Lewis "Eddie" Blackistone, 29, the man whose body was recovered in the Chesapeake Bay on Saturday, died doing what he loved best: fishing.

He became missing last Thursday afternoon while fishing at Point Lookout State Park in St. Mary's.

"The biggest thing about Eddie is that he loved the outdoors; he loved hunting and fishing especially," said David Bohnke, his stepfather.

When he wasn't doing odd jobs or helping around the neighborhood, he would be down by the water, fishing for whatever was in season -- sometimes for days at a time.

"Our refrigerator has always got crabs and fish. Some to eat, some for bait. That was just what he did," Bohnke said. "I think being around the water was soothing to him."

But Blackistone was not a strong swimmer, and that may have led to his death in the rough waters of the bay.

"We think he just slipped on the rocks and couldn't get out of the water," Bohnke said. "If there had been more people at the park that morning, maybe it would have changed things, but I understand there were only a few people there, so apparently nobody saw him."


Lewis "Eddie" Blackistone would fish the Chesapeake Bay for days at a time.