The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Annapolis Area

EASTERN AVE., 1-Michael S. Hay to Michael W. Urbanski, $3,100,000.

HARBOR DR., 504-Michael Beaver to Nicole Weaver, $599,000.

RIDING RIDGE RD., 326-Leonard E. Bobbick to Kevin M. and Jennifer R. Groszkowski, $560,000.

VICTOR PKWY., 204D-Christopher J. Battista to Jennifer C. Adams, $179,900.

Annapolis-Sandy Point State Park Area

ANNA MARIE CT., 1413, No. 25-Robin Goldsmith to Barbara A. Johnson, $349,900.

CLAY ST., 183-Norvain Sharps to Eric Elston, $150,000.

COACHWAY, 877-J. Matthew Park to Christopher A. and Jennifer L. Cola, $763,000.

COLBERT RD., 1749-Henry N. Spector, trustee, to D. Roger and Lisa G. Tate, $1,300,000.

CRANES ROOST CT., 442, No. 78-Charles J. O'Malley to Daniel K. and Eileen M. McCrady, $360,000.

DUKE OF GLOUCESTER ST., 209, No. 2-Pilli Development Inc. to Mercade and Nancy Cramer, $525,000.

FOOLISH PLEASURE CT., 1659-Bridget D. Berger to Christopher D. and Amanda P. Culton, $257,000.

SECRETARIAT DR., 1611-Peggy Barba to Jacobo Serrano, $250,000.

STARFISH CT., 945-Scott A. Whittington to Geoffrey M. and Ann M. Campbell, $361,000.

TANOOK CT., 1348-Ronald P. Ward to Michael C. Klim, $255,000.

WINTERS CHASE WAY, 2907, No. 41-Yin O. Chen to Donald G. and Lisa Kroah, $325,000.

Arnold Area

SEMINOLE DR., 1208, No. 54-Paul D. Gholson Jr. to Susan B. and Cortlandt E. Schult, $279,900.

SPOON CT., 718, No. 10-Nathan A. Parsons to Richard A. Owens III, $320,000.

WRIGHT AVE., 1180-David Grupe to Christian J. and Jean Decker, $418,000.

Brooklyn Area

MEADOW RD. W., 169-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Hillside Investments Corp., $69,000.

14TH AVE., 6-Alvin E. Milligan to Jennifer Milligan, $89,000.

Crofton Area

BRICE CT., 1687, No. 154-Lauren T. Shipp to David F. Staley Jr. and Jessica Hirshman, $235,000.

CHATHAM CT., 1479, No. 47-Cara Cairns to Heidi and James Ford, $222,600.

DOG LEG DR., 2526-R. Douglas Pond to George Michael and Victoria Hartford, $360,000.

GAFFNEY CT., 1701, No. 120-David A. Goodwin, trustee, to Candace S. and Maureen C. Kunkel, $225,000.

NOTELY LANE, 2233, No. 33-David A. Sexton to Matthew P. Forsyth, $196,000.

Curtis Bay Area

RIVERMIST CT., 1408, No. 158-Ralph E. Ferguson to Elizabeth A. Williams, $395,000.

SWANHILL CT., 1222, No. 298-Donna L. Miller to Jaday Investments Corp., $220,000.

WEST END DR., 8208-John W. Geisler Jr. to Albert R. Retowsky Jr. Construction Inc., $71,000.

Dunkirk Area

JEWELL CT., 450-Michael J. Williams to Richard J. and Teresa Watkins, $524,900.

Edgewater Area

FAIRHILL DR., 1712-Donald F. Heine to Timothy M. and Joseph L. O'Neil, $146,640.

POPLAR POINT RD., 1-Susan L. Bailey to Brian Monn, $652,000.

Galesville Area

BENNING RD. E., 1020-Louise F. Benning to Millicent S. Calver, $449,000.

Gambrills Area

MAYAPPLE WAY, 1733-Mark M. Daly to Mary B. Whisman, $489,000.

Glen Burnie Area

CAROLYN RD., 704-Joseph Gallagher to Mary T. and Seldon D. Higgins, $260,000.

CRAWFORD DR., 1222-Wiley E. Mills Jr. to Brian J. Koppold and Diana M. Guiher, $205,000.

FOXHUNT CIR., 8109-Carolyn G. Young to Julia Heeter, $437,000.

FOXMANOR LANE, 225-Anthony J. Battista to Tedejane D. Giffith, $254,900.

LAMPLIGHTER RIDGE, 6455-Wilma Westry to Continental Homes Corp., $115,000.

MUNROE CIR., 556-Carol L. Whitefield to Betty M. Pumphrey, $229,000.

NOLFIELD DR., 549-Patrick M. Rachanow to Kevin I. and April A. Chenevert, $289,000.

TWIN RIDGE DR., 8941-Carl H. Yungmann III to Randall E. and Jennifer M. Bird, $139,500.

WELLHAM AVE., 328-Thomas S. Campbell to Troy W. Carter, $348,000.

WEST CT., 486, No. 19H-Gordon Meek to John W. and Dorothy T. Edwards, $102,000.

Glen Burnie-Marley Creek Area

BEAGHAN CT., 7736-Julia A. Spahalski to Sharon D. Miller, $289,400.

LANSING RD., 1811-Timothy Ireland to Laura L. Shifflett, $159,990.

LOUISE TERR., 128-Eric Ditter to David C. Farris and Laura Swank, $249,900.

STEVENS RD., 108-John J. Carl to Wendy Lynch, $225,000.

SUMMIT AVE., 203-Tony L. Harrell to Summit Property Corp., $125,000.

WATER FOUNTAIN WAY, 114, No. 204-Thomas A. Carey to Calvin York and Jennifer Cheshire, $179,900.

Hanover Area

GESNA DR., 1450-Susan C. Tobin to Kenneth and Linnette D. Williams, $335,000.

Laurel Area

OLD LINE AVE., 330-Richard Veilleux to Cesar and Rosa Hernandez, $284,900.

WATER LILY CT., 3202-Dae W. Bae to Adeylemisi O. Sosanya, $275,000.

Linthicum Heights Area

HAMMONDS FERRY RD. S., 102-Scott A. Stroh to Mandy S. Belchatovski and Reuben M. Krauson, $265,000.

WANDA RD., 905-Cynthia A. Rawlings to Stephen W. Johnson, $279,900.

Millersville Area

CHALET WEST, 525-George J. Bagrowski to Timothy S. and Danielle R. Kane, $243,500.

MIMICO NORTH, 8270-Marysol B. Mendez to Michael J. and Lindsay R. Shanner, $290,000.

North Beach Area

BAY FRONT AVE., 900-Joanne M. Raulin, trustee, to Rosita Bosier, $579,999.

Odenton Area

CHAPELGATE DR., 661-Redge A. Mahaffey to John J. Weinman, $195,000.

CHAPELGATE DR., 747-Rose Marie Oliver to Michael C. Henry and Joye Sims Henry, $236,000.

FOREST EDGE CT., 2406, No. 202F-Irma S. Clark, trustee, to Teresa J. Fink, $230,000.

GOLDEN CHAPEL RD., 2334-Patrick A. Keffler to Patrick M. Major, $520,900.

NECTAR CT., 505-Michael P. Pasta to Duane E. and Michelle Manns, $476,000.

WILLOW LEAF LANE, 8636-David Bard to Tyran Jackson, $250,000.

Pasadena-Rock Creek Area

COLONY RD., 1591-G. Baker Jr. to Edward S. Skelton, $301,000.

EGMONT HARBOUR, 1194-Kimberly B. Garnett to Gregory Pauling and Sasha Graybill, $224,000.

KINGS BENCH PL., 7907-Ward V. Brumfield to Courtney R. Mills and Michael K. Brandenburg, $245,000.

MARYLAND AVE., 141-Henry J. Muir Jr. to David J. Rogers, $220,000.

MIDDLEGATE CT., 7716-Christine A. Freeman to Joshua Anthony, $232,000.

MOONFALL CT., 7762-Chad E. Woodmancy to Clifton J. Reed III and Rachel N. Brown, $215,500.

NATURE WALK LANE, 337-RMG Investments Inc. to Robert Jones, $298,000.

NOTLEY RD., 7802-Edward B. Gray to Michael L. Spurlin and Cynthia M. Bryant, $276,500.

OLD CROWN DR., 3482-Elizabeth A. Hennigar to Nicholas I. Haasser, $228,900.

OLD WATER OAK POINT RD., 1378-Michael C. Bye to Christine and William Coursey, $550,000.

OUTING AVE., 7787-Bryan R. Johnson to Leigh A. and David W. Dixon, $229,900.

SALEM HARBOUR, 1056-Timothy Monroe to Victoria F. Bremseth, $190,000.

SUMMIT RD., 8507-Linda Updegraff to Scott C. Elliott, $219,900.

WALDO RD., 180-James H. Eurice to Paul W. and Suzanne E. Metzler, $345,000.

10TH ST., 994-John A. Single Jr. to Michael W. Hooper, $299,900.

220TH ST., 904-Timothy J. Merson to Joshua L. Kappers, $245,000.

Severn Area

BARNWOOD CT., 1713-Lea C. Overby to Keith and Linda M. Spann, $297,500.

BASTILLE PL., 7867-Linda J. Hopkins to David Charles and Theresa Hogan, $339,000.

HEATHER MIST DR., 7974, No. 85-Christopher S. Gallert to Joseph T. and Linda W. Allen, $266,000.

INNKEEPER DR., 7923-Daniel C. Miller Jr. to Gershon Hoffer, $121,000.

Severna Park Area

CREEK VIEW RD., 782-Lillian Steinberg to Joseph R. and Susan M. Sharpe, $460,000.

EMERSON RD., 32-Susan Posko to Erik M. and Patricia C. Anderson, $500,000.

RIVERDALE RD., 289-John D. Mulloy to Neil K. Bourdelaise and Whitney S. Muccino, $379,400.