The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince William County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince William and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Bristow Area

BATHGATE WAY, 13010-Andy Nguyen to Kathleen B. and Michael E. Stevens, $409,900.

BENCHMARK LANE, 8935-Lul Abdullahi to Rebecca I. and William A. Rumbaugh, $420,800.

BROADSWORD DR., 10103-Brookfield Braemar Corp. to Thaddeus D. and Shelley Lynn Cobb, $490,215.

CAMP JONES CT., 11689-Centex Homes to Youqing and Fang Zhou, $517,335.

CASCADE FALLS DR., 9219-Chanthavilay and Souphong Saysithideth to Kim Y. and Mark A. Fretwell, $449,887.

CHESHIRE CT., 12178-Amedine G. and James D. Holmes to Yavette L. and Paul X. Houston, $565,000.

COUNTRY MILL DR., 12075-Kenneth Bryan Hetzer to Gregory D. Griffin Sr., $375,000.

CROMARTY CT., 9466-Melissa and Mark Staats to Jennifer L. and Lawrence C. Stroud Jr., $499,900.

DARNICK CT., 12872-Song Ki and Rae Song Park to Daniel Sung Park, $685,000.

DUNBARTON DR., 12881-Grace J. and Roger Melton to Elizabeth A. and Alfred R. Deangelus, $421,000.

FETLAR WAY, 12938-Justine E. and Richard E. Dyer to Gaile G. Harrell and Airleen E. Gray, $370,000.

FORMBY ST., 12136-Farzaneh Tootiani and Kourosh J. Arsani to Brett L. Pleasant, $515,000.

GUILDTOWN PL., 13232-Brookfield Braemar Corp. to Saengphet Boupha, $692,190.

HOWLAND PL., 8835-Amber L. and Matthew R. Macerelli to Christine L. Moran and Eric J. Morelli, $336,000.

INDIGO SPRINGS CT., 12352-Aisha Sheikh and Abdul Wasai Farooqi to Yesmin and Luis Carrero, $639,900.

INNERWICK PL., 9626-Prerna Agarwal and Dheeraj Gupta to June E. Donovan, $405,507.

LORD LOVAT WAY, 10020-Pamela K. and Geoffrey R. Brunson to Lawrence D. Henderson, $245,500.

MAITLAND LOOP, 9769-Vilma Y. and Timothy P. Keller to Imelda Merida, $330,000.

MARTINGALE CT., 12902-Janet Lee and Robert F. Pinol to Angel A. and William E. Corner Jr., $514,900.

NAUGHTON CT., 10029-Cyndi A. and David A. Margritz to Celina and Kenneth J. Wyss, $499,000.

NETHY BRIDGE CT., 9950-Mark Richard Vanscyoc to Prakash and Mamtha V. Adiseshan, $537,000.

PANTHER FALLS WAY, 9111-Miller and Smith at Victory Lakes Corp. to Heather M. Kline, $389,600.

RANNOCH FOREST CIR., 12843-Bobbie A. Sloan to New Generation Relocation Group Corp., $369,000.

RANNOCH FOREST CIR., 12877-Michelle and Ryan Mattson to Larry L. McElroy, $397,000.

RANNOCH FOREST CIR., 12897-Monalisa Chiang to Sun Sook Kim, $395,000.

SHENVALE CIR., 13000-Jennifer L. and Lawrence C. Stroud Jr. to Chan S. Park, $400,000.

SHENVALE CIR., 13010-Kimberly L. and William P. Singleton to Suzanne and John Petro, $385,000.

SLATE STONE LOOP, 9079-Christie and Jason Johanning to Jose M. Corea, $345,000.

SOLITARY PL., 9847-Maria Carla B. and Bruce A. Johnson to Karen Harlow and Thomas Raymond White, $689,500.

TAMAR CT., 12116-Janel Hansen to Colleen E.K. and Justin B. Rummel, $550,000.

TENTH ALABAMA WAY, 10474-Centex Homes to Sandro Di Lollo and Tracy Chacon, $407,350.

UPPER MILL LOOP, 9815-Monica E. Sandoval to Etaf R. and Amer A. Azzarkani, $527,000.

Dumfries Area

ASHGROVE DR., 4394-Marie C. and Edward S. Rediske to Kathleen D. and Roger B. Blakeley, $413,000.

BADGER CT., 16608-Kettler Forlines Homes at Heritage Corp. to George Wali and Enayatullah Azizi, $571,533.

BUELL CT., 2924-Bessie M. and Daniel Gordon Peterson to Soraida Arevalo, $225,000.

BUENA VISTA DR., 5013-Barbara E. and Carl Zimmermann to Jessica M. Boyce and Grant C. Hayes II, $357,150.

CAHILL LANE, 3041-Phyllis A. Gentile to Michael Appiah, $337,000.

CAPE MAY CT., 3366-Mohsin Raza to Dickson A. Adjei, $350,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 1537-Brian G. West to Lee Carolina Corp., $900,000.

DAHLGREN PL., 3683-Daysi and Oscar Benitez to Teamah Enders and Donald Maddy, $280,000.

DRYDEN WAY, 15597-Tena D. and Robert Manning to John A. and Kimberly D. King III, $470,000.

HENDERSON LANE, 16180-Elba R. and Juan L. Alvarado to Madiha Khalid and Mujtaba Ali, $326,000.

ISLE ROYALE TER., 17512-Dale M. Richter to Maureen E. and Mario Q. Cabugao, $390,000.

JONATHAN CT., 4237-Richard Ward Cummings Jr. to Serwaa Akoto Bioh and Juliana Adu Twumwaa, $330,000.

LUNAR ECLIPSE DR., 4048-Lingiam Odems Jr. to Joan H. and Steven M. Simko, $418,000.

MILROY DR., 17887-Orfa Elizabeth Alvarado to Jorge L. Fernandez, $265,000.

MOUNTAIN LAUREL LOOP, 3293-Ursula Jackson to Mir Kasafat Doza, $438,000.

MOUNTAIN LAUREL LOOP, 3302-Alem A. Abdela and John M. McMasters to Traci D. Simpson, $396,000.

MYRTLEWOOD DR., 2764-June Dupree and Janice Tabron to Gwendolyn N. Brown, $580,000.

RESERVOIR LOOP, 16594-Kettler Forlines Homes at Princeton Woods to Khalid Riaz and Rifat Z. Awan, $409,820.

ROCKY MOUNT LANE, 17342-Terecia A. and Thomas M. Carpenter to Gladys and Walter Zarate, $345,000.

SALTWATER DR., 4893-Diana M. Pineda to Patrick K. Sorensen, $295,000.

SHADOW OAK CT., 4747-Aida T. Borras and Ronald P. Keough to Mona K. and Nathan J. Lindsay, $528,000.

SILVER LEAF CT., 15045-Luvenia M. and Stanley L. Nickell to Shannon L. and David R. Carillo Jr., $383,000.

SKYLINE DR., 15418-Shannon M. Keary and William D. Brinton to Brenda and Myles Miyamasu, $527,800.

SUNNY KNOLL DR., 16207-Larry Allen Blevins to Margaret A. Hudson, trustee, $407,000.

TANGARIRO SQ., 17464-Michael Dubiel to Edgar Gonzalez, $362,000.

WINDING CREEK DR., 15565-Sherry L. and Mark W. Wright to John R. Wilkerson, $350,000.

WINDWARD CT., 15524-Katherine T. Zizzi to Mark W. and Sherry L. Wright, $450,000.

Gainesville Area

ANGUS DR., 4701-Jonathan W. Baum to Min Shik Kim, $459,000.

AVINGTON PL., 6377-Kathryn M. Stewart to Ann R. and Dirk H. Lueders, $525,000.

BROGUE CT., 13422-U.S. Home Corp. to William L. Reichel, $330,222.

CAMDENHURST DR., 18138-NVR Inc. to Ann M. and Sanford J. Sloan, $590,320.

CAMDENHURST DR., 18146-NVR Inc. to Ian K. Yamane and Sandra Haynes, $533,030.

CATHARPIN RD., 5231-A. Darlene and William J. Dean to Linda Michelle and Eric Gerber, $985,000.

CERROMAR WAY, 8130-Keith D. Roscoe to Joanne Ruth and William Preston Wilson, $400,000.

CRACKLING FIRE DR., 8245-Barbara J. and Paul E. Golder to Vilma Elizabeth and Jose E. Rios, $515,000.

CURRANT LOOP, 13701-B. Hal Brown Jr. and Margaret W. Brown, trustees, to Julia Barbara Cockrell, $415,000.

EARLY MARKER CT., 7309-NVR Inc. to Elsis Sortos and Luis A. Cruz, $474,190.

EARLY MARKER CT., 7325-NVR Inc. to Mei Lee and Jih Shyang Tzong, $553,960.

EARLY MARKER CT., 7326-NVR Inc. to Minh Tam Do, $567,155.

FIELDSTONE WAY, 13472-U.S. Home Corp. to Dorris B. and Clevester Hawkins, $381,333.

HALVERTON PL., 6054-U.S. Home Corp. to Kathleen E. Wren, $356,586.

LUCAS POINT LOOP, 6716-Nancy Patnelli to Denise M. and Keith B. Economy, $389,900.

NEWBERN LOOP, 14276-Lala and Fuad Ragimov to Shanna M. and Alan T. Dodd, $360,860.

RED ROCK CT., 14111-Jennifer E. and Tamer Eid to Jennifer Marie and Nicholas D. Rash, $364,000.

SNEAD LOOP, 8198-Quaker/Lake Manassas Corp. to Young H. and Sang W. Jun, $689,204.

SPYGLASS HILL LOOP, 15751-Castle Rock Homes Inc. to Ke R. Chu, $839,000.

SUTTON OAKS WAY, 6757-Melaina K. and Kyle J. Kupka to Berta Delgado, $515,000.

TACKHOUSE CT., 13540-Kue R. and Jun Ho Joo to Kyung Ja and Hung Yong Choi, $361,000.

VILLAGE STREAM PL., 6908-Amy Watts to Esther Asamoah, $335,000.

WINNIPEG CT., 7201-Sousan and Ghasem Aliaskari to Mahzad Mahmoudi and Mehrdad Haghshenas, $653,000.

WINNIPEG CT., 7248-Aleyda D. and Alejandro L. Champin to Hanh Nguyen and Anthony Payne, $637,500.

Haymarket Area

BAKERWOOD PL., 14261-Gwendolyn and William Miller to Sang Shin Kim, $535,000.

BAKERWOOD PL., 14273-Cynthia L. and Richard W. Brockman to Kathleen R. and Robert W. Clark, $525,000.

CARIBBEAN CT., 5752-Richmond American Homes to Su Do, $780,890.

COURTYARD WAY, 7004-C. and Anthony Lewis to Andrew C. Seitz, $438,000.

GOLF VIEW DR., 15274-Regina K. and Timothy M. West to Kathryn A. and John M. Berglund, $700,000.

LOGMILL RD., 2621-Jennifer G. and Douglas C. Harrison to Carol L. Moore, $424,500.

SIMMONS GROVE DR., 14932-U.S. Home Corp. to Syed Abid Hussain, $739,900.

SOLHEIM CUP DR., 5674-Michelle Durenec and Thomas L. Vittitow II to Rajeshwari Vishnubhatla and Srinivas Kothuri, $550,000.

SOLHEIM CUP DR., 5701-Dominion Country Club Partnership to Karen P. and William A. Walters, $631,623.

TIMOR CT., 14865-Lynne M. and Jeffrey L. Peak to Donna L. Johnson, $669,950.

Manassas Area

AMBLEWOOD DR., 13286-Jennifer F. and Kenneth B. Marshburn to Sarah M. and Thomas G. Bouchard, $639,900.

AMBLEWOOD DR., 13294-Kathleen M. and Wayne Alan Wilkerson to Richard and Sherrie B. Tucker, $669,900.

ANDERSON CT., 7715-Edwin Omar Paz to Mauricio Alfredo Hernandez, $456,000.

ASHEVILLE ST., 10178-Marixa A. and Ruben Echeverria to Ana C. Tolentino, $273,000.

BARBADOS LANE, 7438-Yu F., Xi S. and Peng Sun to Anhdao, Binh T. and Danh C. Nguyen, $352,000.

BLACKSTONE RD., 9414-Eric and Asha Z. Hughes to Total Investments Corp., $340,000.

BLUE GRAY CIR., 7861-Janice D. and Frederick J. Green to Miguel Bou and Frances B. Jenkins, $368,500.

BONAIR DR., 9514-Margaret S. and Zoltan P. Lazar to Maria Ovando, $436,000.

BRENTSVILLE RD., 9390-Robin L. Lopez and Lloyd A. Jenkins Jr. to Atlantic Investment Corp. Inc., $325,000.

CALVARY CT., 7958, No. 139-Laura A. and Anthony E. Gould to Cory Nicastro, $257,000.

CHADDSFORD TER., 13029-NVR Inc. to Michael L. Montgomery, $860,345.

COMMUNITY DR., 8053-Virgil B. Swope to Maritza Morales, $264,000.

CORONADO CT., 13764-Kathleen and Jared Westerlund to Kathleen S. Burr and William D. Wood, $445,000.

DEWARD CT., 7978-Wellford M. Brock III to Maria R. Lopez and Salvador Ventura, $405,000.

FOX DEN RD., 6700-William H. and Linda L. Trice III to Cynthia J. and David C. Pike, $670,000.

GATESHEAD LANE, 7840-Lisa R. Vaughan to Donald R. and Mollie B. Kropp, $289,000.

GREENVIEW LANE, 9807-Carol L. and Rick L. Rotenberry to Alfredo Umanzor Hernandez, $456,000.

HELMSDALE PL., 7656-Christopher L. Pelkey to Andrea G. Matthews and Keith M. Sholders, $360,000.

HERSCH FARM LANE, 9352-Dianne L. Dorman to Keun Bae Park, $495,000.

HUGH MULLEN DR., 7953-Regina and Joseph D. Mangum to Vicente Velazquez, $245,000.

IRONGATE WAY, 10107-Hsu K. Chen to Martha L. Reyes, $260,000.

IRONGATE WAY, 8341-Michelle R. Cowin Gantz to Otto Mauricio, $266,000.

LOMOND DR., 9813-Jo Lynn and Todd Helman to Eduardo Rodriguez and Mayra Barrera, $350,000.

MONITOR CT., 7630-Silvia and Tad Pierson to Craig Bradford, $374,500.

OAK HOLLOW CT., 8838-Douglas Elliott to Mohammad M. Nawal, $260,000.

OMEGA LANE, 6088-Ridgedale Inc. to Suzanne T. Russell and Kalvin D. Paddyfote, $455,911.

OMEGA LANE, 6100-Ridgedale Inc. to Zahida Nasreen, $467,454.

RAPIDAN LANE, 10415-Rufina Romero and Blas Castro to Nicolas Henriquez, $325,000.

RIDGEWAY DR., 7268-Rebecca L. and Ronald L. Filomena to Maria and Vinicio Molina, $421,050.

ROKEBY DR., 7405-Elizabeth L. and Paul M. Batchelder to Jorge Barbachano Matar, $250,000.

ROUND TOP RD., 8932-Ilidia and Armindo M. Pereira to Jennifer F. Marshburn, $434,000.

ROXBURY AVE., 7379-Mario Melchor to Juventino Bethancourt, $435,000.

ST. JOHNS CT., 7298-Katherine J. and Jeremy T. Hoffman to Jennifer E. and Andrew J. Marsh, $352,000.

SENTRY RIDGE RD., 11036, No. 133-Sherri McCormick to Jennifer L. Bowman, $255,000.

SOLDIERS CT., 11190-Sarah M. and Christopher P. Monson to Mohammed Nurui Alam, $350,000.

SOLDIERS CT., 11206-Kathryn S. Davis to Mohammed Nurul Alam, $334,900.

STONEWALL BRIGADE CT., 8068, No. 101-Heidy A. Vels and Jeroen C. Meijer to Lisa A. and Joseph D. Anderson, $257,000.

TOMISLAV ST., 8762-Michelle S. and Robert C. Jones to Rifat Moly, $526,000.

VICTORIA ST., 9338-Debra L. and Joseph F. Gregory to John A. Anwanwan, $385,000.

VISIONARY CT., 7707-Cynthia A. and Nathan M. Grimes to Karen J. and Joe L. Hogler, $663,000.

VISTA BROOKE DR., 12234-Sirva Relocation Corp. to Brittany C. and Matthew L. Skidmore, $649,900.

WAINWRIGHT PL., 11076-Robert W. and Annette S. Ameen to Shabana and Siddiqui Noshad, $395,000.

WESTCHESTER DR., 8951-Tamara J. and Arthur S. Werner to Norma Parada and Everth Martinez, $426,000.

WINSTEAD PL., 8218, No. 203-Laura M. Wright to Brandon S. Wade and Karen R. Tolliver, $250,000.

Manassas Park Area

AMHERST DR., 7609-Cecilia P. and Russell E. Smith to Gustavo Chavez, $345,000.

ATTINGHAM CT., 11524-Judith A. and Douglas E. Smith to Lori Robbins, $879,900.

GLENOLDEN PL., 7604-Elder Larreinage and Iveth L. Zavala Chavez to Mary Ann and Michael Patrick Grandinetta, $240,000.

GLENOLDEN PL., 7628-Mindy L. Bopp to Lisa G. and Jonathan A. Williams, $224,400.

MOCKINGBIRD LANE, 6561-Jean E. and James Joseph Taylor to Joseph P. Sullivan Jr., $539,500.

RIVER RD., 6725-Katherine E. Hall to Julianne Kathleen and Nathan Brice Trent, $494,000.

STATION RD., 8036-Tammi and Paul Gibbons to Ofelia and Ramon Alvarez, $609,000.

STUART CT., 7600-Ryan K. Simkins to Lourdes Ortiz, $300,000.

STUART CT., 7624-Alice E. and Michael D. Mote to Mayra E. Zacatales, $280,000.

WHITEHALL DR., 7557-Diana Rivera and Genaro Andrade to Nery Urrutia, $265,000.

Nokesville Area

GARMAN DR., 12611-Theresa M. and Kenneth R. Erney to Kathy A. and Peter J. Gray, $725,000.

KING RICHARDS CT., 11701-Shirley A. and Roger L. Hatfield to Dennis E. Floyd, $312,500.

OWLS NEST RD., 14909-B. Wise Development Corp. to Danielle G. and Charles G. Marcum, $419,900.

Triangle Area

FULLER HEIGHTS RD., 19087-Joshua E. Thomas to Larry Gerrigeje, $340,000.

STONEWALL MANOR DR., 3686-Edgemoore Stonewall Corp. to Harjinder Singh, $548,158.

WHARF LANE, 3601-Starline V. Hibley to Dwayne Scott Green, $158,000.

Woodbridge Area

ABBEY KNOLL CT., 12423-Patricia and Donald Kliewer to Holly A. Gay, $376,005.

ALABAMA AVE., 15042-Darlene F. and Herbert C. Hornberger to Ana Garcia and Maximo Machado, $350,000.

ANCHORSTONE DR., 5021-Joseph L. Muscaro Jr. to James Azzinnari, $392,500.

ANTHONY DR., 5850-Bobby Wayne Patton to Laurie Thompson and Gary Lynn Michael, $298,500.

AYRSHIRE LANE, 760-Centex Homes to Chuyen N. Nguyen and Kevin Phan, $407,004.

BALD EAGLE LANE, 15378-Ollie M. and Eugene Reeves to Daya and Parkash Subedi, $637,000.

BALSAM ST., 14679-David Miranda to Ahmed S. and Rafat A. Hussein, $279,000.

BANJO CT., 15506-Ridgedale Inc. to Nawaz Chaudry, $386,028.

BANJO CT., 15508-Ridgedale Inc. to Belachew Mengistu, $403,113.

BANJO CT., 15512-Ridgedale Inc. to Hassaan Karim, $423,528.

BEALE CT., 3470-Bertilla Hernandez to Sharon Porras, $263,000.

BEAU RIDGE DR., 15728-Greg Norman, trustee, to Leslie S.B. and Todd M.B. Vician, $487,000.

BELLEVILLE AVE., 14303-Karen A. and Stephen A. Zawisa to Imtiaz Amin, $332,000.

BELMONT BAY DR., 810-Paul D. Challis to Ruby and Harvey Jones, $500,000.

BELVEDERE DR., 14418-Jarrod G. and Andrea L. Yost to Philip E. Rosenthal, $265,000.

BENTLEY CIR., 13552-Ruth N. and Ramon A. Mora to Luz De Maria Fuentes, $277,000.

BINDER CT., 15415-Ridgedale Inc. to Ebony Asuming, $392,963.

BOMBAY WAY, 12796-Chad Brewer to Carol Ann and Travis Lynn Kirkpatrick, $396,000.

BOWMAN CT., 14299-Jose A. Sanchez and Hector R. Chicas to Javier A. Hernandez, $361,000.

BOX TURTLE CT., 5321-Stephanie A. and Larry C. Wells to Karen M. and David James Michael Jr., $435,000.

BRAHMS DR., 3422-Monika Y. and Todd E. Heap to Yong B. Rapaport, $385,000.

CALIFORNIA ST., 1413-Robert D. Furr to Innovative Real Estate Services Corp., $235,000.

CAMBRIDGE DR., 2830-Teresa Bell to Shayne Conrad Randolph, $337,000.

CANARY CT., 4533-Terri P. Davenport to Patricia and Daniel McLeod, $220,000.

CARDIN PL., 15054-Sarah M. Acosta to Mauricio and Evelyn Herrera, $306,000.

CARDINAL CREST DR., 4044-Jerry Lee Bukowski to Mary B. and John E. Taylor, $545,000.

CAROLINE ST., 14203-Zenobia A. Mensah to Tamirat D. Mengitsu and Beletech Yilma, $400,000.

CARTER LANE, 1804-Maria A. Ruiz and Jose M. Guardado to Jose Zetino and Faustino Diaz, $356,500.

CATAWBA DR., 12691-Linda L. Olson to Pamela and Nolen Bivens, $605,000.

CHAPARRAL DR., 12908-Joann E. and Dwayne L. Griese to Leanne M. and Joseph M. Welborn, $540,000.

CHERRYDALE DR., 14881-Gloria Bernal to Santos L. Lizama, $301,000.

CHEVINGTON CT., 724-Centex Homes to My Tran and Kiet Quoc Bui, $500,605.

CHEVINGTON CT., 726-Centex Homes to Dunhill Nguyen, $472,910.

CHEVINGTON CT., 731-Centex Homes to Hai Lam, $430,240.

CLOVERDALE RD., 15266-Laura D. and Troy D. Earleywine to Sarah K. Moore and Tracy Andre McGull, $305,000.

COLLINGTON CT., 740-Centex Homes to Karyne Ann and Charles William Miller II, $431,535.

COLLINGTON CT., 742-Centex Homes to Scot Russell, $401,020.

COLLINGTON CT., 747-Centex Homes to Lisa L. and Tony D. Tep, $413,385.

CRAG MEWS, 3524-Bernice and Ralph E. West Jr. to Miguel Mendez, $310,000.

CREEK MOOR CT., 2613-Hanadi S. and Husein A. Bataineh to Rebecca Mensah and Caseley Boat, $335,000.

CRESSIDA PL., 4025-Lorena G. and Jose Nelson Perez to Tammy Brooks, $266,000.

CRESSIDA PL., 4113-Pamela M. and Brandon J. Kinas to Naseer Naeem, $370,000.

CRICKET LANE, 12588-Hazel E. and G.A. Frazier to Kari L. and Stephen H. Torpey, $549,900.

CRITTON CIR., 11705-Georgia N. Wise to Linda K. Williams, $335,000.

CROMWELL CT., 11319-Maria Jones to Sina Jamali, $320,000.

CROMWELL CT., 11384-Tara M. and Douglas H. Holm to Carlos Nichol, $325,000.

CROMWELL CT., 11386-Michael J. Hughes to Karen L. and Arthur E. Kruschka, $350,000.

CUDDY LOOP, 14151-Darryll D. Lewis to Angela M. Martin, $260,000.

CUDDY LOOP, 14162, No. 80-Linwood J. Jenkins to Kwang Man and Min Gyu Lee, $267,000.

DASHIELL PL., 4908-NVR Inc. to Khalid M. Mughal, $365,165.

DEL MAR DR., 14453-Carl Duran to Jose M. Montalvo and Luz D. Rodriguez, $329,000.

DEL MAR DR., 14528-Jessie Roy Gates to Omar J. Angles, $375,000.

DEL MAR DR., 3903-Christine L. Born to Santos S. Villatoro, $385,000.

DEVONWOOD WAY, 4236-Heidi L. and Gregory A. Olson to Lana K. Fowler, $353,000.

DILLWYN CT., 15345-K. Hovnanian at Lake Terrapin Corp. to Bethann Melad and Fred Fishburn, $734,616.

DREXEL ST., 2498-Rodolfo and Juan Tenemas to Doris L. Ramirez and Jorge A. Tellez, $434,900.

EASTLAWN AVE., 4499-Kevin Burchett to Gilbert Rojas, $320,000.

EDEN LANE, 12441-Ahmed Mohamed Sidi and Benyahia Hamadouchi to Mohamed Kamel Amara, $329,000.

EDSALL DR., 4494-Yvonne Hedgmon to Bonnie S. and Kevin W. Trumbetic, $460,000.

EFFINGHAM CT., 12883-David M. and Ruth A. Marr to Xueping Liu and Allan Carey Stone Jr., $320,000.

EMIL CT., 2819-Marquel L. and Robert L. Patton Jr. to Lakhinder and Gurveen Vohra, $582,000.

ENSOR CT., 14820-Beryl A. and Carl Henne to Gary Sparks and Kenneth Solem, $203,500.

EVANSDALE RD., 4614-Gayle King to Juan Umanzor, $325,000.

EVEY TURN, 14800-Annelie M. and Robert G. Kuhn to Maria Soto, $311,000.

F ST., 1432-Edward H. Athey Jr. to Luz Yesenia and Jose W. Chavez, $380,000.

FALMOUTH DR., 14419-Catalino Urias Cisneros to Yanira Urias and Jose R. Cortez, $290,000.

FENNEGAN CT., 3106-Emnet Reta and Abiy Felege to Kate E. and Yevgeniy M. Dovgalyuk, $390,000.

FERN PL., 16614-Debra Jean Kirton to Nassime Agoumi and Abdelkhaleq Yousfi, $241,000.

FILARETE ST., 14416-Adel E. Dabaie to Reliable Management Group Corp., $270,000.

FILARETE ST., 14430-Latoya J. and Tony T. Barner to Fernando Negrete Espitia, $280,000.

FILARETE ST., 14434-Althea A. Huggins to Rachael L. and Matthew C. Summers, $275,000.

FONTAINE CT., 14415-Arturo Ventura to Coreas Ana D. Moreno, $295,000.

FOREST LANE, 1510-Linda and Thomas Rhatigan to Arcenio Najaro, $365,000.

FORESTDALE AVE., 3510-Millicent M. and Jerry R. Withers to Francisco Castellon, $350,000.

FORESTDALE AVE., 3519-Martha Castillo to Humberto O. Valverde, $380,000.

FORSYTHIA TER., 14662-Anthony Colvin to Digna Guardado, $280,000.

FORT LYON DR., 3420-Lee C. and Bryan S. Leidenheimer to Ana B. and Luis M. Dacosta, $400,000.

FRONTIER LANE, 12800-Patricia and Mauricio Ramirez to Beverly A. Taylor, $306,350.

FULLERTON RD., 14505-Milton E. Cruz to Jennifer A. and Sean P. O'Brien, $319,000.

GEORGETOWN RD., 16619-Thomas H. Edmunds to German Rivas, $250,000.

GRAND MASTERS WAY, 4705-Basheer Edgemoore River Falls Corp. to Gurveen K. and Lakhinder J. Vohra, $864,359.

GRAND MASTERS WAY, 4789-Equity Homes Corp. to Rana Hussein and Abdul H. Khan, $752,361.

GREENVALE RD., 13427-Cynthia J. and David C. Pike to Rebecca R. and Anthony A. Paras, $460,000.

GULLANE DR., 13947-Centex Homes to Nhung Kim Ngo, $316,740.

GUNSTON CT., 4206-Karin R. and Orion J. Peevy to Asghar Farooq, $250,000.

GUNSTON CT., 4208-Betty J. and Johnny L. Mead to Danielle M. and Albert A. Rowe, $226,000.

HAMILTON DR., 4500-Luis Villatoro to Omar Zelaya, $364,800.

HEATHER GLEN CT., 1865-Joan J. Karlinski to Mohammad Asghar, $308,000.

HILL MEADE LANE, 11565-Sherry L. and Terence M. Quinn to Kristianna J. Tyler, $302,000.

HOPTON RD., 904-Nancy E. and Aubrey A. Burchell to Joshua Adam Hilbert and Cynthia A. Harden, $311,000.

HORNER RD., 1617-Bertha and Elidio Arias to Balmoris Jovel Rivas and Arturo Melendez, $330,000.

HUNTERBROOK DR., 12797-Kamaljit Kaur and Balwinder Singh to Elleni W. Odda and Henoke G. Asfaw, $380,025.

KASLO DR., 13543-Juan Santos Ayala to Miguel Angel Santos, $390,000.

KAYWOOD DR., 13712-Zully V. and Carlos H. Palencia to Ricardo Vasquez, $375,000.

KELMONT CT., 13502-Angela D. and Randolph K. Tyson to Juan Carlos Rojas, $415,000.

KELMONT CT., 13517-Lisa D. Richardson to Macedonio Cabrera, $395,000.

KERRYDALE RD., 13102-Margaret L. and Elmer M. Straight to Zafaryab Saeed and Pervez Shad, $370,000.

KINGSMAN RD., 13633-Kingsman Investments Corp. to Francisco Orozco, $370,000.

LADINO CT., 3362-Jacqueline D. and Michael W. Glusic to Vu P. and Trang C. Lam, $306,000.

LADYMEADE CT., 12236, No. 5-103-Stephen Joseph Delman to Frederick A. Rose, $260,000.

LANDOVER CT., 4981-Maria S. Cruz and Jose D. Villatoro to Edgar Alexander Medrano Martinez, $390,000.

LANGSTONE DR., 13700-Michael Otero to Isaias Eli Magana, $378,000.

LANGSTONE DR., 13855-Eliz E. and Jose R. Diaz to Felipe M. Macias, $354,900.

LINSEY CT., 4966-April L. and Dale C. Loy to Samuel and Nehemias Estrada, $331,250.

LOCKLEVEN LANE, 12938-Stacy R. and David J. Ciesielski to Jennifer S. Judd, $332,900.

LONGVIEW DR., 1307-Rosamaria Aquilar to Theresa A. and Ronald W. Walker, $155,000.

LONGVIEW DR., 2219-Patricia J. Decowski to Jose L. Arandia and Irma Tapia, $416,000.

LORD CULPEPER CT., 15321-D.R. Horton Inc. to Eung Deok Yoo, $485,020.

LORD CULPEPER CT., 15329-D.R. Horton Inc. to John Briod, $481,890.

LOTTE DR., 12701-Constance B. Mitchell to Maria R. and Jose Sorto, $182,000.

LUCKLAND WAY, 2507-Richard Phung to Huy Tong Luong and Dinh Hue Tran, $395,000.

MACKENZIE PL., 2198-Digna M. and Willy A. Curz to Maria L. Garcia, $345,000.

MANCHESTER WAY, 12388-Kaori Ryan to John Ryan, $320,000.

MANITOBA DR., 3200-Loretta L. and Scott E. Sonsalla to Claudia and Juan G. Cuevas, $474,000.

MARQUIS PL., 3850-Clare S. and Charles A. O'Brien to Sayed Youssef Hussein, $321,500.

MARSEILLE LANE, 1161-Vivian Van Nguyen and Henry Hoanh Ngoc to Paula C. and R. Scott Jackson Jr., $785,000.

MATHEWS DR., 14045-Zulma E. Martinez and Jose E. Choto to Edwin De Jesus Martinez, $350,000.

MELCOMBE CT., 11664-Meewon and Robert Shea to Darouach Khadija and Radouane Kamal, $385,900.

MERIDIAN DR., 14439-S.A. Gustafson and Russell C. Nalls to Naeem Arshad, $312,500.

MILL BROOK CT., 12848-John H. and Carol D. Lloyd III to Bradley W. Wood, $343,900.

MINNIEVILLE RD., 14616-E. Anne and Wiley P. Sale to North American Land Corp., $800,000.

MIRANDA CT., 2620-Fiorella and Pavel Santos to Gerard Anthony Lucero Heyrana and Malen Sin, $340,000.

MISTY LANE, 12846-Alice Afraso and Kwadwa Boamah to Cristal Brun and Jose Gonzalez, $343,000.

NADIA LOOP, 3394-Nancy James to John Rennish Jr., $375,000.

NORMANDY CT., 16012-Ruth A. and Larry K. Shifflett to Mansoor Ahmad, $355,000.

OAK FARM DR., 13229-Doris D. and Norman B. Douglas to Ybet Quineche, $550,000.

OAKLAWN LANE, 6265-Donna R. and Abdur Rahman Ali to Elizabeth A. and Brian D. Jordan, $439,000.

OGILVIE CT., 3826-Lisa G. Schumacher to Ruth Taborga, $354,950.

OLD POST TER., 1819-Michelle Glemser to Cesarina Delcarmen Gomez, $252,000.

PHOTO DR., 13501-Judith A. and Linwood E. Koonce Jr. to Gary W. Beard Jr., $405,000.

POHICK CREEK CT., 1893-Elizabeth S.H. and Mark A. Reed to Torres Andres Nohemias Elena, $333,400.

POHICK CREEK CT., 1903-Delfino Ramirez to Blanca Aguilera and Martha D. Cordova, $330,000.

PONTIAC DR., 5877-Olvin D. Rivas to Aida and Luis Funes, $350,000.

PORTAL CT., 6209-Karen L. and Victor Alan Tall to Karen Penn and Keith E. Brown, $399,900.

POSTILLION TER., 15329-Linda S. Crawford to Richard A. Kilby, $280,000.

POWELLS LANDING CIR., 2050-Savariar Sebastian to Ambar Rivera Torres and William E. Salazar, $750,000.

PRESTIGE DR., 14869-Bonnie A. and Ronald W. Klarin to Angie and Kent Reinke, $595,000.

PRINCEDALE DR., 13572-Susan H. and John L. Laine to Luis A. Bonilla and Sergio Flores, $360,000.

QUIET CREEK CT., 2003-Kimberly A. Elibuyuk to Stephanie L. Cacho and Erik R. Gavidia, $338,000.

RADBURN ST., 16188-Engle Homes to Abdul Karim, $441,593.

RADBURN ST., 16200-Engle Homes to Esther Jung, Kyung D. Min and Young You, $463,468.

RADBURN ST., 16208-Engle Homes to Jane L. Lufkin, $458,425.

RENATE DR., 1604-Innovative Real Estate Services Corp. to Jennifer Lemen, $145,000.

RIGGS CT., 1207-Edgar Osmin Romero Reyes to Daniel Ramirez, $340,000.

ROPE DR., 13917-Adrienne and Jason E. Maneno to Hernan Sandoval, $325,000.

ROUNDTREE DR., 5591-Martha C. and Manuel H. Michel to Ramon Mora, $355,000.

ROYAL CT., 16554-Patsy Spiry to Maryam Kazempour, $200,000.

SHERWOOD PL., 16535-Liza H. and Rodolfo J. Recto Jr. to Maria Christine A. Dowling, $270,000.

SOUTH PARK CT., 4786-Charlene L. Jackson to Sarah and Shawn Tama, $266,000.

SPRINGWOODS DR., 12158-Miguela C. Ali to Fatima Jahanshahi, $237,000.

STALLION CT., 12092-Paula M. and Raymond M. Stead to Blanca E. and Jose A. Aleman, $350,100.

STOCKHOLM WAY, 2930-Jeffrey J. and Shanise M. Graves to Tu and Lan Tran, $420,000.

STOCKHOLM WAY, 3006-Diane A. and Eric Smith to Laura and James Gehringer, $415,000.

STRATFORD DR., 14690-Janiece and Gary Lee to Charles E. Burnett and Gail West, $510,630.

STRATFORD DR., 14694-Jill A. and Scott A. Johns to Cynthia and Paul Guemmer, $519,000.

SUDBERRY LANE, 5268-Raymond C. Jones Jr. to Dina and Jose Flores, $346,000.

TAMARACK PL., 14773-Tracey E. Bland to Nery B. Vasquez, $226,000.

TINA LANE, 15329-Barbara J. and Gilbert Carlson to Alicia C. and Robert N. Cooper II, $542,500.

TORRENCE PL., 4433-Geralyn and Donald King to Valencia P. and James R. Hunt, $385,000.

TORRENCE PL., 4435-Donald A. Supon Jr. to Young S. Kwon and Chon K. Park, $395,000.

TORRENCE PL., 4443-Heather D. and Randal S. Huggin to Jane E. and Edward M. Nevins, $320,000.

TRANSOM PL., 2570-M-I Schottenstein Homes Inc. to Amjad and Nagina Syed, $561,055.

TRUNNION TRAIL, 5205-Cannon Bluff Estates Corp. to Mike Garcia Construction Inc., $200,000.

WADSWORTH WAY, 12320, No. 5-Angela and Michael B. Horton to Elizabeth and Steven E. Heath Jr., $250,000.

WAGON WHEEL LANE, 3819-Connie J. Lawson to Enrique and Julia Butron, $365,100.

WARBLER CT., 15204-Tamra M. and Ronald M. Farris Jr. to Todd A. Rose, $565,000.

WELLESLEY DR., 4745-Elizabeth H. and John W. Burch to Susan R. and Jonathan M. Gilbertson, $525,000.

WETHERBURN CT., 2974-Silvia Rivas to Jose David Villatoro, $270,000.

WHITTIER LOOP, 14961-Stephanie M. and Matthew J. Staats to Luke Offeh and Vivian A. Amponsah, $370,000.

WIMBLEY LANE, 12706-Larry A. and Isolde K. Opphile to Evelyn A. Amores and Albert T. Pulido, $349,000.

WOODLAWN CT., 12307-Sharon Austin and Crystal R. Reynolds to Jeremy Cox, $275,000.

WOODSMAN LANE, 14980-Donna R. and Joseph J. Ketchum to Crystal R. and David Ray Gheen, $300,000.

WOODWAY PL., 4651-James E. III and Dorothea J. Tyree to Luis F. Monroy, $285,000.

WYNDALE CT., 3330-Teresa Bailey to Yaya Diamont, $235,000.