NEKOS BROWN, Thomas Stone

Ht./Wt.: 6-3/230

Position.: Linebacker

Strengths: Versatile and could easily develop at either defensive line or tight end.

College: Virginia Tech

Coach's comment: "He's handled his [recruiting] situation better than anyone ever expected. We've seen so much growth in him, maturity-wise." -- Thomas Stone Coach Steve Lindsay


Ht./Wt.: 6-3/280

Position: Offensive/defensive lineman

Strengths: Sheer strength and size. A top wrestler, he uses his balance to break double-teams.

College: Undecided

Coach's comment: "Even though he has [recruiting] to worry about, he's becoming even more of a leader. He's teaching guys how to carry themselves." -- La Plata Coach Chris Davidson


Ht./Wt.: 6-4/220

Position: Defensive end

Strengths: While not as thick as most linemen, his speed makes him a good blitzing end.

College: North Carolina

Coach's Comment: "He has long arms and good speed, and that allows him good separation from blockers. He's very tough to block." -- Westlake Coach Dominic Zaccarelli

AARIS REED, Westlake

Ht:/Wt.: 5-10/190

Position: Running back

Strengths: Strong and powerful for his size; good speed.

College: North Carolina

Coach's Comment: "He has such quickness to hit the hole. His good vision and quick feet make him very tough to pinpoint." -- Westlake Coach Dominic Zaccarelli

A.J. WALLACE, McDonough


Position: Defensive back

Strengths: Has a combination of size and speed; very shifty.

College: Undecided. Has official visits scheduled for Ohio State and Nebraska and hopes to visit Florida State and LSU as well.

Coach's Comment: "He's the perfect combination of size, speed and football instincts. He has incredible vision on the field and things don't slow down for him." -- McDonough Coach Dave Bradshaw

J.B. WALTON, Lackey

Ht./Wt.: 6-3/280

Position: Offensive lineman

Strengths: Uncanny agility; excellent downfield blocker.

College: Undecided. Is considering official visits to Nebraska, Penn State, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Florida, Florida State, LSU and Maryland.

Coach's Comment: "The thing that separates J.B. from other linemen is his speed. He runs more like an outside linebacker." -- Lackey Coach Scott Chadwick


Ht./Wt.: 6-1/185

Position: Defensive back

Strengths: Definition of explosiveness; capable of making a big play every down.

College: Maryland

Coach's Comment: "With Pha'Terrell, it's all about speed, and that allows him to play multiple positions." -- Westlake Coach Dominic Zaccarelli