The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Frederick County and other Washington areas, visit

Adamstown Area

GREENFIELD RD., 1719-James R. and D. Jane Parsley to Teresa W. and Stephen C. Plumley, $479,000.

Brunswick Area

A ST. E., 205-William C. Murr to Robert Seeley, $120,000.

ORNDORFF CT., 1035-Eugene D. Hoffman to Amy K. and Travis V. Wyndham, $145,000.

ORNDORFF CT., 1049-Mary Ann Daugherty to Herbert D. Daugherty Jr., $155,000.

PEACH ORCHARD CT., 13-Christopher G. Pacheco to Carol Martina, $150,000.

POTOMAC ST. E., 801-Paul G. Christianson to Kenneth Stalzer, $169,900.

FIFTH AVE. N., 6-Janet K. and Carroll D. Brawner to Alasdair Campbell, $156,000.

Frederick City Area

ALGONQUIN RD., 1765-Polly K. and Stephen Burgoon to Peter Rodriguez, $412,500.

ANDOVER LANE, 1540-Jonathan K. and Joan P. Carroll to Elsy A. and Julio C. Guillen, $323,000.

ANDOVER LANE, 1644-Robert E. Mullican Jr. to Aura Quintanilla, $250,000.

BARTONSVILLE RD., 6020-Norman F. Goetz to Miguel Oscar Saenz, $424,900.

BEAR DEN RD., 2511-Anthony John Cottone to Raul Navarrete and Astul Saravia, $427,000.

BEECH CT., 1801-Eugene A. and Melanie P. Laffer to Brenda Lynn Bledsoe Kakavas and Theodore Kavavas, $550,000.

BERRY ROSE CT., 1600, No. 1-3B-Donald E. and Sylvia D. Fogle to Mary Beth and Scott Shaub, $179,900.

BLACK DUCK CT., 6705-Deborah A. and Tracy C. Wilson to Hember and Israel Escobar, $245,000.

BOWERS RD., 7230-Barbara and Charles F. Veirtz to Laurence F. and Carol Ann De Santis, $300,000.

BURNT HICKORY CIR., 8602-Brian L. and Suzanne M. Friedman to Marie D. and Michael J. Maynard, $435,000.

CATOCTIN CT., 2500, No. 1-3D-Don V. and Pauline V. Bovey to Patricia E. and Wayne E. Crum, $260,000.

CENTER ST., 428-Margaret and Arthur Stull to Sappington Properties Corp., $189,000.

CHURCH ST. E., 225-Valley View Properties Corp. to Mary M. Rokas, $455,000.

CHURCH ST. E., 326-Karen T. and Eric French to Anthony P. Casdia, $354,000.

COLLEGE TERR. W., 102-Kevin O'Hara to Jessica L. Balsam, $660,000.

DANIELLE DR., 1240-Beverly Jean Hancock to Daniel M. Beach, $133,000.

DRAWBRIDGE CT., 5804-Keith A. Palmer to Tim A. and Jacqueline M. Di Guiseppe, $169,900.

DULANEY MILL DR., 1041-Daniel L. and Wanda J. Dupuis to Margaret E. and John A. Kautz, $432,000.

ELLINGTON WAY, 6516-Lamont Gregory Kapec to Bevengie B. Cone, $306,900.

ELLSWORTH WAY, 2402, No. 1A-Elizabeth F. and Vincent R. Simmons to Sherry Lynn Padgett, $215,000.

EVERLY DR., 2651, No. 7-8-Sandra Y. and Ronald R. Stevens to Vamsidhar Thangella, $252,500.

EVERLY DR. S., 2641, No. 8-4-Sandra L. Benfield to Jonathan Meacham, $250,500.

FARMGATE CT., 5822-Michael E. and Jane Malik Anderson to Patricia A. Deagro and Juan C. Diaz, $189,900.

FOXHALL CT., 5538-Allyson Tenney to Sherilyn R. Richards and Chedley A. Moses, $267,000.

GARDEN LANE, 2213-Stanley and Theresa R. Weinberg to Carol T. and Arthur M. Fennington, $394,500.

GLENDALE DR., 8106-Mabel H. and Charles R. Sherman to Martha Pirrone Lantella, $427,900.

GRANVILLE CT., 6602-Richard J. Jenkins to Betty J. and Robert J. Lapanne, $315,000.

GRESHAM CT., 7119-David L. Sealander to Elena C. and Jorge A. Jandres, $273,000.

HARPERS CT., 1951-Kenny E. Molina to Audrey E. and Donal W.L. Jackson, $310,000.

HASTINGS CT., 6210-Helen S. Bradley to Deanna L. and Antonio C. Scott, $232,500.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 531-H-Steven E. Root to Marion Martin, $149,000.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 701-Mark A. Wiles to Lifu Guan Qi Yang, $133,000.

HILLCREST DR., 1324-Jaime Noel Guerrero to Christina Mariam Guerrero and Jose Lorenzo Perez Ramos, $320,000.

HILLMEADE SQ., 1794-Jane M. Littleton to Houry and Roger Keurkunian, $225,000.

HILLSIDE CT., 2372-Louise C. Bruhnke, trustee, to Mary G. and Charles Y. Wrigley, $407,000.

HUNTWOOD CT., 2413-Song H. and Gilroy G. Gotiangco to Angela Y. Lee, $290,000.

INKBERRY WAY, 1009-George C. and Jennifer L. Warrick to Estela Argueta and Rafael Parada, $320,000.

JEFFERSON BLVD., 5911-Julie D. Ziegelman to J. Blair Horne Jr., $430,000.

JEFFERSON PIKE, 5533-Jean Pierre Cowell to Thomas A. George, $210,000.

KATSURA CT., 5798-Denise Ann and Mario R. Owen to Benjamin Morey, $288,000.

LEAHY CT., 500, No. 1M-Daniel R. and Rachael M. Regeimbal to Jaroslava H. and Oldrich S. Kolarik, $217,500.

MARKET ST. N., 1194-Lisa and Phyllis Freeman Zecher to Stephanie R. and Richard Lowe, $315,000.

MARKET ST. S., 235-Elizabeth E. Van Horn to Rebecca D. and Charles E. Kinney, $230,000.

MERCER CT., 106, No. 21-5-Barbara Tavares to Allen C. Sharpe and Edward R. Huber, $245,000.

MILL RUN CT., 5705-Mark A. and Kathleen M. Schiller to Matthew D. and Kristen L. Anderson, $369,000.

NEW HAVE CT., 6386-Kathleen M. and Stephen D. Pearl to Tyler Andrew Young, $250,000.

OBERLIN CIR., 7136-Philip and Ellen N. Sewell to Deborah and Brian M. Hollen, $267,500.

PINE AVE., 905-Douglas E. Orndorff Jr. to Carolyn Fogle, $210,000.

RIPPLING BROOK RD., 2450-Robin Wade Bussell to Melanie P. and Eugene A. Laffer, $394,900.

ST. SIMON CT., 5011-Michael C. and Jennifer N. Spillan to Amy Beth and Christopher B. Sant, $480,000.

SHADBUSH CT., 5806-Kimberly Bolton to Livia C. Neves, $184,000.

SPRING FOREST RD., 6314-Elizabeth Y. Day to Heather and Ahron Berney, $525,000.

STONE RIDGE DR., 8179-Deborah C. and Ronald L. Kelley to Stephen P. Swanson, $544,900.

TERRY CT., 430-Joshua A. Masser to Claudia Matallana, $140,000.

TURNING POINT CT., 903-Terry Lane Whitaker to Karen R. Reed, $264,000.

VIRGINIA LANE, 8212-Ronald P. Simmons to Melinda L. and Carlos M. Felix, $350,000.

WATERSIDE DR., 2521-Maurice G. and Linda L. Hanes to Jennifer M. and Ryan S. Roy, $413,000.

WATERVIEW CT., 8027-Timothy J. and Emily L. Morhiser to January and Rudolph J. Magyar, $272,500.

WEATHERBY CT., 6413, No. E-Meredith Rae Gill to Emily K. O'Hara, $203,000.

WINDSAIL CT., 7992-Matthew C. Trigger to Theresa Smith and Carl C. Bilotta, $249,900.

WYNGATE DR., 273-Rafael D. Cruz to Manuel Majalca and Maria Cardenas, $320,900.

Frederick City-

Adamstown Village Area

CATALPA RD., 7070-Betty L. and Richard F. Wade to John L. Neff, $228,000.

Ijamsville Area

BROADMOOR TERR. N., 5611-Mark and Susan Lecher to Kelly J. Floster and Steven W. Misotti, $655,000.

LINDSEY CT., 3056-Henry J.D. and Nancy T. Meyer to Carrie R. and Leonard R. Henry, $639,900.

Jefferson Area

BROAD RUN RD., 5914-Bernard L. and Virginia Hiltner to Robin L. and Patrick A. Moore, $395,000.

CHERRY LANE, 3920-Robert W. Jr. and Olga R. Fox to Olga Gracheva and Patrick P. Kleinclaus, $300,000.

JEFFERSON PIKE, 3834-Laurence F. and Carol A. Desantis to Barbara E. and Clarence R. Horst, $402,500.

JEFFERSON PIKE, 4512-William J. Fox estate to Timothy and Gregory Nichols, $250,000.

LONDONDERRY DR., 4112-Dana J. and Rosalie A. Fox to Daniel R. Martin, $389,900.

Middletown Area

CONE BRANCH DR., 301-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Nancy E. and James G. West, $460,000.

JEFFERSON ST. S., 322-Jodi A. George to Tracey K. and Michael R. Franklin, $405,000.

Monrovia Area

TIMBER RUN CT., 12201-Frank Jr. and Margaret T. Ferlin to Margarita A. and Victor M. Lopez, $608,000.

Mount Airy Area

BEACH DR., 6642-Gabriel E. and Tenley Miller to Sarah E. Pittman and Steven J. Perrie, $257,500.

COLDSTREAM DR. E., 6620-Shane M. and Tina Sinnett to Stephen Oedemann and Carissa Barnum, $415,000.

COMMODORE CT., 6624-5802 Lantana Corp. to Scott N. Miller, $311,500.

DOUGLAS AVE., 6068-Bryan and Terry Austin to Christina M. and Charles E. Rouleau, $456,000.

GLADE CT. S., 10705-Richard T. Bessette to Alisa F. Disney and Brian J. Pulsifer, $350,000.

HEATHERFIELD PL., 5670-Timothy E. and Kathleen T. Cook to Julie L. and Daniel L. Perrotta, $485,000.

HEDGEAPPLE BEND, 10387-Scott C. Sigafoose to Sondra M. Cooper Biesantz and Harry Biesantz, $345,000.

HILLSIDE TURN RD., 7391-Lori Lee and John J. Ferguson to Catherine and Heather Henley, $325,000.

MEADOWLAKE RD., 6907-Robert D. and Frances Pullin to Aimee Kandelman and Michael Pepin, $445,000.

MOLESWORTH DR., 4404-Sharon L. and William P. McFadden to Marion C. Horton, $409,900.

NORTH SHORE SQ., 6541-Gena Darlene Allen to Reyna L. and Brian R. Strohecker, $310,000.

NYASA BEND, 6583-Lynne Zarate to Jennifer A. and Paul E. Hardisty, $345,000.

OLD ANNAPOLIS RD., 13333-Silvia E. Rodriguez to Gwen A. and Norris M. Hall, $635,000.

PAWNEE DR., 8305-Larry A. and Gail A. Frederickson to Deborah J. and Richard C. McPherson, $320,000.

RIDGELINE DR., 6117-Lesa Casell and Vincent Fourcade to Charles E. Frank, $397,000.

SAMUEL RD., 6124-Mary J. and Jay E. Schwartz to Robert L. and Rebecca L. De Lauter, $401,000.

WHOOPING CRANE WAY, 6867-George F. and Kimberly A. Miller to Rebecca J. and Terrence M. Kell, $435,000.

WOODVILLE RD., 5018-Juan P. Chacon to Tonya and Nathan Merson, $449,000.

Myersville Area

HARP HILL RD., 11525-Joseph P. and Tina S. Mullan to Jeffrey L. Jones and David Darnell, $215,000.

MAIN ST., 418-Mary Ann Morgan to Janet Toms, $85,000.

New Market-

Lake Linganore Area

ROY CT., 5506-Douglas M. and Brigitte J. Cooper to Megan Liszka and David Dion, $300,000.

Rocky Ridge-

Creagerstown Area

ROCKY RIDGE RD., 9320-Patricia D. May to Susan I. and Robert R. Rock, $240,000.

Sabillasville Area

FOXVILLE RD., 4539-Helen Louise Kuhn to Doris Jo and Carl E. Clingan, $150,000.

Thurmont Area

MAIN ST. E., 306-Kimberly A. Schmidt to Nancy Gregg Poss and Christopher A. Rose, $440,000.

MAIN ST. E., 510-Susan Ryan and Thomas E.L. to David A. Kath, $369,000.

MILL FORGE CT., 1-Mark C. Zeigler to Patricia and Edwin V. Superczynski, $319,900.

MOSER RD. E., 17-Isabel and Richard O. Weller to Betty Calimer, $200,000.

MOUNTAINDALE RD., 6310-Douglas A. and Carolyn L. Tomlin to Maud E. and Stephen P. Frey, $179,000.

VICTOR DR., 125-Scott Roark to Karen S. and Preston D. Hall, $315,000.

Union Bridge-

Libertytown Area

JONES RD., 8957-James L. and Wrene K. Adams to Marianne T. and Lynn A. Brown, $312,000.

Walkersville Area

BRAEBURN DR., 237-Richard J. and Susan H. Mulvihill to Kelly L. and Michael A. Sine, $459,500.

CHAPEL CT., 100, No. M-Ruth L. Stevens to Aleta D. and Richard A. Jones III, $154,200.

DIAMOND DR., 208-Connie J. and Paul S. Althoff to Kimberly Keefer, $347,000.

FORESIGHT LANE, 8413-Donald C. and Deborah R. Barnes to Ellen K. and Allan B. Keyser, $155,000.

GRAPE CREEK RD., 8993-Norman D. and Donna L. Keister to Anita L. and Varak M. Gelenian, $400,000.

INSPIRATION AVE., 8507-Sarah Snell Cooke to Sandra and Richard O'Connor, $302,100.

SAVANNAH CT., 119-Richard A. Johnson to Jason W. and Sandra L. Storm, $150,550.

Woodsboro Area

CLYDE YOUNG RD., 11930-Susan L. and Roger B. Wheeler to Heather L. Offutt, $329,000.

DUBLIN RD., 11135-Peter J. and Sabrina M. Rossi to Laura C. and Edward M. Hiser Jr., $399,900.