The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert County

Chesapeake Beach Area

13TH ST., 3918-Scott Properties Corp. to Emma L. and James A. Roberts, $369,900.

18TH ST., 6550-Jodi L. and Gregory E. Fisher to John J. Abby, $294,900.

Dunkirk Area

KING DR., 3511-John T. and D. Kathryn Vassallo to Lisa Day and Kevin Mullen, $354,500.

Huntingtown Area

SOLOMONS ISLAND RD., 1360-Walter L. and Barbara K. Cotner to C. and Gregory Markomanolakis, $262,162.

Lusby Area

ALGONQUIN TRAIL, 12485-Mary C. Hansen to John Nichols, $194,500.

BALSOM RD., 578-Robert E. Ogle III to Kimberly and Edward Schnitker, $171,950.

BAY WATER CT., 14398-Jorgina Lynn Denyer to Roger A. and William I. Murphy, $379,000.

BERRY DR., 729-Michael A. and Michele L. Nastasi to Patricia F. and Paul L. Yost Jr., $245,000.

COVE POINT RD., 119-Robert H. and Dolores A. Ford Jones to C. and J.R. Awkward, $250,000.

DEADWOOD DR., 11553-Jack Wilson Jr. to Sirva Relocation Corp., $274,900.

DEADWOOD DR., 11553-Sirva Relocation Corp. to Ruth Barnett, $274,900.

DEER DR., 337-David C. and Shirley C. Chickering to Susan L. and Geoffrey C. Wanamaker, $680,000.

GERONIMO RD., 328-Nicole R. and Daniel I. Rolfe to Yvette Sheppard, $250,000.

HIGHVIEW CIR., 11840-Edward J. and Sandra A. Reed to Rosa V. Valladares and William H. Schnetzler, $260,000.

HISPERIA RD., 12477-Bryan E. St. George to Patricia C. Jourdonais, $200,000.

HOLLEY LANE, 1015-Mary Alice Heretick to Donald C. Knox, $250,000.

PAWNEE LANE, 241-Robert H. Hupp to Annemarie M. Mesa, $200,000.

SAGEBRUSH DR., 12485-Nicholas J. Bathgate to Verna W. and Larry R. Roberts, $237,500.

SOLLERS WHARF RD., 1890-Flossie Johnson to John T. Crane Jr., $130,000.

TOMAHAWK TRAIL W., 11529-Keith Raven Crissman to Walter A. Johnson, $234,000.

WHITE SANDS DR., 826-William E. Jr. and Kelly F. Gray to Stacey R. and John W. Cole, $195,000.

North Beach Area

BAY AVE., 9304-John R. and Mable C. Cambron to North Beach Homes Corp., $125,000.

DAYTON AVE., 9339-Terrence Vincent Thomas to Nicole D. and Lance L. Julian, $204,500.

SEVENTH ST., 3911-Daniel F. Hartley to Teri and Tara and Martin Walker, $180,000.

Owings Area

BAKER ST., 9340-John D. Baione to Vicki Lynn Guest, $499,900.

LIMERICK LANE, 8931-Ronald J. Richards to Lori and Preston Nalls, $335,000.

MISSION ST., 1601-John G. and Mary Joann Schroeder to Geni C. and William H. Stevenson, $600,000.

RIDGE VIEW DR., 9606-Douglas Wayne and Nancy S. Wheatly to Michele L. and Michael F. Knowles, $399,985.

Port Republic Area

SOUTH SHORE DR., 3850-Terezia A. and John Michael Bush to Anjanette Knappenberger, $450,000.

Prince Frederick Area

DOUBLE OAK RD. N., 249-Leonard A. and Charlene M. Mathesius to Julie C. and Martin W. Wizorek, $499,000.

NORTH SHORE DR., 4309-Michael A. Suranno III to Brian Crissman and Megan Montgomery, $275,000.

Solomons Area

CLIPPER CIR., 13228-John Vena to Karen E. and Robert Leroy Bohn, $255,000.

DRIFTWOOD LANE, 203-Paul B. and Beverly A. Thompson to Elaine Newcomer and David Williams, $314,900.

Solomons Landing Area

TWIN COVE LANE, 575-Kenneth and Dorothy Hiebler to James D. Blackwell Jr., $201,000.

St. Leonard Area

LEONARD CT., 200-David E. and Sheryl M. Butler Jr. to Tammy R. and Keith A. Cianfrani, $237,000.

LOCUST RD., 6056-Meriam D. and Francis J. Gallahan to Leszek Kiliman, $276,000.

Sunderland Area

LAKE RIDGE DR., 1137-Erin Wilson to Timothy L. Jenkins, $345,000.

Charles County

Bryans Road Area

ARBOR LANE, 6906-Bonna L. Berge to Kimberly Y. and Kevin A. Satterfield, $260,000.

BUCKNELL RD., 6649-Joyce A. and George E. O'Bier to Constance Summers, $285,000.

BUCKNELL RD., 6669-William A. and Inez E. Hergett to Natalie M. and Keith A. Lewis, $250,000.

LANDS END CT., 6133-Vincent R. Robinson Jr. to Cornelius Fogg Jr., $230,000.

Cobb Island Area

OAKLEY DR., 16546-Robert L. Bowling to Timothy Baroody, $120,000.

WICOMICO RIVER DR., 18994-Richard L. and Mary E. Blohm to Kayla M. and David B. Mariner, $680,000.


Prince Frederick Road Area

DEBORAH DR., 15170-Doris G. and William H. Jefferson to Michelle S. Cruz, $594,900.

TROTTERS GLEN DR., 6107-Jon and Lori A. Parlett to Shawn K. and Angela M. Hudson, $475,000.

Indian Head Area

OAKSIDE LANE, 24-Renee M. Gross to Christina Boyd and Delante Moultrie, $179,000.

Issue Area

WOLLASTON CIR., 11757-Amy M. and Christopher E. Kerins to Timothy J. Jarek, $325,000.

La Plata Area

ANNE ARUNDEL AVE., 910-Diane F. and Jack K. Wimberly Jr. to Tim Bassett, $405,000.

BRITTINGHAM CT., 9495-Douglas B. and Tina M. Firestone to Leigh Resides and Jeffrey K. Baldwin, $569,000.

GLEN ALBIN RD., 6855-Helen H. and James F. Farmer to Byron L. Bowling, $194,500.

GLEN ALBIN RD., 7050-Constance E. and Joseph T. Wright to Shane A. Knowlan, $290,000.

HAWTHORNE DR. E., 307-Mary and Joseph Moreland Jr. to Leslie and Joseph Weingarden IV, $235,000.

KALMIA CT., 148-David Hayes to Sean Grusholt and Randy F. Perillo, $170,000.

MADISON ST., 120-Brel Corp. to Thelma O. Digiustino, $165,828.

NORTHAMPTON DR., 1005-Paul T. III and Barbara Ann Atkinson to Sara and Christopher Guldi, $482,000.

PARKWAY SUBDIVISION RD., 9320-Carol L. and Paul C. Luskey to Robert B. Simmons, $289,900.

PENNS HILL RD., 9050-James D. Martin II to Mary C. Dees, $435,000.

SHANNON CT., 11324-Gene A. and Judith A. Heiston to Mark and Arleen Gray, $630,000.

Marbury Area

BICKNELL RD., 4770-Melissa Dilley to Carlezsa Posey, $184,900.

CHICAMUXEN RD., 3855-Virginia M. Wilson to Benjamin Snyder, $293,887.

Nanjemoy Area

BEAVER DAM RD., 9320-Thomas J. Miller Jr. to Robert W. McDuffie, $185,000.


Rock Point Road Area

COBB ISLAND RD., 16100-Baldus Real Estate Inc. to Jamey Johnson and Daniel Dickerson, $225,900.

FOREST DR., 14475-James A. and Annie C. Clark to Shannon and David A. Giroux Jr., $209,900.

SYLVAN TURN, 10001-Helen D. and George A. Ickes to Mark S. Williams, $16,000.

Port Tobacco Area

CARLEY DR., 7670-Thomas Davidson to Michael A. and Lorraine M. Cardamone, $725,000.

Ryceville Area

RYCEVILLE RD., 13930-John K. and Mary B. Hostetler to Fannie C. and Elmer S. Hertzler Sr., $85,000.

St. Charles Area

BANNISTER CIR., 1044-Manzar Ahmed and Azmat Ahmed to Rodtico Baker, $256,000.

BARKSDALE AVE., 316-Rita A. Shane to Keyshia S. and Demetric V. Holley, $284,950.

DORSET DR., 1011-Ethel M. Taylor to L. Taylor Mims and Roderick N. Mims, $167,000.

HARVARD CT., 1101-Jacqueline D. and Robert Jones to Steven Headley, $245,000.

KEMPSFORD FIELD PL., 3617-Laura Ann and Stephen John Peace to Christine Marshall, $185,000.

LIGHT ARMS PL., 3887-Stephanie C. Houseman to Donavon E. Garnett, $180,000.

LIGHTNER CT., 3636-C. and F. Partnership to Rebecca A. and Robert D. Ross, $273,000.

ROBINSON PL., 2593-Keyshia S. and Demetric V. Holley to Ricky V. Jordan, $179,000.

SNOWBELL CT., 3575-Oliver S. and Christine E. Ewing to Nancy S. and Gary L. Kelley, $309,900.

VAN BUREN RD., 307-Keith A. and Jeanine M. Porter to Susan M. and William M. Miller, $245,000.

Waldorf Area

ASHFORD LANE, 2347-Ricky T. and Dionne L. McGlothin to Deamper F. and Emmett F. Ladd II, $410,948.

BARNSWALLOW PL., 11203-Wannetta D. and Sean S. Henry to Tamara G. Frazier, $256,000.

BROOKSIDE PL., 109-Taneka N. Newman to Leilani L. Cooper, $210,000.

CANADA HILLS CT., 4325-Kenneth N. and Lakeesha M. Larry to Ernesto and Lisa M. Rodriguez, $429,900.

COUNCIL OAK DR., 12632-Rodney and Lisa Sholly to Daren Williams and Valerie M. Sommer, $258,000.

DECLARATION CT. N., 3004-Herbert M. Bell Jr. to Denise M. Hunt, $362,500.

DOCTORFISH CT., 5017-Stewart W. and Sharon E. Allgood to Tiffani L. and Adam W. Justice, $280,000.

DRAKE CT., 4309-Rosina Mazzola to Shirlean Beshir, $178,500.

EUTAW FOREST DR., 2968-Paula M. and Robert L. Sorrells Jr. to Carole L. Boucher, $465,000.

EVERGREEN DR., 7015-Rashid Wasiuddin to R. Bracy Miller and Michael Miller, $288,000.

GOLDEN EAGLE PL., 11312-William B. Jr. and Ollie J. Cregan to Jacqueline S. and Paul J. Turley, $245,000.

GREENWOOD DR., 2121-Sean and Donald Clayton Reingruber to Angela and Donnie Montieth, $226,500.

HAMLIN RD., 1122-Frances S. and Mark A. Greenwood to Manuel Mendez, $259,900.

HARBOR SEAL CT., 6013-Kathleen M. and Thomas F. Prucnal to Jim Rahai, $340,000.

HARWICH DR., 1305-Michael E. Clenney to Alma Farmer and Raymond Budnicki, $230,000.

MERGANSER CT., 2594-Denton J. and Sandra C. Gingrich to Wanda M. Edwards and Robert Martin, $419,900.

MOFFIT PL., 9860-Jennifer A. and Kenneth A. Haren Jr. to Lisa D. Torrence, $308,000.

MURRE CT., 11829-Stacey S. Smoot to Darryl and Trinda Reynolds, $380,000.

NEWMAN CT., 3908-Anthony L. and Rebecca I. Jagen to Reginald A. and Debra A. Bryant, $237,000.

NORTHGATE PL., 3946-Angela Satterwhite to Abdul H. Butt, $178,000.

OAK MANOR DR., 11814, No. 54-Mary E. Furman to Kristine and Christopher L. Bailey, $95,000.

RED WOLF PL., 6047-Rhonda E. Rieger to Yolanda and Edwin Torres Jr., $250,000.

SPRINGDALE LANE, 2305-Wanda Lynn Jennings Crowe to Dana and Vincent C. Alexander, $485,000.

TACOMA PL., 2386-Vanessa Stallings to Donte C. Allen, $295,000.

TAWNY DR., 2342-M. Zimmerman and Howard Leonhard Jr. to Kathy A. Trickey, $290,000.

TILAPIA CT., 5410-Dennis M. and Taren L. Bokman to Rebecca U. and James T. Vanbrunt, $329,999.

VANE CT., 5006-Silvino D. Santos and Marivic De Los to Ayssa M. Warren, $156,000.

White Plains Area

BARCLAY PL., 7911-June E. and Albert W. Hupp to Lisa M. Cockerham, $295,000.

CHISWICK CT., 8838-Harold K. and Joann R. Hardesty to Cecilia O. and Paul C. Henriques, $390,000.

DULEY DR., 4653-Van E. Evans to Nancy S. and Gary L. Kelley, $400,000.

HIGHGROVE CT., 8301-Joseph L. and Sandra L. March Sr. to Brigette and Delano T. Scott, $515,000.

HOPE ACRES RD., 9905-William B. and Florence E. Tucker to Keith L. and Diane M. Culver, $165,000.

QUEENS GROVE ST., 4703-Mark R. and Julie A. Mellinger to Beatrice T. and Todd E. Dolihite, $368,000.

TAHOE PL., 4053-Angela D. Mills to Valerie R. and Frederick J. Harris, $272,500.

TELLURIDE PL., 10482-Robert K. and Heidi D. Van Vliet to Valerie T. Johnson, $262,000.

WEST POINT PL., 10928-Marie E. Oliver to Kelly A. Mason, $280,000.

St. Mary's County

Bushwood Area

MILL CREEK DR., 22773-Eleanor I. Campbell to Viola Laird, $85,000.

OAKLEY DR., 36826-Mazie Marie Sellers to Susan J. Reali, $115,000.

California Area

OLD HEWITT RD., 22483-Essex South General Partnership to Mary G. and Jason L. Mikesell, $344,995.

OLD ROLLING RD., 22691-Nell and Rory Feicht to Michael A. Lorenzini, $355,000.

PATUXENT BEACH RD. S., 23549-Arthur H. Rodriguez to Joseph A. and Scott Baden, $265,000.

SUGAR MAPLE CT., 23313, No. 12C-William G. Soule to Charles Lai, $150,000.

WHITE OAK CT., 44695, No. 3C-Reed C. and Brenda J. Birney, trustees, to Catherine Carroll Parker and Danny Parker, $142,000.

WOODSTOWN WAY, 45226-Robert C. Williams to Morris L. Glenn Jr., $184,000.

Charlotte Hall Area

WHITE DR., 30360-George Brian Miller to Latoyia E. and Janet L. Proctor, $207,000.

Dameron Area

MATES CT., 49589-Chesapeake Builders to Laurie B. Wassink, $299,000.

Great Mills Area

ATHLONE DR., 22662-James M. Gumbel to Jackeyn M. Manson, $268,000.

BELVOIR RD., 45863-David Benjamin Kennedy to Paul M. Baker, $289,000.

GOLDENROD DR., 22151-Brian E. and Janet E. Stephens to Sondae M. and Johnny A. Graves, $360,000.

MANOS DR., 23358-James Dobry to Stephanie D. Clonts, $231,500.

Hollywood Area

PENINSULAR DR., 26394-Richard M. Miller to Joseph F. Wible Jr., $215,000.

Leonardtown Area

CEDAR ST., 22367-John Wayne Burgess to Melissa and Bruce Jones, $215,000.

ENOCH RD., 22326-Marie A. and William H. Bennett to Justin B. Maus, $269,000.

HICKORY CREEK CT., 20546-Douglas R. Oyenik to Evelyn Kay Gangloff and James and Barbara Robison, $389,000.

LADY BALTIMORE AVE., 39705-Tax Certificate Consultants Inc. to Debra C. Nussberger and Charles F. Flerlage Jr., $205,000.

Lexington Park Area

BRISTOL AVE., 21342-Robert D. Harnden to Donald J. Rice, $78,800.

CHESTNUT ST., 18291-Beck and Beck Corp. to Carrie E. and Sean P. Polete, $301,139.

COLUMBUS DR., 46361-Billy Eugene Biggs to Maria and Raul E. Zurita, $124,000.

CONSTELLATION ST., 21615-Christopher R. Rowe to Mark A. Thompson, $258,000.

ESPERANZA DR., 23256-John B.L. Drake to Roger Russell Miller, $327,000.

MORRIS DR., 21562-Richard C. Carberry to Zantiago Zurita, $197,000.

OXFORD DR., 21568-Laurence Millison to Dora Mae Cabe, $177,000.

YORKTOWN RD., 46581-Ryan Hovatter to Micheles and Thomas Drobeck, $122,500.

Mechanicsville Area

ANNE CT., 26497-Peter C. Henderson to Phillip A. Conrad Jr., $235,000.

BIRCH CIR., 29691-Richard A. Sisk to Doreen Sciarratta, $280,000.

BOUNDARY DR., 29765-David B. Staples to Ronald L. Hughes and Margaret R. Weilbacher, $304,950.

CAT CREEK RD., 26855-Brian Weese to Donna L. and Donald J. Treyes Jr., $425,000.

EDINVIEW CT. W., 38014-Lynta M. Huff to Lisa and Dwayne Willoughby, $299,000.

FRONTIER LANE, 26801-Ann I. Studnicka to Christian Lawson, $250,000.

HEARTS DESIRE LANE, 39799-Wendy Sue Long to Autumn and Ronald J. Jordan, $189,600.

HOLLY LANE, 27056-Donald R. and Feather to Kelly E. and Craig J. Sifford, $274,900.

HOLMES RD., 29990-Thomas L. Arnold Jr. to James H. Shirley Sr., $94,177.

LAKELAND DR. E., 37516-Dennis Allen Naber to Wendy S. and Christopher S. Boylan, $299,900.

MILL SEAT DR., 27107-George W. King to Adilio Torres, $295,000.

NEW MARKET TURNER RD., 41000-Raphael H. Guenther Jr. to Phyllis R. Edge and Timothy W. Pounsberry, $358,720.

SUITE LANDING RD., 30266-David Michael and Amy Lynn Null to Joyce A. and George E. O'Bier Sr., $285,000.

Piney Point Area

LARIMER ST., 17255-Peter J. Schuffels to Peggy A. Loyd, $70,000.

St. Inigoes Area

CHISLEYTOWN RD., 48907-Robert W. Braga to Carl L. Rainey Jr., $159,900.

SUNSET MANOR LANE, 47764-George Howard Fenhagen to Patricia A. and Howard F. Simmons, $317,000.

Tall Timbers Area

RIVER RD., 18260-William Patrick Hardman Sr. to James E. Holston, $395,000.

Valley Lee Area

MALLARD CREEK CT., 19060-Donald J. Thornley to Lucy A. and Brett A. Wise, $395,000.