La Plata Coach Chris Davidson's first coaching job was on the staff at Abington High in Pennsylvania, where his chief responsibility was handling the team's recruiting. It has been his specialty ever since.

"It's my job to see these kids are given every opportunity to continue playing," Davidson said.

Davidson feels most responsible for helping the players who don't get recruited, who go on to play at lesser-known colleges.

"The recruiting process isn't so much for the Eric Jobes," he said, referring to the Warriors' talented lineman. "It's for the other kids who may get lost in the shuffle. You have to realize that you don't have to be going to a top Division I school. Your best offer might be from a Division II or III school, and that's fine. It's all about the pieces fitting together."

Davidson's office is filled with dozens of videotapes, ready to be filled with highlights and sent out to colleges, big and small. He estimates mailing 200 before the start of the season and then twice that many in preparation for the spring combines.

"Some coaches push the weight room as most important," Davidson said. "I push recruiting."