Jacob Marinsky


Jacob Akiba Marinsky, 87, a chemist and one of the scientists who discovered the element promethium, died Sept. 1 at his home in Buffalo, N.Y. No cause of death was reported.

While working for the Manhattan Project in 1945, Mr. Marinsky and associates Lawrence Glendenin and Charles Coryell isolated promethium, 61 on the periodic table, a radioactive element and byproduct of uranium fission.

Promethium salts light up in the dark with a pale blue or greenish glow because of their radioactivity. Commercially, promethium was used in such objects as watch dials.

The team named the element for Prometheus of Greek mythology, who stole fire from heaven for mankind. He signed a petition against dropping the atomic bomb on Japan in 1945 and favored disarmament during the arms race.

Eugenia Charles

Dominica Prime Minister

Former Dominica leader Eugenia Charles, 86, who was the Caribbean's first female prime minister and who stood with President Ronald Reagan when he announced the invasion of Grenada, died Sept. 6 at a hospital on Martinique, where she was taken for treatment of a broken hip.

Ms. Charles, prime minister from 1980 to 1995, survived two coup attempts. She stood with Reagan at the White House on Oct. 25, 1983, when he announced the invasion of Grenada.

She then scornfully dismissed criticism for supporting the U.S. action.

She became the first woman prime minister in the Caribbean in 1980, two years after Dominica declared independence from Britain.

H. Hurtt Deringer

Editor, Publisher

H. Hurtt Deringer, 70, former editor and publisher of the Kent County News on Maryland's Eastern Shore, died of a heart attack Aug. 21 at his home near Kennedyville, Md.

Mr. Deringer, a native of Yorktown, Va., had lived in the Chestertown, Md., area since 1936. He served in the Marines for two years and then in 1962 began his journalism career at the Chester River Press. He went to work for Washington College in Chestertown in 1968, doing public relations until 1974, when he joined the Kent County News. He retired in 1994.

Survivors include his wife, Judy Ashworth of Kennedyville; three children, J. Caulley Deringer of Alexandria, Amanda H. Deringer of Arlington and Harry H. "Derry" Deringer of Rome; a sister; and four grandchildren.