The following home sales were recently recorded in Howard County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Howard and other Washington areas, visit

Clarksville Area

ADAMS RIDGE RD., 5490-Ho Y. Choi to Chang Shik and Won U. Lee, $850,000.

OLD HOPKINS RD. S., 11345-David M. Coe to Gregory C. and Melanie C. Hustead, $469,500.

PURE SKY PL. SW, 6024-Sridhar Chatrathi to Hae Young and Chang Sun Lee, $650,000.

WESTCOTT PL., 6923-NVR Inc. to Robert E. and Anna V. Tion Morales, $1.24 million.

Columbia Area

AVALANCHE WAY, 11211-Greentree Properties to Paul L. and Christina M. Jenkins, $160,000.

BASKET RING RD., 9732-R. Jay Fenton to Mohammad Chaharbaghi, $249,900.

BLUE DART PL. E., 6267-Anwar Khan to Adebisi Hamilton and Marcus Davies, $229,900.

BROKEN WING CT., 6200-John William Bryant to Jonatan E. Studdard and Amy B. Russell, $750,000.

CEDAR LANE, 6436-Paul L. Thompson to Freetown Corp., $950,000.

CEDAR LANE W., 5472-Naomi Fern Nelson to Gregory E. Rogers, $105,000.

CEDAR FERN CT. S., 5951-Kristi L. Greer to Jay Fridkis, $377,000.

CEDAR WOOD DR. N., 6022-Margaret E. Greb to Francisco Sampedro, $249,900.

CLOCKTOWER LANE, 9513-Sue Ann Henning to Sue R. Lee, $315,000.

DAYSTAR CT. N., 10294-Keith Alexander Lee to Khoi H. Nguyen, $275,000.

DOCKSIDE LANE, 7240-David Andrew Rogers to Karl M. and Len S. Friedheim, $225,000.

EARLY APRIL WAY, 9039-Nancy Lappert to Gregory and Eleanora Ducot, $315,000.

EDEN BROOK DR., 7303-John Murray O'Neill to Nam Nguyen, $309,000.

ELIOTS OAK RD., 5046-Charles S. Battaglini to Terence J. and Jacquelyn N. Tinnelly, $460,000.

EVERGREEN AVE., 9937-Dennis M. Curtis to Ryan and Jitka Matherly, $446,000.

GRATEFUL HEART GATE SE, 6436-Gregory A. Spellman to Imtiaz Fakhruddin and Sameera N. Imtiaz, $535,000.

GREEN MOUNTAIN CIR., 10705-Helen M. Beckloff to Christopher R. and Paula M. Smith, $450,000.

HARPERS FARM RD., 5697-Christiane M. D'Haese Radano to John P. Pacak, $240,000.

HOUND HILL CT. SW, 5464-Albert L. Couvillion to Michael R. Hadley II and Laura S. Couvillion, $322,000.

HUMBLEBEE RD. NW, 5828-Paul L. Downs to Sieu Cao and Ha T. Nguyen, $260,000.

JASON LANE, 10553-Adriano Tabligan to Jeanne Bertulie Moise and Emmanuel Paul, $270,000.

LITTLE PATUXENT PKWY., 11530-Thomas William Zinchlak to Nelson H. Lee, $168,999.

LONE TREE CT., 11786-Frances E. Abeshouse to Matthew J. Clark, $312,330.

LOVEKNOT PL. W., 6289-Ronald H. Shade to Brian Edwards, $350,000.

MERRYREST RD. N., 9460-Dolly Mae Artherton to Patrick Zegarra, $184,000.

MIDDLEWATER CT. N., 6000-John C. Harrity to Benedict Eu, $573,000.

OLD LINE CT., 9312-Richard W. Freedman to Shabbir A. Choudary, $420,000.

OVERHEART LANE N., 6515-James F. Workman to Oluwafunke I. Gbadamosi, $255,000.

PROCOPIO CIR. E., 7271-Jerrold M. Liesch to Ashwinkumar Natwerlal Thaker and Smita A. Thaker, $280,000.

QUIET TIMES NE, 6163-Colin Lisk to Kevin J. Kearney and Anglea L. Kearney, $316,000.

ROAN STALLION LANE, 6342-Paul R. Quillen to David D. Wagner and Lisa M. Coleman Johnson, $503,000.

RUNNING BROOK RD. W., 5232-Bruno Dilucente to Karen J. McDonaugh, $172,500.

RUNNING BROOK RD. W., 5248-Betty M. Williams to Randy and Gracie L. Powell, $110,000.

SHAKER DR. NE, 10284-Yuetong Wei to Amare Agonafer, $392,000.

SOUTHERN STAR TERR. SE, 5031-James David Smith III to Karen A. Thompson, $369,000.

STEVEN FOREST RD., 6137-Larry Davis to Tuscany and Turgay Unsal, $350,000.

STONE CLOUD SW, 8995-Johnny Isiah Nixon to Sean P. O'Connell, $398,000.

SWEET HOURS WAY, 7524-Charles C. Simmons to Nicholas Edward and Jonathon H. Plott, $194,000.

TAMAR DR., 5911-Robert S. Crow III to Maria Laura Diguardo and Diego Rodriguez Flores, $135,000.

TAMAR DR., 8764-Derek R. Boyd to Sean Perry, $200,000.

THUNDER HILL RD., 5866-Roberta Hileman to Richard Allen Cohen, $47,700.

VANTAGE POINT RD. SW, 5570-Michael D. Richardson to Nancy and Vivian Zhang, $173,000.

WATERCRESS PL. SE, 5447-Lennie J. Sharp to Leslie Portella and Mitchell Lask, $388,000.

WILDE LAKE TERR., 10311-Kermit E. Hill to Martin P. and Patricia L. Green, $300,000.

WINDMILL LANE, 5214-David C. Townsend to Gordon and Susan L. Kieffer, $460,000.

WINTER ROSE PATH SW, 7080-Carl J. Fischer to Sergio and Kim Wong, $290,000.

YELLOWROSE CT., 5775-Shelley Y. Scott to Robert F. Collier and PDA Corp., $192,000.

Elkridge Area

DUCKETTS LANE SW, 6478-Alan A. Nuradin to Sachin K. Singhal, $240,000.

DUCKETTS LANE SW, 6872-Rena Lynn Shooman to William K. Belcher and Susan Siniscalchi, $205,000.

FOX GLEN CT. SE, 5915-Sarah H. Winkler to Debra A. Oclair, $455,000.

GREEN VALLEY PL., 5713-Daniel C. Fought to Lon A. Seidlitz, $400,000.

KARAS WALK SE, 6167-Andrew J. Williams to Christopher T. and Stephanie Holden, $393,000.

MARIOAK DR. S., 7839-Marc G. Leroux to Kelly M. Tibbs, $240,000.

Ellicott City Area

BALI RD., 8625-Mark R. Deyo to Jonathon and Jeannine Schiller, $457,450.

BERKSHIRE LANE S., 10220-Shin I. Lee to Li Lumin and Marilyn X.J.Y. Zhang, $700,000.

BRACKEN DR., 10100-Abdul Jabbar to Nazeer Niyez and Sameena K. Ahmed, $652,000.

BRIGHTLIGHT PL., 7934-Brendan J. Duffy to James K. Wortley, $340,000.

BRIGHTLIGHT PL., 7947-Eric M. Tupis to Matthew A. and Valerie A. Jones, $361,000.

DORSEY HALL DR. NE, 4920-Heather Lynn Sanzone to Matthew L. and Angela M. Anderson, $255,000.

FALLS RUN RD., 8605-Joseph Anthony McMillian to Luis and Gabriel E. Burbano, $222,000.

FALLS RUN RD. NE, 8513-John Angelo Pannucci III to Stevin M. and Susan K. Westcott, $205,000.

FLAGSTONE CT. SE, 7829-Richard A. Blanken to John B. and Laura M. Magoon, $589,900.

GOLDFINCH CT. NE, 5748-Johnathan E. Rivera to Brian Matthews, $375,000.

HAYWAGON WAY NW, 4526-Kevin M. McDonough to Maria T. and David A. Lee, $546,000.

HEARTHSTONE RD. W., 2950-Michael R. Laurent to Rabinder Singh and Parminder Kaur, $619,000.

HOLLOW CT. SE, 3337-Matthew B. Wilson to Haley Robin and Lance Alan Besner, $362,000.

HUNTING HORN DR. N., 5488-Anthony G. King to Andrew J. and Suzanne L. Williams, $495,000.

ILCHESTER RD. NW, 5008-Richard H. Lowe Jr. to Dale M. Klamut and Kimberly Acton Klamut, $360,000.

JERSEY BELL CT. N., 5418-Felix Encarnacion to Lennie J. Sharp, $649,900.

LEGENDS WAY E., 2611-Joan L. Herr to Alice A. Steely and Susan E. Todd, $599,900.

MANAHAN DR. S., 8835-Tracy L. Hanbury to Michael J. and Jennifer L. Temko, $355,000.

MAYFAIR CIR. SW, 7790-Richard K. Pagliaroli to Ronald and Delana Stanfield, $250,000.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. NW, 8384-Hyung Don Kim to Matthew Howard Wolf, $220,000.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. SE, 8387-Frederick T. Rossmark Jr. to W. Thomas Sinnott and John J. Maranto, $212,200.

MOUNT ETNA CIR., 2988-Eun Soon Kim to David C. Sohn and Yone S. Sohn, $400,000.

MUSTERING DRUM SE, 4534-Kevin E. McGovern to Christopher Steinbach and C.J. Sheahan, $750,800.

OLD COLUMBIA PIKE S., 3771-William C. Gaughan to Richard A. Espy and Karen L. Gordes, $1,000,000.

OLD FREDERICK RD. N., 10182-Charles L. Smoot to Wayne A. and Denise L. Smoot, $200,000.

PAUL MILL RD. N., 3818-Michael J. Manning to Paul R. and Mary B. Quillen, $721,200.

TILLER DR. NE, 9366-Thomas M. Dunne to Kyoung Young and Kyung Sook Park, $446,000.

TIMBERLAND CIR. NE, 8416-Russell W. Gledhill to Donald W. and Andrea J. McDowell, $469,900.

WOODLEY RD., 4030-Douglas Atwood Garner to Salvarore A. Scuto and Mary Jane Rettaliata, $550,000.

Jessup Area

GUILFORD RD. NW, 9951-Suzanne R. Kinsley to Brian J. and Victoria A. Guarente, $270,000.

HICKS RD., 8129-Marc A. Berman to Alejandro and J. Manuel Estrada, $285,000.

ROSEWOOD WAY E., 8934-Brian S. Coble to Aknesha Miller, $300,000.

ROSEWOOD WAY S., 8903-Anne M. Wilkins to Sharon Michelle Smith, $299,000.

Scaggsville-Laurel Area

BIRKENHEAD CT. W., 8742-Kimberly A. Elliott to Phares O. Okelo and Andy Magwizi, $325,000.

BRIDLE PATH LANE, 9200-Donald C. Katzenberger to Jay J. Fischetti, $171,000.

CANTERBURY RIDING, 9132-Angel L. Varquez to Erica Michael, $228,000.

CHURCHILL WAY, 10407-Matthew D. Tyburski to Philip and Georgia E. Hardy, $685,000.

DONNAN CASTLE CT. NE, 9591-Keith L. Whitelock to Marjorie S. and Scott D. Sandberg, $335,900.

FENS HOLLOW W., 9464-Olubisi W. Sanusi to Adebayo Adeyokunnu, $300,000.

GROSS AVE., 9206-Arthur Reedy to Matthew P. McElroy and Corey L. Gangloff, $330,000.

MAXWELL CT., 9287-Timothy W. Peterson to Robert F. Bergin and Mandy K. Thorpe, $331,000.

MELLOW CT., 9501-Peter S. Lee to Gladis E. Kokkolas, $395,000.

NORTH LAUREL RD., 9035-Maria Del C. Ramirez to Tia Furr, $171,000.

NORTH LAUREL RD. NE, 9527-Sarah E. Feidt to William Marin and Virginia Alarcon, $280,000.

OXLEY FOREST CT., 8920-Roger Z. Ilamni Jr. to Yuqui Zhu, $251,000.

SPERRY CT. NW, 8303-Jeffrey F. Waldo to Andrew J. Dombard, $287,500.

TUMBLEWEED RUN, 9110-John H. Morley to David H. and Kathy M. Smallwood, $120,000.

WHISKEY RUN, 9743-Andrew Beyea to Megan A. Boyle, $213,000.

Sykesville Area

UNDERWOOD RD. W., 1728-Mercer Custom Homes Corp. to Soon H. and Pauline K. Hwang, $429,900.

Woodbine Area

FARM VIEW CT. N., 15316-Michael J. Townley to David E. and Aileen G. Burgman, $891,000.

FREDERICK RD. SW, 15397-Joseph Tolbert to Jose Jimenez, $569,000.

JENNINGS CHAPEL RD. NE, 3769-Toll Maryland Limited to Christine Teske, $1.43 million.

STARTING GATE CT. E., 3246-John J. Del Riccio to Cort and Shawna Kane, $623,000.

Woodstock Area

GANTON GREEN NE, 2130-Mary Wilson Roberts to Pamela O'Donnell, $310,000.