The following home sales were recently recorded in Howard County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Howard and other Washington areas, visit

Clarksville Area

BROAD MEADOW LANE NW, 12074-William Michael Burroughs to Steven P. and Eun Kyung Cohen, $1.07 million.

BROADWATER LANE NE, 5569-Stephen E. Gardner to J.P. and Elizabeth A. Ryan, $840,000.

CASHEL CT. S., 6519-John J. Migliore Jr. to Patrick A. and Tonya H. Sheplee, $900,000.

GENTLE CALL SE, 5913-Joseph W. Allen IV to Stephanie M. McClellan, $480,000.

ROUTE 32, 8050-Habitat for Humanity of Howard County to Farin Eugene and Deborah Hazel Crone, $295,000.

Columbia Area

APRIL JOURNEY, 5569-Timothy N. McAllister to Kevin A. Ryan and Nicole M. Harvey, $379,000.

AUTUMN GOLD CT. S., 6426-Joshua M. Michaud to Ayesha Bajwa, $277,500.

BARE BUSH PATH NW, 12236-Tae Chol Jong to Taran and Yolanda King Johnson, $362,000.

BLACK STAR CIR., 8566-Irwin L. Ince Jr. to John D. Vazquez III and Sharon Marie Scott, $312,000.

BURNT MOUNTAIN PATH SW, 6332-Rolandrias Bradford to Nelson Shylice Pressley and Bruce Nelson, $629,000.

CARDINAL LANE NE, 6258-Paul M. Revelle to Jeffrey A. Rudd and Priscilla D. Jones, $550,000.

CARLINDA AVE., 6746-Bruce B. Holland to Evan A. Saunderson, $240,000.

COLLEGE SQ. SE, 10306-Michael R. Sims to Johnnie Hungerford and Stephanie Talbott, $269,900.

COLUMBIA RD. W., 4926-Alison J. Deming to April K. Kapoor, $242,000.

CORN TASSEL CT. N., 9653-Carol A. Hartman to Rajib Sen and Miyali Guha, $478,600.

CRADLEROCK FARM CT. SE, 7009-Stephen Miller Olenick to William D. Cawthra, $374,000.

DEEP EARTH LANE S., 6236-Manoj Prasad to N. Hien, $380,000.

DRY WELL CT. NW, 5064-Sandra L. Robillard to Donald Allen Boyd Jr., $375,000.

ELIOTS OAK RD., 5176-Clarke E. Gordon to Douglas B. and Lori J. Belford, $459,000.

ELIOTS OAK RD. W., 4982-Nathaniel Knox to Patricia Washington, $345,000.

FLAGFLOWER PL. SW, 5739-John J. Hieatzman to Lance E. Zechirato, $258,200.

FRETCHIE ROW S., 6540-Michael J. Bechetti to Cosmos Paschal and Petrina Sarbeng, $250,000.

HELAINE HAMLET WAY N., 9139-Oluwarotimi A. Ademiluyi to D. and G.S. Bunger, $337,000.

HIGH BEAM CT., 10655-Sherman R. Gooden to Asad Khwaja, $325,000.

HUGO CT. SW, 8713-Lily T. Birmingham to Matthew G. and Jessica S. Steinhilber, $500,000.

HURSTBORNE RD. N., 9643-Sun Lixin to Gessesse Teferi, $307,000.

HYLA BROOK RD., 10133-Katherine K. Lieberman to Peter J. and Anne R. Brunner, $500,000.

LAMBSKIN LANE W., 9073-Craig P. Anderson to Jae Chang and Kyoung Yee Hale, $239,000.

LIGHTFOOT PATH S., 5205-Patrick L. Knight to Rodney Williams, $405,000.

LIGHTSPUN LANE, 5661-Greg Harris to Kelly J. Gray, $270,000.

LITTLE PATUXENT PKWY. W., 11450-Jessica Zieg to Adam J. Marshall, $206,100.

MAJORS LANE, 6093-Mareco Edwards to William and Peggy Garrett, $116,500.

MILLRACE CT., 5941-Rosemarie A. Manhertz to Travis H. Beaver, $285,000.

NORTHERN FENCES LANE, 5106-David E. Burgham to James P. and Christine M. Kelly, $735,000.

PEACE CHIMES CT., 7152-Ronald Jay Gratton to Brent D. and Christie K. Wall, $250,000.

RAINLEAF CT., 9832-Shawn C. Bingham to Chad M. Manifold, $320,000.

SETTING SUN WAY SE, 7416-Joseph T. Strock to Kimberly K. Leakey, $307,000.

SMOKEHOUSE CT. N., 6518-Pamela L. Vigderhouse to Maria Giuliano, $333,500.

STIRLING BRIDGE DR. SW, 9639-Deborah Ann Hoza to Edward G. Francell Jr., $227,500.

SUFFIELD CT. S., 5525-Benjamin L. Woodbury II to Terri L. Hill, $305,000.

SYMPHONY WAY NE, 10776-Pamela L. Dowell to David A. Via, $311,500.

TARKINGTON PL. N., 5334-Elizabeth Kassa to Steven C. McClune, $387,000.

TARKINGTON PL. SW, 5317-Joseph A. Dewald to Michael and Suim Martineau, $356,000.

THUNDER HILL RD., 5460-Ignacio A. Macias to Lamar Turner, $420,000.

TWIN RIVERS RD., 10572-Dennis R. Atkins to Ziad A. and Cindy L. Sabra, $155,000.

WATCH CHAIN WAY, 5954-Thomas M. Miller to Remy M. Moraleja, $172,000.

WATCH CHAIN WAY, 5960-Matthew R. Dye to Jeffrey C. Vohr, $182,000.

WEATHER WORN WAY, 7539-Megan J. Dow to Carol M. Dana, $230,000.

WHITE ACRE RD., 9625-Marleen Stewart to Tashae Oliver, $148,000.

WILD SWAN WAY W., 6331-Murty Peddiniti to Christina L. Nicosia and Amy G. Givan, $263,000.

WINDING STAR CIR. NW, 5230-Caryn Elizabeth Outten to Piyush Kantibhai Patel, $399,000.

WINDSTREAM DR., 10067-Alexander Wasarhelyi III to Hector C. and Pamela R. Aguiniga, $257,000.

WOODBLOCK ROW W., 9555-Jeffrey T. Capo to Christopher S. McDonald, $269,000.

Elkridge Area

BRIAR CT. N., 6208-Lee M. Frank to Daniel Aron and Shira Weiss, $329,900.

BUTTERFIELD DR. SE, 7862-Salvatore A. Shane to Daniel and Mayumi Dunn, $340,000.

HAMPTON PL. NE, 6320-Shaun P.K. Fenlon to Ryan and Jenny Wilson, $363,440.

MANCHESTER WAY, 6218-William T. Kelly to Andrew L. and Amanda J. Scott, $361,500.

SANDPIPER CT. SW, 6301-Arveeda Bean to Joseph E. Conjura, $220,000.

Ellicott City Area

BLUEBERRY HILL LANE, 7669-Theresa M. Lowe to Jason R. Engel, $331,150.

BONNIE BRAE CT. SE, 5132-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Jennifer Dodson and Jason Hunter, $505,000.

BRECONSHIRE RD., 10353-John F. Test to Ali and Afshan Bader, $832,000.

BRIGHTFIELD RD. W., 8038-Jodi L. Cobb to Kyung Tye and Jae Kon Park, $305,000.

BRIGHTWIND CT., 7911-John E. Shetterly to Dwayne R. Smith, $315,000.

CAITLINS CT. SW, 9809-Wayne D. Przylepa to Kevin P. and Beth A. Carr, $779,000.

CENTENNIAL LANE, 4575-Randall K. Whitman to Hong Tao Ma and Xiao Hong Li, $438,000.

CLUBHOUSE CT., 10229-Jeffrey Burns Loveless to Robert R. Niccolini and Leeann Lewis Niccolina, $610,000.

COLLEGE AVE., 3980-Deanna M. Gutierrez to Dalla Knudson, $440,000.

DEE JAY DR., 4009-James N. Pounds to Fredric Menz and Menz Elaine Northrup, $438,750.

DORSEY HALL DR., 4728-Brett H. Lebowitz to Martha M. Koenig, $207,300.

DORSEY HALL DR. N., 4716-Paulo J. Negro to Carlee M. Tanenbaum, $240,000.

DORSEY HALL DR. NE, 4728-David Yu to Justin Lee, $225,000.

DUNTEACHIN DR. SE, 5383-Nancy R. Lauer to Catherine and James Raggio, $640,000.

ELMMEDE RD., 3129-Karen Galindo to D.L. Rosenquist and Holly S. Rosenquist, $589,900.

HORNED OWL CT. N., 3604-Clifford Bruce Otto to Brian T. and Grace E. McMonagle, $601,000.

MACALPINE RD., 3802-Ann M. Moynihan to Eric S. and Pamela L. Vigderhouse, $471,000.

MITZY LANE S., 8371-James M. Lang to Andrew D. and Jennifer T. Coleman, $499,900.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. SE, 8391-Paul J. Sobus to Edward L. and Dawn E. Howes, $240,000.

PAPILLON DR., 8840-Cendant Mobility Co. to Bong Soo and Okran Kim, $335,000.

PAPILLON DR., 8863-Angela M. Thornton to Myung Ho and Hye Ran Kim Pee, $395,000.

POLAND SPRINGS DR. W., 2987-Anita M. Holloway to Christopher A. Law and Kathy A. Ratchford, $743,000.

ROCHELLE DR., 8713-Michael H. Lamdin to Jason S. McClellan, $359,800.

ROUNDHILL RD., 4646-Charles R. Rogers to Richard M. and Francine P. Cowell, $368,000.

SONIA TRAIL, 3307-Brian T. Roach to John Royo and Jeannie C. Soriano, $333,000.

THORNBROOK RD., 2664-Richard F. Kent, trustee, to Timothy J. Hufler and Kila E. O'Neill, $658,000.

WETHERBURN RD. NE, 10272-Randall F. Nash to Ginghong Shi and Huili He, $612,000.

WOODED GLEN CT. E., 8102-Richard Azrael to Brian and Zongying Montgomery, $310,000.

Hanover Area

HANOVER RD., 6249-Timothy L. Brenneman to Yong Tae and So Ae Jun, $265,000.

Highland Area

ST. PATRICK'S CT., 13055-William L. Athey to Therese Baker and Daniel P. Bednarik, $770,000.

Jessup Area

OAKWOOD WAY NE, 8954-Yen Fung Liang to Janice L. Bauer, $425,000.

Mount Airy Area

FLORENCE RD., 1784-Terry L. Mason to Otis F. and Dixie L. Ketterman, $330,000.

FREDERICK RD., 16621-Pickett Venture Corp. to Robert and Whitney Michaels, $616,900.

Savage Area

BALTIMORE ST., 9059-Anne Marie Russell to Colette Diane Lepage, $220,000.

Scaggsville-Laurel Area

KENBROOKE CT. W., 9309-William R. Hendrix to Keith A. and Tonya M. Morley, $282,000.

MARYLAND AVE., 9610-Jessica L. Foster to Legend Builders Inc., $135,000.

MAXWELL CT., 9275-Maximo R. Hermon to Daniel Keith Petroff, $339,000.

OLD SCAGGSVILLE RD., 9260-Louis D. Luber to Warren D. Litchfield, $278,000.

OXLEY FOREST CT., 8929-Donald C. Toatley to Daphne J. Reid, $289,000.

PEMBROOK WOODS, 8920-Camilien Lubin to Lashoda T. Jacobs, $298,000.

PINENUT CT. S., 9202-Yolanda L. Williams to Stacey Carter, $260,000.

TYMAT CT. NE, 9100-David K. Toler to James B. Dams and Kristina L. Adams, $299,000.

WHISKEY RUN, 9870-Morris T. Powell to Mina Biazaran and Morteza Hosseini, $211,100.

Sykesville Area

DAY RD., 1152-Jeannette L. Keller to Donald T. and Joanne D. Leuschner, $460,000.

Woodstock Area

SANDOWN WAY SW, 10627-Gregory J. Ray to Timothy M. Cuomo and Alison Esser, $449,900.