The following were among animal cases received recently by the Prince George's County Department of Environmental Resources Animal Management Division. Call 301-499-8300 for directions to the Prince George's County Animal Shelter, hours of operation, and adoption and licensing procedures. The shelter's Web site is at; click on Government, then go to Department & Agency Index.

Dogs Held in Rabbit Killing

DISTRICT HEIGHTS, Springdale Ave., 3500 block, Sept. 1. A resident who had two pet rabbits in a garage reported that two dogs had entered the garage. Before an animal control officer arrived, the dogs killed one of the rabbits. The officer found a 1-year-old male boxer and a 1-year-old female mixed mastiff standing over the dead rabbit. The officer took the dogs and left a notice for their owner. Both dogs were claimed Sept. 3 after fines and fees totaling $285 were paid.

Kittens Hit by Children Rescued

LAUREL, S. Laurel Dr., 11000 block, Sept. 1. Children near a community swimming pool were reportedly using sticks to hit four kittens that someone had abandoned in bushes. A resident intervened and watched the kittens until an animal control officer arrived. The officer took three of the 3-month-old kittens -- two female and one male domestic shorthairs -- to the shelter to be held as strays. The fourth kitten reportedly was taken away by a resident.

Stray Dog Found Tied to Grill

DISTRICT HEIGHTS, Donnell Pl., 7100 block, Sept. 5. A stray dog was found in a community park tied to a grill with only a two-inch lead between its neck and the grill. The dog could not move or sit. An animal control officer picked up the 1-year-old, white and tan female pit bull, which had a collar but no tags. It was being held at the shelter as a stray.

Bird Stuck on Glue Trap

BOWIE, Cleary Lane, 10000 block, Sept. 5. A resident who had set glue traps to capture lizards called to report a bird stuck on a trap. An animal control officer removed the bird by applying fingernail polish remover to the trap. The bird, which was not injured, was returned to the wild. The resident was advised to remove the glue traps, which are considered inhumane.

Groundhog Released From Trap

LANHAM, Storch Cir., 6900 block, Sept. 5. An animal control officer picked up a groundhog from a trap at a residence. The apparently healthy adult groundhog was returned to the wild.

Stray Dogs Impounded at Shelter

LAUREL, Hunting Lane, 8800 block, Sept. 5. A stray dog was chained to an apartment door knocker for about an hour. A towel had been left on the floor near the dog. An animal control officer picked up the dog, a 1-year-old, chocolate and white male pit bull. It had been found running loose and then tied to an apartment front door by a resident. The dog did not have a collar or tags and was being held at the shelter as a stray.

BLADENSBURG, Volta Ave., 5000 block, Sept. 5. An animal control officer picked up two dogs found running loose. One dog, a black and tan, male German shepherd, was very underweight and had a choke collar but no tags. The other, a black and brown male Rottweiler, had a choke chain but no tags. Both were taken to the shelter to be held as strays.

Dogs and Cats Available

The Prince George's County SPCA/Humane Society will offer dog adoptions from noon to 3 p.m. Saturday at Petco, 6181 Old Dobbin Lane, Columbia; and cat adoptions from noon to 4 p.m. Saturday at Petco, 15461 Excelsior Dr., Bowie. The pets' foster owners will answer questions and accept adoption applications. The adoption fee is $115 per cat, $180 per dog. For more information, call 301-262-5625 or go to

-- Compiled by LISA MARTIN