Opportunity is knocking for Anthony Fenwick. He plans on answering.

Fenwick has the chance very few high school players get: Only a junior, the Chopticon running back/wide receiver has a year's experience starting at a skill position in an offense that likes to take chances.

If all goes well, Fenwick will start for three seasons and have a chance to continue a run for a school that has produced some terrific athletes over the past decade, though many of them have gone unnoticed.

"Not many people get this opportunity," Fenwick said. "I want to take full advantage of it."

This is the second of two transitional seasons for the Braves. Last year, Fenwick, quarterback Justin McVerry and running back Darren Showalter stepped into the critical starting slots as sophomores. They flourished at times and struggled at others as they tried to absorb Coach Andy Palko's offense.

This season, longtime assistant Tony Lisanti took over for Palko, and Lisanti wants to get the Chopticon name out to recruiters. He'll have an excellent chance to do it with veteran skill-position starters such as Fenwick.

"He's bright. He's fast. He's athletic," Lisanti said. "Somebody's going to want him."

When the coach "told me that, it made me real excited," Fenwick said. "I want to do my best to get recruited."

As a freshman playing junior varsity, Fenwick scored the first time he returned a kickoff.

"After that," Fenwick said, "I was like, 'Hey, this could take me somewhere.' "

Last season, he brought back four kicks for touchdowns on varsity. On offense, Fenwick, McVerry and Showalter have almost developed a sixth sense. They have played together or against one another since they were in youth leagues at age 6.

"It's important because you get to build good chemistry like that," Fenwick said. "As long as we make eye contact, we know what's going on."

Together, and with Lisanti's intention to market the program, they know they can make a name for themselves and Chopticon.

"We know we can give a name to Chopticon to the colleges," McVerry said, "so maybe they'll come down here."

Fenwick is already starting the campaign.

Lisanti gave Fenwick some advice. "He told me: 'Don't wait for the colleges to come to you. Make them come to you,' " Fenwick said. "I have that running in my mind. It's all in my hands."

Junior running back Anthony Fenwick also started as a sophomore. "Not many people get this opportunity," Fenwick said. "I want to take full advantage of it."