Quade Miller arrived at Leonardtown three years ago, hoping he could catch a few passes before graduating.

Miller will do that. He'll do a few others things, too.

To hear Raiders Coach Alan Raley check off the list of responsibilities Miller has on the field, one wonders if he puts 10 other players out there with him.

"People have always told me I'm the jack of all trades, master of none," Miller joked. "But I guess I'm very easy to be taught."

Miller is probably the fastest player on the Raiders, so naturally, Raley wants to keep him at wide receiver or maybe at running back.

But that speed is also pretty useful returning kicks, so Raley put him back there for those, too. While he was at it, Raley told Miller to return the punts, too.

Judging by his 3.4 grade-point average, Miller is a smart kid and a quick learner. Why doesn't he play linebacker, too? He could figure that out with a week of practice.

Before last season, the Raiders were searching for a long snapper on punts.

"I was like, 'Hey, let me try it,' " Miller said. "The first one was right there and that [became] my job."

After a practice last year, Miller would hang around with his good friend, Jared Birkholz, the Raiders' kicker. Miller didn't mind running around, chasing Birkholz's kicks and retrieving the balls.

Birkholz suggested Miller try a couple of kicks. Miller booted a 40-yarder just as Raley was passing by.

"Alright, Q," Raley said. "You might be doing that for us next year."

Sure enough, Miller will handle Leonardtown's place-kicking now that Birkholz has graduated.

As Miller's job description grew, Raley started to think about giving his best athlete the biggest responsibility -- quarterback. Never mind that Miller had never played there. He simply hits the field early and practices throwing into a net. Miller's speed makes him a natural at running the option offense Raley desires.

"Quade's just too athletic to take him out of that spot," Raley said. "There's not much the kid can't do."

But at 5 feet 7, 158 pounds, asking Miller to negotiate a spot on a college roster might be his toughest task. Besides, Miller is an accomplished wrestler and thinks he might have a better shot at getting financial aid that way.

"But after all this," Miller said, "I'm going to find it really tough to hang up my cleats."

Raley won't let him give it up, either. "He knows wrestling will be his ticket, but I think he could be a Division III or even a Division II [football] player," Raley said. "I'm not going to try to change his mind. He could very easily do both, too. And if he gets some recognition this season, who knows?"

Quade Miller has become an all-purpose athlete at Leonardtown, playing multiple positions on offense and special teams.