Hurricane Katrina left everyone more aware of the need to prepare adequately for emergencies. The District's Emergency Management Agency (DCEMA) recommends that residents organize an "emergency go kit" that could save precious moments in the event of an evacuation or in case there is no electricity, heat or water for an extended period of time.

The agency's Web site lists the following items that should be considered for a kit:

* At least a three-day supply of water (one gallon per person per day). Store in sealed, unbreakable containers. Replace every six months.

* A three- to five-day supply of nonperishable food and a nonelectric can opener.

* A change of clothing, rain gear and sturdy shoes.

* Blankets, bedding or sleeping bags.

* A first-aid kit, prescription medications and important medical information.

* An extra pair of glasses or contact lenses and solution.

* A battery-powered radio, flashlight and extra batteries.

* Identification, credit cards, cash and photocopies of important family documents including home insurance information.

* An extra set of car and house keys.

The DCEMA also urges residents to develop neighborhood emergency plans and to participate in community preparedness activities. Working together can save lives until help arrives, officials say.

The agency provides this list of facilities that can serve as emergency shelters if there is a disaster.


Banneker Senior High School

800 Euclid St. NW

Reed Elementary School

2200 Champlain St. NW


Francis Junior High School

2425 N St. NW

Terrell Junior High School

1000 1st St. NW


Chevy Chase Community Center

5601 Connecticut Ave. NW

Hardy Middle School

1819 35th St. NW

Wilson Senior High School

3950 Chesapeake St. NW


Roosevelt Senior High School

4301 13th St. NW

Coolidge High School

6315 5th St. NW


Browne Junior High School

850 26th St. NE

Taft Junior High School

1800 Perry St. NE

Langdon Park Recreation Ctr.

2901 20th St. NE

Wheatly Recreation Center

1200 Morse St. NE


Eastern High School

1700 East Capitol St. NE

Brent Elementary School

330 3rd St. SE

DC Center for Therapeutic Recreation

3030 G St. SE


Woodson High School

5500 Eads St. NE

Winston Elementary School

3100 Erie St. SE

Kenilworth Parkside Recreation Center

4300 Anacostia Ave. NE


Ballou Senior High School

3401 4th St. SE

Wilkinson Elementary School

2330 Pomeroy Rd. SE

For more information about the District's emergency programs, visit the DCEMA website at or call 202-727-6161.

The D.C. Emergency Management Agency recommends packing basic necessities, such as water and a radio, in case of an emergency. Above is an American Red Cross kit with those and other items.