The following home sales were recently recorded in southern Montgomery County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Montgomery and other Washington areas, visit

Aspen Hill Area

ARCTIC AVE., 13410-Alton S. and J.H. Bradford to Suyapa E. Martinez and Pedro A. Martinez Rodriguez, $575,000.

BARTLETT ST., 13405-Edmond and Agnes Sauger to Patricia A. and Philippe A. Choquet, $450,000.

BAYNE ST., 4512-F.P. and Kenneth E. Smith to Nelson Trejo, $375,000.

CHERRY VALLEY DR., 4421-John W. Okrak to Monda R. Webb, $669,000.

CLIFF SWALLOW WAY, 15620-Caroline D. Racine to Mariya G. Ilina, $387,500.

FLINT ROCK RD., 14110-H. and Ahron H. Berney to James Jordan, $493,500.

GREAT OAK RD., 4621-B.R. and John A. Croteau to Robert D. Schaechter, $520,000.

IVES ST., 4406-Edmond U. Castilla to Rosa A. and Jose Garcia, $400,000.

MYER TERR., 14411-Dolores A. Yaroma to Tracy V. and Mark A. Williams, $460,000.

PARKLAND DR., 13708-John K. Deboard to Doug Summerlin, $149,000.

PARKVALE RD., 14424, No. 14424-4-Carol Andreassen to Grigorios A. and Maria Karyotis, $195,000.

PECAN DR., 14401-Calvin B. and M.E. Low to Alice H. and Henry Greenwald, $483,000.

RENN ST., 4419-Dorothy L. Young to Mara K. and Erik D. Deitrick, $435,000.

ST. CHARLES PL., 13014-Diana Marin to Rusbbell K. Navarro, $390,000.

WATERWAY TERR., 5500-William F. and V.D. Heineman to Sharon E. and Christopher E. Majewski, $579,900.

Bethesda Area

ADELAIDE DR., 9319-Stacey Sauter to Julianne MacKinnon, $560,000.

ALTA VISTA RD., 5624-Mark J. and G.F. Miller to Quitterie and Paul Fialon, $683,800.

ARIZONA CIR., 10209, No. 41-Norman Silberman to Milena and Agron Shahu, $481,000.

BEECH TREE RD., 8000-Ursula T. Cairnes, trustee, to Eileen C. and Anthony P. Rhie, $725,000.

CHRISTY DR., 5509-Chappel Marital, trustee, to Dalya S. Khan and Preetinder S. Bharara, $931,455.

DEMOCRACY BLVD., 7501-B-Francis P. McKenna Jr. to Joanne D. Herrera, $177,500.

FALMOUTH RD., 5306-Thomas F. and L.S. Cunningham to Suzanne E. Dans and Scott S. Patrick, $1.4 million.

FERNWOOD RD., 8709-Ram and Parveen Mukunda to Serena P. Cockrell, $2.42 million.

FLEMING AVE., 10108-Dominic P. and D.L. Mittelholzer to Sara Lyn Cottovi and Jeffrey Michael Klein, $589,000.

GLENNON DR., 7517-Pascal R. and D.M. Dionot to Dorothee and Kevin Davis, $950,000.

HARWICK RD., 5607-Scott S. Patrick to Robert L. Latchford, $847,500.

KENILWORTH AVE., 10619-Matthew A. Tenney to Brian T. Farasy, $262,000.

KENILWORTH AVE., 10624-Andres E. Jimenez to Samira Meymand, $361,500.

MALDEN DR., 5016-A.F. and Alec W. Farr to Luis D. Tineo, $760,000.

MASSACHUSETTS AVE., 5337-Laura Ward to Sharon Johnson and Martin L. Johnson II, $875,000.

MONTROSE AVE., 10401-George F. Paxton to Brian Thoms, $320,000.

OLD GEORGETOWN RD., 8124-Michele Chin to Mary Ann and Michael Mayhew, $682,000.

POOKS HILL RD., 5260, No. B-8-Ali and A.A. Zolnor to Gang Zhou and Xinbin Gu, $555,000.

POOKS HILL RD., 5302, No. 306-5302-Mary Joan T. Dean to Scott D. Nelson, $359,900.

RAMSGATE RD., 6111-Monica A. and Gavin M. Abrams to Diana J. Rubin, $1.18 million.

WESTBARD CIR., 5301, No. 149-Paula L. Regan to Sean P. Banks, $237,500.

WESTLAKE TERR., 7401, No. 210-Nicole P. Garnher to Janice A. and H.M. McGahey, $259,500.

WESTLAKE TERR., 7420, No. 1301-Ali Sadeghi Movahed to Nosrat Pilehvar and Agha Hossein Sahiholnasab, $299,000.

WESTLAKE TERR., 7470, No. 14-Genevieve Lacourly to Deniz and Ray Odgers, $475,000.

Brookeville Area

GOLDEN VALLEY LANE, 19700-R.S. and John R. Nester II to Janice Vieira, $1.1 million.

MARKET ST., 203-Gene and J.N. Archer to Andrea and Christopher Scanlon, $320,000.

ROCKY GLEN CT., 9-M. and Carol M. Rothman to Carl J. Margheret, $835,000.

Burtonsville Area

AMSTERDAM TERR., 3730, No. 8-89-Tiesha L. Coleman to Adebola and Oluwafemi Atoyebi, $265,000.

BEAKER CT., 14320-Marcus W. Plating to Tu Anh Thi Lieu and Xen Thai, $285,000.

BROWNSTONE CT., 3017-Robert C. and E. Chandler to Patricia A. and Bernard M. Pikulski, $739,000.

WATERBUCK WAY, 4129-R.D. and Deepak R. Pawar to Mathew Chacko, $336,000.

Calverton-Colesville Area

AMBERSTONE CT., 1915, No. 9-Esmeralda D. and Lazara S. Rodriquez to Oumar Barry, $314,000.

BEETHOVEN WAY, 3109-C.R. and David B. Black to Yvette Majette Johnson, $491,500.

BUCCANEER RD., 12915-Sophie M. Kykass to Nancy H. and Isaac N. Adoko, $456,000.

CARRIAGE HOUSE DR., 11786, No. 56-A.P. and Ghulam M. Malik to Cameron Jefferson, $165,000.

IVYWOOD LANE, 13716-Jenae L. Wolz to Elmer A. Chaves, $465,000.

MUSICMASTER DR., 13116, No. 68-Sarita Bermejo to Julioet Al Sokolich, $264,900.

PALMER HOUSE WAY, 13963, No. 27-196-K.C.L. and Gidnei Maran to Hans N. Olson, $245,000.

ROSEMERE AVE., 707-Everett E. and Ruth Seek to Jose A. and Blanca E. Martinez, $253,000.

Chevy Chase Area

BRADLEY BLVD., 5050, No. 6-Salma L. Koessel to Rajiv Luthra, $550,000.

COLSTON DR., 2623-V.G. and William A. Gray to Beatriz E. Merchan, $575,000.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 8101, No. 706-Peter D. Fox, trustee, to Mary Louise Toomey, $724,000.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 8101, No. C-D.B. and Edwin M. Hood to Joyce K. Constantine, $475,000.

EAST WEST HWY., 4242, No. 705-Kamal W. Al Faqih to Ellen S. Menaker, $426,350.

FAIRFAX RD., 6727, No. 13-Mary L. Toomey to Yvette H. Escudero, $714,000.

GARNETT DR., 6408-Mario F. and G.T. Escudero to James J. and Amy G. Egan, $2 million.

GLENDALE RD., 8042-Ung S. and S. Kim to Jennifer D. and Gary T. Cook, $1.15 million.

HILLANDALE RD., 6701, No. 155-Kenneth P. and Randi S. Tercyak to Sue R. and Michael S. Stolbach, $549,000.

HILLCREST PL., 7001-PKK Corp. to Erika and Alfred Grodon, $1.86 million.

PARK VIEW RD., 3231-Roger L. Preston to Sonal N. Gandhi and Joshua C. Maltby, $876,000.

TAYLOR ST., 3701-Chevy Chase Placemaking Corp. to Sally and Brian O'Keeffe, $1.6 million.

TRENT ST., 5524-Karen Kramer to Michael A. and Cynthia Yuffee, $990,000.

WESTERN AVE., 7304-Peter Alex and M.R. Penn to Stacey S. Merola and Peter J. Schildkraut, $935,268.

Cloverly-Ednor Area

ASTORIA LANE, 17424-John P. McEleney, trustee, to Cara B. and John D. Lowry, $551,000.

ASTORIA LANE, 17431-Ruth H. Hinton to Karen H. and Edward M. Delisi, $340,000.

RAINBOW DR., 1413-Virginia Smith to Eva E. Munoz and Juan R. Carrillo, $451,000.

SNOWDEN DR., 15012-Raymond T. Jr. and P.S. Vaden to Orit L. and Stephen J. Chicherio, $513,500.

STUBBLEFIELD WAY, 200-Gabrielle J. Sayers to Yulisa Cruz, $299,900.

Glen Echo Area

WELLESLEY CIR., 21-Ruth L. Penny to Nicholas A. Lambert and Jennifer Forest Yang, $650,000.

Hillandale-New Hampshire

Estates Area

CHICKASAW DR., 1110-T.E. and Pearlie M. Gatling Sr. to Ahmed K. Haji, $350,500.

CREST PARK DR., 901-Sara L. Kornhauser, trustee, to Cecilia and Raul Vasquez, $450,000.

GATEWOOD PL., 2000-Gloria J. Tempchin to Ariel C. and Brendan S. Moyer, $459,000.

PINEY BRANCH RD., 8830, No. 410-Penny Jones to Ayalew Bezabeh, $140,000.

Kensington Area

AURORA DR., 5015-Beatriz R. Fakler to Michele and Jeff Derogatis, $517,300.

CRESTWOOD RD., 10133-Dwight and Darcy King Leatham to Suzanne Borden and Joseph Rubin, $659,700.

DECATUR AVE., 3818-Nancy I. and John W. Stouffer to Laps D. McCord, $400,500.

DUNNEL LANE, 4100-Nathaniel C. and Farah F. Browder to Donna and John B. Walsh III, $655,000.

LITTLEFORD LANE, 10827-L.A. and Edmund M. Riely to Katia Albanese, $491,500.

MADISON ST., 11013-Christina L. Underdonk to Robert L. Eisinger, $387,100.

PALISADES CT., 11346-Andrew T. Collier to Amir Eyal, $501,000.

Laytonsville Area

BELLE CHASE CT., 6613-Sidney H. and E.F. Greenfield to Joan M. and Russell B. Starkey Jr., $750,000.

BUSH HILL TERR., 9618-C.M. and Michael J. Hagenmayer to Brian J. Czarniak, $492,000.

DIXIE RIDGE TERR., 9729-Kraig A. and Catherine Bromwell to Kimberly and Dante Mayo, $506,000.

KIMBLEHUNT DR., 9006-Arthur A. Davis to Kathleen W. and Jeffrey A. Curry, $775,000.

MERLE DR., 20813-Yong C. and J.K. Kouh to Jennifer and Young S. Han, $849,000.

Montgomery Village Area

BRASSIE PL., 19559, No. 9F-James E. Morvey to Laura A. Bannister, $273,000.

BRASSIE PL., 19611, No. 7-F-Karanja K. Rouse to Harvey Rosenthal, $262,500.

BRASSIE WAY, 9677-Charlene F. and Brendan Curry to Makanzu Mayela, $230,000.

BREMERTON WAY, 9381-Robert L. Sam to Michael and Rosamond Zamore, $325,000.

BROOKRIDGE CT., 9872-Santos Andino to Tulio Amaya, $253,500.

CANAL RD., 9805-J.P. and A. Bruce Kunkel Jr. to Tabita Arneborg Camerino, $599,900.

CHADBURN PL., 9224-C.M. and Stephen P. Lamphier to Edward W. Dodd, $257,000.

COLLINGDALE WAY, 8225-Richard N. Edwards Jr., trustee, to William H. and Catherine K. Ett, $699,000.

ENTERPRISE WAY, 19610-Paul R. and M.M. Wolf to Elizabeth B. and Bruce L. Angstadt, $339,900.

FIFESHIRE DR., 18202-Diomar Burgos to Tanty and Freeka R. Adzannur, $245,000.

FOREST VIEW PL., 9982-Patrick T. Schmidt to Maria D. Flores, $258,000.

MERCADO WAY, 10516-William E. and J.M. Dando to Larisa Brandler and Andrei Roumiantsev, $397,900.

NATHANS PL., 18610-Jose M. Solano to Jose E. Eguez, $230,000.

STEDWICK RD., 10008, No. 302-Robert S. Kanner to An and Justin D. Siberman, $208,500.

TAMBAY CT., 9913-Richard Heath to Joel S. Shields, $330,000.

THRESHING PL., 19013-Jose Penaherrera to Lucretia A. Georgiou Diplan and Constantin Diplan, $645,000.

TINDAL SPRINGS DR., 8537-Darine M. Prok to Evelyn Lorenzini, $420,000.

WALKERS CHOICE RD., 18709, No. 3-Jose F. Zelaya to Nelson S. Gomez, $175,000.

WHEELWRIGHT DR., 19851-N. and Yakov Gindin to Eugene Gindin, $290,000.

Norbeck-Layhill Area

BEAVERBROOK CT., 15301, No. 92-3K-Frederic H. Glade Jr., trustee, to Maud B. and Thomas W. Gill, $272,000.

BEL PRE DR., 14317-Brenda P. Russell to Mauricio Rivera, $200,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3850, No. 14-178-Mario Herrera to Rosario Hernandez, $178,000.

CAMELLIA DR., 12828-Anais M. and Hector Franco to Eduardo Jose Richter, $500,000.

CHARLES RD., 12301-Reed A. and S.L. Blauer to Brenda and Jose Lobos, $359,000.

DEWEY RD., 12005-Jose G. Francisco to Maria Serrano, $405,000.

DUNVEGAN CT., 14905-Jose R. Monterrosa to Angela M. Santos, $335,000.

ELM TREE LANE, 2149-C. and Matthew Hsu to Adanech G. Fessehaye, $430,000.

FERRARA DR., 3918-Darren B. Jackson to Anthonia Obichere, $341,500.

FLACK ST., 12900-Helen C. and W.J. Nicholson to Archana Arora, $344,000.

GREENERY LANE, 2109, No. 101-24-Gertrude Weston to Duc T. Nguyen, $225,000.

GREENERY LANE, 2205, No. 101-9-Alecia A. Richards to Kitisark Sotipalalit, trustee, $150,000.

GREENERY LANE, 2307, No. 203-2-Caroline B. Utley to Rachele K. Marsh, $235,000.

HABERSHAM CIR., 14905-Monda R. Webb to Heather B. and David A. Lalli, $393,500.

HABERSHAM CT., 5-Oscar H. and D. Botello to Thomas W. Jr. and Kimberly B. Montague, $360,000.

HUGO CIR., 1501-James C. Eastep to Violet Y. and Raju Pulidindi, $440,000.

INTERLACHEN DR., 15100, No. 4-Sheila and Theodore Weiner to Susan G. Keren, $255,000.

INTERLACHEN DR., 15100, No. 4-716-Mollyann Kay to Hansen S.T. Shih, trustee, $180,000.

INTERLACHEN DR., 15101, No. 1-1004-Fann D. Harvey to Jane L. Shaw, trustee, $399,000.

JOLIET ST., 3922-M.A. and Juan P. Amaya to Jose Del Carmen Velasquez, $400,000.

LITTLETON ST., 3901-Gordon J. Klovdahl, trustee, to Samuel Monterrosa, $395,900.

LONDON BRIDGE DR., 2326-Anthony J. and Debra L. Jungers to Carlos F. Ortega and Naomi Tein, $374,000.

LONDON BRIDGE DR., 2351-Jacob Azhdam to Andrew Ugwuh Emeka, $340,000.

LONG GREEN DR., 14206-Margaret M. McGovern to Genet Tassema and Arefaine Kassa, $340,000.

MAY ST., 3600-Michael and S.D. Morelli to Angel Vigil Quinteros and Ada Vigil, $385,000.

MIDDLE RD., 12326-M.L. and Milton Barnes to Clinton R. Oleson, $250,000.

MIDDLEVALE LANE, 13617-Brian C. Thigpen to Yolanda Santiago, $550,000.

PENNFIELD CIR., 14801, No. 407-Geraldine G. and Robert E. Newton to Fred C. Leone, $320,000.

SELFRIDGE RD., 11807-Ina F. Barke to Steven J. Barke, $300,000.

SELFRIDGE RD., 12133-Roy F. and M.A. Turner to Angela C. and Thomas Z. Zambetis, $363,500.

TULARE DR., 4117-Stephen and Julie A. Plumbley to Leslie Pelaez, $428,500.

VALLEYFIELD CT., 12-Erika L. and Daniel J. Brown to Nathan Wall, $330,750.

VALLEYWOOD DR., 12804-Norma Cortez to Francis A. Tolosa and Eduardo A. Vega, $360,000.

WOLFCREEK WAY, 14202, No. 2-26-Robert C. Merkle to Rosemary Abbasi, $239,000.

WOODEDGE RD., 2713-Seong K. Ko to Adam and Alison Holder, $455,000.

Olney Area

ALFALFA TERR., 4117-Aaron M. and Kelly A. Solomon to Brian M. Twillman, trustee, $640,000.

BISHOPS CASTLE DR., 2112-Cleveland O. and Robertha M. Clarke to William Jr. and Martha J. Cunningham Jr., $653,000.

BLOOMFIELD RD., 18720-Michael L. and J.L. Lindner to Carrie K. and Jeffrey Ellenbogen, $540,000.

BUEHLER RD., 17735, No. 19-Ursula E. Uszynski to William Manders, $260,000.

CLOVERCREST WAY, 2919-M.H. and Steven Rohan to Christine Brandt, $400,000.

COVENT GARDEN CT., 17809-Herman Jr. and Catherine G. Hewitt to Meredith L. and John L. Hooley, $687,000.

FOX CHASE CIR., 18210-Jonathan Tombes to M.A. and Richard Fouts Jr., $366,502.

LONGVIEW LANE, 17503-Oscar G. and R.M. Montalvo to Elmehdi Moudarki and Tania Davila, $330,000.

O HARA PL., 3002-Linda M. Lyon to Lauren Hauck, $257,000.

OLD BALTIMORE RD., 17037-Horace and C. Assam to Makonnen Wolde and Asnakech Ayele, $506,000.

SHALLOW BROOK CT., 5-Eric J. and S.G. Heybroek to Jill and Brian Lopes, $579,900.

SUNSET LAKE CT., 18006-Ronald E. Mahmot to Swati and Amit Kabaria, $355,000.

TRANQUIL LANE, 18404-Gail L. Milhoan, trustee, to Benita and Ismael Pineda, $649,900.

WICKHAM RD., 18210-Paul R. and S.R. Buren to Janette and Denis Russell, $723,000.

Poolesville Area

CAMPBELL FARM RD., 17102-Brian A. Tennery to Donna J. and Cristopher A. Lowell, $625,000.

Potomac Area

AQUEDUCT RD., 8311-Michele and D. Klein to Kimberly J. and Irvin C. Elenberg, $700,000.

BENTRIDGE PL., 12140-Gordon H. and Call to Kilsuk and Jacob Pak, $431,900.

BOSWELL LANE, 10405-Juying X. and Robert A. Warner to Arun Luthra, $625,000.

DOUBLETREE CT., 9909-Robert J. and V.A. Gallagher to Kara B. and Robert Trenkamp, $869,000.

GLEN RD., 9825-Melvin L. Schick to Hyun Mi and Ji Hun Kang, $899,000.

GRIMSBY CT., 8602-Norma M. Price, trustee, to Huiyan Lu and Xiyan Li, $720,000.

HEATHERTON LANE, 7528-Jason E. and Rebecca L. Forman to Rene and Gonzalo Laje, $593,000.

HEATHSIDE WAY, 10402-Joseph G. and E.S. Goddard to Rehana A. and Sultan Chowdhury, $506,500.

INVERNESS RIDGE RD., 8032-Jeffrey D. and Julie Y. Wagman to Maria I. Sarria and Nestor H. Roa, $550,000.

KENTSDALE DR., 9932-Edward T. and N.V. O'Donnell to Sarang Azmoodeh and Nayereh Nina Ghamarian, $1.6 million.

LAKE POTOMAC DR., 11400-11400 Lake Potomac Corp. to Leila Navab and Mohammad I. Dehkordi, $1.42 million.

LAMP POST LANE, 12605-Amir T. and M.Y. Dehdashty to Teresa G. and Nabil M. Koudjeti, $915,500.

LOST TRAIL WAY, 9401-Richard A. Sr. and M.E. Mahon to Yuhong Lin and Jifei Xia, $460,000.

ORACLE PL., 7835-Michelle V. Rodrigo, trustee, to Jose Amortegui, $750,000.

RIVER FALLS DR., 8013-Helmut and M. Schweitzer to Marybeth Z. and John F. Gaul, $1.38 million.

SWAINS LOCK TERR., 11605-Ali A. and Fahim Makvandi to Dora G. Herrera and Nain G. Garcia, $1.35 million.

TURNBERRY DR., 9477-James E. and Rebecca L. McGarry to Patricia M. Brinkerhoff and Vanwyck Brinkerhoff III, $1.08 million.

Rockville Area

ANDERSON AVE., 717-D. and Hugo Castillon to Oleg Bezvestnayy, $478,000.

AZALEA DR., 768, No. 14-768-A-Carolyn J. Weakland to Ann H. Tran, $313,000.

BRADFORD DR., 510-James J. and M.E. Farrell to Isaac R. Rodriguez Chavez and Kristin M. Rodriguez, $640,000.

BRAXFIELD CT., 12311, No. 426-Landon School Corp. to Carolyn Pon and Tony C. Kao, $260,000.

BRAXFIELD CT., 12401, No. 483-Catherine J. Bajis to Ivan Pennestri, $220,000.

BRAXFIELD CT., 12403, No. 461-Hongyu Song to Angela M. De Moraes, $290,000.

CALABASH CT., 28-Yu Lun and Lin to Hsu Sung Kuo and Chyng Wen Fwu, $678,000.

COMMONWEALTH DR., 11301, No. 302-Reza Akhavi to Romero R. Van Bochove and Sandra E. Van Bochove, $430,000.

CREEK SHORE DR., 4602-M.P. and Walter C. Bonner to Alexander Mostkov, $385,000.

DAWSON AVE., 204-Peifang Sun to Arturo Diaz Saenz, $440,000.

DUNDEE RD., 1948-Murray and J. Schneider to Qun Yan and Hongying Jiang, $459,000.

GRANDIN AVE., 807-Michael and S. McVearry to Krish and Devi T. Divakar, $460,000.

GROSVENOR PL., 10201, No. 1125-Richard Sommer to Borzou Biabani, $272,000.

GROVE RIDGE WAY, 5403, No. 96-Miguel Ceballos to Martine and Christian Wissmann, $525,000.

HAMPTON MILL TERR., 10823, No. 1113-Jeffrey and Michele T. Derogatis to Jennifer S. and Kevin C. Buhlman, $384,400.

HORNERS LANE N., 403-Lisa A. and William P. McMillin to Aleksandr Victorovich Shoshin, $305,000.

INMAN PARK CIR., 5820, No. 704-Jean K. Bae to Daniel P. Murphy, $445,000.

INMAN PARK CIR., 5821, No. 909-Carolyn and Peter Briskman to Michelle M. Deville, $305,000.

LAMBERTINA PL., 13718-S.M. and Richard E. Revzan to Juan P. Bonilla, $610,000.

MCCORMICK RD., 2310-Richard D. and G.C. Owens to Elena Osipova and Maxim Osipov, $770,000.

OAKGLEN DR., 5112-Hamid Nazari to Jennifer and John Ryder, $450,000.

RANDOLPH RD., 4807-Joaquim G. and M.N. Palmeiro to Norma I. and Juan F. Alaniz, $400,000.

ROCKVILLE PIKE, 10304-D.E. and Laura H. Hunsicker Jr. to Thomas E. Rev Living Kenney, trustee, $230,000.

ROCKVILLE PIKE, 10500, No. 108-Matilda Bright to Steve Nawab, $258,000.

ROCKVILLE PIK., 11801, No. 814-Irene J. Ginnsz to Teresa Somogyi, $260,000.

TALBOTT ST., 160, No. 106-Mehdi Kalarestaghi to Kevin Eade, $235,000.

TRAVILAH RD., 14071-Nelson Guachamin to Hector L. and Rosa Pantoja, $470,000.

VALLEY OAK CIR., 13728-Michael A. Watson to Deming Zhang and Chunhui Jiang, $535,000.

Silver Spring Area

CAPITOL VIEW AVE., 10238-Ruth C. Merl to Julio Cesar Salamanca, $375,000.

EAST WEST HWY., 1816-Judith K. and William M. Karas to Cherie Chauvin, $323,000.

ETON RD., 9108-K.A. and Chung Shin, trustees, to Lawrence J. Pugliese, $399,000.

FINALE TERR., 102-Linda H. Carder to Anne L. and Olav E. Ellevset, $385,600.

FLORA LANE, 1605-Christine David to Esther M. and Pulla G. Reddy, $245,688.

FOREST GROVE DR., 9709-James J. Mercurio to Robert M. Anastasi, $499,000.

GRANT AVE., 10216-S.C. and Jerome P.K.A. Opon to Steven F. Madeoy, $390,000.

HARVEY RD., 9326-Peter J. and D.J. Mousley to Hira Girglani and Ashish Gupta, $827,222.

HIGHLAND DR., 1206-Umberto Dellanno, trustee, to Judith Klavans, $906,000.

HILLMOOR DR., 405-Caroline H. Orner to Barbara A. Glenfield, $499,000.

HILLTOP RD., 108-Dana S. Nau to Samrat Bhattacharjee, $640,000.

LYRIC LANE, 324-M. and Peter M. Schissler to Stephanie T. Gray, $341,000.

MANCHESTER RD., 8501-Felicity Wright to John J. Reed, $480,000.

MANCHESTER RD., 8601, No. 206-Betis Leon to Deborah B. Simsohn, $170,000.

QUINBY ST., 10008-Michael T. and Gwendolyn M. O'Brien to Jiwon P. Kim and Jeffrey S. Sleek, $532,000.

READING RD., 8705-Douglas M.E. Birdzell to Elaine Schaeffer, $355,000.

RED OAK DR., 1521-Vivian J. Landis to Robert J. Debara, $727,500.

ROBIN RD., 1008-Michael Poulin to Aileen Schulte, $427,500.

SHARON DR., 1504-Thomas G. and A.L. Caswell to Jeffrey B. and Jennifer L. Smith, $429,500.

SIDNEY RD., 9903-Gary and C.W. Frazier to Ingrid L. and Kevin D. Nichols, $500,000.

SLIGO AVE., 614, No. T-3-Dalila C. Kelly to Ana Miriam Lobos, $178,000.

SUNDALE DR., 8814-Lee Kramer, trustee, to Jeri L. Buchholz, $537,000.

WASHINGTON AVE., 2217, No. W-202-William R. Tellus to Mark O. Meyerdirk, $269,900.

WOODMOOR CIR., 10205-Gregory W. and Lori R. Evans to Molly W. and James K. Smith, $570,000.

Takoma Park Area

ALLEGHENY AVE., 6606-Robert B. Inerfeld to Karen M. Bryant, $562,000.

CARROLL AVE., 7331-Jan E. and S.C. Hall

to Megan Gallagher and Kevin Perese, $510,095.

FLOWER AVE., 8301-Ilana Preuss to Paul R. Joseph, $446,100.

GARLAND AVE., 7203-F.S. and Jasper Ingersoll to Omri Kenneth Webb, $434,654.

HODGES LANE, 106-Michael J. Duberstein to George W. Faraday and Michele McKeever, $626,000.

Twinbrook Area

ABBOTT RD., 1309-Frederick Begosh to

Dorotea D. and Alejandro Valeriano, $435,000.

BURDETTE RD., 809-M.M. and Roger F. Moran to Lawrence S. Wilson, $380,000.

CALVIN LANE, 407-Robert C. Koch, trustee,

to Andrea G. and Andrew D. Bonior, $385,000.

PAUL DR., 1005-M.L. and Erik Granered to Jeanne T. Sanders, $440,000.

WOODBURN RD., 717-Louis Fuerst, trustee, to Jennifer J. Matuska and Peter D. Mork, $490,000.

Wheaton Area

BERRY ST., 12029-Ramdeo R. and S.A. Misir to Irma Y. and Santos L. Diaz, $280,000.

CLARIDGE CT., 3336-Javier E. Obando to Nelson Omar Manzano Romero and Sandra C. Martinez, $279,900.

CLARIDGE RD., 12028-France Lussier to Caroline D. Meukoua, $210,000.

EUGENE ST., 2402-Michael P. Moran to Melissa L. and Jeffrey A. Groen, $355,000.

FENIMORE RD., 2709-Robert C. Herr to Robert K. Ashton, $422,000.

GALT AVE., 11513-Mary A. and R.F. Mahoney to Ruby M. and Timothy F. Styslinger, $405,000.

GALT AVE., 11813-C.L. Jr. and A.B. Jones

to Len Feng Chen and Marc A. Dobak, $426,000.

GLEASON ST., 1415-William F. Ludwig Jr. to Jaime A.G. Ramos, $335,000.

HIGHVIEW AVE., 11511-Shawn B. Traylor to Ruth A. and Timothy E. Keen, $339,022.

LADD ST., 1609-Todd A. Dickinson to Donna Marie Calacone, $445,000.

LINDELL ST., 2715-L.C. and Theodore S. Williams to Celbin Diaz, $379,000.

LOVEJOY ST., 11730-Jeffrey Ellenbogen to Ana Marquez, $439,900.

NEWPORT MILL RD., 11404-I.B. and George W. Buchanan to Sakhouy Lay, $450,000.

PENDLETON DR., 3309-Ruth W. Chacon to Susan M. and Keith Wetherby, $335,000.

RAVENWOOD CT., 12112-N.E. and Julien V. Radoff to Gary W. Wrobel, $326,000.

VEIRS MILL RD., 11742-S.M. and Charles E. Jones to Leonel E. Erazo, $401,030.

WINDHAM PL., 2106-Robert W. and L.R. Russell to Kristin B. and Kevin D. Dukes, $622,140.