One of the dogs rescued by the Montgomery County Humane Society from an animal shelter in flood-ravaged coastal Louisiana last week will be reunited with its owner, possibly as soon as this weekend.

SoulJa, a 2-year-old black Rottweiler, will be given back to his owner, Kawanita Favorite of New Orleans, who had to abandon him when she was rescued from the flood waters, according to society President Margaret Zanville.

The dog has been staying with veterinary technician Jennifer Hammond since she and five others from the society returned from Gonzales, La., where they delivered donated pet supplies and helped care for thousands of rescued animals.

They returned Sept. 12 with 26 dogs and five cats, which were taken in by foster families. The other animals rescued by the society will remain with foster families until they are reunited with their owners or adopted, Zanville said.

Hammond tracked down Favorite with the help of a microchip bearing Favorite's name and address that was implanted under the Rottweiler's skin and via a Web site,, where Favorite had posted a description of her missing pet.

Favorite was overjoyed to learn that her dog was alive, especially because the dog had saved her life, she told Hammond.

"She said, 'Oh, my God, that's my boy,' " Hammond said. "She was crying and I was crying."

According to Hammond, Favorite was forced to leave her home when the flood waters rose. Swept away by a current, she was drowning when she felt a forceful yank on the back of her shirt, according to Hammond.

SoulJa pulled his owner through the water and together they made it to the side of the house. Favorite then pulled herself and the dog onto the roof.

She was rescued by a helicopter but had to leave her dog behind, Hammond said.

Favorite hopes to catch a plane to Maryland by this weekend and plans to stay with Hammond for a while, Hammond said.