Eric Jobe is stumped. That doesn't happen too often.

The La Plata senior lineman seems to be the perfect recruit. He's 6 feet 3, 280 pounds. He runs the 40 in 4.9 seconds. Last season, he overcame constant double-teams to register 31 tackles for a loss and 131/2 sacks. He carries a 4.5 weighted grade-point average. He scored 1310 on his SAT.

Yet Jobe is struggling to get schools to offer him scholarships. He has only two: West Virginia and Marshall.

And here's the kicker: Jobe isn't hoping offers come from the likes of Miami, Oklahoma or USC. His three dream schools won a combined 12 games last season.

"He's holding out for Duke," La Plata Coach Chris Davidson said. "He's holding out for Northwestern. He's holding out for Stanford. They should be scooping up a guy like this.

"He definitely breaks a mold, that's for sure. He may be the most backwards recruit."

Colleges worry whether many of their recruits will meet NCAA academic eligibility standards. Jobe laughs at that.

"It's fun watching him go through the process," Davidson said. "It's not like you're holding out for the next SAT score from him."

All kidding aside, Jobe wants to know what the deal is. What isn't he doing right?

"A lot of schools told me they want to see my first three games, to see some other things I can do, I guess," Jobe said. "I'm a little tired of that. I don't know what else there is. If they say they're looking for someone 6-3, 280, well, they can't say I don't have that."

Jobe is a victim of playing for an unknown program. The last Division I-A recruit to come out of La Plata was linebacker Matt Dyson, who signed with Michigan in 1990.

When Jobe visited Stanford, he met first-year Cardinal coach Walt Harris, who recruited Westlake's Derrell Jones to Pittsburgh last year. Naturally, Jobe was shocked to hear Harris's first question to him.

"Where's La Plata?" Harris asked.

"It's about 10, 15 minutes from Westlake," Jobe said.

"Oh, really?"

Jobe can take solace in knowing that when he chooses a school -- whether it's either West Virginia or Marshall or another that will offer Jobe a chance to play and pursue an engineering degree -- he will blaze a trail for La Plata recruits. They won't have to battle playing in obscurity like Jobe has.

And that's keeping Jobe plenty driven.

"I've had plenty of motivation," he said. "Not getting an offer until this summer did that. It kind of has me worried that I'm looking for offers that I'm not going to get. I don't want to have to wait until after the season."

La Plata lineman Eric Jobe is holding out for schools that meet his academic standards, including Duke, Northwestern and Stanford. "It kind of has me worried that I'm looking for offers that I'm not going to get," Jobe said.