Purcellville Chief Retiring

Purcellville Police Chief David Simpson plans to retire Dec. 31 after more than 35 years in law enforcement.

Simpson grew up in Purcellville. He joined the Middleburg Police Department shortly after graduating from Loudoun Valley High School in 1969, then moved to the Loudoun County Sheriff's Office. He was appointed Middleburg police chief in 1989.

He returned to Purcellville as a patrolman in 1998 and became the town's police chief in 2000.

Precinct Changes Sought

The Loudoun County Electoral Board and the registrar's office are requesting the following precinct changes for the Nov. 8 election:

* Precinct 108 Arcola would be moved to Mercer Middle School, 41249 Greenstone Dr., Aldie, and renamed 108 Mercer.

* Half the voters in Leesburg Precinct 407 Harper Park (Harper Park Middle School) would be moved to the new Precinct 410 Tolbert, John W. Tolbert Jr. Elementary School, 691 Potomac Station Dr. NE. The two school buildings are side by side.

* Half the voters at Precinct 808 Stone Bridge would be moved to the new Precinct 814 Newton-Lee, Newton-Lee Elementary School, at 43335 Gloucester Pkwy., Ashburn.

The changes in Leesburg would enable voters to cast their ballots at the same precincts in town elections as in other elections.

If the changes are approved by the Justice Department, affected voters will receive new voter registration cards in the mail around Oct. 1.

Donations to Youth Groups

The Loudoun County chapter of the Northern Virginia Building Industry Association is donating $16,000 to county organizations serving families and youths.

Rick Entsminger, the chapter president, said the money will go to five groups: Loudoun Habitat for Humanity, $5,000; Loudoun Youth Inc., $3,500; Loudoun Youth Soccer Association, $2,500; Dulles Little League, $2,500; and Eastern Loudoun Lacrosse, $2,500.

"Our industry builds communities for the many families who are attracted to Loudoun's excellent quality of life," Entsminger said. "And while we provide the houses, and in many cases the schools and the roads, these organizations breathe life into the community by bringing families together and providing opportunities for our county's young people."

-- Compiled by LESLIE SHEPHERD