The following home sales were recently recorded in Montgomery County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Montgomery and other Washington areas, visit

Ashton Area

HIDDEN GARDEN LANE, 17836-Joseph S. Buffington to Judith R. Ladson, $480,000.

TREE LAWN DR., 17800-R.A. and Anthony Contic Jr. to Irene H. Grissom, $575,000.

Aspen Hill Area

ADRIAN ST., 4924-Benita and Ismael Pineda to Roberto Hernandez Cruz, $435,000.

BRAD CT., 4610-V.C. and James H. Eagen to Lisa A. Wainio, $498,000.

CANTERBURY TERR., 4104-Kenneth R. and C.H. Brown to Lisa A. Hazelwood and Donald J. Wyma, $405,000.

CRESTEDGE LANE, 5316-Christina Erd to Jacqueline A. and Gregory M. Quandt, $525,000.

EADES ST., 4701-Patricia E. and Tony B. Alvarenga to Luiz Carlos De Souza, $400,000.

GRACE MAX ST., 12608-Theresa M. Bratcher to Marta C. and Saul A. Torres, $400,000.

GRENOBLE DR., 13411-Joelma S. Carvalho to Aladin R. and Maria A. Do Carmo, $439,900.

HALLET ST., 4422-Cesar A. Batres to Ana L. and Camilo O. Rivera, $360,000.

IVES ST., 4415-William E. and Catherine P. Schell to Imelda R. Lebantino, $464,000.

JUPITER ST., 4405-Abel Encarguez to Amanda C. Amaya, $395,000.

LONDON LANE, 14104-J. and Joslyn R. Peterkin to Meiyu Hsu, $434,000.

LONDON LANE, 14113-Earl N. and B.J. Prothero to Luann G. and Rick N. Prothero, $375,500.

MYER TERR., 14211-Diane L. Aiken to Ivan Polozov and Alla Polozova, $460,000.

PARKLAND DR., 13114-Jorge E. Castellanos to Eduviges Zavala, $385,000.

VISTA DR., 13924-June V. and J.J. Corrado to Victoria D. and Patrick T. Schmidt, $459,000.

Bethesda Area

ARLINGTON RD., 7511-Abalone Corp. to Nicole L. Mock and Philip R. Leibovitz, $1.27 million.

ARMAT DR., 7004-Jenette E. Winton to Julie and Gregg Goodman, $2.72 million.

BLACKISTONE RD., 5412-William K. Jr. and A.R. West to Mary R. and Roger J. Cochetti, $1.16 million.

BLAISDELL RD., 6920-Robert A. Hutchinson to Leonore S. and Thomas F. Cunningham, $1.85 million.

BRADMOOR DR., 8404-Barry F. and L.A. Peters to Veronique Marier and Bilal H. Rahill, $929,000.

BROAD ST., 10103-Noelle E. Whitfield to Sara Searls, $560,000.

CONWAY RD., 5903-L. and Kevin W. Flynn to Phyllis Lieberman, $725,000.

EDGEMOOR LANE, 5114-Andrew R. and C.M. Wechsler to Julie G. and Stephen R. Chapin, $4 million.

ELM ST., 5206-Banks Development Corp. to Andrea A. and Thomas R. Winckler, $2.23 million.

FLEMING AVE., 10210-Elemer Mihalyi to Albertino Silveira, $657,750.

FOX GATE CT., 7803-Thanos Catsambas to Oneida Luciano Ramundo and Bernard A. Ramundo, $1.08 million.

GLADWYNE CT., 101-Carlos Ruiz to Caroline R. Fitall, $731,125.

GLENBROOK RD., 8014-Joseph W. Wall to James V. Dickinson, $625,000.

JORDAN RD., 5508-Paul A. and N.E. Sheehy to Patricia E. and Andrew B. Kolesar III, $1.26 million.

KENTBURY DR., 7901-Winifred S. Klein, trustee, to Keith S. Boniface and Karen B. Dietrich, $690,000.

LAMBETH RD., 5509-Arden Baker to Winnie Y. Hahn and Jack L. Flyer, $975,000.

MONTGOMERY LANE, 4840-Sue Bailey to Karen K. Moksnes and Grant L. Takahashi, $1.23 million.

MONTROSE AVE., 10305-Arminda and Daniel J. O'Connell to Claudia Cabrera, $250,000.

PARKWOOD DR., 9905-William D. Petterson to Azita and Ardeshir Behdad, $510,000.

SOUTHWICK ST., 5516-E.Y. and Sean G. Darcy to Suburban Hospital Healthcare and Systems Inc., $1.18 million.

SOUTHWICK ST., 5600-William L. and D.F. Gates to Esther and Kyoung H. Hwang, $735,000.

TOPEKA ST., 9207-Jeffrey T. and Ellen E. Minnich to Ember A. and Jeffrey M. Rosenberg, $707,000.

WEHAWKEN RD., 5100-Mary A. Brady to Jocelyn and Frank Bell Jr., $620,000.

WESTBARD AVE., 5157, No. 13-Judith E. and John H. Chettle to Sarah Elizabeth Jones and Wilson N. Krahnke, $847,000.

WESTPATH WAY, 5309-Hugo J. and H.B. Mueller to Kara K. and Kevin M. Sheehan, $950,000.

WEYMOUTH ST., 10625-Daniel J. Dodson to David C. Ziebarth, $304,000.

WEYMOUTH ST., 10681-Kathleen Hanrahan to William E. Merry, $340,000.

WILSON LANE, 6304-Jin T. and O.S. Kim to Marina Shepetinovskaya and Vladimir Fayer, $799,000.

WINTERBERRY PL., 7809-Willard R. Flaherty, trustee, to Chateau Holdings Corp., $704,600.

WOODHAVEN BLVD., 8200-Peter M. and J.L. Clemons to Janice C. Redinger and Richard M. Durand, $1.01 million.

Boyds Area

LEAMAN FARM RD., 18711-Rona M. Faust to Toll Maryland VII Partnership, $575,000.

SLIDELL RD., 23201-Gregory Khaklos to Kestas Zygmanta, $810,000.

Brookeville Area

TANTERRA CIR., 3340-Patrick R. and J.R. Gold to Amy B. and Brent T. Mascott, $449,900.

Burtonsville Area

ATHEY RD., 15010-E.F. and Leonard Lyakhovich to Michael Kogok, $455,000.

BLACKBURN RD., 14700-Catherine and Dana Preister to Smart Development Premiere Homes Corp., $963,250.

CLOUDBERRY CT., 4256-Brian Baxter to Sharada P. Nirola, $275,000.

GREENCASTLE RD., 3512-Perry A. Duston, trustee, to Swanee L. Kline, $600,000.

GREENCASTLE RD., 3925, No. 7-Terrence Kelley to Eric W. Larson, $198,000.

GREENCASTLE RD., 3929, No. 16-Patricia A. Regan to Christina R. Martin, $182,675.

REGALWOOD TERR., 4475-Thomas A. and L.L. Fortney to Lorna and Jeffrey Brodsky, $342,000.

SADDLE CREEK DR., 14918-Inna Mazelev to Ahmadou F. Fuondjing, $480,000.

SILVER ASH CT., 14828-Beverly R. Washington Cobb to Francisco A. Quezada, $450,000.

TAPESTRY CIR., 3304-M.E. and Juan L. Ramirez to Celestine Bangu, $300,000.

VALLEY STREAM AVE., 4312-M. and Carlos Contreras to Muhammad Saleem, $515,000.

Calverton-Colesville Area

CARRIAGE HOUSE TERR., 1647-J-Haddis T. Hagos to Donte S. Lewis, $174,000.

CASTLE BLVD., 14221, No. 126-187-O.M. and Mobolaji E. Aluko to Emmanuel Kamara, $282,000.

CRIMSON LANE, 12035, No. 208-Margaret E. Thompson to Adele A. Le Tang, $275,000.

HOLLYWOOD AVE., 713-Nelson V. Garcia to Salvador A. Umanzor, $365,000.

LEMONTREE LANE, 1504-Donald D. and Barbara J. Mason to Ricardo Jose Mendez and Gabriela Valdes Paras, $480,000.

O'FALLON ST., 12508-M.W. and William E. Carnahan to Someswara Bekkam, $481,000.

OLIVE BRANCH DR., 3500-Okai L. and M.L. Davis to Josiane and Elbridge Lee, $490,000.

STRAUSS TERR., 2812-Jason M. Picard to Prudential Relocation Inc., $369,000.

STRAUSS TERR., 2812-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Brenda R. Williams, $369,000.

Chevy Chase Area

ABILENE DR., 2715-Jeffrey A. Scott to Barham A. and Sarbagh Salih, $800,000.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 8909-Sylvia R. Reyes to Shirley Ramos, $516,000.

GEORGIA ST., 6812-Scott A. Thompson to Tracy and Anthony J. Franze, $812,000.

LELAND ST., 4221-Matthew S. and Judith G. Dey to Amy E. Marelle Carpenter and Leslie T. Carpenter, $871,000.

PICKWICK LANE, 3201-William H. and E.N. Tobey to Martina V. and Keene Taylor Jr., $1.32 million.

WISCONSIN AVE., 5610, No. PH-1A-Clementine C. Pellegrino, trustee, to Risa B. and John J. Mann, $1.45 million.

Clarksburg Area

FREDERICK RD., 23210-Ruth V. and Henry C. Hough to Maria G. Soriano, $400,000.

Cloverly-Ednor Area

AMBERLEIGH DR., 132-Christy Steer to Bibi N. and John R. Bryant, $655,000.

ANSTED CT., 5-Xiang Wu to Joylynn and Michael J. Perkins, $460,000.

CRADOCK ST., 1904-Kenneth C. and S.Y. Mackel to Monique S. and John J. Botkin, $504,000.

ELM GROVE CIR., 1219-Annetta Jones to Gezo Edwards, $255,000.

HOLLY GROVE RD., 15315-C. and Richard E. Hall to Sherome Myers, $318,000.

STURTEVANT RD., 14101-David J. and Rebecca M. Lundgren to Selvakumari Johnson and Raju Johnson, $575,000.

Damascus Area

RIDGE RD., 27415-Mary F.C. Taylor to Jose A. Ramos, $180,000.

SWEEPSTAKES RD., 10453-Mark and Shannon Hockey to Kathryn M. and James J. Chumas, $465,000.

WOODFIELD RD., 25829-Alma H. Hughes to Marlene V. and Jose I. Perez, $580,000.

Derwood Area

BRIARDALE RD., 17126-Kerry C. and Simona Goodman to June M. Liu and Jeffrey D. Johnson, $398,000.

GRANBY RD., 5601-V. and Steve Wahrhaftig to Laura Stewart Wallace, $695,000.

MAJESTIC WAY, 7705-L.A. and Terry P. Hourigan to Anila Chhabra, $392,500.

MILLER FALL RD., 17904-Walter R. and Marcy J. Haynie to Greta and Stoil Milev, $475,000.

TARPLEY CT., 2-Robert and S. Wenz to Divya and Satish Dhokai, $529,000.

WHEAT FALL CT., 7605-Joyce L. Miller, trustee, to Angela and Peter Massey, $510,000.

Gaithersburg Area

AMBIANCE DR., 15707-Seung K. Lee to Gary R. Schreffler, $245,000.

AMITY DR., 17417-C. and Raymond Kalin to Simeon Villatoro Flores, $485,000.

BADGER DR., 10810-Slade H. Sidwell to Michelle Castellanos and Nicholas Pendleton, $260,000.

BATES AVE., 106-Gerald S. Davis to Jianxin Mao and Lili Huang, $633,900.

BILLINGS CT., 19835-Stephen Saunders to Sharon and Orlando Andino, $337,900.

BONNIE DALE DR., 13409-Astrid Schneider to Allison L. and Edward L. Donatelli, $960,000.

BOOTH ST., 110, No. 28-Theresa Abell to Primacy Closing Corp., $329,955.

BRAMBLE BUSH CT., 9102-Janette Deleon to Sonia Romero and Jose M. Villalobos, $288,000.

CACTUS CT., 18012-Mary B. Ganges to Eun Kyung and Yong Uk Kim, $358,000.

CARTWRIGHT PL., 10916-Prudential Residential Services to Bong J. Rhee, $675,000.

CENTERWAY RD., 9109-Paulette Long to Edgar Diaz, $280,000.

CHESTERTOWN ST., 711-Daniel P. Diggins to Matthew Bechard, $610,000.

CHRISTOPHER AVE., 409, No. 71-Ann E. Filloramo to Eka Gvasalia, $271,000.

CINNABAR TERR., 7541-Oscar C. Lucero to Leslie A. Johnson, $447,000.

CROSS GREEN ST., 337, No. 337B-Renato and Ilaria A. Parisotto to Cathy A. and Brett L. Hom, $452,000.

CROWNSGATE CT., 3-Fabiano S. and P.R. Palini to Annie and Julius Stone, $747,500.

DEER PARK RD. W., 428, No. 10-B-Pablo R. Quintanilla to Edwin E. Villatoro, $302,000.

DIAMOND DR., 873-D.W. and Daniel R. Shankle to Dina M. Rasavage, $489,000.

FEATHERTREE TERR., 9800, No. 29-Hwa S. Song to Alan G. McKnight, $294,000.

GIRARD ST., 404, No. 22-Karla and Rafael Munguia to Angel Chavez, $180,000.

HORIZON RUN RD., 9415, No. 10-A-Anita O. Leguia to Betty Gorena and Ruben E. Quineche, $258,000.

KILCREGGAN TERR., 7430-Jaime Ordonez to Daniel A. Leiva, $341,000.

LAKE LANDING RD., 9927-Pauline M. Sullivan, trustee, to Toni and Robert J. Castillo, $295,000.

LAYTONIA DR., 7604-Marvin R. and L. Thomas to Jully F. and Erwin S. Arsenio, $315,000.

LINSLADE CLOSE, 943-William N. Campbell Jr. to Sonya G. and Carl Udler, $1.01 million.$1,011,000.

LITTLE QUARRY RD., 326-Brian Banik to James J. Gorman III, $605,000.

MAIN ST., 621-A-Nicole S. Macedonia to Thomas M. Gallagher, $418,355.

MIDLINE CT., 17-Pedar Schrock, trustee, to Ben Addai, $385,000.

OAK SHADE RD., 65-Douglas M. Tilton to Catherine A. Breza, $344,000.

PHEASANT RUN DR., 920-Amparo Briggs to Virginia C. and Kevin J. Reagan, $499,000.

PHILMONT DR., 502, No. 3-Deanna L. Miano to Giorgia Roncagliolo and Carlos Gonzalez, $223,250.

QUAIL RUN DR., 15516-Raymond G. and B.G. Stuber to Princina and Daniel Drazan, $825,000.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 728, No. 102-Susan L. Stauffer to David McCormick Goodhart, $197,900.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 750, No. P-1-Anthony Thompson to Min Jong Hong, $142,000.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 764, No. 201-B.R. and Donald R. Talbot to Robert A. Moroney, $185,000.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 794, No. P-2-Xiaowei Yu to Rashida M. Colombowala and Murtaza A. Colombowala, $190,152.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 800, No. P-1-Thirsey P. and John W. Gordy Jr. to Robert A. Moroney, $155,000.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 814, No. 201-M.C. and William P. Murphy to Raul Molina, $175,000.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 822, No. 201-Melissa M. and Patrick M. Sasu to Boji Huang, $225,000.

REPRISE TERR., 15435-Zai X. Hu to Kristin Halliday, $326,850.

RIDGELINE DR., 10300-Robin C. Williams to Blesilda D. and Roderick V. Gonzales, $230,100.

RIDGEPOINT PL., 120-Carol L. Chiarizia to Deborah and Ricardo Ramirez, $475,000.

SHADY SPRING DR., 8319-Raymond J. and J.M. Prince to Samara J. and Jorge M. Veliz, $301,500.

SHARPSTEAD LANE, 146-Israel F. Contrears to Hsiao Ting and Lee Cheng, $326,000.

SIOUX LANE, 16573-K.S. and Myung H. Yoon to Rodney S. Scott, $535,000.

SWEET AUTUMN DR., 18501, No. 201-Marjorie B. Bean, trustee, to Erick R. Casasola Jr., $200,000.

TOPFIELD DR., 17738, No. 4-E-V.E. and William A. McKinney to Luis A. Rodriguez, $275,000.

TRAVIS LANE, 1056-D.A. and German Castro to Harish Chander, $285,000.

TREWORTHY RD., 26-Mario and R.M. Sanchez to Rui Hung Tsai and Leo M. Wermers, $646,900.

WEST SIDE DR., 846, No. 13-E-Gary R. and J.H. Quittschreiber to Haydee and Luis A. Benitez, $260,000.

WHEELWRIGHT DR., 19805-Marlen and Milton Pryor to Anibal O. Avila Varela, $285,000.

WINDBROOKE CIR., 47-Josette M. George to Amy E. Gravell, $260,000.

WINESAP DR., 15140-Alan E. and S.A. Grimshaw to Elise A. and Aditya A. Bhagwat, $615,000.

WINTER WALK DR., 120-Luisa C. Pollard to Barbara L. Travers, $564,500.

Germantown Area

AMETHYST LANE, 20538-Sarah Davis to Sundar Harrilal, $300,000.

APPERSON WAY, 11519-Jorge A. and M.L. Tello to Santos and Francisco Rivas, $322,000.

ASHWORTH CT., 11705-Eddy L. Aldana to Sonia and Jose Cruz, $285,000.

BEACONFIELD TERR., 20330, No. 301-Ronald Bryant to Wesley K. Jacobs, $209,000.

BIRDSEYE DR., 18803-Walika Kanitthanon to Allen Chen, $246,000.

BRIARCLIFF TERR., 13110, No. 6-612-Vincent A. Lacovara to Suzanne K. and Sander M. Davidson, $214,000.

BRUNDIDGE TERR., 11488-Mahindra N. Varma to Cristina D. and Jose Sorto, $306,900.

CHARITY LANE, 17639-John V. Mahala to Gina and Carlos Espinoza, $725,000.

CLIMBING IVY DR., 12825-Kenneth D. Miller III to Huy D. Truong, $322,000.

CLOPPERS MILL DR., 13205, No. 13F-Katherine Cassidy to Jaclyn M. Bonelli, $280,000.

CORAL GROVE PL., 12533-Christopher L. Statler to Moritziana D. and Hector Carrillo, $320,000.

CORINTHIAN CT., 11310, No. 125-Anne T. Berman to Jennifer S. and Alan J. Blumberg, $217,000.

CROSS LAUREL CT., 32-Maria S. Lucien to Tiffanu L. and Sean L. Washington, $307,200.

DOXDAM WAY, 20800-Debbie Russell Iltchenko and Vladimir Iltchenko to Queen Kha Ngo and Tony Luu, $450,000.

DRUMCASTLE TERR., 11680-Alberto Lopez Acosta to Argenis O. Manzanares, $345,000.

ETON MANOR DR., 11804, No. 102-Roberta E. Gordon to Alan J. Thieroff, $276,000.

FOXWOOD CT., 5-W.Y. and Zhongliang Wen to Katy M. Posas Palencia, $625,000.

FOXWOOD TERR., 20403-M.L. and Michael B. Loberiza to Mohamed Desai, $626,000.

GATESHEAD CIR., 20028, No. 114-Eula Corea to Jeong S. Eum, $305,000.

GIANT CT., 13528-C.D. and Lashonda D. Johnson to Christopher C. Lim, $345,000.

HARMONY WOODS LANE, 18813-Ellen Jon to Jerry Lin, $385,000.

HARMONY WOODS LANE, 18828-Stephen H. Pearson to Behnaz Sarrami, $394,100.

HICKORY TREE WAY, 12401, No. 732-Michelle E. Castillo to Yasmin Ghani, $180,000.

HIGHSTREAM DR., 18914, No. 708-Tony and Kakay Senh to Yelena Y. Glushchenko and Kyle A. Kovkin, $330,000.

HIGHSTREAM DR., 19119-S.A. and Ronald J. Loube to Marcus C. Melton, $354,000.

HONEYBEAR LANE, 11420-Sarah A. Perigard to Isabel S. and Roberto Portillo, $435,000.

LIBERTY HEIGHTS CT., 1-Erin C. and Todd M. Bragg to Mahmoud Mohammadi, $313,500.

METZ DR., 18106-Dennis L. and G.D. Ridenour to Chanda Herbert Osei and Samuel Osei, $274,900.

METZ DR., 18110-Robert Waltz to Natteeporn Pruksavan, $305,000.

MILLHAVEN PL., 13107, No. 6-G-Jeffrey Maurer to Sarah Schreck, $319,400.

PICKERING DR., 12959-Marvin R. Romero to Aura M. Somoza, $282,000.

PINE RIDGE LANE, 18823, No. 17-2-Carlos O. Campos to Jose M. Villatoro, $261,999.

RED ADMIRAL WAY, 12105-Jianxun Dong to Debra Russell Iltchenko and Vladimir Iltchenko, $697,500.

SAGE TERR., 12801-S. Stuart Morrison to Jason Goldberg, $210,000.

SAGE WAY, 18605-Katy Posas to Diem T. Nguyen, $280,000.

ST. PETER CT., 12213-J-Joan M. Connelly to Elizabeth J. Blake, $266,000.

ST. PETER CT., 12213-M-David C. Laycock to Pedro Jose Matias, $255,000.

SPLIT ROCK LANE, 18579-Leon Parrott to Anita Guzman, $315,000.

SUMMER OAK DR., 11562-Naomi M. and William O. Johnson to Carol P. and Lawrence S. Stein, $336,150.

SUMMER OAK DR., 11719-Michael O. Lennon to Dennis McDonald, $310,500.

THACKERY PL., 13114-L.A. and Lloyd A. Harding to Arthur T. Summerville III, $315,000.

VALLEYSIDE WAY, 12436-Janet L. Just to Luc Quang Nguyen and Khanh Bao, $275,000.

WHEATRIDGE DR., 18023-Tracy M. and Hasan B. Alam to George Condaras, $620,000.

WHITE SADDLE DR., 19538-Michele A. and Todd E. Stickler to Patrice Adam Yeboua, $326,700.

WHITECHURCH CT., 23-Hanumantha and Himabindu Komaragiri to Sidra Khan and Syed Hussain, $285,000.

Kensington Area

BYEFORDE RD., 9424-J. Patrick Rowan to Margaret M. Farrell and Robert W. Paxton, $745,000.

CAMPBELL DR., 9806-A.Y. and Jon Lerner to Daniel C. Hayden, $710,000.

CULVER ST., 9801-Janet S. Majerus, trustee, to Lorenzo De Marchi and Ilaria Bernucci, $925,000.

EVERETT ST., 4001-Rodney J. and Maren C. Fuller to Angela T. and Christopher G. Wratney, $695,000.

PARKWOOD DR., 10304-Caryn Gross to Caroline and Timothy J. Mickel, $875,000.

WILDWOOD RD., 9900-Jesse Cloud to Mark G. Abdow, $525,000.

WOODSON AVE., 11406-Max and Chelsea K. Bachrach to Lisa McGonigal and Philip Yin, $508,000.

Laytonsville Area

GRIFFITH RD., 5504-Walter W. Mathieson III, trustee, to Gloribel I. and Santos Paniagua, $590,000.

HARVEST KNOLLS WAY, 9621-P.E. and Frank F. Muller to Lisa Davis, $425,000.

LONG CORNER RD., 26315-Shirley E. Devilbiss to Silvia Rodriguez, $634,000.

LOW MEADOW DR., 9609-Christopher T. and S.K. Thomas to Patricia Del Carmen Navarro and Adolfo D. Navarro, $765,000.

Montgomery Village Area

BAZZELLTON PL., 19873-Diane M. Kuykendall to Juan Carlos Silva, $325,900.

BRASSIE WAY, 9655-Nancy A. Mullens to Paula A. Bahamonde and Miguel A. Sepulveda, $195,000.

BRECKENRIDGE PL., 9709-LandAmerica OneStop Inc. to Karen R. and Randy Craig, $550,000.

BROOKRIDGE CT., 9908-Sara B. Membreno to Mary F. and Joaguim J. Palmeiro, $270,000.

BUHRSTONE DR., 19938-Cornell T. Lewis Jr. to Rebeca and Inocente Duran, $257,000.

BURCHAP DR., 8429-Loi Huu Tran to Bonnie C. Arze, $339,500.

CAPE ANNE CT., 9-H.K. and Dev P. Sen to Brian L. Smith, $412,500.

CLUB HOUSE RD., 19321, No. 103-James Blackwell to Rosemary Moyer, $173,101.

DOCENA CT., 7-Thathiah and Padmalatha Ravi to Rodolfo Orihuela, $242,500.

FAWN VISTA WAY, 19806-John E. and Kathy Graminski to Stephani M. and Brett D. Eaton, $511,500.

FOREST VIEW PL., 10026-Jessica J. Albert to Samer Hassan, $210,000.

GALLATIN CT., 19536-Sandy M. and Patrick W. O'Malley to Peter A. Moholt, $479,900.

GRAZING WAY, 20204-Alisa Disney to Michelle and Scott Willis, $275,000.

HORIZON RUN RD., 9620, No. 17-B-Lawrence A. Haight to David Moreno, $264,000.

MEADOWCROFT CT., 2-Joseph T. Kavanagh to Stefanie D. Morgan Davis and Nikel D. Davis, $553,000.

OTTER COVE CT., 7947-Christine O. and Matthew E. Cliney to Elizabeth Fozo and Jesse Wells, $289,900.

PENSHURST CT., 9401-Mariyana and Stanislav Y. Yanev to Heather L. Matovich, $277,000.

PIER POINT PL., 18747-Rossitza and Kostadin Goygadjiev to Nadine C. Former, $302,000.

RIDGELINE DR., 10022-Hsinyu Ho to Mariano R. Colindres, $253,000.

ROYAL BONNET CIR., 18018-Adele J. Federico to Hongqing Qin, $332,000.

THOMAS LEA TERR., 8803-William G. and W.L. McDermott to Steven R. and Jennifer B. Koerner, $381,500.

WALKERS CHOICE RD., 18603, No. 5-Jimmy Martins to Dougo N. Sidibe, $195,000.

WELBECK WAY, 8670-Jennifer S. Ledman to Claudia V. Mera and Jainiber Ocampo Restrepo, $200,000.

New Hampshire Estates-

Hillandale Area

COTTRELL TERR., 9632-Lanre and Tawanna Raimi to Kelly A. and Brian S. McCardle, $379,000.

NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 9611-Lucie H. to Olivia Cordero, $423,000.

Norbeck-Layhill Area

BEL PRE RD., 3820, No. 5-75-Eunice A. Afolabi to Mohammad M. Ali, $185,000.

CAMELBACK LANE, 2603, No. 3-9-Monica R. Hyera to Haeok Yu, $242,000.

CASINO CIR., 1461-David E. Cabrera to Eric R. Edelman, $419,211.

DENLEY PL., 2814-Hector Reyers to Sarvia Nohemi Lazo Perla, $385,000.

DOWNER DR., 12410-Brendan McNamar to Daniel Juica, $390,000.

FARNELL DR., 12617-Philippe A. and P.A. Choquet to Brighid E. and Eric N. Moret, $349,900.

FARNELL DR., 12635-Jose A. Vides to Martha C. Lobo, $355,000.

FISKE TERR., 3548, No. 147-A-Ivan R. Bacchus to Lina C.P. and Han Kuei Fu, $265,000.

GREENERY LANE, 2101, No. 102-28-Amilcar Salguero to Victoria Florez, $230,000.

GREENERY LANE, 2302, No. 102-16-Sarfino and Rhoades to Chun Yang Chen and Li Zhang, $192,000.

HELSEL DR., 3113-James E. Barr, trustee, to Norma Espinoza Deen and Shameer Deen, $435,000.

HUGO CIR., 1555-Linda J. Fisher Revocable Trust to Angela Bednarczyk, $474,000.

INTERLACHEN DR., 15107, No. 2-917-Phyllis R. Liberti, trustee, to Anita and Jay Graber, $300,000.

ISLAND CREEK CT., 3421, No. 132-B-Beatrice Dunayer Revocable Trust to Sylvia M. Jones, $390,000.

KELSEY ST., 3819-Hermelinda Erroa to Amilcar De Jesus Salguero, $365,000.

KENOSHA PL., 2301-J.F. and Darlene A. Anastas to Charles S. Cook, $517,500.

LADYMEADE DR., 2406-Francisca and C. Jarvis to Dominador Joseph G. Bagasao and Aida Bagasao, $394,900.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. S., 3005, No. 125-Margaret M. McCluskey to Urania Buas, $345,000.

NEOLA RD., 12902-Dean D. Evangelista to Jose I. Bonilla, $400,000.

NORTH GATE DR., 14217-L.W. and Charles A. Thibault to Robert L. Clark Jr., $425,000.

PINE ORCHARD DR., 15310, No. 84-3J-G.J. and James A. Ward to Roberta E. Gordon, $234,990.

PINE ORCHARD DR., 15316, No. 82-2H-Anne O'Grady to Joan K. Henze, $217,400.

PITTSON RD., 11805-Angela L. and Robert T. Neff to Rosa Pearson, $396,000.

RED EAGLE LANE, 14127-Elizabeth B. and Francisco R. Agulto to Gary Berry, $461,000.

ROSETREE CT., 14351-Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. to Long Phu, $337,000.

ROSETREE CT., 14352-S. and Stella Broh to Kokou Blagogee, $334,000.

SELFRIDGE RD., 12118-Jose E. Alas to Emerlita and Richardo Cabral, $309,900.

SELFRIDGE RD., 12204-D.E. and Juan Martinez to Oscar A. Amaya, $375,000.

SUN VALLEY CIR., 2426, No. 7-AB-Dennis N. D'Angelo to Rildenor B. Camara, $195,000.

TRILLIUM TERR., 14210-Shant Kehyaian to Aster Helen Teclemariam, $530,000.

VALLEYWOOD DR., 12812-William J. Mayton to Ana V. Campos, $273,000.

WAGON TRAIL CT., 4-Rezaur R. Sikder to Deo Ndikumana, $392,000.

WIMBLEDON CT., 11-P.M. and Darrell C. Griffith to Laure Yakam Juompan, $327,500.

WOLFCREEK WAY, 14202, No. 1-26-Tracy Stake to Jenerine Balang, $250,000.

WOLFCREEK WAY, 14202, No. 9-26-Jonathan M. and Shawnda K. Eibl to Kerri Anderson Czerkas and Shane Czerkas, $259,900.

WOOLEN OAK CT., 14203, No. 8-31-Judy R. Sullvan to Yun Hee Sung, $250,000.

Olney Area

BUEHLER RD., 17824, No. 2-G-4-Alberto Galeano to Doris Y. Florian and Edgar Zamora, $216,000.

CARNEGIE HALL CIR., 3215-Brian J. and Jill Lopes to Agnes Dalgetty, $431,375.

GATSBY TERR., 17569-Lyhn C. and H.K. Keem to R.G. and Kevin M. McKenna, $635,000.

KIRSTIN CT., 17406-Robert A. O'Toole to Cheryl G. and Michael D. Plainte, $580,000.

LONGVIEW LANE, 17647-Jui Huang Cheng to Richard Lee, $300,000.

MCGEE WAY, 2926-Heather M. Rubino to Jason P. Rubino, $275,000.

MOUNT OLNEY LANE, 3829-R.S. and William N. Dove to Jorge E. Castellanos, $450,000.

PARADISE COVE TERR., 18306-Lavern R. Bentt to Michael Fradkin, $730,000.

ROLLING MEADOW WAY, 18272-Amy B. and Brent T. Mascott to Alyssa K. Dragnich, $349,900.

THORNHURST CT., 9-Douglas E. and P.J. Rupp to Gregory J. and Christine A. Greseth, $530,000.

THORNHURST DR., 4509-Richard G. and V.M. Carr to Nancy J. and Timothy J. Rossini, $555,000.

Poolesville Area

BODMER AVE., 19508-W.B. and Vincent E. Tozzolo to Gordon Diehl, $395,000.

KOHLHOSS RD., 17657-David B. Enabnit to Debbie A. and Reginald Cross, $229,000.

Potomac Area

ALLOWAY DR., 10500-David L. and P.M. Piazza to Anastasia and Thanos Catsambas, $2.04 million.

BRUSHWOOD TERR., 12904-Andrew J. and J.R. Egber to Margaret M. and Kenneth J. Meyer, $1.38 million.

CARMELITA DR., 10016-Julio and Lopez Brito to Julieta Acebal and Robert Mordkin, $1.25 million.

CHARTWELL MANOR CT., 10040-Michael E. and H.L. Jalbert to Wei W. Guo and Sin Y. Teo, $1,655,000.

DEVILWOOD DR., 11716-George P. and A.G. Parakamannil to Don R. and Nina M. Preuss, $765,000.

FAWSETT RD., 11024-William C. and M.C. Donaldson to Sharon L. and John E. Phelps, $822,500.

FLOWERFIELD DR., 13529-Carol L. Taylor to Barbara A. and Richard E. Cornish, $798,550.

FOX RUN, 8307-M.C. and Kevin P. Dooley to Prudential Relocation Inc., $1.04 million.

GAINSBOROUGH RD., 11219-Gregory R. Cunliffe to Dorothy and Yaacov Schneider, $525,000.

GLEN MILL RD., 12121-Deer Crossing Corp. to Nicole and Stephen Shum, $755,000.

HUNTING RIDGE CT., 11824-Carl F. and J.M. Emde to Veronica J. and Steven A. Wahrhaftig, $905,000.

OLMSTEAD CT., 2-Richard and J.B. Mikita to Christopher and Ann Raffo, $790,000.

SMOKETREE RD., 11828-Hossein and Claudia Vataandoost to Anne and Raul Gangotena, $675,000.

SUNNY BROOK LANE, 10503-Leslie H. and Daniel L. Geringer to Kevin A. Taheri, $786,000.

TIFTON DR., 11705-Ann M. McIntyre to Frederick M. Shulman, trustee, $625,000.

WHITERIM DR., 10931-Kee Woo Rhee to Laura J. Quinting, $669,000.

Rockville Area

ASHLEY DR., 12011-Guadalupe Montesinos to Be Hai Thi Du and Bay Van Tran, $400,000.

AZALEA DR., 891, No. 23-Jerry M. Rice to John J. Howley, $326,000.

BEALL AVE., 736-Duane A. Hatfield Smith to Elesia L. and John P. Archer, $592,500.

BLUE HOSTA WAY, 11-Brett S. and Jennifer A. Bernstein to Esther and Aubrey Knight, $659,900.

BRAXFIELD CT., 12411, No. 530-James D. Levy to Arif and Arwa I. Mustofa, $272,000.

BREWER HOUSE CIR., 5702, No. 101-12-Jeanette S. Hirsch to John B. Kogut, $440,000.

BRICE RD., 1012-Karl A. and S.R. Toner to Zahra Esmaeil and Ahmad A. Oskoui, $475,000.

CALABASH CT., 29-A. and Etery Benitzhak to Sunny Ha, $615,000.

COLLEGE PKWY., 838, No. 11-Katherine L. Foti to Motoshi Suzuki, $350,000.

CUMBERNAULD CT., 4-Eugene H. and L.M. Cranor to Kamalinder K. and Ajaydeep S. Goraya, $729,000.

DORCHESTER WAY, 5918-M. and Tunca Iskir to Anne Pace, $686,500.

EDSON LANE, 11215, No. 40-Andrew S. Heifetz to Cheol Lee and Sohyoung Kim, $480,500.

EVELYN DR., 1701-Adrienne M. Dunn to Michael Sokol, $349,000.

FEATHER ROCK DR., 407-Stephen K. and S.W. Tougias to Jacqueline F. and Scott E. Kauff, $789,000.

GRANDIN AVE., 102-Mid Atlantic Development Co. Corp. to Jessica Huynh and Kai Yu, $275,000.

GROVE RIDGE WAY, 5477, No. 130-Vyjayanti and Sanjay Desai to Sean F.X. Boland Jr., $552,000.

HAMPTON MILL TERR., 10703, No. 416-Erin Tench to Timothy M. Hunt, $310,000.

HAMPTON MILL TERR., 10817, No. 609-H.L. and Bernard M. Hensgen to Sarah Dammeyer, $354,500.

HAMPTON MILL TERR., 10823, No. 1105-Mark C. Livingstone to Robert A. Skitol, $265,000.

HAMPTON MILL TERR., 10823, No. 1117-Nikki J. Rasnic to Madeleine C. Kruhsberg, $390,000.

LAMBERTINA PL., 13747-Adrian L. and K.A. Tarquinio to Mi Seong Park and Jae Jin Chae, $620,000.

LONGHORN CRESCENT, 556-Merrick and Stacey L. Morse to Francine and George Friedman, $653,000.

MACON RD., 5104-Mei Yu Hsu to Esther I. Archila, $470,000.

MANNAKEE ST., 8-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Yelena and Aleksandr Dagunts, $589,000.

MANNAKEE ST., 8-Danielle N. and Thomas S. Lawler to Prudential Relocation Inc., $589,000.

MAPLETON RD., 710-Danielle R. Crisp to Kanchhi Maya Sherpa and Tenzin Chophel, $350,000.

MIST HAVEN TERR., 10702-Robert E. Gans to Todd J. Canni, $581,000.

MONROE ST., 118, No. 904-Fedor Antsiferov to Betty Jean Soto and Edgar M. Soto Enciso, $245,000.

PINEWOOD RD., 506-John Dibble to Lidia H. Cruz and Jose P. Vasquez, $310,000.

READING TERR., 206-Federico J. and Lidia B. Romero to Saleia Afele Faamuli and Joseph A. Faamuli, $467,000.

REDLAND BLVD., 502-Richard Edward and Holcomb to Hyo J. and Je H. Yoon, $587,500.

ROCKVILLE PIKE, 10412, No. 102-Laura K. Havener to Jacqueline Havener, trustee, $222,000.

ROCKVILLE PIKE, 10428, No. 201-Amy H. and Joe A. Pagano to Joshua R. McFeeters, $321,000.

ROLLINS AVE., 604-C.S. and Edward A. Barger to Dina Covaliu, $501,000.

SHAGBARK CT., 6-Myra Rosen, trustee, to Rokeya and Mohammad Rahman, $515,000.

SMALLWOOD RD., 626-Christine S. and Richard W. Johnson to Primacy Closing Corp., $648,500.

TALBOTT ST., 199-Mohammad R. Adili, trustee, to Kevin McMahon, $220,000.

TROY RD., 11012-Yvonne Higgins to Michele E. Raynor, $345,000.

WINDERMERE CIR., 6539-Harold R. and J.H. Sieber to Sandra H. and Joseph T. Kavanagh, $959,000.

Sandy Spring Area

BROOKE RD., 18549-Karen Devost Rollings to Ana Maria and Rolando Ore, $399,000.

Silver Spring Area

COLSTON DR., 2212, No. C-302-William A. Thompson Jr. to Gabriela Zollner, $271,500.

DALE DR., 4-Overton Homes Corp. to Sibel S. Cece, $684,750.

FOREST GLEN CT., 9700-L.D. Vanscoy, trustee, to Mary Ann Mayhew, $444,500.

GRUBB RD., 8335, No. G-203-Jimie D. Anderson to Zdenek Bocek, $358,000.

HOLLOW GLEN PL., 9830, No. 2562-Marjorie J. Brungart to Nandini Arunkumar and Rajesh Rai, $315,000.

KERWIN RD., 901-Sandra Woodlock to Carrie A. Damour, $390,000.

LANARK WAY, 400-Louis and B. Dicken to Claire K. and Benjamin S. Chadwick, $437,000.

LAWSON PL., 9704-C.S. and Jack A. Lawson to Sarah B. Morgan, $560,000.

MANCHESTER RD., 8601, No. 200-Tarek Aly to Betis E. Leon, $270,000.

MARGATE RD., 10815-R.R. and Joseph E. Rosenberg to Clairette Mafouomene, $430,000.

ROYALTON TERR., 10408-James Bassford to Blanca E. and Jose A. Castillo, $390,000.

WAYNE AVE. E., 95, No. 308-Jean L. Debellotte to Cameena and Oswald Singh, $175,000.

WIRE AVE., 9313-C.A. and Gerald Spencer to Jibril Abdus Samad, $440,000.

Takoma Park Area

ANNE ST., 1003-Doris K. Rabbitt to Juana Estela Flores Febles and Carlos R. Febles, $360,000.

BELFORD DR., 6808-Gerald Pratt to Leanne Dougherty, $326,343.

EASTERN AVE., 6839-A.S. and Laurence O. Gibbons to John C. Kirksey, $546,830.

GRANT AVE., 223-Clara L. Bernstein to Susan F. Brubacher, $360,000.

HOOD ST., 8515-F.P. and Edwin D. Burnett to Catalina Espinoza, $260,000.

HOUSTON CT., 8207-Nicholas A. Munoz to Daniel Haile, $400,000.

SEEK CT., 5-Toan M. Nguyen to Christine Marie Herridge, $286,000.

Twinbrook Area

CORAL SEA DR., 1308-S.M. and C.L. Scauflaire to Robert E. Clubb, $285,000.

GRUENTHER AVE., 300-Hoang T. Nguyen to Mohamed N. and Fathima R. Nizar, $410,000.

MCINTYRE RD., 501-Norma C. Trabold to Dimas A. Ramirez, $421,500.

SHETLAND CT., 1-Leslie R. Surgento to Edward Mertz and Ekaterina M. Nestorovich, $451,122.

Wheaton Area

AMHERST AVE., 10811-C-Ivanov Castellanos to Shawn Berryman Spiegler, $183,000.

BLUHILL RD., 12133-Ana D. and Jose L. Marquez to David Salinas, $278,000.

BRISBANE ST., 1602-Omni Developments Corp. to Nancy I. and Robert S. Arnone, $270,000.

CATALINA TERR., 11425-Mihail S. Anapniotis to Amy Jo and Michael J. Bloom, $645,000.

COLERIDGE DR., 2004, No. 20-203-Jonathan Han to Lurdy E. Bruch, $221,000.

COLLEGE VIEW DR., 11739-Karen A. Thompson to Juan A. Villegas, $360,000.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 12102-L.P. and Reuben Kort, trustees, to Yu Lan Chen, $355,000.

CONSTANCE ST., 1508-A.A. and Philip Rosenbloom to William H. Gaines III, $392,000.

DAMERON DR., 9909-Ann M. Murphy to Jane C. Von Maltzahn, $345,000.

DAWSON AVE., 2907-E.V. and Lambert Harris to Jose D.V. Beltran, $375,000.

FRANCIS DR., 10705-John A. Nerges to Jeannine Mogavero and Marc R. Theoret, $451,000.

HANBY ST., 1514-Karen L. Malone to Daniel M. Gelfand, $350,000.

HAYWOOD CIR., 10102-Jonathan S. Adams to Lisa Marie Manning and Jacob Adam Buxton, $432,500.

MEDWAY ST., 3306-M.E. and Manuel E. Quinteros to Jose F. Garcia, $292,250.

MILTON ST., 12052-Blanca and Jose B. Montano to Rudy A. Fernandez, $300,000.

PARKER AVE., 2209-J.A. and Philippe V. Cardon Jr. to Telma Yuman, $440,000.

REEDIE DR., 2206-S. and Edward Parlati to Robert W. Parker, $431,500.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. W., 1111, No. 810-A-S.H. and Charles S. Cook to Somphit Kamjornjarat, $143,000.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. W., 1121, No. 1102-Hazel and Arthur B. Brisker to Charlene D. Carthon, $182,500.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. W., 1121, No. 1210-B-Bernard P. Winkelvoss to Milena Schleifer, $161,000.

VALLEYWOOD DR., 12216-Kathleen R. Passero to Daniel W. Fong, $349,900.

WINDHAM LANE, 1502-Joseph H. and M.A. Farrell to Bess Flax D'Costa and Gladwin D'Costa, $295,000.

WINDING WAYE LANE, 1308-James H. Phillips III to Maria T. and Tomas A. Dominguez, $575,000.