The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Annapolis Area

AMBERSTONE CT., 20, No. F-Nancy Brungart to Margaret Lake Young, $216,500.

BLACK WALNUT DR., 3203-David C. Skalka to Kelly L. Willcockson, $435,000.

BOUCHER AVE., 826-Kenneth J. Ross to Thomas Carter, $585,000.

BOXWOOD RD., 6-James W. Ellis Jr. to Ana M. Flores, $280,000.

CEDAR RIDGE CT., 1063-Matthew A. McKenzie to Mary A. Arnett, $262,500.

CHANNEL VILLAGE CT., 7028-Harold Cramer to Barbara G. Beckwith, $533,500.

CHESAPEAKE HARBOUR DR. E., 2100, No. 2100-101-John R. Ewing to J. Donald and Diana S. Childress, $410,000.

CHESTER AVE., 114-Jean Herndon to Rosemary J. Williams, $655,000.

DUVALL LANE, 412-Nancy E. Haberland to Jonathan and Julie H. Crudele, $440,000.

FAIRVIEW AVE., 765, No. 765E-Mary E. McMillin to Margaret M. McGovern, $315,000.

FAIRVIEW AVE., 789, No. 789E-George N. Plant, trustee, to Sabrina L. O'Brien, $315,000.

FAIRVIEW AVE., 798, No. 798E-Lisa G. Emmet to Kathleen L. Long, $218,500.

GEORGETOWN RD., 149, No. 10-Nancy H. Snyder to Amanda M. Wilhelm, $250,000.

GREEN SPRING DR., 111-Jon D. Murray to Mahidhar Reddy and Seetha J. Anagol, $525,000.

HARNESS CREEK RD., 3127-John E. Sherrick to Susan E. and John P. Seisman, $338,000.

IRONSTONE CT., 50, No. 50F-Paul A. Larochelle to Chad R. Harvey, $280,000.

JANWALL ST., 213-Mark S. Spellbring to Lauren A. Bland, $263,500.

LAKE DR. E., 24-G. William Sterling to Dean E. and Laura P. Cottrill, $1.35 million.

MUIR WOODS CT., 2-John F. Klessinger to Laurie J. Hammel, $271,950.

SEVERN AVE., 100, No. 307-Elizabeth S. Sarate to Richard J. Royer, $380,000.

SILVERWOOD CIR., 5, No. 12-Eric W. Edstrom to Brian M. and Yaritza Edstrom, $205,000.

WOODWARD CT., 27-Marion J. Minker Jr., trustee, to Jeffery J. Buckmaster, $245,000.

THIRD ST., 517-F. Warren Grawemeyer to Nicholas and Janet Berry, $966,000.

Annapolis-Sandy Point

State Park Area

ADMIRAL DR., 603, No. 103-Linda L. Dredger to John B. and Stephanie P. Cowan, $244,000.

ADMIRAL DR., 607, No. 1023-R. Ann Stahl to Eric J. Miller and Lisa C. Pollock, $277,500.

ANNA MARIE CT., 1426, No. 13-Dawn M. Kauffman to Patricia D. Monopoli, $359,000.

BLUE RIDGE DR., 942-William German to Robert J. and Rose M. Bromley, $223,000.

CAPE ST. CLAIRE RD., 1278-Walter R. Phillips to Julie E. Kaiser, $315,000.

CHARLES ST., 102-Myra F. Leitch to Alan L. Goldstein, $440,000.

CHESTER TOWN CIR., 1500, No. 32-Michael Hollenbach to Carl A. and Dawn M. Wilson, $360,000.

DEWEY DR., 413-Ronda E. Roemmelt to David and Patricia Lillefloren, $499,000.

DOGWOOD TREE DR., 988-Karen L. Brown to Carin L. and Jeffrey S. Sychterz, $335,000.

EATONS LANDING DR., 304-Stewart B. Cohen to Justin A. and Lisa V. Tweedie, $1.066 million.

EPPING WAY, 438-Barbara L. Baumgartner to Daniel R. Murphy Jr. and Cynthia A. Roberts, $540,000.

EPPING FOREST RD., 522-Maria P. Lima to Hosein Shakiba, $600,000.

FRIENDS RD., 2981-Mark I. Goodman to Kristin L. Lewis and Joseph P. Danek, $691,500.

GLENWOOD ST., 707, No. 55-Jon R. Whitbeck to Eloise Shouse, trustee, $125,000.

GLENWOOD ST., 721-Karen Koyne to Joshua E. Falk and Hilary S. Harp, $340,000.

GOV. THOMAS BLADEN WAY, 2020, No. 301-Robin E. Kane to Theodore and Angela Goudounis, $289,900.

HAZELNUT CT., 1351-Susan M. Chmelar, trustee, to Matthew E. and Atlanta C. Teltoe, $243,000.

LINCOLN PKWY., 35-Raymond C. Johnson to Patrick J. McCarthy and Christine M. Nolan, $289,000.

LODGE POLE CT., 1556-Cheryl T. Smith to Fernando P. and Fe L. Miranda, $252,000.

MERRYMAN RD., 435, No. 65-Jennifer L. Mitchell to John T. Keller, $165,900.

NORTHWEST ST., 103-Norvain T. Sharps to Homes for America Inc., $103,100.

PENNINGTON LANE S., 1416-Gary A. Curtis to Gregory E. and Jennifer A. Gagorik, $595,000.

PHILLIPS TER., 2002, No. 7-Lisa Jane Howe to Susie W. and Brandie Noelle Harris, $270,000.

RICKOVER CT., 11-Richard F. Wescoe to Phong Duc Do and Carrie L. Russell, $369,500.

SHADY SIDE CT., 1008-Jennifer M. Lally to Strategic Equity Group Corp., $275,000.

SOLOMONS ISLAND RD., 121-Frances Wells to Portia R. and Timothy W. Green, $238,000.

SOUTHWOOD AVE. N., 11-Thomas C. Ervin to Christopher D. and Sarah Parker Hughes, $535,000.

TRIPP CREEK CT., 604-Tyron L. Hutton to Christopher C. and Heldi V. Swift, $152,000.

VALLEY RD., 2011-James M. Gonzalez to Kevin and Nina Basiliko, $400,000.

Arnold Area

ASQUITH DR., 1137-Thomas P. Byrnes to Michael Price and Shaw M. Johnson, $2.8 million.

BAYBERRY DR., 1049-Raymond V. Gomez, trustee, to Richard D. and Lynn Thomas, $580,000.

BIRCHCREST CT., 1228, No. 108-Carlyle A. Schrouter Stevens to Wayne and Kathryn Reeser, $256,040.

BUENA VISTA AVE., 800-Frank P. Gavern III to James J. Eddowes, $300,000.

CAPETOWNE RD., 337-Ryan P. Neenan to Kermit O. Dowell III, $198,000.

DEER CREEK RUN, 955-Scott G. Simpson to Gerard and Kim Balageas, $339,900.

MEDINAH CT., 1402, No. 39-William L. Philpott Jr. to Elizabeth R. Fitten, $250,000.

MELISSA CT., 590, No. U5-John T. Niesz to Edward Charters, $341,000.

QUAKER RIDGE DR., 1228, No. 98-Mary K. Flickner to Michelle A. Carpenter, $269,900.

RUTH RD., 424-Wilfred R. Ouellette to Michael T. O'Reilly and Rachael A. Benton, $356,000.

RUTH RD., 451-David Orth Moore to Danny Rabino Ochoa and Erin E. Ochoa, $405,000.

TIMBER TURN, 1240-Kevin H. King to C.M. and Sylvia M. Torres, $389,900.

WAYCROSS WAY, 224-Peter G. Staley to Thomas D. and Elizabeth E. Bowers, $557,000.

WEST JOYCE LANE, 270-Peter M. Jones to James A. Brantley, $2.4 million.

WHITE SWAN DR., 671-Thomas W. Powers to Geoffrey Powers and C.D. Gorsuch, $567,500.

Brooklyn Area

ARDEN RD. W., 333-Helen W. Lowery to Clementine Johnson and Michele Privette, $134,000.

AUDREY AVE., 305-Robert L. Anderson to Judith Oberist and Michael Lamartina, $205,000.

BON AIR RD., 128-Dale M. Johnson to James A. Hacha Jr., $224,900.

EDGEVALE RD. W., 148-James R. Bowers to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $75,405.

EDGEVALE RD. W., 208-Carl C. Ashenfelter to North Arundel Prooperties Corp., $81,500.

PARK RD., 5403-W.C. Nicholson to Mark A. and Helene P. Nicholson, $128,000.

PATRICK HENRY DR., 5309-Wanda Robinson to Carl E. Spencer, $103,600.

WOOD ST., 617-Darrel G. Hurt Sr. to Brian S. Miller, $99,900.

FOURTH ST., 4600-Charles T. Gavin to Jeannette and Rajiv Sharma, $128,000.

10TH AVE., 100-Duvan Garcia to Jose D. Lopez, $240,000.

Churchton Area

LEE WAY DR., 5609-Jeffrey B. Lichok to Donna Russell, $260,000.

Crofton Area

ABERDEEN CIR., 1815, No. 93-Jerry L. Long Jr. to Evenilda Townsend, $260,000.

ARDENWOOD TER., 1922, No. D-Ronald L. Poore to John W. Fallon, $205,500.

ASSABET CT., 2506, No. 97-Constantinos G. Metropoulos to Kermit E. Pope Jr. and Mary L. Stanton, $339,900.

BLOCKTON CT., 1432, No. 67XB-Thomas A. Walker to Erin D. Gammill and Jonathan A. Dahl, $256,050.

BRITE CT., 2811-James G. Franklin to James A. and Patricia L. Protin, $579,900.

CAMBRIDGE DR., 1986, No. 31-Thomas R. Patterson to Karen Schmidt, $250,000.

CHARING CROSS DR., 1133-Michael A. Peart to Scotty D. Miller and David G. Tromm, $561,000.

CHATHAM CT., 1435, No. 54XA-Julie E. Flavell to Marchessini Casibang, $224,000.

FENDALL CT., 2217, No. 82-Jayme L. Forster to Kevin Murphy, $235,700.

HAMDEN CT., 2411-John W. Liccione to Julie Rodas, $340,000.

MEGHAN CT., 2108-Elizabeth N. Yoe to Elizabeth A. Nicholson, $58,000.

MOUNT AIRY CT., 1629-Ronald V. James to Whitney Scully, $174,000.

PRICE RD., 2704-Kyle J. Michaelis to Robert A. and Michelle L. Swick, $525,000.

REMINGTON DR., 1708-Robert A. Palandati to Peter E. and Tina Papanikolaou, $489,000.

SHARWOOD PL., 1808, No. 46-Edward A. Arhar to Mark Kohler, $225,000.

SIMSBURY CT., 1022, No. 2D-Timothy N. Glenn to Kelly D. Allmang, $262,100.

SIMSBURY CT., 1113, No. 54C-William B.

Vitacolonna to Anita R. Middleton,


SIMSBURY CT., 1119, No. 53E-Amy A. Hutson to Lisa McElwain, $238,000.

SIMSBURY CT., 1131, No. 51B-Michelle L. Hauptly to Robert F. and Maureen Dann, $255,000.

STOW CT., 2514, No. 34-Ronald B. Knode to Thomas J. Fasanello Jr., $362,500.

STOW CT., 2550, No. 16-James H. Cook to Bridgitte Patterson and Troy Gourley, $361,000.

STURBRIDGE PL., 1714-Thomas K. Lo to Dewey G. Jordan, $550,000.

TILGHMAN DR., 1907-Reginald D. Williams to William McConkey, $330,000.

VINEYARD LANE, 2515-Patricia R. Lewis to Yu Feng Chen, $210,000.

WESTPORT LANE, 2313-Richard A. Lee to Sheida Nakhaei, $335,000.

WHITESTONE CT., 1724, No. 50-Thomas

B. Burgess to Patricia Callaghan,


WINDY OAK CT., 2610-Kevin P. Epley to B.P. and Sharah E. Iezzi, $381,000.

WORRELL CT., 2672-Donald M. Thigpen to Glenn and Miraida Strauber, $359,900.

Crownsville Area

BOXWOOD TRAIL, 869-Richard F. McClung to Thomas E. Munro, $320,000.

RIVERSIDE DR. N., 731-George K. Tsakanikas to William J. Sweeney, $1.15 million.

RIVERSIDE DR. N., 735-John Dougherty to My Chau and Thong Nguyen, $995,000.

Curtis Bay Area

BELVEDERE PL., 1003-Carole A. Diggs to Callie E. and Jackie V. McFee, $180,000.

DOUBLE CHESTNUT CT., 1143-Nicholas J. Shank to Lauren K. and Loretta M. Partner, $251,000.

TRIWATER CT., 1357, No. 157-Patrick A. Given to Aaron Kralovic, $360,000.

WEST END DR., 8200-Thomas E. Seckman to Brian K. and Carol R. Beatty, $70,000.

Davidsonville Area

HOWARD GROVE RD., 2723-John Bjorn to Mark M. and Karen M. Daly, $789,000.

RUTLAND RD., 2558-James E. Koehr, trustee, to Daniel L. Cox and Kathryn L. Tierney, $699,995.

SHADOWBROOK CT., 552-Elisabeth H. Phillippe to Brannon M. and Deborah L. Wheeler, $700,000.

STOCKETTS RUN RD., 574-Frank F. Connelly to James R. and Avis B. King, $660,000.

WAYSON WAY, 982-Alan D. Loeser to Shakeel A. and Julie L. Barkat, $925,000.

Deale Area

MAIN ST., 910-Leonard J. Barry Jr. to Robert Mebane and Barbara Cox, $450,000.

MASONS BEACH RD., 743-Richard Oleksy to Carla R. Butts, $299,900.

Dunkirk Area

WOODCREST DR., 6315-Gavin B. Stepheenson to Wayne A. and Tammy Gustafson, $480,000.

Edgewater Area

CADLE AVE., 224-Denise M. Herndon to Steven C. and Jane Jean Barnard, $395,000.

CARVEL CIR., 3-Thomas Ariosto to Hendrick B. and Mary E. Bedigian, $500,000.

ELLIOTT PL., 111-Russell K. Carrick to Jason A. Simpson, $260,000.

FAIRMOUNT DR., 513-Jay G. Lusby to Craig J. Kayton, $220,000.

GLEBE MEADOW WAY, 3800, No. 77-George B. O'Reilly to Yasuhara and Grace Ban, $450,000.

HILLMEADE RD., 638-A. Frederick Hasler to Jeffrey A. Bowers and Anne Catherine C. Mahler, $439,000.

HILLTOP RD., 1600-Peggy D. Villanueva to James L. and Christine L. Hall, $229,469.

HOLLY DR., 3884-Bernard Apshago to Jayme L. Forster, $370,000.

LONDONTOWN CT., 1512-Victor Winocur to Shalom Baranes and Cheryl Mohr, $1.65 million.

MAYFIELD RD., 1522-Robert L. Lyles Jr. to Eric Newton, $275,000.

MILLSTONE DR., 1600-James P. Barnard to James R. Busick Sr., $275,000.

OAK DR., 3544-Nicholas Lutzio to Ana V. and Gilberto A. Lemus, $420,000.

OAKWOOD RD., 312-Siegfried A. Michaelis to Paul A. Thompson, $170,000.

OLD POINT RD., 3320-Michael A. Pace to Beverly Marcus, $2.3 million.

POTOMAC RD., 1909-Gregory P. Kerr to Jim Barton and Brenda Griffey, $180,000.

SEVERN AVE., 902-Taffy Davies to Nicole M. Ferrogine and Damien J. Ramer, $343,000.

SOUTH RIVER LANDING RD., 1010-Conn Family Trust to Peter and May F. Ramsey, $850,000.

SOUTH RIVER LANDING RD., 810-Eugene E. Wilkins to Mary E. Schnitzer, $1.65 million.

TARRAGON LANE, 101-Theodora G. Fitch to Antoni and Emilia Hruzd, $450,000.

SEVENTH AVE., 3678-Lou Colletti to Lindsay Poore, $281,450.

Gambrills Area

APRIL DAWN WAY, 2607-Joseph R. Humphries Jr. to Alec and Rachelle J. Stanley, $262,000.

AUTUMN VALLEY LANE, 896-Charles W. White to John H. and Valerie Berard, $324,900.

AUTUMN VALLEY LANE, 909-Joe M. Abbey Jr. to Jerry W. and Nancy A. Mills, $333,000.

DEW CT., 963-Damon J. Corbett to William T. and Karen E. Schroeder, $305,000.

SAPPINGTON DR., 1547-Gerald V. Rodeheaver to Scott A. Barton and Yvonne M. Willie, $615,000.

SPRINGLAKE CT. W., 2415-Kline K. Kendall Jr. to Jeremy M. and Jennifer L. Larkin, $320,000.

WINTERHAVEN DR., 936-Robert J. Schmitz to Catherine Vidal Hitchman, $390,000.

Glen Burnie Area

AQUAHART RD., 502-Alfons Sikora to Vikramjeet Singh, $217,000.

BEND CIRCLE RD., 531, No. 109-Allen W. Ellis to Raymond D. Worley, $185,000.

CANDLELIGHT LANE, 233-Scott D. Rittler to Kristopher Kernaghan and Dawn Catino, $155,000.

CASTLE RD., 806-Jason Gaughan to Gary C. Verest, $195,000.

CONTINENTAL DR., 6440-Peggy Hoch to Valerie Woodall, $169,900.

DINSMORE AVE., 5-Melvin E. Jones IV to Israel A. and Reina I. Lopez, $279,000.

GLOUCESTER DR., 308-Silvestre Alvarado to Charles A. Solomon, $198,000.

HOLLYBROOK RD., 7504-Kevin L. Canaday to Cendant Mobility Services Corp., $305,000.

HOUGHTON RD., 1421-Freda E. Freeburger to Stephen Vanboesschoten and Wanda J. Robinson, $180,000.

LACROSSE LANE NE, 6406-Aleene P. Hellier to Richard B. Street and Dale L. Ramsbottom, $147,095.

LEPRECHAUN LANE, 628-Earl A. Oesterling to Douglas K. Stanton and Crystal R. Sams, $250,000.

LINCOLN AVE., 213-Scott F. Siebenthal to Glenda M. and Jeremy E. Garriss, $240,000.

LINCOLN AVE., 423-Matthew J. Werner to Signature Propeties Fund Corp., $251,000.

LITTLE BAER CT., 1000-David L. Reeves Sr. to John M. and Charmanine E. Shifflett, $216,000.

NEW JERSEY AVE. NW, 10-Glenn A. Bedford to Timothy M. and Donna L. Feeney, $225,000.

NORWICH RD., 1924-Tammi L. Nelson to Sharon Burkhardt, $160,000.

PARKE WEST DR., 7911-Todd A. Jones to Deontroy E. Jones, $234,000.

PHIRNE RD., 408-Donald L. Hambleton to Samuel A. and Sharon M. Guthrie, $284,900.

ROESLER AVE., 277-Deborah L. Liaci to Steve Brown and Leshondra Gulley, $295,000.

ROSEDALE AVE., 1101-John W. Blythe Jr. to Dennis W. Reynolds, $334,850.

SCOTTS MANOR DR., 259-Frederick E. Stumme to Roger L. and Kathleen B. McFarland, $310,000.

SHEILA DR., 930-Ruth D. Suman to Sunny D. Wood, $308,000.

SHETLANDS DELL, 7966-Francis Steed to Xuyong Li and Jiangbo Ming, $205,000.

SHORT CURVE RD., 516, No. 66-Shellie L. Seyer to Won Suk and Eun Ji Lee, $200,000.

WILLIAMS RD., 228-Christopher C. Chaney to Robert Zimmerman, $171,000.

WILSON BLVD., 20-Kenneth D. Neighoff to Robert A. and Dominica V. Grundman, $166,400.

Glen Burnie-

Marley Creek Area

BALTIMORE ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 7587-Department of Veterans Affairs to Redge A. Mahaffey, $201,121.

BEAGHAN DR., 357-Jeffrey Sims to Yesly E. Lazo Torres, $257,000.

CASTLE HARBOUR WAY, 1111, No. 3B-Michael P. Finan to Patricia A. Plauger, $139,000.

CHEVERLY LANE, 7896-Cecil E. Dean to Sandra and William Thomas, $242,000.

DUMBARTON RD., 1031-Jennifer L. Johns to Mary Nowland, $189,000.

FURNACE DR., 1601-Ernest O. Heinl Jr. to Christopher M. McMorris, $429,000.

HENSON RD., 102-Rodney A. Stotler to Khalid Latif and Naghma Khalid, $245,975.

HOLLYWOOD DR., 103-Andrew C. Koerner to Flower Manor Inc., $225,000.

HOWARD MANOR DR., 430-Michael J. Black to Myoung Chae and Oh Ja Lee, $265,000.

JUDY RD., 7203-Charles W. Santmyer III to Rebecca L. Freeberger, $300,000.

KENT CIR., 502-Shannon P. Garvey to Kristin Synan and Tress Belch, $226,000.

KENWOOD RD., 1215-Duane M. Boswell to Lorie A. Gordon, $269,900.

KUETHE RD., 100-Roberto Romero to John E. and Linda H. Shea, $159,000.

LOMBARDEE CIR., 905-Gary A. Sullins to Michael H. Reeves and Linda M. Giordano, $645,000.

MARLEY AVE., 1635-Mathew Kim to Daniel Myung and Paul M. Jung, $550,000.

MCGOWAN AVE., 7608-John R. Medcalf to John S. and Vicki J. Brogan, $225,000.

PILLSBURY PL., 7507-Douglas A. McCright to Nicholas Bowley, $214,900.

RAPID WATER WAY, 6701, No. 103-Rebecca J. Lowe to Roy and Kirk Van Luvanne, $177,000.

RENFRO CT., 476-Steven D. Phelps to Raynaed and Maxine Hill, $192,000.

SPRING MAIDEN CT., 202, No. 301-Thomas L. Kurzmiller to Ronald L. Ward III, $162,245.

SPRING MAIDEN CT., 208, No. 201-Brian M. Dentice to James W. and Alexander Schwallenberg, $185,000.

STONE HAVEN DR., 7999-Edgardo Poblete to Vernon and Olivia Wylie, $290,000.

WHIP LANE, 107-Alice M. Grimes to Olubunmi O. Yoloye and Alberta Cuffey Yoloye, $225,000.

WILLOW TREE DR., 714-Michael Sames to John P. and Sabine E. Niskanen, $435,000.

Hanover Area

FAIRBANKS CT., 7641-Robert M. Hales to Linda P. Taylor, $226,500.

KIDWELL CT., 7708-Jeremy Garriss to Tahir A. Khan, $212,000.

KNOLL ACRES RD., 7532-Michael L. Swilley Sr. to John J. and Rebecca A. Nelson, $335,000.

MOUNT HOPE CT., 1913-Todd A. Anderson to Jesse E. and Karen H. Hunter, $399,900.

VIERS LANE, 1403-Kelly M. Heyward to Elizabeth M. Capaldi and Daryl M. Pate, $356,000.

Jessup Area

MAX BLOBS PARK RD., 7967-Timothy F. Hand to Geraldine M. and Kevin Falls, $600,000.

Laurel Area

BEAVER CREEK RD., 3024-Jacquelin F. Sonceau to Nathaniel D. and Tanya L. Holland, $342,000.

FROSTWOOD DR., 8317-Mihir I. Desai to Changwoo Ahn, $318,200.

LAUREL VIEW CT., 3521-John N. Smith to John C. Majsztrik and Shannon M. Bement, $250,000.

LYNDHURST ST., 8215-Montessa V. Rodriguez to Dun Li, $259,000.

OLD LINE AVE., 252-Joyce M. Weesner to Christopher S. King, $190,000.

RABBIT CHASE DR., 118-Rachel E. Walker to Cecelia C. Henry, $335,000.

RIPPLING WAY, 3533-Andrew Dessler to David and Rebecca Archer, $510,000.

SYCAMORE RIDGE RD., 243-Tanya M. Brooks to Daniel Mollura, $250,000.

TURTLE CREEK RD., 2989-Thomas M. Wiley to Labhu and Geeta Lakhani, $575,000.

WYE MILLS SOUTH, 3365-Aaron Sievers to Angel and Dina Sorto, $265,000.

Millersville Area

ASHBURTON DR., 1339-Hunter W. Duckworth to David R. and Sarah K. Proulx, $404,800.

BUTTERNUT CT., 355-William B. Douglas to Jason A. Blumenburg, $735,000.

CHALET DR., 322-Robert L. Keefer to Darlene Blesse and Melvin Gunderson, $340,000.

CHALET CIR. W., 280-Eileen M. Messina to Shane B. Santiago, $191,500.

COG CT., 659, No. 24-Eric A. Bachura to Thomas and Verity W. Pierce, $215,000.

ELM RD., 8337-Brian Reed to Eloise Z. and Robert P. Johns, $344,900.

FOXWELL RD., 8121-James L. Eby to Paul Lennon, $398,000.

HIGHGLADE CT., 8295-Arch C. Blocher III, trustee, to Stephen E. and Melissa O. Hahn, $650,000.

MOONFLOWER CT., 500-Gary J. Umberger to John L. and Margaret E. White, $630,000.

PASADENA RD. W., 259-John R. Gossard Sr. to Country Home 3 Corp., $450,000.

PEMBROOKE CT., 529-John A. Schaefer Jr. to Mark C. and Mollie J. Drew, $291,000.

REBECCA ANN CT., 262-Stephen R. Veasel to Priscilla M. Siler, $230,134.

RED MAGNOLIA CT., 324-Barrie M. Atwood to Edward T. and Randi B. Cremmins, $602,000.

SPRINGDALE DR., 793-Christopher K. Holman to John L. Chenowith and Jennifer L. Maduro, $345,000.

North Beach Area

WALNUT AVE., 616-Thomas W. Gill to Gregg G. and Anna A. Kelly, $315,000.

Odenton Area

AMMUNITION AVE., 201-Hervey D. Thomas to Hollis Davidson Jr., $430,000.

BELTRAM CT., 1304-James A. Blackwell Jr. to Kia T. Henry, $220,000.

CHANCELLOR CT., 2608-Camilo A. Acevedo to Marcia R. and John G. Kime, $308,355.

COMMODORE WAY, 212, No. 6-Yorksanna Taylor to Richardo F. Gonzalez and Yessenia N. Ruano, $308,000.

FELLOWSHIP WAY, 617, No. 21-617-Gregory Lowe to Marsha S. Boehm, $268,000.

FOREST EDGE CT., 2405, No. 102K-Riccardo M. West to Jill C. and Charles Philpot, $247,000.

GOLDSBOROUGH LANE, 1814, No. 9-Jacqueline Mastin to Trenise R. and Gary Welch, $320,000.

LIONS GATE LANE, 656, No. 16-656-R. Scott Morton to Stephen P. Voytek and Kristy C. Jennings, $266,000.

MAPLE RIDGE LANE, 518-R.J. Thompson to Eric B. and Lorraine M. Musican, $295,000.

MOONGLOW RD., 600, No. 102-Suzanne Austin to Julia A. McWilliams, $165,000.

MOONGLOW RD., 606, No. 303-Christopher E. Hughes to Adrian O. McLyde, $170,000.

MOONRIDGE CT., 839-Alyce L. Werner to Brendan M. Nagel, $315,000.

PISCATAWAY RUN DR., 2723-Karen D. Fagan to Shelby Nicole Smith, $340,000.

ROLLING HILL WALK, 604, No. 4-104-Claude A. Vicars to Ramesh and Jyothi Bhargava, $124,500.

ST. MICHAELS CIR., 307, No. 79-Michael J. Covert to Erica K. Underdown, $340,000.

SUMMERS RIDGE DR., 2522-Jennifer M. Urbaniak to Travis and Dawn Wilson, $310,000.

SUSQUEHANNOCK CIR., 2819-Christopher M. Graves to Kendra D. Gross, $318,000.

TIMBERBROOK CT., 330-Douglas A. Mohler to Stephen P. Yahner, $339,900.

WARM SPRING WAY, 2477-Kenneth T. Schiro to Michael Morrone IV and Penny Karen, $340,000.

WINDYSIDE CT., 2503-Nassar Hejazi to Jacqueline and Chad McFarlane, $550,000.

Owensville (West River) Area

CEDARLEA DR., 5149-Francis B. Talbott to David J. and Carrie L. Hemmer, $387,000.

Pasadena-Rock Creek Area

BAY DR., 8432-William L. Minor III to Ford R. Krivanec and Kathleen H. Mohr, $250,000.

BAYSIDE BEACH RD., 1723-John J. Herbert Sr. to Patrizia MacAluso, $462,000.

BELHAVEN AVE., 7933-Roy L. Buskell to Gary A. and Roxanne M. Kelbaugh, $289,000.

BELHAVEN AVE., 8077-Donald Wheeler Jr. to Alan F. Sauvageau, $278,000.

BODKIN AVE., 8186-George W. Twigg to Richard J. and Holly Cheicis, $314,000.

BRICKWALL LANE, 3539-Donna J. Clarkson to Zegerino Martinez, $300,000.

CAMP RD., 7817-Jefferson J. Hatridge to Jeremy E. Thompson, $250,000.

COTTAGE GROVE DR., 111-JJC Homes Corp. to Richard T. Saghy and Doris V. Galliher, $265,000.

CREEK BLVD., 286-David E. Ernest Jr. to Jessten and Danielle M. Murphy, $195,000.

DEERBROOKE CT., 8205-Stephen D. McCarthy to Patrick T. and Betty Austin Newkirk, $365,900.

EAST SHORE RD., 7850-Mark K. Rohmann to Corinna L. Kochie, $279,900.

GLEN AVE., 7748-Edward J. O'Halloran to Rhonda L. Harris, $430,000.

GLEN RD., 237-Francis X. Bachmaier III to Ward and Wendy Brumfield, $328,615.

GLENCREST TER., 1230-Gregory F. Hayes to Thomas G. and Janelle N. Redeske, $439,000.

GRANDVIEW RD., 1683-Lee E. Hunt Sr. to Joseph K. and Dawn M. Lowe, $875,000.

HADFIELD CT., 8006, No. 71-Craig Scheydt to James G. Shaw, $210,000.

HAZY DAWN CT., 8151-George Johnson to Ronald E. Yurow and Caroline C. Bailey Yurow, $254,755.

HILLSBORO CT., 8203-Tammy E. Smith to Robert L. Langley Sr., $235,000.

JENKINS RD., 8502-William Ng to James L. and Belinda Blueford, $249,900.

JONES RD., 7731-W.P. Brown to Joseph G. and Renee Baldi, $286,000.

LOCHEARN CT., 3500, No. D-Barbara L. Chearney to Lisa M. Fiehn, $125,000.

MARYLAND RD., 8390-Dennis Gansen to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $615,000.

MAYFORD AVE., 7845-James F. Dougherty to Pablo A. Chavez, $280,000.

MOUNTAIN RD., 4608-Neil Tyler to Homequest Inc., $230,000.

MULBERRY AVE., 103-Billy W. Adams Jr. to James S. Lewis, $286,000.

NEWCOMB CT., 8064, No. 109-Joseph F. Baker III to Ralph E. and Joan Petrice, $202,020.

NOTLEY RD., 7731-Roy A. Tewell to Derek William Lucas and Tiffany Ann Leap, $229,900.

OAK HARBOR CT., 1218-James P. Dilacovo to Timothy S. Broadwick and Denise M. Wheeler Broadwick, $650,000.

RIVERSIDE DR., 488-Daniel R. Moore to William H. Ellison, $590,000.

ROYAL MINT PL., 7948-Charles O. Beatty III to Michael E. Smith, $280,000.

SEAFORD CT., 3648, No. 189-Ellen S. Harman to Jusin T. Smith, $197,000.

SENECA TER., 254-Shawn J. Rebstock to Shawna T. Bobetich and Timothy E. Bieda, $285,000.

SHELLCOVE RD., 136-John W. Wright III to Crystal L. Townsend, $189,900.

SKIPJACK PL., 8544-Charles K. Ostovitz to Jeffrey A. and Judith R. Lemmons, $220,000.

SULTAN DR., 8410-Holly Builders Inc. to Robert S. and Michele Bolen, $322,000.

WATERCRESS CT., 1365-Donald L. Knapp to Cheryl D. and Alan Listman, $550,000.

WEST SHORE RD., 7728-U.S. Financial Capital Inc. to Anthony F. Caruso and Angelisa Lan Fan, $770,000.

WHEYFIELD CT., 208-Jenny L. Adkins to William S. Venizelos III, $275,000.

WHITAKER RD., 281-Alvina M. Walters to Pavlinka Boneva, $199,900.

WOODLAND RD., 8343-Charles C. Bingham to Andrew L. and Donna J. Buettner, $410,000.

WOODS RD., 897-David W. Holmes to Linda Steelman, $329,900.

11TH ST., 992-John S. Ogonowski to James Gorman, $320,000.

202ND ST., 763-Roger L. Potter to Henry Quintanilla, $235,000.

212TH ST., 722-Gershon Hoffer to Kellie L. Smith and Thomas F. Vogel, $260,000.

222ND ST., 805-William C. Dowell Jr. to Keith S. and Maria E. Gelumbauskas, $309,000.

223RD ST., 807-Robert E. Weltner Jr. to Nicholas and Kathy Sanders, $240,000.

Riva Area

APPLE RD., 1-Vince R. Drago to Amanda C. Rawlings, $260,000.

WESTBURY DR., 363-John C. Gunsolley to Kurt R. and Sandy L. Parsons, $585,000.

Severn Area

ANGEL CT., 1707-David L. Harris to Charles F. and Vanessa C. Stewart, $360,000.

ARWELL CT., 1805, No. 13C-Hilda R. Spriggs to Alpha Housing Group Corp., $38,000.

ARWELL CT., 1912, No. 5J-Charlene Brannon to Winston McCaskill, $100,000.

GOLDEN PINE CIR., 7845-Sherwood Page to Timothy Brassell, $355,500.

JENNIE DR., 782-M.A. Kuczinski to Larry S. and Roxanne C. Martin, $329,000.

LINDEN LEAF RD., 7861-Boris L. Durant to Donald P. Drury Jr. and Kelly A. Walter, $310,000.

MANET WAY, 7800-Naoko Nakajima to Hameed A. and Saima Chaudhry, $410,000.

MARLTON CT., 8232-Tracy A. Graves to Reginald B. Quartey Papafio, $140,000.

ORIOLE CT., 1803, No. 4-Robert J. Maslar to Da Lawn Parrish, $136,000.

PIONEER DR., 8341, No. 9F-Pioneer Associates Corp. to Lalchand Ramcharran, $106,000.

PIONEER DR., 8343, No. 9E-Pioneer Associates Corp. to Lalchand Ramcharran, $106,000.

PIONEER DR., 8347, No. 9C-Pioneer Associates Corp. to Lalchand Ramcharran, $77,500.

PIONEER DR., 8373, No. 11H-Pioneer Associates Corp. to Shahida Ahmed, $106,000.

PIONEER DR., 8381, No. 11D-Pioneer Associates Corp. to Ramesh Babu Naravulu, $77,300.

PIONEER DR., 8527, No. 19G-Troy J. Gross to Abimbola and Olutoyin Fasosin, $107,000.

STEWARTON CT., 8207-Monica M. Wieland to Josh A. Brantley, $136,000.

W B & A RD., 8384-Robert Wicks to Larry J. and Laurie R. Hill, $350,000.

Severna Park Area

ARUNDEL BEACH RD., 50-James R. Bragg to Douglas and Gulbin Swartzendruber, $365,000.

BENFOREST DR. W., 529-Carol A. Shriner to Chaffin Parker Properties Corp., $349,900.

BUCKINGHAM DR., 826-Ronald E. Klecka to Steven Canaday and Suzanne Spoor, $469,000.

DEVONSHIRE LANE, 502-William W. Garretson, trustee, to Robert S. and Heidi C. Evans, $699,900.

EMERSON RD., 36-James Albert to Michael J. and Laurie E. Bartosiewicz, $522,000.

HATTON DR., 100-Marlene S. Gowland to Harold and Mary Quayle, $375,000.

HEAVITREE GAR., 518-Harry W. Schlegelmilch to Ching and Ming Huang, $570,000.

JONES STATION RD., 45-Samuel E. Dewitt to Andrea Loretangeli, $280,000.

MANHATTAN BEACH RD., 807-Jack G. Berger to Dustyn T. Ehrenfried and Valerie Lechman, $265,000.

MCKINSEY PARK DR., 600, No. 2011-Thomas P. Foley to James E. Osborne, $230,000.

MICHENER CT. W., 268-Thomas J. Wilke to Barry J. and Heather Dressel, $556,000.

RIVER DR., 14-Clare M. Lebling to Charles F. and Mika C. Boblitz, $349,000.

SIMMONS RD., 110-Daryl R. Wilburn to Paul and Debra Christopoulos, $384,900.

STRATFORD DR., 59-L. Todd Phillips to Robert J. and Rebecca D. Anderson, $375,000.

TRENTON AVE., 748-Linda M. Schoch to Leo A. and Mary M. Morris, $425,000.

WEST DR., 600-Ryan C. Nolan to Derek S. and Joy G. Dryden, $373,000.

WHITTIER CT., 5-Helen O. Johnson, trustee, to Kevin D. and Lynda C. Gregg, $539,900.

WHITTIER PKWY., 643-John C. Hooper to Charles E. and Linda K. Roydhouse, $325,000.

WILETT CT., 381-Douglas H. Stewart to Christopher and Kathryn E. Thompson, $335,700.

Shady Side Area

AVALON BLVD., 1228-Lawrence R. Groves Jr. to Richard Wingate, $246,000.

Tracys Landing Area

FRANKLIN GIBSON RD., 6276-Robert Barrett to Jason R. and Claudine M. Thomas, $411,000.