 50 single-family detached lots and three open parcels.

7. Brambleton-Brandt, west of Route 659, south of Ryan Road bisected by the future Route 621. Special exception to allow development of three drive-through restaurants and a service station with gas pumps and car wash in association with ZMAP-2004-0024 on 94 acres zoned R-1 (residential). Approval to rezone about 95 acres from R-1 to PD-CC-SC (planned development-commercial center-small regional center) to allow for about 74,000 square feet of retail development (about 15 acres) and PDH-4 to allow for about 230 attached and detached units (about 76 acres).

8. CNS Microwave, Loudoun Compressor Station, east of Watson Road along Compressor Lane. Special exception to allow a 140-foot telecommunications monopole with a microwave dish antenna for data telemetry and co-location of a commercial mobile telecommunications antenna and related infrastructure on 22.79 acres zoned AR-1 (agricultural).

9. Ashburn Center Office Park, south side of Route 7 at Ashburn Village Boulevard. Special exception to allow two hotels in the PD-OP (planned development-office park) district and a gas station with convenience store in the PD-CC-CC (planned development-commercial center-community center) district on 88.40 acres.

10. Salamander Resort and Spa, north of Middleburg, west of Foxcroft Road. Special exception to allow more than 600 vehicle trips a day at a rural retreat and temporary special events in the A-3 (agricultural) zoning district.

11. Courtland Farms Wastewater Spray, Route 15 near Route 650 and Goose Creek. Approval for gravel access roads and pump house site design for Courtland Farms Wastewater Treatment Spray Irrigation on 700.53 acres zoned PD-RV.

12. John Deere Landscapes Inc., Lot 1A, west of Simmons Road, north of West Main Street and east of Dwyer Court. Revision to SPEX-1992-0026 (special exception application) and SPAM-1995-0015 (site plan amendment) to construct a storage building with associated water, sewer, telephone and electric services on 7.30 acres zoned A-3.

13. Loudoun Square Lot 5A, east of Waverly Court and south of Russell Branch Parkway. Construct a 21,258-square-foot building for manufacturing, fabrication and showroom for furniture and accessories on 2.89 acres zoned PD-IP (planned development-industrial park).

14. Bus Maintenance Facility, Sycolin Road near Courage Court. Addition to the existing bus maintenance facility building on 87.93 acres zoned JLMA20 (joint land management area).

15. Ashburn Crossroads III, southeast of Farmwell Road and Ashburn Village Boulevard. Construct a 32,306-square-foot restaurant and retail space on 8.32 acres zoned PD-IP.

16. Epic at Dulles South, Pleasant Valley Road about 1,000 feet north of Route 50. Construct three auto light and heavy service use buildings consisting of 185,759 square feet with associated parking and utilities on 10.66 acres zoned GB (general business).

17. Pevs Paintball, Route 15 and New Road. Outdoor rural recreation facility with associated gravel parking area, pro shop and fenced activities (site will be served by on-site well and septic) on 46.13 acres zoned A-3.

18. Dulles 28 Centre Car Wash, north of Waxpool Road, west of Route 28 at Beverly Way and Towlern Place. Car wash with a 6,750-square-foot wash bay and 2,000 square feet of office space on 1.27 acres zoned PD-CH (planned development-commercial highway).

19. Main Street Project, south of John Mosby Highway, east of Loudoun County Parkway. Construct 22,363 square feet of restaurant and auto bays and 34,350 square feet of office on 7.24 acres zoned CLI (commercial light industrial).

20. Loudoun County Landfill

Maintenance Building, four miles south of Leesburg along Evergreen

Mill Road. Construct a 3,720-

square-foot maintenance facility on 186.26 acres zoned A3.

21. Ashburn Center Office Park, south side of Route 7 at Ashburn Village Boulevard. Rezone about 88.40 acres from PDH-4 to PD-OP and PD-CC-CC district with special exception for hotel uses in PD-OP and convenience store with gas pumps in PD-CC-CC on 88.40 acres.

22. Belmont Estates, southwest corner of Stubble Road and Graves Lane. Rezone 20.59 acres from CR1 and CR2 (countryside residential) and R-1 to PDH-4 to allow for development of 80 single-family detached and single-family attached homes and retain one existing home.

23. Hall Road Property, southeast corner of Oakgrove Road and Hall Road. Rezone about 4.25 acres from R-1 to R-16 (residential-16 units per acre) for the development of 48 townhouses.

24. Regency at Ashburn Section 40, north of Gloucester Parkway, east of Marblehead Drive. Rezone 149.65 acres from PDH-4 to PDH-6 (planned development housing-six units per acre) for 15 single-family detached homes, 143 townhouses and 142 multifamily units (age restricted).

Projects Approved

25. Dawson LC of Vienna, east side of Gum Spring Road, about two miles south of Braddock Road. Approval to rezone about 225 acres from PDH-3 for 224 single-family detached units.

26. Goose Creek Village North, both sides of Sycolin Road on the west side of Belmont Ridge Road and the north side of Dulles Greenway at 20755 Belmont Ridge Rd. Approval to rezone about 141 acres from PD-IP to PD-IP, PD-OP, PD-CC-CC, R-16 and R-24 (residential-24 units per acre) zoning districts for a mixed-use development with as many as 564 residential dwellings, 164,500 square feet of retail space and as much as 1 million square feet of office space.

27. Quarles Petroleum and Charles and Jane Piercy of Waterford, northwest corner of Routes 9 and 662. Special exception to add two gasoline dispenser islands (four additional pumps) and to extend a gas pump canopy at a service station on about 1.56 acres zoned RC (rural commercial).

28. Frontier Spring, south of John Mosby Highway on the east side of Gum Spring Road. Approval to rezone about 21.5 acres from R-1 to PDH-4 to develop as many as 79 residential units (single family detached and attached units).

29. Arcola United Methodist Church Child Care, southeast corner of Routes 621 and 659. Special exception to allow the operation of a child-care center for as many as 75 children on 5.79 acres zoned PD-IP.

30. Case Property Rezoning, east of Gum Spring Road at the southern end of Arcola. Approval to rezone 6.79 acres from RC to PD-GI (planned development-general industrial) for industrial use.

31. Leesburg Pike Community Church of Sterling, south side of Harry Byrd Highway and east side of Ashburn Road. Special exception to allow a school with before- and after-school child care in the PD-IP district on about 48.16 acres.

Building Permits

32. South Riding Amberlea, build 27 condominiums at 25110 Monteith Terr.

33. Ashburn Center Parcel, build a 16,152-square-foot office at 44025 Pipeline Plaza.

34. Loudoun County School Board, build an 85,676-square-foot elementary school at 25480 Mindful Ct.

-- Compiled by SANDY MAUCK