The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert County

Chesapeake Beach Area

BAY CREST CT., 8348-Michael G. White to Charlene Dale Lyons, $413,000.

BAYWALK SQ., 8661-Sheila B. Doucet to Dennis F. Mangan and Debra B. Pomerantz, $520,000.

HILLVIEW DR., 5512-Betty French and John A. Wilson Jr. to John A. Wilson Jr., $190,001.

Dunkirk Area

JESTER CT., 11702-Carol A. and Larry L. Smith to Erik D. Johnson, $312,000.

Huntingtown Area

HUNTING CREEK RD., 2521-Orval B. Jr. and Patricia E. Warner to Heidi M. and Ronald F. Cameron, $440,000.

WESSEX LANE, 3616-Linda A. and Stephen V. Seymour to Anne Hoyer Eckholm, $517,000.

Lusby Area

BUCKLER DR., 457-Sean Mason to Sharon and Stephen Nicholson, $285,000.

BUCKS LANE, 1316-Delores A. Coates to Lee Anne and David L. Vitatoe, $575,000.

CEDAR DR., 10970-Walter L. and Jerlyn L. Witten to Kathryn J. and Michael K. Greenwald, $80,000.

COVE POINT RD., 2115-Steven J. Noga to Jessica and James Hagy, $270,000.

COWPOKE CIR., 11665-James and Betty Priddy to Julia Jane and Robert James Thomas, $168,900.

COYOTE TRAIL, 420-Mary M. Marinelli to Kerry M. and Brian K. Barth, $275,000.

CRYSTAL ROCK RD., 991-Michele A. and Byron L. Choney to Michael McGlothlin, $198,900.

CUSTER CT., 305-Barbara A. and James Douglas White to Lai Wan Cheng, $270,000.

DARYL DR., 8560-Paul Lee to William Palomaki, $257,250.

EVERGREEN DR., 8339-Timothee J. La Faive to Ronald D. Mellott Jr., $145,000.

GREGG DR., 1377-Barbara J. Nelson to Mary Jane Barnes, $520,000.

HARBOR DR., 209-Beth C. and Jimmie J. Nelson to Jeremy Trumbull, $160,000.

LONGHORN CIR., 355-Scott A. and Nancy L. Woolverton to Heather J. Darago and Mark Almalel, $198,000.

MAPLE WAY, 518-Timothy N. Tucker to Linda Berry, $229,000.

MILL CREEK DR., 12681-Kenneth V. and Susan L. Ratterree to Susan L. and Geoffrey C. Wanamaker, $325,000.

SAN RAFAEL RD., 11543-Richard J. and Sherry L. Sypher to Anne K. and Mark T. Powell, $205,000.

SANTA ROSA RD., 12574-Eugene J. Benton Jr. to Madeline Grace Rokohl and Angella Lynn Kirby, $265,000.

SIDEWINDER LANE, 11643-William Hamilton Davis Jr. to Stefanie K. and Daniel Lazer, $272,000.

North Beach Area

SEA GULL CT., 9556-Taiyuan and Roderick Wilks to Scott Matthew Luketich, $165,000.

FIFTH ST., 3813-Judith Ann Arthur to Angela M. Pedone and Brandon L. Brock, $235,000.

NINTH ST., 9236-Mary Ann Henry to Thomas A. and Karen G. Bowman, $225,000.

Owings Area

BRIGHT LANE, 1800-Richard S. and Dolores H. Johnstone to Joan C. and Fred Daniel Rose, $485,000.

CONCORD CT., 1051-Diane L. Lewis to Lauren M. Barbieri and Michael A. Suranno, $495,000.

KERRY CT., 2621-Richard Mitchell to Tara L. and Joseph M. Brunner, $314,000.

WOODLAND LANE, 8146-Nathan C. Gross to Michelle F. Hare, $305,000.

Port Republic Area

MALLORY SQ., 3141-John F. and Stephanie Lee Studds to Shirley Ann Roper, $385,000.

Prince Frederick Area

CAMBRIDGE PL., 218-MAFC Residential Inc. to Cathy G. and Doyle E. Cox, $280,000.

DARES BEACH RD., 1181-James W. Fowler to Thomas J.M. McPherson and Mallory L. Murrow, $225,000.

DARES BEACH RD. E., 170-John W. Williams Jr. to Homes at Magnolia Kettler and Landing Corp., $1.65 million.

SEQUOIA WAY, 2628-Thedore H. and Mary E. Wenglinski to Jacqueline Smythe and Mary Crumbacker, $499,900.

SIXES RD., 5595-John A. and Teresa M. Bowen to Cecile Y. and Frederick G. Lauer, $370,000.

St. Leonard Area

HARVARD ST., 5014-Mary E. Crumbacker to Stacy and Ronnie W. Quesenberry Jr., $295,000.

KINGS CREEK DR., 1036-Jerilyn R. Dickerson to Tajuana and Scott C. Sebens, $390,000.

WILLIAMS WHARF RD., 4670-Maria S. and John W. Inman to Wayne C. Miles, $477,900.

Charles County

Bryans Road Area

BUCKNELL RD., 6626-Robert E. Boblits to Victor Meraz, $280,000.

CREST CIR., 2150-Kris L. and John D. Greer to Sedatrist Ballard, $310,000.

SIR DOUGLAS DR., 5496-Carl Ivey to Tara N. Butler, $346,000.


Prince Frederick Road Area

BARNEY DR., 6855-WSB Inc. to Barbara T. and Brian K. Shrewsbury, $460,000.

DEBORAH PL., 7285-Sandra S. and Edward A. Keller to Ronald H. Kans, $400,000.

JAMES LEE DR., 6575-Tiche Y. and Terence Tolliver to Renee and Donald Robinson, $489,900.

Indian Head Area

CHARLES PL., 107-William G. and Gabrielle C. Stea to Amelia A. and Gerald G. Gray, $144,900.

Issue Area

LORD BALTIMORE DR., 11275-Robert H. and Andrea B. Graves to Andrea Mertel and Craig Heurich, $373,500.

La Plata Area

BURNING BUSH PL., 100-Barbara and Dave Milstead to Audrey L. Boland, $325,000.

CLARA LANE, 11701-Stephanie A. and Kevin A. Henson to Polly R. and James D. Martin II, $459,000.

KALMIA CT., 122-Christopher A. Thompson to Melissa A. and Michael L. Meister, $159,000.

KLINE DR., 9750-Marjorie J. and George Pittas to Bardon Inc., $125,000.

MADISON ST., 122-BREL Corp. to Allen Heim, $195,000.

MADISON ST., 126-BREL Corp. to Eleanor T. and Roy S. Hancock, $158,000.

MANOR LANE, 6080-Fred Sawyer to Elizabeth A. Davison, $380,000.

PHEASANT LANE, 27-Ronald W. and Annie M. Olup to Binakumari D. Mistry, $424,000.

PORT TOBACCO RD., 6125-Richard A. and Joilyn G. Gray to Ellen R. and Christopher A. Thompson, $289,900.

THOMAS JEFFERSON ST., 131-BREL Corp. to Attie S. Ward, $207,136.

WILTSHIRE DR., 1011-Mahmood and Naheed Choudhry to Carissa L. and Luke H. Hannah, $429,950.


Rock Point Road Area

SYLVAN TURN, 9818-Charline Jacob to Agnes D. and Charles R. Thompson, $9,000.

VALLEY LANE, 12406-Earl A. Lemings to Justina R. Loar and Shanty Cox, $144,000.

St. Charles Area

HATFIELD CT., 741-Marie L. and James T. Gray Sr. to Robin Kearney, $197,000.

HEATHCOTE RD., 3019-Gladys and Wayne B. Newman to Dale G. Dennison, $110,000.

KING JAMES PL., 1-Toni R. Federici to April M. Peters, $196,000.

NORTHGATE PL., 3944-Katherine and Randall Hutchison Sr. to James H. Everhart Jr., $140,000.

OLD WASHINGTON RD., 3400-Cynthia A. Neeley to Luisa and John A. Torres, $265,000.

PRIMROSE CT., 3785-Thomas M. Spinner to Yvonne L. Everett, $330,000.

SEAGRAPE CT., 3536-Paul X. and Yavette L. Houston to Amy M. and Christopher E. Kerins, $363,800.

STONE AVE., 948-David A. and Barbara E. Bell to Mariela and Gaylord Frazier, $285,000.

VALERY CT., 2307-D.S. Eshelman and Jeffrey R. Gagliano to Raymond P. Severin Sr., $249,900.

VELVET ASH CT., 3418-Jonathan K. and Denise R. Hall to Adriene Gesell and Adam G. Dickerson, $235,000.

Waldorf Area

ALBERMARLE PL., 2702-Anthony and Lakesha Craft to Nicole K. and Rashaun J. Gregory, $255,000.

ASHFORD CIR., 10680-Brian E. and Elaine A. Morales to John and Wenying Johnson, $553,000.

ASHLEY GREEN CT., 3003-Christina M. Crespo to Carl D. Cleaveland, $239,500.

BEAUGREGORY CT., 5123-Stephanie and Christopher W. Stufft to George R. Wilson, $297,155.

BLUE WHALE CT., 6122-Anna Lee Garzione to Virginia and Gary Wade, $269,900.

BLUEBIRD DR., 4146-Susan A. Myers to Craig R. Dyson, $203,000.

BLUEBIRD DR., 4149-Joseph W. Edwards Sr. to Glenn D. Darden II, $205,000.

CALICO WOODS PL., 11948-Kenneth E. Rooks to Matteo F. Recanatini, $286,000.

CARDIGAN CT., 15-Rodney A. Vandyke to Kumdan and Kirk S. Cordray, $235,000.

CHARTER OAK DR., 2508-Michael D. Kearney II to Sandip Ghosh, $349,900.

COPLEY AVE., 913-Nogiko and Robert G. Kertesz to Tauseef Rehman, $295,000.

COUNCIL OAK DR., 12566-David L. Scozzafava to Alvania D. Burrell, $263,000.

GORAL CT., 6357-Angela M. and Michael R. Lewis to Aref Erfani, $310,000.

GOTHIC CT., 2178-Zenaida G. and Gary E. Walker to Ethel Taylor, $258,000.

GREENWOOD DR., 2121-Shelly and James Kennedy Falcone to Donald Clayton and Sean Reingruber, $135,000.

HOMESTEAD PL., 11933-Sandra A. Markovich to S. Kirk and Stanley Nichols, $225,000.

IMPALA CT., 6908-Hazel A. Betts to Vasanthi Sivaprakasam, $345,000.

JORDEN LANE, 4450-Guiseppe A. Gallo to Neil and Delethian Gross, $620,000.

MARLIN CT., 5110-Keith M. and Dana R. Johnston to Marites S. and Reynaldo S. Rances, $382,000.

MEADOWLARK LANE, 4832-Joseph V. Piepoli Jr. to Eric King, $199,000.

MONROE CT., 2516-Donald W. Jr. and Crystalyn I. Sheets to Arnell T. and Brandell J. Odom, $461,000.

OAK MANOR DR., 11851, No. 31-Mary E. Furman to Kristine and Christopher Bailey, $95,000.

OCELOT ST., 6412-Larry L. Mann to Diana B. and Patrick M. O'Connell, $350,400.

OWEN CT., 3809-Joseph G. Edelen to Mark Jones, $289,900.

PINEWOOD DR., 2706-Vicki D. and Cary W. Windsor to Edith M. Price, $239,000.

POUNDBERRY CAMP PL., 11049-Antony and Hui Lan Kuang Law to Natalee Y. and Melvin L. Jackson, $290,500.

QUILLBACK ST., 10634-Cheryl R. and Nathan A. Esty to Katherine M. and Stephen C. Talbot, $326,000.

RATCLIFF PL., 4522, No. 35-M-Dorothy H. and John F. Monaco to Carolyn G. Lewis, $154,000.

ROBINSON PL., 2527-Rickey Beatty to Phonda and Kerry Darden, $162,000.

SHLAGEL RD., 13030-William H. Scheungrab to John Bryner, $175,000.

SNOW OWL PL., 11330-Timothy D. Huber to Anatasha C. and Larry Crawford Jr., $262,000.

STINGRAY CT., 5307-John E. and Loretta W. Kyle to Tham Duong and Nga K. Nguyen, $284,900.

WESTDALE CT., 3310-Lysonia and Edward B. Hightower III to Brenda A. Crockett, $256,000.

WESTWOOD LANE, 10702-Dean M. and Denise A. Underwood to Joyce and Harry Dreany, $111,000.

WETHERBURN PL., 4111-John J. III and Susan R. Fitch to Taren and Dennis Bokman, $469,900.

White Plains Area

BARCLAY PL., 7907-Ho Kun and Joonja B. Lee to Karen Stanley, $300,000.

CASTLEFORD CT., 4413-Mark and Janee Contee to Mikkel Harrison, $400,000.

HOUSELY PL., 10331-Donovan S. Davis to Shelley R. Boddie, $294,000.

NAUTICA PL., 10854-Daniel E. Raby Jr. to Julie A. Clark, $255,000.

RIVA PL., 10600-G. Anita Perkins and James V. Carter to Deidre T. Anderson, $278,000.

TREE FROG PL., 10202-Clyde A. Wainwright to Sharon A. Flannagan, $292,000.

St. Mary's County

Abell Area

VAN WARD RD., 39001-Marianist Mission to Teresa and Charles David Lawrence Sr., $275,000.

California Area

KINGSTON SHORES LANE, 23632-Chopp Properties Corp. to Michael L. Montgomery, $835,000.

MACARTHUR BLVD., 22469-Dana Stauffer to Dawn M. and Roy A. Williams, $135,000.

PINE BARK LANE, 23158-Amie Bowling to Paul Nickel, $202,000.

TORINO DR., 22540-Holly E. Brown to Deborah Ellen Sisson and Robert Lee Rounds, $247,000.

Compton Area

LADY BALTIMORE AVE., 39934-Sandra D. Baker to Andrea Hopkins, $205,900.

Great Mills Area

GREENS REST DR. N., 46090-Samuel E. and Martin to Zenaida and Edwin Delmoro, $572,000.

LEXINGTON CT., 45909-Connie and Corey Butler to Nathan Dupree, $189,000.

OLIVER CT., 45759-Terryl D. Chandler to Raegan M. and Marshall L. Richardson Jr., $249,000.

PURPLE MARTIN LANE, 22355-Ronald P. Hans to Robert G. Struth Jr., $285,000.

RUTHERFORD BLVD., 45534-Chris and Candal Horton to Anita and Zorn Sliman, $339,000.

SAYRE DR., 45785-Israel Z. Swarey to Marilena and Alfredo Casarrubias, $187,900.

Hollywood Area

ALLSTON LANE, 25323-Lana Bartels to Kelly M. Selby, $250,000.

GALLANT MAN DR., 24916-Timothy A. Wild to Trina L. and Robert Goodell, $315,000.

HOLLY TREE LANE, 24970-Kelly and Steven M. Dakis to Christopher W. Shannon, $232,500.

JONES WHARF RD., 25925-Bobby W. Earhart to Neil W. Copp, $409,900.

LAWRENCE HAYDEN RD., 23935-Bernard F. Cameron to Russell L. Littwin, $254,900.

NELSON HILL WAY, 24725-Robert and Maria F. Gable to Michelle A. Alvey and Scott A. Long, $230,000.

STEPHEN YOUNG CT., 41886-Dawn R. Young to Kimberlie R. and Larry A. Proffitt Jr., $183,000.

Leonardtown Area

LANEDON DR., 43901-D. and E. Construction Inc. to Jessie R. and Ronald K. Raley, $194,900.

NEWTOWNE NECK RD., 22881-David Tyrone Thomas to Heidi Blair, $140,000.

PEBBLE BEACH CT., 21675-John F. Fenwick to Carol Annette and Richard S. Quigg Jr., $350,000.

Lexington Park Area

CARTER LANE, 19770-Rodger D. and Kelly L. Brooks to Alice Lynn and Melvin Kenneth Wolinski Jr., $113,200.

COLUMBUS DR., 46351-Marvin R. Murray to MAFC Residential Inc., $71,050.

FREEHOLD RD., 47997-James F. Brooks to Jennifer H. and Jeffrey P. Orzolek, $298,000.

KEEL DR., 48253-Julie Lynn and David M. Yingling to Michael P. Begin, $325,000.

KINGFISHER CT., 45837-Royce W. Snider to Sirva Relocation Corp., $320,000.

LINCOLN AVE., 47449-Thomas Brady to Gretchen G. and Mark W. Aldridge, $93,000.

LYNN DR., 21510-Terri T. Adams to Angela L. and Charles R. Thomas II, $230,000.

MANON WAY, 21406-Rita D. and John D. Smith to Matthew Grosz, $160,000.

OLD HERMANVILLE RD., 20440-Earl Vincent Bonds to John S. Weiner, $70,000.

POINT LOOKOUT RD., 17340-Loretta C. and John A. Wise to Michael P. O'Brien, $170,000.

ST. JAMES CHURCH RD., 48645-Chopp Properties Corp. to Kathleen Edelmann and David Beamon, $399,900.

SANDSTONE ST., 20867-William Allan Keen to Rita D. and John D. Smith, $275,000.

SARATOGA DR., 21700-Rebecca Lee Kazukiewicz to Richard T. Manson, $126,500.

SORREL DR., 47065-Landdevco Corp. to Jeffrey and Jacqueline A. Basnight, $380,600.

SPRING LAKE DR., 48941-Dorothy M. and Donald B. Decker to Mark Joseph Minik, $250,000.

Mechanicsville Area

BUDDS CREEK RD., 27857-John M. Hunt Jr. to Wayne Wood and Dana Chesley, $197,000.

FOUR SEASONS DR., 39633-Priscilla G. Steger to Scott and Shannon D. Sampson, $289,900.

MECHANICSVILLE RD., 26288-Harry Dubusky to James A. Russell, $239,000.

NEW MARKET TURNER RD., 40050-William Dale Underwood to Debra and Lawrence Buckler, $535,000.

SANDGATES RD. N., 26891-Nioma Dean to Catherine A. and Terryl D. Chandler, $330,000.

Piney Point Area

PINEY POINT RD., 16165-John V. and Linda L. Kerr to Dawn and Courtney Accipiter, $200,000.