Citing privacy and safety concerns, Holy Cross and Montgomery General hospitals do not release names of newborns. However, new parents can list their children by faxing the hospital's proof of birth letter to The Washington Post at 301-279-5665 or mailing it to Births, The Washington Post, 51 Monroe St., Suite 500, Rockville, Md. 20850. For more information, call 301-294-2600.

Sibley Memorial Hospital

AUG. 25

Adam Lyle Kesselman, a son, to Risa Cherry Kesselman and Marc Lewis Kesselman of Bethesda.


Sienna McNulty Manatos, a daughter, to Laura Evans Manatos and Emanuel Andrew Manatos of Bethesda.


Thomas David Hudson Verde, a son, to Maria Victoria Verde de Hudson and Saul Christopher Hudson of Kensington.


Kosuke Darwin Fukunaga, a son, to Saori Fukunaga and Taisuke Fukunaga of Bethesda.


Lydia Katinka Keith, a daughter, to Elizabeth Joan Franzino and Andrew Darcey Keith of Gaithersburg.

SEPT. 13

Cree Carlos Costello, a son, to Melanie Ann Costello and Darren John Costello of Silver Spring.

SEPT. 15

Ava Jacqueline Goldberg, a daughter, to Susan Goldberg and Phil Goldberg of Bethesda.

Clio Ann Evans, a daughter, to Heidi Nasstrom Evans and William Douglas Evans of Chevy Chase.

SEPT. 16

Graydon Maxwell Klein, a son, to Cynthia Jeffers Klein and Todd David Klein of Bethesda.

SEPT. 17

Charles Payne Hancock, a son, to Susan Marie Hancock and Charles Leonard Hancock of Potomac.

-- Compiled by TINA TOLL