The following home sales were recorded recently in Loudoun County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Loudoun County Assessment Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Loudoun and other Washington areas, visit

Aldie-Braddock Road Area

BEAR TOOTH DR., 42032-Deba and Farid Ehsan to Josine and Donald Roessler, $717,000.

BERYL TERR., 41900-Van Metre Homes at Stone Ridge to Robert B. Carhart, $458,603.

MASTERY PL., 25298-NVR Inc. to Mina and Painda Fakoor, $614,490.

RESTFUL TERR., 41902-Juliette S. Ghabbour to Ambrose Fernandez, $459,990.

VISIONARY CT., 41949-NVR Inc. to Puntipa Y. and John C. Huang, $739,550.


Regional Park Area

KENTWELL PL., 47041-Alison L. and Bradley T. Hokamp to Raynelle W. and Carlos A. Araque, $750,000.

MIDDLE BLUFF PL., 47180-Suzanne H. and Robert C. Slatkin to Lisa Ann and Michael J. Toohey, $924,000.

PRYOR SQ., 46348-Zhuo Hua Li to Joshua T. Jablonski, $361,000.

RIVER BANK ST., 20436-Chong Ho and Sung Ja Lee to He Wang and Saran Bao, $631,000.

RIVERBEND SQ., 20417, No. 301-Thomas M. McDonald to Heather and Ryan Geho, $331,000.

SANDSTONE SQ., 20881-Jeffrey E. Scott to Lisa and Peter Travis, $425,000.

SELDEN CT., 12-Michelle M. and John D. McDonald to L. Cathey and Frank Conselatore Sr., $445,000.

WOODBORO TERR., 47609-Catherine L. and Michael Profit to Wilma and Jose Urgel, $449,900.

Ashburn Area

ASPENDALE SQ., 19594-Belmont Land Partnership to Lorraine T. Rovis, $553,406.

BASELINE TERR., 20400-U. Suresh and Thiagarajan Suresh to Benjamin Everett and Karen Weigel, $440,000.

BEECHWOOD TERR., 20301, No. 103-Nancy Gay Dillaman to Haidy E. and Olivier Dupuy, $285,900.

BEECHWOOD TERR., 20322, No. 202-Lucille A. Williams to Kholoud and S. Salous and Nehad Salous, $314,900.

BRAE TERR., 45060, No. 103-Luis Infante to Christopher D. Waters, $335,000.

BROOKVIEW SQ., 20202-Ronald Stewart Johnson to Scott C. Harris, $408,000.

CHARTER OAK DR., 20452-B.C.H. Partners to Brian Goetsch and Brenda M. Lepre, $447,393.

CHARTER OAK DR., 20452-Brian Goetsch and Brenda M. Lepre to Deborah W. and Chanon J. Miller, $567,000.

CHOKEBERRY SQ., 43267-Deborah R. Brooks to Michelle Perez, $454,900.

CLANCY TERR., 21331-Mary E. and Wolfgang Klaiber to P. Kunduru and Srinivas Seri, $500,000.

CORNSTALK TERR., 20586, No. 301-Jim McDonald to Bradley C. Small, $320,250.

DRAY TERR., 21152-Samuel J. Glass to Susan R. and Henry A. Fischer, $465,000.

DUNHILL CUP SQ., 43609-John B. Dyer to Esperanza C. and Yuksel Kiziltas, $510,000.

FARMGATE TERR., 20392-Connie D. Mayes to Kelly A. and Robert A. Forster, $417,000.

FINDON CT., 21797-B. and L. Lumley and Travis Lumley to Neha and Prixit Arora, $350,000.

GATWICK SQ., 43155-Jennifer and David E. Nolan to Eric G. Daniels, $374,000.

GREYMONT TERR., 20464-Belmont Land Partnership to George E. Lynch IV, $405,550.

HARTWELL ST., 20374-Carol S. and Richard A. Halsaver Jr. to Steven Smallwood and Evelyn Akers, $679,000.

HILLARY WAY, 20598-Kirsten E. and Mark E. Wichern to Linda M. Quinn, $632,000.

IVYMOUNT TERR., 20913-Michael J. McManus to Mary and Edward Peterson, $415,000.

KIAWAH ISLAND DR., 20239-Belmont Land Partnership to L. Puvvula and Srinivas Garikipati, $862,394.

LA BELLE PL., 43386-Eric M. Calaluca to Sarah and Craig S. Margenau, $774,900.

MARE TERR., 20155-S. Thatakula and Praveen R. Pasula to Sateesh Kumar Gowrisetty, $490,000.

MARE TERR., 20155-Belmont Land Partnership to S. Thatakula and Praveen R. Pasula, $430,014.

MARE TERR., 20163-Belmont Land Partnership to K. Muteba and Micheline K. Basue, $460,175.

MOHEGAN DR., 20269-Richmond American Homes to Fretzel Cruz, $384,165.

MOHEGAN DR., 20277-Richmond American Homes to Christine M. Paul, $137,397.

MOSSY GLEN TERR., 21065-Cristina M. and Stephen R. Lucas to Tasleema and Mohammad Amin Bhat, $400,000.

ORDINARY PL., 20266-Seyed Hadi Mousavi to Mia N. and Christopher V. Elliott, $560,000.

PHELPS TERR., 43694-John Cregan Howland Jr. to Vinay P. Nair, $418,200.

PIONEER RIDGE TERR., 20952-Brandy L. and Ty B. Allinger to Elkin D. Ardila, $405,000.

POSTRAIL SQ., 43424-Jennifer S. and Benjamin H. Devore to Kelley and Gino Degregori, $400,000.

POWDERHORN CT., 21010-Brenda K. and Thomas A. Kelly to Prudential Relocation Inc., $610,000.

PRAIRIE DUNES TERR., 20109-Belmont Land Partnership to Vincent Sweeney and C. Hammerstrom Jr., $522,528.

PRAIRIE DUNES TERR., 20129-Belmont Land Partnership to Lihua Wang and Juan Chen, $377,145.

RIDGECREST SQ., 19915-Linda A. Peckham to Mari E. and Kristen B. Hurd, $411,000.

RISING SUN TERR., 44051-Judith G. Barry to Jennifer and Kevin Murray, $470,000.

SAWYER SQ., 21347-Ami M. Gariba and Shailesh B. Sathe to Anupama and Rambabu Kanuri, $485,000.

SMITH CIR., 19630-Marie E. Lange and Sherry Y. Lange to Sajeda H. and Liaqat A. Khan, $655,000.

SMITH CIR., 19960-Martha F. and Wallace Logan Coffey to Syed Hussain, $530,000.

SOUTHWIND TERR., 20647-Mark S. Kimbro to Srihari Bhuvarah, $390,000.

TARA CT., 42971-Sally A. and Michael Stephen Hurt to Faye M. and Jason H. Cohen, $550,000.

Broadlands Area

BOWMANTOWN BRIDGE CT., 43530-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Yi Wen and An Qin Yu, $598,865.

CROSSWIND TERR., 43156-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Robert C. Flannagan, $560,851.

LAMOREAUX LANDING SQ., 22722-Joseph M. and Sylvana L. Stinnett to Sowmya and Chitti Sinthagumpula, $543,000.

TITHABLES CIR., 21515-Erica A. and Justin B. Shein to Diane C. and Richard A. Olsen, $749,900.

Dulles Area

BAGGETT TERR., 45498-Carmen P. and John W. Session to Dipendra Khillarkar, $41,200.

THOMPSON SQ., 21931-Kenneth Johnson and Lisa D. Forman to A. Sanka and Naveen Hanumansetty, $421,000.

WEMBLEY CENTRAL TERR., 45704-Paula M. and Michael R. Tyler to Joellen K. Lourdeau, $461,625.

WHISTLING TERR., 45500, No. 302-Brett L. Pleasant to Tai Li Kwan, $339,500.

Evergreen Mills Area

EVERGREEN MILLS RD., 24493-Ida A. and Delbert O. Feaster to Fredis Hernandez, $475,000.

Hamilton Area

DOWNS CT., 38369-Nancy S. and Robert S. Martin to Gail B. and Kenneth D. Justice, $639,000.

JULIE ANN CT., 17814-Jeanne and Steve F. Parker to Andrea J. and Mark Donofrio, $869,990.

Leesburg Area

ACCOKEEK TERR., 18849-Lansdowne Community Development to Cheryl F. and Justin W. Thomas, $657,520.

ADAMS DR., 32-Maria Santos Acosta to Margarita Romero and Jose Romero, $22,400.

ARIEL DR., 290-Randy Noel Wheeler to Loretta D. and Austin D. Pullmann, $628,900.

ARROYO TERR., 19066-B.L. Homes Lansdowne Corp. to Liliya and Yordan Shishkov, $148,203.

BALCH SPRINGS CIR., 111-Carole Morton to Konrad Maliska, $629,900.

CANNONADE DR., 17238-Melissa J. and Bruce M. Deblois to Julia M. and Keith D. Butcher, $1.38 million.

CARRADOC FARM TERR., 43609-Lansdowne Community Development to Jaikar Chodavarapu, $655,185.

CARRADOC FARM TERR., 43613-Lansdowne Community Development to Eric Ambuhl and Kathleen B. Hayes, $737,677.

CARRADOC FARM TERR., 43617-Lansdowne Community Development to John D. Nguyen, $702,995.

CLAGETT ST., 519-Samantha V. Fisher to Sally C. Sevila, $569,900.

CLAUDE CT., 128-Richmond American Homes to Gopalakrishnan Venkatachalam, $508,490.

CLUBHOUSE DR., 125-O, No. 5-David M. Bastiaans to G. Abedian and Mohammad Motamedi, $185,000.

CONNERY TERR., 185-Deborah and Fred Vann to Jaswinder Singh and Satinder Kaur, $408,000.

DAVIS AVE., 327-Hallie and Christopher Rainwater to Melissa L. and Chad A. Gobs, $350,000.

FALLS VIEW SQ., 42754-Christopher A. Price to Lirybill S. and Jenemar T. Guanco, $470,000.

FEATHERSTONE LANE, 1220-Elizabeth Cuevas to William C. and Theresa M. Otley, $602,000.

FERRIERS CT., 16605-V.M.K. Associates Joint Venture to Jessica M. and Stuart I. Mullan, $1.02 million.

GOLDSWORTH TERR., 132-Michele L. and David Milhiser to Francine G. and Roland S. Ramdass, $406,000.

HAMPSHIRE SQ., 104-John D. Cerimele to Carol and Patrick Kelly, $367,000.

HANCOCK PL., 112-Marion L. Moore to Chad Hollingsworth and Ashley Leigh, $166,355.

HANCOCK PL., 36-Sharon Balthrop Iverson to Pernell D. and Karen Jayne Disney, $210,000.

HETZEL TERR., 704-Grant Pope to Marco Evidos, $360,000.

HUNTMASTER TERR., 1123, No. 201-Mary B. and John F. Sleeter to Nimit P. Patel, $242,000.

KIPHEART DR., 18979-Lansdowne Community Development to S. Kondapalli and Jayender Annam, $538,508.

LAKE RIDGE PL., 43107-Elizabeth C. and Jeffrey A. Hunt to L. Chamberlain and James Anderson, $640,000.

LINFIELD TERR., 846-Arcadia Potomac Crossing Corp. to Holland Kent Smith, $315,046.

OLD WATERFORD RD., 325-Dorothy L.R.C. and Allen Shawn Latham to Deanna L. Hines and Jason M. Burke, $476,000.

PANORAMA PL., 41997-Glynn Tarra Estates Corp. to Sherlette and Raymond M. Jones, $662,288.

PATRICE DR., 640-Kirk Matthew Harrison to Carlos Cerda, $600,000.

PLAZA ST., 66, No. 107-Aslad Saeidi and Shirzad S. Saeidi to Shirzad S. Saeidi and Aslan Saeidi, $146,000.

PROSPERITY AVE., 120-A-Julie Ann and Dennis E. Bess to Ginger Mattison, $230,000.

RHONDA PL., 951-Dianna C. and Nathan D. Cooper to Amy Haglund and Ward E. Bell, $662,000.

RHONDA PL., 962-Angela I. and Scott A. Bresnahan to Belinda C. and Charles Alvarez, $660,000.

RIM ROCK CIR., 18459-Melanie and Stephen Schill to Kimberly and William P. Shanahan, $800,800.

ROCKBRIDGE DR., 566-Michael Robles to Luis A. Melendez, $350,000.

ROY CT., 108-Richmond American Homes to Sharon T. and James P. Supp, $574,995.

SANTMYER DR., 820-Sherlette and Raymond M. Jones to Lee and Donald Normington Jr., $630,000.

SHANKS EVANS RD., 708-Janet Tirado and Joseph L. Jones to Shibani and Ram Krishnan, $620,000.

SHELBURNE GLEBE RD., 18930-Brenda Michelle and Robert Smith to Melanie and Jason Haines, $889,000.

SHIRLEY SQ., 114-W.C. and Shannon L. Hamilton to Jose Cordova, $405,000.

SIERRA SPRINGS SQ., 18405-Nilsa R. and Melvin Cordova to Rajani and Suresh Adusumilli, $461,200.

SILVERBELL TERR., 427-H. Casey and Christopher Carey to D. Cruz Limon and G. Limon Cuellar, $401,000.

SMARTTS LANE, 874-Kathryn H. and Mark D. Foster to Margaret E. Paige, $345,000.

SWIFTWATER DR., 41616-Margaret E. and Harry M. Winters Sr. to Tina P. and Xavier D. Williams, $1.38 million.

TECUMSEH TERR., 1526-Jennifer L. and Robert A. Spencer to Lolimar Noghreh, $487,000.

WINTERBERRY DR., 823-Belinda C. and Charles Alvarez to Chapin S. Holman, $613,000.

Lovettsville Area

BRITAIN RD., 38179-Jeanette Vasquea and John Nelson to Elizabeth S. and James A. Morgan, $659,000.

BROAD WAY E., 56-John W. Everhart, trustee, to Cynthia and Richard Chambers, $285,000.

CASSIA LANE, 38690-Connie S. Freytag to Angeline Mullinix and Robert Hasson, $717,363.

NEWMARKET CT., 2-Paula L. Strand to Nicholas Shawn Rene, $439,000.

Middleburg Area

LEITH LANE, 36775-Katherine F. Hitch to Donald Dixon and Astrid Schneider, $995,000.

Purcellville Area

CANDLERIDGE CT., 832-Washington Homes Inc. to Lora L. and Gary E. Bare, $550,197.

CANTERBURY CIR., 537-Krista and Jack Przybylowicz to Ramona and Edgardo Henriquez, $570,000.

GOLDENCREST CIR., 16630-U S Home Corp. to Chung H. and Hae Joo Park, $822,683.

GRASSY RIDGE TERR., 200-Toll Virginia Partnership to Blake Fellows, $355,639.

LOUDOUN VALLEY DR. E., 438-Shauna and Darius York to Bridgette E. and Mark A. Aubel, $600,000.

MAPLE FLATS TERR., 814-Toll Virginia Partnership to Frank M. Piepenhagen, $420,398.

MERLOT LANE, 14047-Washington Homes Inc. to Julie and Andrew T. Counts, $644,026.

OXFORD GLEN CT., 302-Elizabeth E. and J. Michael Smith to Amanda M. Taylor, $368,000.

SIMMONS RD., 17302-Staley Builders Inc. to Deborah Vann, $565,000.

WINTERGREEN DR., 712-Caroline and David Snyder to Joseph P. Johnson III, $533,500.

Round Hill Area

BRISTOL TERR., 17538-Tahira and Semsudin Jazavac to Carmen G. and Jesus A. Tafur, $360,000.

BROOKDALE LANE, 17145-Rowley J. Homes Inc. to Kirstan E. and Mark E. Wichern, $999,900.

CLOVER TERR., 35922-Sarahbeth and Charles H. Saunders to Paula L. Strand, $290,000.

MAGIC MOUNTAIN DR., 17113-Jennifer A. and Phillip B. Space II to Diana and Thomas McDermott, $485,900.

WOODTRAIL RD., 19739-Paz and Scott Andrae to Cheryl and Gary Saunders, $625,000.

South Riding Area

ASTELL ST., 42966-Kimberly S. and Michael J. Irvine to Atabek Nazirov, $425,000.

BERESFORD DR., 25531-Meredith A. and Bryan C. Blank to Renuka Baireddy, $533,000.

CARRINGTON DR., 25496-Nancy Anhtan to Gita Gupta and Daniel T. Carter, $689,900.

CEDAR POND PL., 43381-Suresh K. Khetan to J. Baldassari and Roger Aspinwall, $990,000.

CENTER ST., 42764-Oanh H.V. Nguyen and Cuong T. Ngo to Chang Gi Jung and Choon Gil Lee, $715,000.

CHASE ST., 43231-Christine M. and Timothy G. Balog to Kimberly M. and Raymond M. Hess, $667,500.

GOLF VIEW DR., 42957-Carl Anthony Dugan to Angela Y. Moody, $483,900.

LANDS END DR., 26096-C. Williams and Joseph L. Williams to Trang X. Truong, $370,000.

LANDS END DR., 26189-Jennifer L. and Daniel J. Delean to Mary and D. Paul Brisson, $535,000.

LONGACRE DR., 42542-Bill Vasilis Bifsas to Jin M. Kim and Sang H. Kim, $955,000.

MCINTYRE SQ., 25284-Heather and Orlando Perez II to Christine M. and Steven S. Woodland, $490,000.

MOUNTAIN VIEW DR., 43450-David R. Dolak to Catherine L. Drosos, $415,000.

VALIANT DR., 43224-South Riding Partners Partnership to Cynthia G. Snyder, $829,687.

Sterling Area

AMELIA ST. N., 707-Jewell A. Christian to Diego Gonzales, $400,000.

AUBURN DR. N., 222-Irvin Chilcoat to John J. Langlois, $223,000.

BLUEMONT JUNCTION SQ., 45456-McKenzie S. and Joseph M. Roan to Lance MacNevin, $415,000.

CALAMARY CIR., 21723-Blanca Yolanda Lopez to Marlon Valentin Tinta, $330,000.

CARDINAL GLEN CIR., 319-Lane C. and Kyle L. Berg to Jacob Waissman, $440,000.

COTTAGE RD. N., 152-Dolores A. Clubb to Maria Luna D. Jimenez, $330,000.

EVENING WAY, 45817-Jung Min Hwang to Soon Duck Yoon, $560,000.

GORDON ST. E., 304-Patricia A. and W.R. Furlong to Dolores E. and Osmin R. Merino, $465,000.

GREENTREE TERR., 21952-Gita Gupta to Payam Rezvani and Fereidoun Rezvani, $399,900.

HANOVER PL. W., 201-Christine D. and John D. Morlock to Lorena Lopez and Jhosse Cedillo, $406,000.

LAUREL AVE. E., 208-C. Cruz and Cornelio Hernandez to Maria Sorto and Moises Portillo, $350,000.

MARSDEN CT., 1015-Claudia and Everth Buruca to Carolina C. Pineda, $320,000.

MEADOWLAND LANE W., 266-Joan Rita and Joseph F. Gonzalez to Geraldine and G. Young and Michael Dean, $487,500.

POTOMAC VIEW RD., 21441-Sherkhan and Arqam Zaman to Roy L. Watson, $485,000.

ST. JOHNS SQ., 195-Tammy L. Ball to Larry and Lisa Spring, $275,500.

SAMANTHA DR., 312-Theresa M. and Joseph M. Roth to Jennifer K. and Matthew Siegel, $520,000.

SIMEON LANE, 19-M.V. Carcamo and Maria E. Carcamo to Jose I. Bonilla, $312,000.

STERLING BLVD. N., 1807-Wendell Wallace to Cristina and Guillermo Santiago, $415,000.

STERLING BLVD. N., 515-Ellen C. and Kenneth R. French to Jose G. Alfaro, $430,000.

SYCAMORE RD. N., 114-C. and Somphoun Sayarath to Vannaly Phanthavong, $460,000.

TAZEWELL RD. E., 316-Ralph Tribby to Angelica and Juan Diaz, $405,000.

WARWICK CT., 1050-Mario Melgar to M. Granados and S. Granados Solano, $310,000.

WARWICK CT., 1059-J. Caceres and Sergi Granados Solano to Karen M. King and Bradley F. Hodson, $231,000.