The following home sales were recently recorded in Alexandria and supplied to The Washington Post by the Alexandria Department of Real Estate Assessments. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Alexandria and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

ABINGDON DR. W., 1624, No. 202-Kathy L. Whitt to Christina Sadorf, $284,000.

ARGYLE DR., 420-T.K. McDonough and Martha McDonough to Thomas J. and Stacey M. Flint, $739,500.

ARMISTEAD ST. N., 401, No. T4-Francisco and Beatriz Perez to Mohammad Abdul Kader, $242,000.

ARMISTEAD ST. N., 431-Mineto S. Anfield to Shawn T. Chen, $251,000.

ARMISTEAD ST. N., 479, No. T1-Jenny E. and Fausto Vallejo to Monique Helstrom, $201,000.

ASHBY ST., 308-Faith M. Rosselle to Rebecca A. Miller, $225,000.

ASPEN ST., 227-Barbara A. and Carl L. Hancock to Brett D. Rice, $350,000.

AUBURN CT., 4-Vivian R. Butler to Joshua H. Lies, $245,000.

BEAUREGARD ST. N., 301, No. 515-Barbara Rubin to Georgina S. and Enrique J. Reynosa, $295,000.

BRADDOCK PL., 1200, No. 805-Ruth and Matthew Tallmer to Philip T. Nizoloski, $345,000.

CAMERON MILLS RD., 2706-Marcus Allen and Christine C. Assia to Margaret L. and Bradley O. Martsching, $681,000.

CAMERON STATION BLVD., 473-Shannon K. McCall and Ryan J. Crowder to Thomas E. Broderick, $489,000.

CAMERON STATION BLVD., 511-Monica Gourdine to Viktoria Davis and Jonathan Alexeeva, $492,000.

CLIFF ST. N., 1749-James and Marianne H. Viray to Newsha and James Dau, $451,000.

CLOVERWAY, 309-Leila G. Tupman, trustee, to Sybille I. and Donald E. Braum, $757,000.

COCKRELL AVE., 8-Marc J. Gordon to Vida S. and Gareth W. Icenogle, $1.1 million.

COLECROFT CT., 503-Rita M. and Dale E. Jacobs to Susan M. and Fran B. Moore and Paul D. Burkhead, $526,000.

COLUMBUS ST. N., 528-Ronald F. Kirby to Matthew D. McGill, $860,000.

COMMERCE ST., 310-Themigroup Inc. to Sean J. and Renee A. Hart, $1.11 million.

DALE ST., 153-Oscar D. Escobar to Juan Carlos Sorto, $300,000.

DALE ST., 159-Mary A. Flowers and Alfred A. Flowers to Julie L. Smith, $330,000.

DARTMOUTH RD., 2800, No. 5-Emily Wu to Jasmine C. and Dana Rasmussen, $312,000.

DEARING ST., 2307-Kelly D. Dubose to Leanne M. Borman, $377,000.

DEL RAY AVE. E., 216-Mary and J.C. McElveen to Paul W. and Celeste D. Crutchfield, $710,000.

DONOVAN DR., 5112, No. 305-Arlene D. Strick to Nicholas Kolovos, $410,000.

DUKE ST., 4010-Ted Tekle to Sanjay and Salima Matneja, $439,900.

DUKE ST., 4120-Alice A. Farves to Matthew P. Shapiro, $380,000.

DUKE ST., 4600, No. 1327-Eric C. Woodring to Celer and Sonia E. Delgado, $205,000.

EDISON ST., 3641-Geraldine A. De Heer to Rana S. and Norma S. Kandola, $300,000.

ENGLISH TRAIL, 5086-Scott A. Grykowski to James and Danielle Heiberg, $540,000.

FAYETTE ST. N., 419-Celia H. and James M. Lose to Nensi Nina Fiorenini, $668,500.

HOLMES RUN PKWY., 5340, No. 1410-Rose M. Polchlopek and Mohammad Nouri to Recalde Stanislava D., $203,000.

HOLMES RUN PKWY., 5500, No. 908-Susanna Williams to Lourdes A. Della Cruz, $218,100.

HOWELL AVE. E., 212-Paul Allen and Elizabeth Poole Frank to Robert D. Shearer and Katharine E. Etris, $537,051.

HUNTING CREEK DR., 1631-Abdullah Emam to Jori A. and Brett B. Robinson, $585,000.

JAMIESON AVE., 2181, No. 608-Thomas W. and Eileen M. Steinberg to Allen Unsworth, $515,000.

JANNEYS LANE, 508-Elloree Cox and Cecil Norman Draper, trustees, to Chi K. Nguyen and Khoa D. Huynh, $628,000.

JOHN TICER DR., 5007-Susan M. and Richard R. Olson to William R. and Judith E. Winkler, $1 million.

KENTUCKY AVE., 315-Gail E. Stenger and Donald L. Damstetter to Philip A. and Heather L. Musser, $1.042 million.

KENWOOD AVE., 1691A-Sarah Lynch and Mark E. Poulsen to Terra L. Guarriello and Daniel M. Garrett, $350,000.

MAPLE ST. W., 20-Allen T. Unsworth, trustee, to Stephen Kozak and John A. Perell Jr., $624,900.

MARTHA CUSTIS DR., 1225-Catherine C. Todd to Kelly M. Padgett, $350,000.

MARTHA CUSTIS DR., 1225, No. 1219-Susan A. and Robert C. Jones to Michael Sally and Renee Lohman, $349,500.

MAYER PL., 2905-Priscilla G. Sabatelli to Tobias J. and Elisheva R. Dienstfrey, $650,000.

MONTGOMERY PL., 118-Sheila W. and Stephen H. Zukor to Thomas J. and Terri L. Dembeck, $950,000.

MOUNT EAGLE PL., 1558-Michael T. Agrillo and Rhian V. Thompson to Jeffrey Tuohy and Sarah Davison, $370,900.

OVERLOOK DR. S., 711-Alabama Avenue Corp. to Stephen L. and Paige K. Fronabarger Jr., $950,000.

OWEN ST. N., 604-Nancy A. Powell to Charles E. Lyons III, $400,000.

OXFORD AVE. E., 108-Roy B. Greene to Ethan A. Novick and Abigail W. Cobey, $465,000.

PITT ST. N., 801, No. 903-William D. and Patti B. Sanford to Patricia A. Cassidy, $408,000.

PRINCE ST., 1600, No. 313-Christine D. Senseman to Joan M. Richardson, trustee, $550,000.

PRINCE ST., 305-Maury Lloyd Hanson Jr., trustee, to Susan J. and Deedra G. Everett and Nicholas M. Lutz, $886,000.

QUAKER HILL DR., 1100, No. 321-Regina E. Mahony to Lea Anne McBride, $350,000.

QUAKER HILL DR., 1203-Pamela G. and Alexis D. Konde to Thomas H. Armstrong, $575,175.

QUANTRELL AVE., 5851, No. 512-Rosalie N. Dodoo and Agnes A. Abouo to Paul Antwi Agyei, $225,000.

ROBERTS LANE, 120, No. 201-Sally Ann Cummings to Peter and Deborah Alea, $320,000.

ROBERTS LANE, 130, No. 300-James Thomas Carmichael to Faheem Karim, $341,000.

ROSEMONT AVE. E., 9-Jean A. Lehrer and Joan F. Wood to Megan F. and John R. Gibson, $503,505.

ROYAL ST. S., 515-Ronald D. and Renee S. Parker to Kathryn A. and Derek J. Donovan, $904,000.

SEMINARY RD., 4120-Charles Gregorios to Omar Chang and Janice Abdul Baki, $1,070,000.

SHELLEY ST. N., 2507-Thomas H. Armstrong to Patrick John and Ann Elizabeth Foley, $540,000.

SLATERS LANE, 501, No. 206-Jacqueline D. Leyland to Marcella Jean Wilson, $310,000.

SPRING ST. W., 22-Elizabeth A. and James R. Dolan to William David and Camille Jolly Hartshorn, $705,000.

ST. ASAPH ST. N., 430-Cameron P. and Alanna C. Lewis to Marlene P. Hawe, trustee, $980,000.

ST. ASAPH ST. S., 800, No. 205-Theresa S. Clark to Morgan and Patricia E. and Katherine B. Wooten, $395,000.

STEVENSON AVE., 6301, No. 1203-Patricia A. Coons to Barbara Shupe, $249,000.

TAYLOR RUN PKWY. E., 34-K.E. McCoy and Bertha L. McCoy to Leon Felder, $340,000.

TENNESSEE AVE., 230-Songsri Limsupphanak to Patrick Stippey, $365,000.

TUCKAHOE LANE, 1104-Margarette Gregory to George J. and Cathy K. Worley, $561,350.

VALLEY DR., 3532-Ian J. Miller to Hilary Owsley, $372,000.

VAN DORN ST. N., 2500-Karina Halvorsen to Lydia Bond, $179,999.

VAN DORN ST. N., 2500, No. 610-Jacqueline D. and Jett C. Johnson to Gloria L. and Lozano Andrew Camacho, $215,200.

WALNUT ST. E., 25-Alison M. White to Matthew C. Mishkind and Jenna M. Ermold, $670,000.

YOAKUM PKWY., 205, No. 214-Roger C. and Roger Karl Lewis, trustee, to Yoseph Kebede, $333,000.

YOAKUM PKWY., 307, No. 1603-Camelia L. Valencia to Asdghik Keshishian, $325,000.

YOAKUM PKWY., 309-Paul Mazzuca Jr. to Mary and John Strysik, $428,750.

28TH ST. S., 3200-Mary S. and William A. Lewis Jr. to Lamont Woody, $260,000.

28TH ST. S., 3314, No. 204-Andrew James Breimayer to Shawn E. Stephens, $176,000.

28TH ST. S., 3320-Van Boyette to Annie L. Lauler, $197,000.

28TH ST. S., 3320, No. 202-Raymond C. Miller to Naod Mesfin, $220,000.


The following home sales were recorded in Arlington and supplied to The Washington Post by the Arlington County Department of Real Estate Assessments. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Arlington and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

ABINGDON ST. N., 620-Frederick M. and Rebecca K.P. Armand to Karen S. Crane, $685,000.

ABINGDON ST. S., 2882-Sara A.K. and Craig W. Neuzil to Vanesa Jurica and Richard C. Whiffen, $477,000.

ABINGDON ST. S., 3071-Ursula Marie and Christopher V. Pece to Michael O'Connell, $473,300.

ADAMS ST. N., 2016, No. 705-Raquel and Bryan Jarabek to Jennifer L. Marshall, $375,000.

ARLINGTON BLVD., 1011, No. 647-Nova Business Corp. to Bryon Gathing, $159,000.

ARLINGTON BLVD., 1021, No. 604-Robert E. Anderson and Olene C. Anderson to Gretchen M. Warner, $200,000.

ARLINGTON BLVD., 1021, No. 606-Dorjderem Lkhagvajav to Richard A. Rathjen, $217,000.

ARLINGTON BLVD., 1111, No. 940-Hypo Holdings to Leo R. Sequeira, $190,000.

ARLINGTON BLVD., 1121, No. 128-Kustin Harte Adlynn to Uma and Durgada V. Basavaraj, $170,000.

ARLINGTON BLVD., 1121, No. 530-Hugo Silva to Joav Steinbach, $275,000.

ARLINGTON BLVD., 1121, No. 702-Tama Zorn to Tri M. Tran, $140,000.

ARLINGTON MILL DR. S., 706, No. 18304-Judy E. Failor to Ivan D. Rothstein, $224,900.

ARLINGTON MILL DR. S., 806, No. 10202-Rosalia Fajardo to Ernan Pena and Nelly Mayon, $274,000.

ARLINGTON RIDGE RD. S., 1200, No. 609-George Y. Schlosser and Lois N. Hollander to Michael R. Regan, $270,000.

BARTON ST. N., 704-Shahzada and Mohammad S. Khan to Rukhsana Shafi, $620,000.

BARTON ST. N., 820-Barbara B. Balsamo and Stuart S. Saltzman to Karin Renee and James Lachlan Seward, $649,000.

BRANDYWINE ST. N., 2176-Matthew R. Hopkins and Eleanor J. Parrott to Timothy J. Walls, $491,200.

CRYSTAL DR., 1300, No. 507S-R.M. and Luis A. Chiang to Andrew Ryan, $603,000.

DINWIDDIE ST. S., 1328-Jean Lengyel to Craig Wallace, $400,000.

EDGEWOOD ST. S., 1401, No. 488-Brian E. Frey to Kevin C. Therrien and Dawn Dougert, $421,526.

EDISON ST. S., 1036-Ronald P. Verdonk to Seghat Tefera, $345,000.

FLORIDA ST. N., 2705-Karen Y. Lau to Kristin G. and Patrick W. Lincoln, $590,000.

FORT MYER DR., 1320, No. 825-George Scott Schroeder to Todd Andrew Bowie, $299,000.

FOUR MILE RUN DR. S., 4600, No. 1118-Phyllis E. and Charlie Garner to Kawsar Pusti, $314,000.

FOUR MILE RUN DR. S., 4600, No. 410-John H. Lass to Clark Lyn Vannoy, $128,000.

FOUR MILE RUN DR. S., 4600, No. 824-Alice M. and Raul T. Buenconsejo to Bilal A. Khan, $180,000.

FREDERICK ST. N., 510-Krystyna M. Wolanczyk to Shiva Kermanshi and Homan Solemaninejad, $505,000.

GALVESTON ST. N., 121-Maureen and C. Gregory Hamilton to David and Lauren E. Kent, $711,000.

GLEBE RD. N., 4009-Paul B. Kurtz to Victor A. Cenname, $615,000.

GRANADA ST. N., 307-Kathleen M. Barry to Sarah K. and Clay E. Almy, $570,000.

GREENBRIER ST. N., 831-Tracy N. and Bryan J. Baer to Annemarie and Marc A. Selvitelli, $595,250.

HARRISON ST. N., 1411-Geraldine M. Walsh to Peter Paul O'Such III and Valerie Hinko, $853,000.

HENDERSON RD., 4141, No. 103-Brenda B. and David H. Rowe to Stephen M. King, $379,900.

HENDERSON RD., 4141, No. 423-Timothy P. Gordon to Douglas Falls, $510,000.

ILLINOIS ST. N., 629-Tracy C. and John E. Mahoney to James Brooks and Laura Graves, $614,000.

JACKSON ST. N., 604-Judith Webster to Ann McLean, $775,000.

KEMPER RD., 3614-Sallie Ann Easley to Daniel E. Matos, $349,000.

KENTUCKY ST. N., 1123-Christina S. Davies and Benjamin T. Waldron to Christopher J. Dicosmo and Louann Lofton, $531,000.

KEY BLVD., 1530, No. 501-Julia Y. and Mark W. Fungard to Jayanti Govindji, $414,000.

KEY BLVD., 2007, No. 12585-Robyn K. and Christopher A. Roper to Geoffrey M. Schwartzman, $300,000.

LEE HWY., 5544, No. 41E-Eamon J. McCrann to Jamie Jikaku, $375,000.

LEE HWY., 6415-Simon M. Paimpalil to Theodore F. Bloss, $560,000.

LITTLE FALLS RD., 6767-Dana Hollish and Douglas Hill to Kevin Brian Muhlendorf and Amy M. Longenecker, $808,000.

MILITARY RD., 2121-Robert J. Blohm to William R. Morrow, $657,000.

NASH ST. N., 1200, No. 533-Edward F. Malone to Jonathan J. Blyth, $505,000.

NASH ST. N., 1200, No. 548-Amber L. Morrell to Timothy Burger, $550,000.

OAK ST. N., 1200A-Elizabeth D. Martin to Elisabeth and Frank Kuo, $562,500.

OAK ST. N., 1600, No. 1828-Hyeja and James Hoon Yi to Michael J. Moore, $460,000.

OAK ST. N., 1600, No. 1832-Angela Render and David Lyle to Susan E. and James McMains, $650,000.

OAKLAND ST. N., 519-Malcolm Alden and Donald Plowman Lillywhite to Ralph M. Turpin, $650,000.

OAKLAND ST. S., 600-Eric R. Miller and Juliet P. Stumpf to Sonia and Marvin Reyes, $521,000.

ODE ST. N., 1303, No. 224-Douglas Sanders to Linda Voss, $380,000.

OHIO ST. N., 1821-Stacy M. Rosen and Richard Jay Mehlberg to L. Christopher Plantier and Leslie D. Hull, $641,000.

OHIO ST. N., 1905-Kenneth B. Hausman to Stacy M. and Richard J. Mehlberg, $805,000.

SCOTT ST. N., 1423-Shu Chen and G.M. Cuff to Marialice and Jason A. Dallara, $858,737.

SOMERSET ST. N., 3562-Tyna L. and Randall D. Gaylor to Diana L. and Galen T. Willcox Jr., $657,000.

SPOUT RUN PKWY., 3000, No. A107-Stephen L. Mills to Bert J. Rodriguez and Susan Courtwright, $311,000.

STUART ST. N., 1041-Jody A. and Ronald L. Evans to Michael B. Beckley, $1.12 million.

TAYLOR ST. N., 1154, No. 1-C.H. and Fremont Philip Wirth to Linda Lazor, $710,700.

THOMAS ST. N., 256, No. 2-John E. Squier to William D'Costa and Raj Lalvani, $250,500.

VEITCH ST. S., 831-Ruth Mae Goltzer and James W. Kohlmoos to Yajun Chu and Qing Wang, $610,000.

VERMONT ST. N., 2028, No. 303-Tessa M. Bernstein and Peter C. Dorsey to Renee Lamura and Michael Quinn, $325,000.

VERNON ST. N., 1132-Roger L. Swartzwelder to Ainur Bekturganova, $712,000.

WAKEFIELD ST. S., 2808B-Colette K. Yoshida to Brian James Tulloch, $363,523.

WOODROW ST. N., 838-Tiny Tidwell Strauss, trustee, and Harriet Strauss Guimil to Richard Choi, $595,000.

WOODSTOCK ST. N., 2055, No. 103-N. Christopher to Christopher M. Swallow, $324,000.

THIRD ST. S., 5712-Lisa and Judson Buchanan to Judy E. Failor and Keith Butler, $650,000.

FIFTH ST. S., 3701, No. 510-Philip Michael Tamburello to Thaddeus J. and Aino S. Gapinski, $285,500.

SIXTH ST. N., 5637-Katherine A. and Anthony Q. McCray to Elba Barrios, $600,000.

SIXTH ST. S., 3823-Erika J. Martin Del Campo and Cameron L. Chapman to John R. Dusch and Chambliss Necia L., $599,000.

SEVENTH RD. S., 5091, No. 102-Luzviminda and Rommel Bartolome to Scott S. McKissock, $310,000.

EIGHTH RD. N., 4704-L.H. Strickler to Laura Havener and David E. Hunsicker, $679,000.

EIGHTH ST. S., 4714-Janet B. and Richard A. Bray to Omar Sider, $725,000.

NINTH ST. N., 3835, No. 403W-Cliff A. Valenti to Erin M. Kelley, $525,000.

NINTH ST. S., 4004-R. Wayne Knox to Renee Jones and Charlie Causey, $899,000.

10TH ST. S., 5103, No. 1-Joseph S. Lamountain and Mary M. Carter to Viviana Escobar and Henry Escalante, $265,000.

10TH ST. S., 5103, No. 4-Candelario D. Rodriguez to Nehemias Valle, $256,000.

11TH ST. N., 4120-Joan A. and James E. Ayres to Nahid Ghassemi Farokhzad, $540,000.

13TH CT. N., 2435-Michael T. Zymowski to Arthur E. and Theresa A. Brooks, $916,001.

13TH ST. S., 3921-M.M. and E.E. Faulkner to Ruth Torrico and Ruddy Torrrico, $580,000.

16TH RD. N., 4919-Jennifer G. Jacobsen and Ethan G. Shenkman to Caroline R. Merena and Michael M. Suga, $750,000.

20TH PL. N., 4811-P.C. Hall and D. Doberman to Andrew Connors and Yin S. Oo, $575,000.

21ST RD. S., 2808-Johnny Wright and Debra Kay Rogers Wright to Bilise Tesemma and Dereje H. Teklu, $685,500.

22ND RD. N., 5413-Joy Sperry and Zoran Stamenic to Stephen Reckitt, $711,800.

24TH ST. N., 2214-Edita and Merle L. Morgan to David G. and Carol A. Boyd, $940,800.

25TH ST. S., 3404, No. 47-Michael Sommerhalder to Ogie Gardizi, $211,000.

26TH ST. N., 4766-Clare Lynn and Christopher J. Hessler to Thomas L. Klaff and Susan H. Dudley, $746,200.

27TH RD. N., 4023-F.L. and J.I. Tracey Jr. to Celia H. and James M. Lose, $938,000.

27TH ST. N., 5628-Sally Ann and John Wilbert Suomela to Nora M. Heimann and John E. Arbab, $681,000.

28TH RD. S., 4628, No. A-Holly and Marcus P. Maginniss to Kathryn and Benjamin Matthews, $350,200.

35TH ST. S., 4310-Christina S. and Keith J. Yehle to Marilyn B. Hanzlik and Rayburn D. Hanzlik, $466,000.