The following home sales were recently recorded in Alexandria and supplied to The Washington Post by the Alexandria Department of Real Estate Assessments. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Alexandria and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

ABINGDON DR. W., 1624, No. 202-Kathy L. Whitt to Christina Sadorf, $284,000.

ABINGDON DR. W., 1630, No. 102-Emily A. Bentzen to Jessica R. Arons, $280,000.

ARGALL PL., 1339-Christine R. and Robert K. Arensberg to Adrian G. Gray, $607,000.

ARMISTEAD ST. N., 485, No. 203-Hassan Blaada to E. Clayton, $210,000.

ARMISTEAD ST. N., 519, No. T3-Michael S. Littreal to Jeannette C. Davis, $205,000.

AUBURN CT., 10-Peter George Woodburn to Tina Strider, $255,000.

BARRETT PL., 168-Nicole M. and Langdon J. Lucas to Jennifer S. and Kelley A. Wong, $649,000.

BELLEFONTE AVE. E., 319-Julia A. Howell to Silas Larsen, $465,000.

BRAXTON PL., 509-Nancy E. and Nadir S. Rehman to Helen and Alon Jaffe, $849,000.

BRENMAN PARK DR., 4951, No. 215-Aimee Bosse to Emily A. Newman, $369,950.

BRIGHTON CT., 3814-Ellis L. Hyman to Paul Jin, $450,000.

CAMERON MILLS RD., 3504-Scott E. Mills and Dixie J. Mason to Stephanie A. and Scott D. Chaplin, $1.05 million.

CAMERON STATION BLVD., 240-Karen E. Gray and Loren J. Sciurba to Peter K. Webb, $685,000.

CIRCLE HILL RD., 3116-Kevin B. and Dawn Ripple McFadin to Janel L. Domenico, $878,000.

CLIFFORD AVE., 410-Shireen M. McQuade to Elizabeth M. Yusi, $410,000.

COLECROFT CT., 509-Brooke Vosburgh to Christopher A. Leach, $530,000.

COLECROFT CT., 557-Michael D. Brogan to Larry C. Upchurch, $385,000.

COLUMBUS ST. S., 421-Lizzie P. Cassell to Kay M. and Christopher C. Morell, $565,000.

COMMONWEALTH AVE., 2003-Deborah J. and Michael H. Horrell to Sherrill W. Farley, $640,000.

CUSTIS AVE. E., 521-Farhad Boldaji to Jennifer L. Voelker, $448,000.

DEVON PL., 801-Stacey and Mark W. Bent to Josephine L. and Eric T. Nelson, $612,000.

DONOVAN DR., 5112, No. 411-Kathy L. Douglas to Karen A. Fleming, $492,500.

DONOVAN DR., 5129-Lynn L. McKee to Martha T. and Larry D. Bedsole, $625,000.

DOVER PL., 5212-Marylynn and Mehdi Aminrazavi to Abutaha Yousef and Rahim Khaled Abdul, $525,000.

DUKE ST., 5205-Virginia Johnstone to Douglas Frank, $180,000.

EDSALL RD., 5911, No. 408-Margaret J. Lipscomb to Gabriella Eisen, $201,400.

ELBERT AVE., 3822-Stacey L. Lew Kniff to Susan and Robert Ruiz, $580,000.

FENDALL AVE., 12-William and Suzanne Wittig to Russell Merbeth, $450,000.

FILLMORE AVE., 5622-Sharon A. McGlathery to Giovanna Guardia, $560,000.

FORRESTAL AVE., 5543-Michael A. and Mary M. Martin to Remberto and Gladys L. Buendia, $540,000.

FRANKLIN CT., 2712-Richard E. Demerse to Christine G. and Douglas A. Simon, $575,000.

FORT WILLIAMS PKWY., 119-Stephanie and Damon W.D. Wright to Jesus and Ana Medina, $690,000.

GARNETT DR., 2351-Michael K. Wong to Maria V. Sanchez, $311,400.

GARNETT DR., 2432-Jill Abrams to Jennifer M. Short, $550,000.

GLEBE RD. E., 209-Rossen Rader to Steven A. Jarosz, $220,000.

GLEBE RD. E., 3-Michael F. Case to Barbara A. Deathe, $245,000.

GUNSTON RD., 3604-Robert M. and Andrea C. Steptoe III to Jennifer L. Ivaniszek, $411,000.

GUNSTON RD., 3706-William A. Perdue Jr. to Daniel P. Reese, $296,000.

GUNSTON RD., 3735-Joseph E. Aronhime to James R. Dalkin, $335,000.

HELMUTH LANE, 329-Fritz and Amalia M. Mendez to Angela T. Wessling, $630,000.

HENRY ST. S., 621-Sara L. and Ansel Thoreau Stein to Eric B. and Anna B. Kiss, $429,000.

HOLMES RUN PKWY., 5340, No. 1505-Clarence P. Lawrence to Omar and Hadjera Malikyar, $350,000.

INGALLS AVE., 3812-Patricia C. Lewis to Mark D. Arehart, $394,950.

JAMIESON AVE., 2151, No. 1501-Judith A. Ramaley to John T. McEvoy and Laura Templeton, $575,000.

JAMIESON AVE., 2181, No. 1502-Regina M. Wine to Murray C. Bond, $489,950.

KING ST., 2410-Edith Strider Cornwell, trustee, to Robert C. Mattson, $1.15 million.

KIRKLAND PL., 4607-Hyacinth Brown to Michael F. Parrott, $749,900.

LEE ST. S., 804-Jonathan Cooper Bagnall to Laura Doyle and Eugene Smith, $986,000.

LURAY AVE. E., 429-Diana J. Garrison Arrington to Matthew Bennett and Alicia Rutherford, $493,250.

MANNING ST., 3019-Steve Stylianoudis to Nicole and Gregory Philbin, $475,000.

MARTHA CUSTIS DR., 1225, No. 1405-Sharon K. Lawler to J.E. Prokop, $195,000.

MARTHA CUSTIS DR., 1225, No. 1612-Christine Marie Rance to Richard C. Bornhorst, $271,900.

MASON AVE. E., 412-Susan M. Petersen to Anthony W. Wright, $515,000.

MORGAN CT., 6016-Kelly A. Thompson to Mark B. and Genet Swanson, $489,000.

MOUNT VERNON AVE., 409-James T. Carmichael to David Tait, $400,000.

NELSON AVE. E., 307-Glenn D. Millis and Ana Maria Rendich to Marie Tien, $539,000.

ORCHARD ST., 1602-Susan A. and Tucker S.M. Carlson to Brian Walsh and Kara King, $1.995 million.

ORONOCO ST., 917-Richard W. Clement and Maureen A. Clyne to Alicia W. Davis, $655,000.

OVERLOOK DR. S., 802-Oliver B. Patton and Barbara Van Gelder to Rae Galloway and Richard Szabo, $900,000.

PICKETT ST. S., 263, No. 202-Sean M. and Sara E. McGraw to Ellen Deberry Loy, $375,700.

PICKETT ST. S., 267-Hyong M. Lee to Rene L. Bebeau, $399,900.

PITT ST. N., 628-Diane C. and Lewis R. Cabe, trustee, to David Fagan, $850,000.

PITT ST. N., 801-William O. Rettig to Candace M. Larsen, $223,000.

PITT ST. N., 801-Kamizaki Corp. to Anna E. Morrison, $309,000.

PRINCE ST., 1405-Galvin Realty Co. to Laura A. Marshall and Kinney C. Schepis, $653,000.

PRINCE ST., 1600, No. 304-Sean P. Dennehy to Jia W. Lu and David A. Montanari, $335,000.

PRINCE ST., 318-Joe F. and Carole A. Colvin II to Marianne Ideboen, $685,000.

QUANTRELL AVE., 5801, No. 205-Mary M. Adel to Mohammad Dawoud Boura, $240,000.

QUANTRELL AVE., 5933, No. 203-Zenayda A. and Marvin E. Andrade to Alberto A. Raime Berrospi, $251,000.

QUEEN ST., 118-Russell R. Houk, trustee, to Michael B. and Julie B. Holmes, $1 million.

REYNOLDS ST. S., 240, No. 312-Joan Derricks Kraft to Karla A. Daniels, $351,550.

REYNOLDS ST. S., 250-Guillermo Meza Ortega to Philip E. Goldsmith, $240,720.

REYNOLDS ST. S., 250, No. 502-Vanessa Noel Hunt to Chelsea and David Lusby, $257,000.

RICHARDS LANE, 502-Donna R. and David A. Lefeve to Nicole M. and Danny C. Onorato, $1.315 million.

SKYHILL RD., 51, No. 203-Eugene and Edna J. Aaron to Allen W. Mongold, $328,000.

SLATERS LANE, 501, No. 610-Deena L. Philage to David Daniel Boren, $425,000.

ST. ASAPH ST. N., 230-Anne B. Parish to Caroline K. Barber and David J. Greene, $819,700.

ST. ASAPH ST. N., 426-Helen and Alon P. Jaffe to Vicki A. Labarre Horsfall, $890,000.

STANTON PL., 436-Andrea S. and Daniel J. Bucci to Kristine Esme Nelson, $554,000.

STEVENSON SQ. N., 250-Peggy G. Shaw to Halda M. and Fidel A. Castellanos, $320,000.

TENNESSEE AVE., 518-Ronda L. Estridge to Brett D. Rice, $557,500.

VALLEY DR., 2701-Sarah E. and Ryan T. Waters to Jurita Barber and Carlos A. Burgos, $600,000.

VALLEY DR., 3511-Florence L. Price and Susan Price to Roscoe Thomas, $360,000.

VAN DORN ST. N., 2500, No. 1413-Thomas O. Jones Jr. to Michael P. Riley, $160,000.

VAN DORN ST. N., 2500, No. 904-Claude O. Johnson Jr. to Linh B. Dam, $265,000.

WILKES ST., 17-Sharon A. and James T. Halverson Sr. to Gloria and Gerald C. Cooper, $2.125 million.

WINDSOR AVE. E., 17-Michael E. Rosenfeld and Courtney A. Lombardi to Tanya E. Stern, $670,000.

YOAKUM PKWY., 307, No. 522-Carol Sue Trowbridge to Debra S. Marple, $375,000.

30TH ST., 4907-Kathleen H. Doherty to Jill Jordano, $295,000.


The following home sales were recorded in Arlington and supplied to The Washington Post by the Arlington County Department of Real Estate Assessments. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Arlington and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

ARLINGTON BLVD., 2603, No. 39-Karen and James K. Stiegler to Matthew Becht, $301,000.

ARLINGTON BLVD., 4501, No. 214-Navin Jain to Manuela Y. Torres, $296,000.

ARLINGTON MILL DR. S., 816, No. 5-102-Scott A. Kelly to Ivette Gonzalez, $270,000.

ARMY NAVY DR., 1300, No. 820-Maria T. and Rickie A. Mellenkamp to Nella M. Scalora, $276,000.

BEDFORD ST. N., 118, No. A-Michelle Giaquinto to Guy L. Dimatteo, $302,000.

BEDFORD ST. N., 130, No. C-Mary R. Naccash to Rossel Advincula, $390,000.

BUCHANAN ST. S., 2113-Beth Carbonneau and Joseph James Andrews Jr. to Terrence J. Kee, $541,000.

CLARENDON BLVD., 2400, No. 105-Ayesha and Nadeemuddin Qureshi to Michelle Sparkman and Peter Renz, $470,000.

CLEVELAND ST. S., 1300, No. 366-Camilla G. Acord to Virginia E. Anderson, $365,000.

DANIEL ST. N., 711-Jill S. Kirchner and Lynwood F. Shenk to Scott T. Forrest, $835,000.

DINWIDDIE ST. S., 2400-Mary E. Mahoney to Michael J. Lynch and Stephanie D. Smith, $560,000.

FAIRFAX DR., 3800, No. 1303-Lottie L. Riekehof and Linda L. Martin to Corinne E. and Gerald B. Greenwald, $510,000.

FAIRFAX DR., 6924, No. 416-Brian R. McCahill and Emily A. Yearick to Ellie and Grace Y. Hsieh, $449,900.

FILLMORE ST. N., 1515-Diane P. and Thomas H. Fletcher to Ronya A. Corey and Devon B. McFadden, $1.15 million.

FOUR MILE RUN DR. S., 4600, No. 429-Smail Farid to Fouad Mahdi, $135,000.

FOUR MILE RUN DR. S., 4600, No. 833-Smail Farid to Robert M. Walega, $185,000.

GEORGE MASON DR. N., 3444-David M. Flowers, trustee, to Kay and Kenneth Stacey, $680,300.

GEORGE MASON DR. S., 1525, No. 22-Susanna T. Smith to Janet A. Phoenix, $250,000.

GLEBE RD. N., 851, No. 203-Daniel and Amanda Belyea to Michael H. Ray, $420,000.

HENDERSON RD., 4141, No. 717-Michael M. Goldstein to John B. Kerr, $410,000.

IVY ST. S., 216-Brent D. and Amy S. Polly to Amy B. and Bryan D. Berezdivin, $750,000.

IVY ST. S., 819-Clelia Ximena and Luis E. Sandoval to Abdul Sobh, $380,000.

KENMORE ST. N., 808-James Upton to Mindy L. and John S. Harrison, $595,000.

KEY BLVD., 1530, No. 608-Michael Anthony Taylor to David, Lisette and Chantal B. Attias, $535,000.

KEY BLVD., 1800, No. 9496-Cherie L. St. Michel to Richard J. and Carol A. Kushner, $329,900.

LEE HWY., 2100, No. 303-Stacy and Usbaldo Angel to Nancy and J.R. Murphy, $425,000.

LEE HWY., 4373, No. 406-John E. Bonds to Todd Mosby, $277,100.

LEXINGTON ST. N., 2027-Felicia Everett to Nelson and Carmen T. Guzman, $615,000.

LITTLE FALLS RD., 6932-Michael A. Umayam to Shannon Kelley and James Gregoire, $649,900.

LORCOM LANE, 3834-Kimberly and David M. Tompkins to Barbara Harbaugh and Patrick K. Murphy, $850,000.

MONROE ST. N., 901, No. 1216-Christina M. Puchalski to Jean F. Barsaloux, $632,500.

MONROE ST. S., 1319-John F. Kasprzak to Tsehaye Teferra, $645,000.

MONTAGUE ST. N., 6-JBN Realty Investment Inc. to Lund Jason, $610,000.

OHIO ST. N., 2442-Lisa W. and Randall A. Long to Kristin P. and Michael J. Hanmer, $570,000.

PERSHING DR. N., 3114-Karen Pinkos and Alan Bruce Tober to Yogi and Daisy Dumera, $670,000.

RHODES ST. N., 1805, No. 4-248-Berkeley B. Smith to Sana F. Khan, $406,000.

STUART ST. N., 1029, No. 110-Cindy L. Wood to Adam Chavez, $375,000.

UHLE ST. N., 1845, No. 1-Jane Margaret Adams to Sean A. Mentus, $525,000.

VEITCH ST. S., 804-Vera Solovyow to Kalyani J. and Raghu T. Bukkapatnam, $740,000.

VERMONT ST. N., 1182-Michael J. Maccaroni to Leah and Benjamin Jones, $727,500.

WAKEFIELD ST. S., 800-Mina S. Atkins to Lisa Lybbert, $543,222.

WASHINGTON BLVD., 6865-Wayne O'Connor to Matthew J. Robinson and Johanna Stevenson, $459,000.

WAYNE ST. N., 1276, No. 311-Khalifa Al Hinai to William J. Ellison II, $580,000.

WESTMORELAND ST. N., 2727-Donald P. Brauninger to Edgar Tellez, $530,000.

WISE ST. S., 120-Jessica A. Kaman to Ryan Willumson, $493,513.

SECOND RD. N., 4308, No. 43083-Michele A. Miller to Regina Mechacho, $350,000.

FOURTH ST. S., 5627-Gary B. Pergl to Stacy E. and Robert W. White, $865,000.

FIFTH ST. S., 3701, No. 405-Kimberly L. Shroeder to Laura, Philip J. and Margaret M. Jenkins, $220,000.

FIFTH ST. S., 4664-Lisa J. Ragain and Colin B. Lovett to Carolyn S. McCommon, $649,000.

SIXTH RD. N., 3808-Elizabeth Diamond to Daniel I. Fisher and Ashley L. Rogers, $760,000.

SIXTH ST. S., 4501-Hakima Ezzaher and Fouad Lahrime to Karolam Khlen and Chin Amara, $885,000.

SEVENTH RD. S., 5000, No. T1-Denys A. Taylor to Nelson Rios Bedoya and Maria L. Gomez Zapata, $340,000.

SEVENTH ST. S., 3216-Ngo Thanh Tung to Edgar and Marleney Albarado, $815,000.

EIGHTH RD. S., 5436-Karima B. and Hussein H. Hassen to Alfredo Marin, $336,000.

NINTH RD. S., 3932-Theodore Michael Trout to Ferdinan E. Camacho, $412,000.

NINTH ST. N., 3835, No. 306W-David B. Kent to George W. Shirley, $445,000.

10TH ST. S., 4868-Mireya A. and Edwin Galarza to Max A. Rubin, $475,000.

11TH PL. N., 4113-Jeannette F. and Frederick D. Regetz to Justin Ison, $460,000.

11TH ST. S., 5177-Oliver E. Holland, trustee, to Steven D. McPherson, $495,000.

12TH ST. N., 1400, No. S-203-Terry Jo and Eric Kilponen to Mohammad H. Rashid, $363,000.

12TH ST. S., 5033-Melissa Bishop and Stanley Curtis to Michelle and Frank C. Sherrard, $500,000.

12TH ST. S., 5057-Christopher M. Fedo to Jason Strange and Jean Wha Shim, $434,500.

14TH ST. N., 2310, No. 205-Michael C. Hlushak to Keith J. Fleming, $410,000.

14TH ST. N., 2330, No. 102-Heather A. Jones to Kenneth Fulton and Luz M. Rivera, $530,000.

21ST ST. N., 1821, No. 3-Mary C. Tamberrino and Eric R. Stewart to Christopher Dornfeld, $305,000.

25TH ST. S., 5047-Imane and Abdelhak Abdelmoumen to Mohammed Bouzghaia, $550,000.

27TH ST. N., 6425-Shelley J. and James W. Wisnowski to Timothy N. and Julie A. England, $1.1 million.

28TH RD. S., 4501, No. 6-3-Meredeth R. and Ryan A. Dash to Wes Thompson, $444,000.

28TH RD. S., 4626, No. B-Theresa M. Morgan to Alisha W. and Ryan J. Beltramini, $351,000.

35TH ST. S., 4300, No. B1-Tammi Kay Atkinson and Albert Thomas Gorman to Conrad H. Munster Jr., $445,000.