Residents Deserve More

I wonder how many taxpayers have taken the time over the years to really look at what is happening to our neighborhoods and the quality of life we are getting for all our hard-earned tax money.

If you really want to see the tragic devastation of an area that has been at the mercy of a sitting supervisor for 18 years, take a ride west on Longview Drive from Route 1.

Keep your eyes open as you travel on Longview, into Marumsco Hills.

As you approach what will be a new intersection, there towering above what trees are left is wall-to-wall, three- to four-story apartments lining the extension of what is supposed to be the Prince William Parkway. On the side that backs to single-family houses are towers of wood and aluminum structures hovering far above what use to be a quaint, middle-class neighborhood.

Now we are seeing class -- upgraded development and, gee, we sure don't want to think of the horrors that could have been there!

Woodbridge will not have a true quality-of-life development until we eliminate the core of this devastation.

With a record of not knowing how to say no and not understanding what is truly good for residents, we cannot have a supervisor like this go on to a state office. It is time to retire the Woodbridge supervisor from any political office and get on with a true revitalization of Woodbridge.

Ella Shannon


Just Say No to Growth

In regard to a recent comment from our chairman of the Board of County Supervisors suggesting nothing more can be done legally to curb runaway growth in the county because of our state's "Dillon" rule, it seems to me that the Rural Crescent was created just for that purpose and put into place to help protect green space by unbridled developers and eager supervisors.

My suggestion is to put the okay stamp back in the drawer and dust off the stamp that reads "Moratorium." Our board had no problem denying a developer from building a high-rise project near Route 1 and the Occoquan River a couple of months ago. I suppose the developer just didn't understand the rules on how the money should change hands.

So I say, what's not to understand about slowing growth by using a big stamp called M-O-R-A-T-O-R-I-U-M? When I hear a good response to that question, I'll know I must be dreaming.

Keith Kessler

Dale City

Support 'Family Values'

I have just two words for Dels. L. Scott Lingamfelter (R-Prince William) and Jeffrey Frederick (R-Prince William): Learn Spanish!

The federal government can hire more border agents and build more prisons for undocumented workers, but the mass migration of Hispanic people into this country will continue unabated. Dels. Lingamfelter and Frederick can anguish about this all they want, but nothing will change.

The reason large numbers of Hispanic people are coming to this country is simple: economics. They are just trying to get jobs so they can support their families. Republicans brag that they support "family values," so now is the time for them to convert words to deeds. They should urge President Bush to change the status of undocumented workers to that of guest workers, a program that has worked well in the past. Also, local officials must do more to match workers with potential employers.

What if the situation were reversed? What if the United States were a poor country and Mexico a rich country? Would Lingamfelter and Frederick cross the Rio Grande in hopes of improving their economic situation? Or would they primly say they wouldn't cross the border because that would be contrary to the "rule of law"?

Gary Jacobsen