Leonardtown Coach Alan Raley remembers what it's like to be a high school football player with unrealistic ambitions.

"Yeah, I had visions of playing on Saturdays on TV," said Raley, who was a lineman at Leonardtown before going on to play at SUNY-Courtland in 1992. "But then you realize that's probably not going to happen."

But Raley tells his players it's still possible to play on Saturdays even without a television audience. Raley urges his players to find schools that have the academic programs that interest them, and he said he will do whatever is necessary to help get them in touch with the football coaching staff.

"We recommend the kids determine what schools they want to go to," Raley said. "My goal is to get the kids to a school where they can get the education they want. That's the hardest thing for them to buy into. They want to study engineering, so they say they want to go to Virginia Tech. That's great, but you're not going to play there.

"After four years of high school, I didn't want to hang up my cleats and be done with football. And I know some of these kids don't want to, either."