The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert County

Chesapeake Beach Area

WINDWARD KEY DR., 8177-Richard R. Castor to Thu N. Tran and David L. Katz, $677,500.

10TH ST., 3813-Barbara Jean C. Stough to Scott W. Riess, $257,400.

24TH ST., 6545-Laura Peruzzi Logan to Maria Patricia and Anthony Jorge Padilla, $323,900.

Dunkirk Area

KNIGHT AVE., 1438-Kevin R. Greenwell to Amie L. and Paul R. Parker, $399,900.

Huntingtown Area

PATUXENT RD., 3526-Evaleen and Charles H. Walton Jr. to Rayman Khan, $665,000.

WILSON RD., 1850-Edward B. and Sandra E. Mattingly to Paulette and Thomas M. Peterson, $475,000.

Lusby Area

ALAMO LANE, 744-Simi L. and John N. Brady to Kerry A. Love, $303,000.

CACTUS TRAIL, 369-Patrick J. and Pamela K. Tippett to Wendy J. and Erik Carrasquillo, $285,400.

DONNER CT., 11310-John J. and Justine E. Reimer to Sherri and Daniel Catlett Jr., $385,000.

EL PASO CT., 1171-Rosalie A. Stroube to Pamela J. Kristof, $420,000.

GREGG DR., 1389-Allen and Rona Fletcher to Steven and Susan Cleary, $89,150.

H.G. TRUEMAN RD., 11425-Carl Christian Matson to Maria P. and Luis F. Olmedo, $178,800.

HAWTHORNE CT., 424-James F. III and Karen F. Mattingly to Janet and Dick Hoke, $235,000.

OX BOW LANE, 707-Robert L. Gibson to Michele Napolitano and Nyasanu Jones, $274,900.

PLANTERS WHARF RD., 716-Richard W. and Jacqueline M. Cain to Karen Treakle and Larry N. Taylor, $250,000.

SAN MATEO TRAIL, 822-James L. Flaherty to Betty J. and James A. Priddy, $215,000.

SAW MILL RD., 7375-Elihu E. and Barbara L. Kincaid to Riki S. and James N. Hudson, $389,000.

SHOSHONE TRAIL, 11615-Ron Christopher Thomas to Kimberly and David Hayes, $249,900.

SPRUCE DR., 780-Joseph E. Mooney to M. Gisela V. and Donald E. Rowe, $299,000.

STALLION LANE, 431-Charlotte P. Schertle to Donald J. Alexander, $200,000.

TONGUE COVE DR., 1331-Doris M. Davis to Maritza Juarbe, $255,000.

North Beach Area

SEA BREEZE CT., 9456-Sharon S. and Karl Grover Amick to Marilyn Van Wagner, $230,500.

FOURTH ST., 4007-Ethel V. Demer to Alfred Leech, $210,000.

FIFTH ST., 3942-Mary E. Kidd to Victoria L. Clements, $285,000.

Owings Area

BRIGHT LANE, 1810-Thomas K. Miller and Steven C. Cleary to Deborah and Henry Kinnaman, $419,000.

BRISCOES TURN RD., 6521-John W. and Nancy L. Bateman to Jessica A. Malone Lewis and Joshua Daniel Lewis, $449,900.

CHANEYVILLE RD., 3440-Dianalynn Saufley to Loretta Lynn and Colin Corkum, $300,000.

OLD SOLOMONS ISLAND RD., 8911-David Felder to Tammie and Harry Messer Jr., $400,000.

Port Republic Area

ABELIA RD., 3411-Bayview Investments Inc. to Margaret W. and Christopher J. Reynolds, $449,000.

HANCE RD., 3165-Jacqueline N. and John E. Lynch to Wentworth Living Trust, $320,000.

SOUTH SHORE DR., 4006-William J. and Dolores C. Jones to Kathleen A. and Mark M. Atkisson, $800,000.

SOUTHERN PINE LANE, 3315-Emily Kane and Daniel S. Coppage to Barbara E. Adams, $325,000.

Prince Frederick Area

CALVERT TOWNE DR., 831-Kimberly A. and William F. King Jr. to Stacy L. May, $152,000.

Solomons Area

LANGLEY LANE, 221-Jas L. and Margaret L. Langley to Jennifer L. and Kurt R. Eichenmuller, $405,000.

St. Leonard Area

HARBOR DR. N., 1820-William K. and Gloria M. Keller to Joanne M. and Christopher M. Koterwas, $450,000.

MORELLO WAY, 930-Wakefield Q. and Paula B. Travers to Robert E. and Maria A. Scott, $454,500.

Sunderland Area

LAKE RIDGE DR., 1218-Robert L. and Debra D. Baker to Cynthia and Louis Tenuta, $484,000.

Charles County

Bryans Road Area

ADELPHI LANE, 2701-Geraldine and Carl R. Frederick to Olivia R. Brackett, $240,000.

WOODBERRY DR., 2292-James E. Thornton to Eric V. Langely, $295,000.

Faulkner Area

SATURN DR., 9580-Joan E. Nagel to Raymond C. Tomasky, $415,000.


Prince Frederick Road Area

BLACKWELL DR., 17380-Debora Beckette to Joy and Vegamon Shingles, $450,000.

PRINCE FREDERICK RD., 16470-Dale and Tracy Dawson Peterson to Shelvy A. and Patrick L. Hurley, $498,000.

Indian Head Area

LIVINGSTON RD., 3770-Eupha B. and John F. Beuche to Mitchell Cole, $245,000.

MATTINGLY AVE., 44-Albert S. and Marie P. Johnson to Judith and James Coats, $192,610.

RAYMOND AVE., 37-Alison and James Morris Garner Jr. to Laura R. and Anthony M. White, $299,900.

RIVERSIDE RUN DR., 49-Zanita C. and Paul A. Barnett to Gerald E. Rutherford, $180,000.

La Plata Area

AUSTIN DR., 4447-E. Donn and Mary Anne B. Lindsey to Lisseth D. and Jose I. Lopez, $400,000.

CLOVERDALE CT., 4930-Timothy P. and Debra L. Bassett to Connie G. Bowling and John S. Hurley, $1.16 million.

CORNWALL DR., 1100-John T. Durrer to Denise M. Rice and Daniel E. Raby Jr., $412,000.

GAIL CT., 11370-Kandic M. and Stephen H. McLeran to J. Russell Boyce, $400,000.

LEICESTER DR., 1313-Kenneth E. and Frances E. Tafer to Kelley K. and Stacy M. Cheney, $489,900.

MAIDEN BOWER PL., 11350-Cathy D. and Kenneth D. Williamson to David L. Hickel, $630,000.

MARGARET CT., 8835-Gissel and Timmy R. Hein to Cynthia A. Neely, $470,000.

NORTHAMPTON DR., 1010-Joseph A. Jr. and Barbara A. Tolarski to Heather and Scott Haluska, $489,900.

PATUXENT CT., 456-Melvin Proctor to Kaushik K. Patel, $145,000.

ROBERT MORGAN PL., 8835-Phillip V. and Margaret A. Hamilton to Karyn and William A. Peterson, $454,900.

SLIDELL PL., 9310-John F. Proctor to Howard Wills and Mark Chapman, $227,000.

STATION DR., 1105-Robyn L. Sirkis to Timothy A. Johnson, $339,900.

WOOD DUCK CIR., 166-Margie C. Meek to Kristen Adkins and Jeremy Timko, $187,300.


Rock Point Road Area

FENDALL LANE, 9402-George A. and Patricia A. Barber to R. Hardesty and Paul Jones, $33,000.

FENDALL LANE, 9413-Haynes Construction Inc. to Nelmar Velasquez, $327,400.

FENDALL LANE, 9417-Kase Builders Inc. to Jason B. Davis, $292,931.

OVERLOOK CIR., 9438-Claire and Jerome Settleman to Trade Winds Properties Inc., $75,000.

SYLVAN TURN, 10001-Mark S. Williams to M.E. Mohler Co. Inc., $125,000.

WEST HATTON RD., 12811-William L. Rice Jr. to Stephanie Devine and David Schmidt, $300,000.

Pomfret Area

BELLEWOOD DR., 4419-Thomas O. and James E. Johnson Brady to Gale D. and Joseph A. Fenwick, $349,900.

BLUE LAKE PL., 9600-Delores M. Johnson to Edmonton Corp., $1.35 million.

Port Tobacco Area

TIVERTON DR., 8170-Norman K. and Gina M. Hubbard to Paula M. and Robert Sorrells, $820,000.

St. Charles Area

BARRINGTON DR., 913-Regina and Barry A. Bonovitch to Lavonne Johnson, $270,000.

GARNER AVE., 103-Mary A. Catterton to L.M. Morris Byrd and Gregory S. Byrd, $300,000.

HACKNEY LANE, 2805-Sharon A. and Keith A. Levinson to Eulalio V. Estrada, $313,500.

JAMESON DR., 12879-Richard A. and Janna F. Buntin to Jessi Speckmeier and David Hill, $274,900.

LACROSSE PL., 2633-Michael L. and Krystal McIntyre to Janice E. Scott, $325,000.

LIGHT ARMS PL., 3811-Parveen Begum to Christine L. and Dennis W. Craig Jr., $190,000.

LOVELACE CT., 3003-Yolanda C. Pelzer to Augusta and Domingos Amaro, $290,000.

OGDEN CT., 3661-Joseph R. and Susan Pasternak to Janice T. and Kenneth C. Williams Sr., $290,000.

PASTURE VIEW CT., 4804-Janet A. and James D. Singleterry to Kumiah Harrison, $419,900.

PEAR TREE CT., 2430-Jennie Ann Barnes to Joan B. and Howard R. Antwine Jr., $340,000.

RED LION PL., 2705-Charles E. and Violet M. Dulin to Cassandra A. and David B. Staples, $160,000.

ROXBURY CT., 825-Martin J. and Marcelina Scott to Jose Cervantes and Silvia Rodriguez, $285,000.

SOLDIERFISH ST., 3903-Dorchester Green Partnership to David E. Herlong, $224,760.

TURTLE DOVE PL., 12469-Marcel S. Williams to Janice A. and Jackie R. Armstrong, $237,000.

UNIVERSITY DR., 755-Gene A. and Kathleen M. Genaro to Christine M. and Robert W. Sciascia, $265,000.

Waldorf Area

ALBERMARLE PL., 2740-Shiela K. Draper to Lorne Prince, $246,000.

ALTHEA CT., 10513-Leliza Manlapig and Leo A.C. Tinana to Robert E. Boblits, $289,473.

APPLE CREEK LANE, 3101-Stacey A. Lincoln to Tanisha Jarrell Spinner, $360,000.

ATHENS PL., 2482-Robbin Matthews and Kelvin J. Young to Paul Stieglitz, $292,000.

BANNISTER CIR., 1225-David L. and Marian C. Underwood to Angela D. and Keith J. Pierce, $275,000.

BASS CT., 5032-Daniel R. and Jana L. Symonds to Paulette and Garryl Jones, $305,000.

BLUEBIRD DR., 4178-Donna D. Addison to Jackin Mims Levy and Ainsley Levy, $175,000.

BROADBILL CIR., 4097-Michael G. Lassiter to Wendy and James White, $303,000.

BROOKSIDE PL., 101-Kevin L. and Shaunta L. Newby to L.J. Williams, $210,000.

COMMUNITY DR., 2263-Michael R. and Phebe L. Morgan to Nandita and Chad Kumra, $373,000.

COPLEY AVE., 838-Charles A. Primus to John V. Fowler and Janette Plaza, $210,000.

COPPERHEAD CT., 6404-Erik Shull to Paula L. Rouse, $329,900.

CURLEW CT., 4074-Ellen M. and James R. Best to Janet A. Kudze, $236,000.

DORIS DR., 5313-Kathleen J. and James J. Ebel to Kathye Willis King, $354,200.

DRAKE CT., 4233-Kim Willoughby to Cui M. Wen and Lai K. Leung, $180,000.

EAGLE CT., 4373-Philip H. Moree to Jacqueline Williams, $179,000.

ENTERPRISE PL., 2520-Terrill Garner to Aleise I. Roberts, $270,000.

ENTERPRISE PL., 2605-Andrew and Johanna B. Levine to Ronald S. Wilkinson Jr., $210,000.

GOSSETT CT., 3258-Louis A. and Ann M. Casale to Stephen and Retta A. Allen, $490,000.

GROUSE PL., 4537-Holly and Steven Lowman to Laura Foote, $205,000.

HAZELWOOD CT., 2394-Matthew W. Richards to Lena and Shantee L. Jamison, $220,000.

HERRING CT., 5901-Darryl Hawkins to Sunshine L. and Stephen N. Barton, $375,000.

HOLM OAK DR., 12225-Kevin D. and Connie D. Smith to K. Hall Lowe and Timothy Lowe, $295,000.

JUMPROCK CT., 5104-Edward W. and Karen M. Lovejoy Sr. to Jung K. and Yong Ho Paik, $389,950.

KEMPSFORD FIELD PL., 3729-Rovena A. Jeter to Jonathan Spearman, $163,000.

LARSON PL., 9800-Kephart D. Pryor to Erica N. Nelson, $310,000.

LELAND PL., 11552-Raul T. Umagat and Mary R. Arengo to Edwin D. Sloane, $310,000.

LOVE PL., 2330-Evangelina and Kenneth L. Hall to Carroll A. Gaither, $248,000.

MARSH HAWK DR., 2929-Susan R. Dudding to Valeret Collins and Todd Izydorski, $417,000.

MCDANIEL RD., 3075-David Defalco to Shelwick I Corp., $800,000.

NORTHGATE PL., 3964-Fernando Lagunes and Brian Winfield to Cathy L. and David G. Hall Jr., $198,500.

RED LION PL., 2733-Cecily J. Mason to Cynthia C. and Sudhir Dwivedi, $165,000.

RED WOLF PL., 6034-Patricia L. Shannon to Tasha M. Williams, $243,500.

RYCE DR., 2528-James F. and Sheila J. Brown to Karen S. and Jon K. Anderson, $345,900.

RYON CT., 3354-Zeta M. Phillips to Zahir Yousaf and Khadija Sheikh, $165,000.

SEAL PL., 6212-Gregory M. and Virginia P. Cameron to Lisa M. and Michael K. Mullinax, $254,900.

SIRENIA PL., 6018-Diana R. and Shawn P. Colborn Sr. to Jorge Diaz Morales, $200,000.

TEMPLE CT., 4663-Paul T. Jr. and Myrna K. Tressler to Scheryl N. and Carl A. Settle II, $306,500.

TREFOIL PL., 364-Jeffrey S. Walton to Elveta Gibson, $186,000.

VISTA CT., 2704-Scott E. and Tracey A. Anderson to C. Huntley and Cornelius C. Twohig Jr., $350,000.

WALBROOK CT., 2367-Timothy M. and Tracie Burgett Brull to William D. and Victoria M. Chambers, $268,000.

WENDY LANE, 12303-Brye and Veronice M. McMillon to Patricia and Tracey A. Roy, $305,000.

WILLOW VIEW PL., 12609-Cynthia and Colin Jensen to Dena Y. Carmichael, $261,000.

WINDOWPANE CT., 5808-Andrew J. and Martha S. Sorenson to Tacuma D. and Joyce A. King, $383,000.

WOODRIDGE DR., 5558-Natalie M. and Michael D. Webber to Jackelyn M. Manson, $451,000.

YELLOWTAIL CT., 5702-Sharon and Kevin B. James Howell to Betty L. and Ben D. Crunk, $390,000.

YOUNG RD., 4805-Norman and Julie Hooper to Annette Huskey and Glenn Mains, $590,000.

Welcome Area

GUNSTON RD., 9225-M.E. Mohler Co. Inc. to Mary M. Elder and Richard D. Mestas, $649,900.

WEDDING DR., 8385-Walter P. Truesdell to Karen M. and Thomas E. Wand, $426,000.

White Plains Area

FAITH BAPTIST CHURCH RD., 9745-Robert A. and Cynthia D. Mullins to Deborah J. and John R. Cavanaugh, $350,000.

HIGHGROVE CT., 8308-Connie G. Bowling and John S. Hurley to Maria E. and Jose A. Miranda, $553,800.

TELLURIDE PL., 10478-Ray O. and Barbara J. Stevens to D.L. Johnson and Edward A. Mirabile, $280,000.

St. Mary's County

Abell Area

COLLINWOOD DR., 38810-Carter L. Crouch to Deena M. Richey, $565,000.

Avenue Area

GOLDEN THOMPSON RD., 20545-Joseph A. Thompson to Charles R. Rister Jr., $499,000.

Bushwood Area

COLTON POINT RD., 21860-Helen M. Burroughs to Joseph L. Wheeler, $249,000.

California Area

LEANING PINE LANE, 44244-Paul Brock Kantrow to Kara R. and Michael W. Rawlings, $327,000.

MILL COVE HARBOR RD., 45328-L. Anne Woodley to Trisha T. Brow, $1.15 million.

OTHELLO LANE, 22695-Casey M. Schachter to Julie Elizabeth and Charles Eugene Lindsay Jr., $160,000.

Drayden Area

PORTO BELLO CT., 46591-Carl Zaslow to Alyssa C. Zimmerman and Gregory W. Ing, $425,000.

Great Mills Area

ATHLONE DR., 22662-Jackelyn M. Manson to Tonya R. and Brian E. Smith II, $276,400.

BARKENTINE CT., 21964-Christopher Otero to Marika and Jarrod L. Mosley, $272,500.

DAUGHERTY CT., 45512-Ryant L. Carr to Harold G. Davis, $265,000.

FALL CT., 19835-Bradford L. and Amy G. Snowden to Linda C. and William J. Balach, $420,000.

HAWTHORNE WAY, 22240-Frank Ashley Clinton to William R. Singletary, $219,900.

ORIOLE DR., 22178-David M. Crouch Jr. to Felicia C. and William A. Shands, $400,000.

ST. JOHN'S CIR., 22027-Alvin Frazier to Genevieve D. and Michael L. Yeldell, $192,000.

SARA CT., 22449-Janice K. and Richard O. Davis to Beth A. Mikulka, $274,900.

Hollywood Area

HOLLY TREE LANE, 24991-Jonathan W. Selby to Bradley R. Schieferdecker, $329,900.

JOY LANE, 43180-Thomas L. Bressler to Jacqueline A. Fusaro and Timothy A. Thompson, $510,000.

MEADOW RD., 26410-Jeffrey W. Sappington to James H. Ball, $185,000.

Leonardtown Area

BLOOMSBURY LANE, 20680-Michael and Sheila A. Karabin to Joseph A. and Stacey L. Hunter, $409,900.

COOPER DR., 40874-William P. Foley to Bryan D. Hobbs, $258,900.

PAW PAW HOLLOW LANE, 40955-James O. Farrell to Udita and Dhanajay Bhavsar, $359,900.

POINT LOOKOUT RD., 28632-James B. Hooper to Joseph T. Chamberlain and Kimberly D. Lacey, $215,000.

RIVERWINDS DR., 42387-Klaas Van Esselstyn to Nancy W. and Edward N. Brinsfield Jr., $630,000.

Lexington Park Area

BUENA VISTA LANE, 47892-Cendant Mobility Financial Services to Judith H. and James M. Carr, $575,000.

COLUMBUS DR., 46353-Benjamin Tyronne Wise to Joseph M. Thompson III, $75,000.

COLUMBUS DR., 46357-Julio A. and Reina to Anastasia and Stephen Brockman, $119,900.

ESSEX DR. N., 21745-Thomas Allen and Long to Jessica A. and Richard Scott Shepherd, $119,500.

FORD DR., 45660-Linda L. and William E. Gilbo to Michael E. Adams, $257,288.

GALATEA ST., 21675-Joan M. and Lawrence Fotovich to Debra Rae and Cutberto and Luis Santana, $250,000.

KEEL DR., 48295-Patrick Donal Herring to Paul R. Reinhart, $310,000.

LUCCA WAY, 46102-Alfredo B. Metra to Ron Rechtman, $154,000.

MARSHALL RD., 23155-Robert W. White to Judith M. and Richard C. Bigelow, $299,000.

RUE WOODS DR., 22616-Richard L. and Bridge to Maria L. and Anthony Dittami, $335,000.

SCARBOROUGH DR., 21301-Luis D. and Briones to Carol J. and Robert B. MacLaren, $285,000.

WOLFTRAP ST., 20815-Lori Lynn Brattin to James R. Long, $237,000.

Loveville Area

POINT LOOKOUT RD., 28340-Joseph W. Haggard to Melissa and Chad Matteson, $275,000.

Mechanicsville Area

BAY DR., 40356-David A. Borzi to Takisha L. and Gregory S. Brill, $206,000.

HIDDEN POND CT., 38752-Robert J. and Linda M. Molish to Deborah M. and John B. Scholten Sr., $440,000.

HOLMES RD., 30015-B. and H. Builders Inc. to Crystal M. and Daniel L. Stone, $210,000.

KENNEDY CT., 40790-Tonya Lavour Edelen to Mary Holton, $170,000.

LAKESIDE DR., 27224-Bonnie and Kean Miller to Robert L. East, $183,000.

LENORE CT., 27085-James R. Morgan Jr. to Deena M. Richey, $280,000.

MRS. GRAVES RD., 39810-Michael E. and Joanne E. Van Wie to Holly M. Williams and David G. Hill, $350,000.

NEWLANDS ST., 36914-Neil L. Griffin to Joanne E. and Michael E. and Joanne E. Van Wie, $430,000.

PERSIMMON CREEK RD., 39212-David Park to Deborah L. and Alan C. Prather, $409,000.

RAMBLE CT., 41344-Percy H. Andros, trustee, to Ellen Marie and Benjamin A. Garner, $525,000.

REED CT., 26541-James C. Anderson to Jessica and Keith Gagnon, $330,000.

SANDY CT., 26154-James Craig Payne to Daniel Donaldson, $230,000.

TIN TOP SCHOOL RD., 26629-Walter L. Brown to Kevin Roof, $330,000.

St. Inigoes Area

WATERVIEW DR., 47877-Michelle Marie Hudson to Carrie S. and Thomas I. Beavers, $360,000.

Scotland Area

POINT LOOKOUT RD., 12745-Henrietta M. Moffatt to Ella G. and Stephen G. Tennyson, $188,000.

Tall Timbers Area

LOBLOLLY CT., 45141-Jerry M. Jr. and Tammy M. Holt to Sarah and Daniel K. Hinson, $385,000.

Valley Lee Area

DRAYDEN RD., 46092-Margaret Mary and Anthony Wayne to David D. Davison, $475,000.