The following home sales were recently recorded in Montgomery County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Montgomery and other Washington areas, visit

Aspen Hill Area

ADRIAN ST., 4602-Dennis Butler to Jose Del Carmen Melo, $385,600.

BAUER DR., 14417-Panagioutis and Ilona Katsikoudis to Armando Arrazola and Nurys Diaz, $464,900.

CASTAWAY DR., 13913-William J. Bachman to Abigael L. Anthony, $520,000.

CHELMSFORD RD., 14108-Betty H. Schmidt, trustee, to Keren and Schachar Sarig, $450,100.

FAWNLILLY CT., 16013-Gary G. and C.N. Burdette to Raquel F. and Manuel A. Barbosa, $750,000.

GRENOBLE DR., 13209-Brian K. Theil to Leonidas A. Rodriguez, $399,000.

LISTRA RD., 4704-Preecha Leelawatnakul to Nuntanee Tantakoon, $220,000.

MCCALL ST., 4909-Anderson Irby Shary to Ofelia Espinola, $420,000.

RIM ROCK RD., 4805-Dorothy Marshall, trustee, to Erin D. and Jonathan M. Greenberg, $469,000.

ROSECROFT RD., 15309-C.Q. and William C. Harsh Jr. to John C. Grimberg, $792,400.

TURKEY BRANCH PKWY., 13117-M.D. and Leonard R. Gazenski to Jorge E. Noda, $383,000.

TURKEY BRANCH PKWY., 13535-Terry Flynn to Maria A. Velasquez, $323,000.

VEIRS MILL RD., 12704, No. 29-101-Syed A. Latif to Ghulam Mohyuddin, $260,000.

WOODCREST DR., 14606-Young J. and Y.S. An to Laura R. and Thomas A. Myers, $470,000.

Beallsville Area

OLD PINE DR., 19109-M. and Ian Erricker to Barbara L. Toll, $401,500.

Bethesda Area

BAYARD BLVD., 4842-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Anna Kertesz and Derek Dickey, $568,000.

BEECH TREE RD., 8012-Frank G. and E.D. Stoner to Karen R. and Robert C. Sepucha Jr., $735,000.

CAPRI PL., 6836-Mindy L. and Daniel C. Hirsch to Amita Jha, $1.46 million.

CHASE AVE., 4500-Craig L. and G.R. Hudson to Mary Louise and William G. Cobbett, $750,000.

CYPRESS AVE., 9205-Gladys R. Pollak, trustee, to Cheryl L. and Tyler D. Mace, $820,000.

DICKENS AVE., 10007-William and Phebe R. Ibrahim to Ramy S. Ibrahim, $450,000.

ENGLISH CT., 5701-David R. Goodfriend to Andrea L. and Jeffrey C. Walker, $825,000.

HATHERLEIGH DR., 10228-D.D. and F.P. Ferguson to Bonita D. Butler, $654,900.

HOLMHURST RD., 9916-Suzanne Rhodes to Richard F. Minchik, $364,500.

LAKEVIEW DR., 7420, No. W206-Alison Roth to Rodica Cazacu, $254,000.

LANCASTER DR., 8619-Michael Wise to Sara E. Gold and Ori Lev, $775,000.

MARENGO RD., 5714-Gerard M. and E.R. Fay to Kristin S. and Stephen C. Linthwaite, $1.2 million.

MONTROSE AVE., 10508, No. 1-508-M-204-Bob L. Dean to P. Hannah Davis Zytnick and Joseph Zytnick, $244,000.

NAMAKAGAN RD., 5808-Tsung Mi Li, trustee, to Jennifer and Stephen Khovananth, $735,000.

OLD GEORGETOWN RD., 8114-Lester S. Bettis to Richard Cotton and Mary Anne McCarthy, $575,000.

RIVER RD., 5028-Robert T. Henderson to Christopher D. Freeman, $499,000.

SARATOGA AVE., 5108-Ashk Adamiyatt to James and Ann Gerber, $1.39 million.

SEBAGO RD., 7520-Eric A. and L.J. Wenger to Hillary C. and Douglas S. Mintz, $825,000.

SWANSONG WAY, 7256-Shuvra S. and A. Bhattacharyya to Abdallah and Donia Gnaoui, $640,000.

WADSWORTH DR., 9512-H.K. and M.R. Schoenwetter to Lakshmi Balagopalan Bhise and Dipesh K. Bhise, $694,900.

WALHONDING RD., 6316-Woodings Custom Home Building Corp. to Stacy J. Yolish and Andrew H. Rosen, $1.75 million.

WEYMOUTH ST., 10637-Susan E. Bodde to Sophia Z. Myers, $345,000.

WEYMOUTH ST., 10650-Alan Rubinstein to Jill M. Murry, $326,000.

Boyds Area

SATURN WAY, 14419-Robert L. and P.G. Nibert to Lilliana and Juan C. Chedrauy, $585,000.

SLIDELL RD., 20231-Wade Properties Corp. to Nicholas S. Pappas, $355,000.

TATANI DR., 14114-Robert M. and J.R.J. Blanco to Nanda and Mrityunjay Mahashetty, $465,000.

Brighton Area

RIVERMIST CT., 1005-Leon D. and E.W. Ott to Kay M.M. and Andrew T. Collier, $669,000.

Burtonsville Area

ALDORA CIR., 14165-Ginger L. Thornton to Eliseo Avelar and Yesenia D. Guevara Guzman, $273,500.

ALMANAC DR., 14545-Attia N. Khan to Amita and Subhash Sharma, $325,000.

ANGELTON CT., 3744-Carl E. Brown Jr. to Vannie Do, $325,000.

KRUHM RD., 15515-D.W. and Milton C. Warren to Julio C. Melgar, $460,000.

SPARROW HOUSE LANE, 4007-Ann D. Cockrell to Harrison K. Fori, $346,000.

TAPESTRY CIR., 3238-Queenie Nguyen to Peter I. Uba, $285,000.

VALIANT TERR., 14713, No. 15-159-D.N. and Robert J. Ferraro to Jesus S. Collazo, $290,000.

WOOD AVE., 3209-Paul E. Reinhardt to Cesar Batres, $451,500.

Calverton-Colesville Area

BORGES AVE., 12412-Chris Brandolini to James H. Lewis, $625,000.

CARRIAGE HOUSE DR., 11766, No. 47-Petra and Michael T. Handrigan to Sharon Ann Larowe, $396,000.

CARRIAGE HOUSE TERR., 1627-C-Isaac Fordjour to Shari N. Monroe, $190,000.

CARRIAGE HOUSE TERR., 1647-A-Javad Chavoshi to Samer Mashal, $180,000.

DOWNS DR., 1302-Downsventures Corp. to Allen B. Raymond, $420,000.

ELDRID DR., 504-Joan Karen Preller to Carlos Flores, $420,000.

FAIRRIDGE DR., 13509-J.S. and William E. Davis to Louisa I. Reyes, $479,900.

FEATHERWOOD ST., 1778-Thomas M. Bunt to Samson A. Worku, $326,500.

GLENHILL RD., 13221-B.A. and Dennis E. Fort to C. Mark Eakin, $490,000.

HAWKSHEAD CT., 2607-P.W. and Josiah F. Linthicum to Sheela Naik, $510,000.

MCHENRY DR., 2512-Jonathan and K.H.L. Kuntaraf to Mahshid R. and Akbar M. Fakhar, $455,000.

MICHALE CT., 11507-Thene M. Martin to Mary D. Carroll, $679,000.

MILESTONE DR., 900-Polyzos Painting Inc. to Selma D. and Charles Taylor, $502,500.

MOZART DR., 2802-Vladimir and N.C. Antonio to Zainab Owusu and Ali A. Kassie, $362,000.

MUSICMASTER DR., 13292, No. 278-Shawn T. Baccus to Colvin C. Carter, $165,000.

NEEDLEPINE TERR., 12325-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Pamelia Kinser, $565,000.

OLD COLUMBIA PIKE, 12400-Thomas Y. Conley to Memon Enterprises Corp., $1.2 million.

OLD STONE RD., 412-Janice Vieira to Colette R. Njosa, $618,000.

SIR THOMAS DR., 3309, No. 5-A-13-Maximiliano Machado to Nabeela Naz Khan and Shahzad Haider, $220,000.

TIMBERLINE RD., 1607-D.G. and Stephen M. Scorpio to Kevin Cho, $475,000.

TRUMPET PL., 13213-I.H. and Hyun K. Ahn to My Duyen Thi Tran, $499,000.

WILLINGTON DR., 309-Martha E. Martin to Fairfax City Ventures Corp., $345,000.

Chevy Chase Area

CONNECTICUT AVE., 8101, No. 307-James A. Saltsman Jr. to Brooks J. Saltsman, $690,000.

FAIRGLEN LANE, 5126-Sheila and E. Leifer to Elizabeth L.D. and Peter A. Guida, $800,000.

FREYMAN DR., 8511-Imad F. and Abi Saleh to Melissa and Michael J. Webster, $600,000.

MEADOW LANE, 7710-Theodore Holmberg to Anthony E. Varona, $1.01 million.

RAYMOND ST., 3619-Frances R. and W.G. Borders to Carola M. Alvarez and Marcelo E. Cabrol, $1.15 million.

RIDGE MANOR DR., 25905, No. 8000-L-Irene Kwon to William A. Cosgrove, $204,000.

ROLLINGWOOD DR., 7300-Laura G. Bode to Paul T. Weiss, $1.15 million.

RUFFIN RD., 6414-Frank H. III and Laurie Z. Shultz to Patricia A. Heffernan and John P. Rowan, $1.13 million.

STEWART DRW., 3711-Samuel R. and N.T. Harrison to Sandy S. and Nathan L. Tennies, $512,820.

THORNAPPLE ST., 4109-Thornondaga Associates Corp. to Terry A. and William E. Dutcher, $2.2 million.

WILLETT PKWY., 4841, No. 82-Alan P. Coe to Mona E. and Amir I. Zaghloul, $589,500.

WISCONSIN AVE., 5600, No. 1-204-Lesli C. Esposito, trustee, to Leonard W. Kraisel, $610,000.

WISCONSIN AVE., 5600, No. 1-809-Martha Kaslow, trustee, to Lisa G. and Marc A. Michelson, $1.15 million.

Clarksburg Area

FOUNTAIN DR., 12300-William H. and D.J. Novak to Joy and Tyrone Bryant, $416,000.

TIMBER CREEK LANE, 23017-Peter Mell to Maria C. and Eugenio G. Huera, $447,000.

Cloverly-Ednor Area

BRIGGS CHANEY RD., 2509-Evelyn M. Bean to Jyothirmai and Krishna Guduru, $450,000.

MISTLETOE CT., 14812-Norman C. and C.B. Grody to Esmeralda and Rogelio Encarnacion, $465,000.

PEACH ORCHARD RD., 15601-Mark E. Brown to Ester P. and Armando Toledo, $525,000.

SOUTHVIEW AVE., 308-M.M. and Robert H. Dickman to Leonor Guevara, $481,000.

WELLWOOD RD., 15016-Dara F. and W.B. Castle to Matt Monjan and Lori M. Mezoff, $655,000.

WILDWOOD DR., 14009-Elwood N. Hampton III to Steven Wayne Hampton, $180,000.

Damascus Area

BETHESDA CHURCH RD., 10525-Anna K. Surr to Isabel Madrid and Rafael Villanueva, $393,000.

HANEY TERR., 11012-B.J.H. and Richard M. Ablard to Carlos J.R. Salvado, $385,000.

MIDDLEBORO DR., 10775-Stephanie W. Renuart to Pauline E. and Thomas Baldridge, $473,000.

TRALEE CT., 25148, No. B-5-Madeline A. Feltus to Phillip K. Jenkins, $172,500.

Derwood Area

BUENA VISTA DR., 15720-Stephen M. and C.L. Ehrlich to Patricia C. Buccheri and Anthony G. Buccheri Jr., $540,250.

CENTENNIAL RD., 7309-S.S. and Richard A. Foster to Amy Beth Jabloner, $485,000.

DUN HORSE LANE, 5717-Paul D. Kelly to Stephen L. and H. Joy Sharp, $849,900.

EAGLES HEAD CT., 7727-John A. Speer to Tian Zhao and Yuning Qu, $355,000.

OSKALOOSA DR., 7313-Sharmila Shrestha to Carolyn S. and James Y. Terry, $597,000.

ROSLYN AVE., 7004-Redland Express Corp. to Rakesh Kumar, $321,990.

VILLISCA TERR., 15505-Susan A. Tremble to Joelle M. Modderman, $369,000.

WATKINS POND BLVD., 101, No. 4-305-Pauline C. Harrigan, trustee, to Ellen S. Jaffe, $382,000.

WICK LANE, 7008-Virginia and Kevin J. Reagan to Kim Alving, $501,000.

Gaithersburg Area

AMITY CIR., 8282-Raquel B. Bello to Warren Duplinsky, $190,000.

AMITY DR., 17304-S.H. and Dewey L. Welch to Pedro Argueta, $460,000.

AUGUSTINE WAY, 7515-Robert M. Smith Jr. to Bennell and Charles L. Mosby, $310,000.

BELL VERNON PL., 9508-J.B. and Keith B. Carlson to Julianne Allison, $519,900.

BRASSIE WAY, 9749-Kathryn M. Hill to Angelita Cruz Taylor, $235,000.

BROOKE GROVE CT., 19125-Christine L. and Carl R. Cowen to John B. Harris, $510,000.

BRUCAR CT., 8205-Denna K. and Kenneth B. Dekay III to Jorge Perez Toro, $625,000.

CHINABERRY CT., 9-Michael and C. Souery to Karen B. and Geoffrey Bernstein, $955,000.

CHINABERRY ST., 15303-Lisa K. and D.P. Lam to Zhilla Kazerooni and Habibolla Seyedsalari, $870,000.

CORIANDER DR., 7905, No. 103-Tilak R. Dhall to Katherine N. De Vera, $220,000.

COTTONWOOD TERR., 17932-J. and Dawnavan S. Davis to Taiwo O. Osifade, $345,000.

COUNTRY CREEK LANE, 14611-Canh Q. Tran to Vivienne and Robert Cooper, $865,000.

CROSS GREEN ST., 305-A-Ann H. Boyer to Joan M. Gottesman, $429,000.

CROSSBOW LANE, 190, No. 242-Morteza Tofighbakhsh to Mostafa Norooz and Fatemeh Ghandi, $290,000.

DEER PARK LANE, 138-Karen L. Wilson to Carlos H.B. Castro, $300,000.

DEVEREAUX TERR., 14600-Yong and Gloria Chae Lee to Aiqiu Zhao and Songping Wang, $405,700.

FALCONBRIDGE CT., 1-Mark J. and C.A. Abrams to Adrienne L. and Daniel T. Helgerman, $707,000.

FLAGLER DR., 821-Robert A. Shelhorse to Florence C. Cole, $380,000.

GRACKLE WAY, 18509-Victoria L. Slight to Sharon Ifrach, $325,000.

GREY COLT DR., 13861-Soo B. and S.K. Oh to Keyan Wang and Chang Yun Gui, $416,000.

GROUSE LANE, 18500-Terry L. and Patricia Rodgers to Sheeba R. and Anand C. Samuel, $345,000.

GROUSE LANE, 18517-Carmen V. and O.H. Ramirez to Yelena K. and Boris A. Levonenko, $325,000.

HART RD., 310-Thomas E. and Holly L. Lokken to Dawn and Thomas C. Heaney, $685,000.

HIGH TIMBER CT., 224-William T. and L.J. McManus to Zelda and Jonathon Black, $325,000.

HONEY BROOK LANE, 4-Gregory C. Braunberg to Rachel C. and Robert M. Gittins, $389,900.

HYACINTH CT., 10, No. 8-5-Ansu Z. and M. Conteh to Karen M. and James C. Duff, $223,500.

KENT OAKS MEWS, 739-Gregory Fioravanti to Bryony W. and Christopher B. Soltis, $650,000.

KEYMAR WAY, 19384-Long X. Ngo to Loc Dao Lam and Mai Lam Phan, $250,000.

LEAFCUP CT., 102-Rong Jiang to Yang Wang, $385,000.

LEAFCUP RD., 309-Sonja M. Zeoli to Gilbert and Ming Y. Soohoo, $390,000.

MARKETREE CT., 9-Alvaro Tovar to Salahuddin S. Bhatti, $499,900.

MICHAEL CT., 46, No. 29-George Pittas, trustee, to Lyn Johnson, $155,000.

MILLS CHOICE RD., 19058, No. 5-Jaconda A. Wagner to Michal Afik, $200,000.

MOUNTAIN LAUREL LANE, 8213-Marlon J. Hurtado to Elizabeth C. Carbonel and Godofredo T. Fayffer, $400,000.

PARAMUS DR., 11568-L.M. and Faik Tugberk to Keith Stockton, $780,000.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 804, No. 202-Jeanne Chung to Yaudith Rosales, $201,000.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 806, No. OP1-Anthony Thompson to Adriana M.G.M. and Ethan Weisman, $149,000.

QUINCE ORCHARD RD., 14612-George D. Gilbreath Jr. to David P. and Lisa K. Lam, $546,000.

RED ROCKS DR., 18026-Mahmood and Fariba Gharagozloo to Kimberley A. and Gerard E. Henein, $598,800.

RIDGEPOINT PL., 407-Kara B. Farrell to Lai K. Tse, $552,000.

ROCK LODGE RD., 510-Payton A. and Vallerie L. Porter to Jackie and Jeffrey R. Morgan, $426,000.

ROMAN WAY, 19132-Meribeth Reed to Meredith Peace, $495,000.

SIOUX LANE, 16525-Robert Yurgal to Maria Teresa and Ricardo L. Opinion, $511,000.

SUFFIELD DR., 706-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to King Zhang, $390,000.

SUFFIELD DR., 802-Young Sung and K.S. Suh to Young H. and Jin H. Han, $400,000.

SUMMIT HALL RD., 199-Amy R. and Sean M. Sweeney to Karen D. and Vincent G. Dicamillo, $506,000.

SWAN STREAM DR., 18315-N.V. and S.N. Galanis to Edilia S. and Jaime Ordonez, $410,000.

SWEETBOUGH CT., 12352-Jennifer Orzano to Maureen C. Fawley, $461,000.

TIMBERBROOK LANE, 121, No. 101-Trudye J. Khan to Bernice V. Miller, $315,000.

TRAVILAH RD., 13532-Teresa and Peter Chi to John Paul Greenawalt, $1.12 million.

TRAXELL WAY, 18518-Elmer and Yanet Deleon to John E. and Karen L. Oldenburg, $565,000.

WATER ST., 17, No. 12-D.K. and Kanaiyalal R. Shah to Jose Gonzalez, $125,500.

WEST SIDE DR., 666, No. 1-J-Maria R. and Rolando R. Melgar to Ennio Ulloa, $305,000.

WESTLAND DR. S., 16645-Frederick J. Piotrow to Rendy and Evy S. Gunawan, $429,900.

WINDBROOKE CIR., 142-Walter H. Rizer Jr. to Kathlynne T. and Guilbert R. Ramirez, $288,000.

WINDBROOKE CIR., 58, No. 58-Suzanne F. Streagle to Laura Ann Forest, $275,000.

WYE MILL CT., 300-Linda C. Whitcomb to Deborah J. and Robert Pala, $350,000.

Germantown Area

AMBASSADOR DR., 13632-E.M. and William E. Dunning to Pandu R. Rao, $265,000.

BEACONFIELD TERR., 20329, No. 101-Iraida A. Perez Ramirez to Matthew A. Parreco, $241,000.

BENT CREEK TERR., 11223-Kimberley A. Beahm to Doylette R. Ramirez, $345,000.

BIRDSEYE DR., 18833-Sameera and Ammar Rangwala to Michael Rymkiewicz, $232,000.

CHARITY LANE, 17533-LandAmerica OneStop Inc., trustee, to Dawn M. and John R. Kneisler, $735,000.

CHERRY BEND DR., 19111-Christopher B. and S.S. Karp to Puneet Goyal and Dharmendar Kumar, $336,000.

COG WHEEL WAY, 21005-Lisa M. Fulton to Gloria Vergara De Mansilla and Mario Mansilla, $899,900.

COG WHEEL WAY, 21009-J.E. and Walter T. Eccard to Aaron S. Benjamin, $871,000.

COUNTRY RIDGE DR., 13009-Byong J. Kim to Dao A. Mai, $352,000.

COUNTRY RIDGE DR., 13225-Valerie A. Scott to Pius Waricoy, $350,000.

DEER PATH LANE, 13124-Ninette and John Beck to Carlos A. Gonzales, $405,000.

DRUMCASTLE TERR., 11609-N. and Cane Dahi to Mary Kay Kenny, $339,700.

DUCK POND CT., 12, No. 706-Jasmine and Sang K. Park to Diana Barcelo Viera, $395,000.

DUHART RD., 13502-Cheryl D. Crowe to Elian Solis, $292,000.

DUHART RD., 13512-Moez and Noelle A. Boughanmi to Gladys Chaves, $305,000.

EAGLES NEST CT., 12213-G-B. and Galen Hausfeld to John P. Mejorada, $252,000.

ETON MANOR DR., 11812, No. 201-Teresa L. Cash to Do Jun Byun, $278,000.

FRUITWOOD WAY, 11431, No. 147-R.M. and Jin Carvallo to Connie Marquez, $281,000.

FURLONG WAY, 14139-Mario P. and Graciela Munoz to Natalia V. and Serguei Leontiev, $387,000.

GALLOP TERR., 14036-Jody A. and David C. Sullivan to Danielle Minus, $390,000.

GOLF COURSE DR., 20520, No. 1601-MHP Scattered Site Inc. to Theresa Beltowski, $94,500.

HARMONY WOODS LANE, 18821-Ram Subramanian to Jixiang Yin, $388,700.

KNIGHTS CT., 11104-James M. and V.R. Rivera to Paula A. Lewis Rush and Radix P. Rush, $641,000.

LAKE GENEVA WAY, 13137-Kathryn J. Trenda to Ran He and Yuelun Guo, $388,000.

LOCUSTDALE TERR., 11428, No. 230-Karen M. Seeley to Kathleen F. Broe, $276,000.

LOWFIELD DR., 20530-N. and Jaiseery Arjoonsingh to David Mario Anthony Dolores, $335,000.

MADRIGAL DR., 19808-Peter Cacopardo to Annette N. Hasselbeck, $565,000.

MCFARLIN DR., 18806-A.T. and Torrence L. Parham to Jehu N. Dongmo, $335,000.

NOBLE OAK DR., 19007-Gregory and J. Brooks to Shannon A. Flannery and Jeffrey D. Maurer, $561,000.

PALMETTO CIR., 13708-Kriss Barker to Heidi S. and James K. Grolig, $425,000.

PAPRIKA CT., 18701-Yuan Tian to Francisco J. Guevara, $259,000.

PEACH CREST DR., 12200, No. 900-J-Mehrnaz Agahi and Saied Dadkhoo to Caroline T. Breton, $211,000.

QUAIL WOODS DR., 12315-Robert F. Barse to Marie P. Johnson, $280,000.

ROYAL CROWN DR., 12400-Nico E.P. Ooms to Carolita M. Hoover, $611,000.

RUSHING WATER WAY, 13333-Michael Su Chang to Maria Del Carmen Chavarry, $375,000.

SAGE TERR., 12846-Edward M. Holmes, trustee, to Avilio R. Jimenez, $265,000.

SAWYER TERR., 19006-K. and Donald J. Carrington to Shyreen T. Shafiq, $400,000.

SCARLET LEAF CIR., 11618-Tuk K. and Yong J. Jun to Han Hoang and Anhdao Tat, $530,000.

SENECA FOREST CIR., 11429-Lawrence W. and K.L. Swift to Amita and Dilip S. Gokhale, $750,000.

SHADYSIDE WAY, 20519-Daniel A. Anderson to Moses Leon Rice, $240,000.

SPLIT ROCK LANE, 18573-Elvis Viera Posada to Luis and Santos M. Mejia, $325,000.

SWISS CIR., 18223, No. 2-58-Basilio Guzman to Fatoumata Bah, $230,000.

THYME CT., 13036-Alexander N. Reid to Nelson Reyes, $299,500.

TREVA CT., 11017-James C. and B.K. Snell to Lidia and David Benavides, $682,000.

TWINFLOWER CIR., 19506-Kelley J. Woodward to John A. and Yolanda V. McGilvery, $255,000.

WATERS ROW TERR., 20227-Leon and G. Cummings to Brenda A. and Eduardo M. Vidal, $349,000.

WILD CHERRY LANE, 19977-Robert E. and J.A. Lindsay to Ann J. and Hem Satsangi, $497,000.

WINDING CREEK WAY, 12008-Gail Skipper to Diane R. Grimes, $301,900.

WINDING CREEK WAY, 12046-Salim Haddad to Eric E. Juarez, $329,985.

Kensington Area

DUPONT AVE., 3611-James S. and C.A. Dedes to Rhonda M. and Stuart B. Cohen, $687,000.

JENNINGS RD., 2727-M.C. and Henry E. Mathers to Mehdi Samari, $280,000.

JENNINGS RD., 2803-Geraldo M. Maroclo to Edwin A. Ramirez, $307,000.

JENNINGS RD., 2809-Sen Chiao to Angela Heath, $450,000.

LAWRENCE AVE., 3707-Suzanne and Jean Louis Evennou to Andrew Jezic, $570,000.

SIMMS DR., 4026-Kimberly A. and Robert L. Naecker to Karen H. Bernard, $511,000.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. W., 3333, No. 109-Peter B. Gabrielian to I. Chun Jenny Lin and Gordon MacPherson, $240,000.

WAYCROSS WAY, 11009-Anna L. Thomson to Jennifer L. and Daniel J. Young, $510,533.

WEXFORD DR., 4110-Beatriz and Pablo Molina to Daniel G. Seitz III, $450,000.

Laytonsville Area

AMBERGATE CT., 9700-Mohsen Masoumi to Rose and Abraham Mensah, $240,000.

BELLE CHASE CT., 6624-John Samartzis to Karen D. and Alexander H. Hoy, $909,000.

HOOVER FARM DR., 19625-J. Richard and Joan F. Mora to Teri and Jimmy Constantinou, $835,000.

HUNTMASTER RD., 8820-J. and Janice Miskin to Patricia J. Villani, $790,000.

NEWBURY RD., 24349-J.V. and Ronald F. Smith to Carolyn Marschall, $550,000.

WHITE PILLAR TERR., 9557-Innovative Real Estate Services Corp. to Diva Suarez, $264,000.

Montgomery Village Area

BISHOPSTONE CT., 18470, No. 241-Gloria J. Gormley to Ana Alicia Hester, $159,000.

BRASSIE CT., 14-Rosalinda B. Papel to Elvira J. Auza Guzman, $235,000.

BRASSIE WAY, 9615-Jingli Zhang to Gloria Floria, $255,000.

BREMERTON WAY, 9345-Bonnie S. Collazo to Robert L. Clark Jr., $220,000.

BROOKRIDGE CT., 9942-Christian Ciubotaru to Hani Alawneh, $230,000.

CANADIAN CT., 19030-Leatha M. Neide to Darinka M. and Milton Clary, $310,000.

DUNBRIDGE WAY, 19300-Richard E. and C.V.L. Fairley to Christine and Edward Austin, $386,000.

FOREST VIEW PL., 9972-Theresa M. and Pio P. Cabrera Jr. to Digna Maribel and Martin S. Reyes, $260,000.

GENTLE WAY, 20206-Maureen P. Martin to James N. Benjamin, $280,000.

GRAZING TERR., 9326-Kathleen L. Malone to Cory J. Burns, $282,500.

GRAZING WAY, 20219-Suzanne Kerrigan to Jeffrey W. Schofield, $300,000.

GRAZING WAY, 20226-Elias Herrera to Jose Marlen Cedillo, $280,000.

HELLINGLY PL., 9824, No. 99-Alexander Kereselidze to Helen B. Egelhoff, $215,000.

LINDOS CT., 20412-Keith Beck to Jason R. Ingram, $379,900.

LITTLE POND PL., 10108, No. 1-Pablo A. Pelaez to Maria E. and Julio A. Corrales, $200,000.

MILLS CHOICE RD., 18923, No. 1-Angela Ortiz to Osiris Medina, $212,500.

RIDGELINE DR., 10118-John R. King to Adrianna Aleman, $227,000.

RIDGELINE DR., 10187-Anita W. and John A. Liem to Jacqueline M. Jensen, $242,000.

ROYAL BONNET CIR., 18142-David W. Fairweather to Vilma and Agapito Suarez, $325,000.

STRATH HAVEN DR., 20596-Donna Ramkissoon to Stacy and Christian Haug, $274,900.

SUGAR NOTCH CIR., 19914-Mary E. Kearney to Jesse R. Tittsworth, $285,000.

WALKER HOUSE RD., 9916, No. 1-Erica L. Franklin to Bernadette Abar, $185,000.

WALKERS CHOICE RD., 18734, No. 4-Joshua C. Teets to Maritza E. and Roberto H. Cienfuegos, $160,000.

WELBECK WAY, 8824-Scott M. Mitchell to Tiruayer Negatu, $225,000.

Norbeck-Layhill Area

ASHMONT TERR., 2602-Lilian E. Macias to Brian S. Tran, $325,000.

ATHERTON DR., 12310-Armando and Ester Toledo to Rhina Garmendez and Jose Beltran, $400,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3906, No. 1-Normita P. Daquiwag to Santos Diaz, $200,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3976, No. 4-Dean S. Meredith to Christine L. Steinhauer, $100,000.

BRAMBLEWOOD DR., 15428, No. 22-A-Nellie E. Miedzinski to Herbert O. Jones, trustee, $451,050.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 12809-Binren Shen to Joel Leyva, $385,900.

FALL ACRE CT., 14101, No. 10-22-Ruth A. Yousey to Hae S. Chung, $259,000.

FELDON ST., 12424-Aaron Evrard to Ethilinda and Josealem De Guzman, $365,000.

FISKE TERR., 3500, No. 154-A-William L. Mansfield to Margot K. and Richard H. Schumm, $405,000.

GREENERY LANE, 2206, No. 102-20-Wendy Wilmowski to David M. Walker, $200,000.

HIGHWOOD RD., 4216-Mauricio E. Aguilar to Orfa and Hugo A. Ramos, $399,000.

INTERLACHEN DR., 15107, No. 2-402-Hazel R. Gastrock, trustee, to Maureen P. Kee, $175,000.

ISBELL ST., 4238-Richard S. Fetters to Jose E. Oliva, $270,000.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. N., 2921, No. 1-425-Gladys H. Unglesbee to Daisy A. Thomas, $180,000.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. N., 3330, No. 5-318-Estella V. Katz to Mary F. and Paul Nee, $252,000.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. N., 3330, No. 5-601-D. and Robert Kemelhor to Elizabeth V. Starks, $425,000.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. S., 3253, No. 108-B-Roger F. Curtis to Lois L. Thomas, $250,000.

LITTLETON ST., 12500-R.P. and Robert C. Scharnberger to Giuseppe Giacalone, $415,000.

MERRIFIELDS LANE, 15428-George M. Lowe Jr. to Michelle M. and James A. Calvo, $600,000.

NISQUALLY CT., 2615-Arominta Perry to Hai D. Trang, $343,500.

NORDIC HILL CIR., 1616-Juan M. Monge to Iyasu Asress, $369,500.

NORTH GATE DR., 13616-Moses L. and V.E. Rice to Marcie O. and Louis S. Wertlieb, $595,000.

SUN VALLEY CIR., 2480, No. 8-D-Faye A. Freedman, trustee, to Mayra and Alejandro G. Arce, $271,000.

TREMAYNE TERR., 3814, No. 22-Irving A. and V.H. Beyda to Davanan and Sookdayah Singh, $343,000.

VALLEYFIELD DR., 14104, No. 6-5-Akintola Dasilva to Mercy A. and Anthony A. Dasilva, $195,000.

VICTOR CT., 2213-George D. and D.R. Shreeves to Anjum Jafri and Syed A. Zaidi, $275,000.

WOOLEN OAK CT., 14201, No. 10-32-Meghan K. Walsh to Mountaga and Dienaba Keita, $259,000.

Olney Area

BLOSSOM VIEW DR., 17412-Glenn R. and Paula M. Butler to Theresa M. and Kenneth N. Olivier, $542,000.

BUEHLER CT., 3311, No. 117-Francis L. Jr. and C.A. Dugan to Tegist Bekele and Ejigineh Simie, $340,000.

CHARLEY FOREST ST., 4268-V.V. and William R. Moon Jr. to Larry Lazzaro Jr., $550,000.

COVENT GARDEN TERR., 2809-A.K. and Tina S. Roecklein to Charlotte A. Wilkerson, $715,000.

GOLDEN SPRING CT., 18010, No. 238-Carmen R. Gelabert to Elba A. Benitez, $150,000.

LAFAYETTE DR., 17708-Herman F. Kraybill, trustee, to John E. Ounsted, $540,000.

LOCHNESS CIR., 17825, No. 32-Joanna L. Kieffer to Julie A. Ward, $312,000.

OXFORDSHIRE TERR., 18418-Vilda O. Desgoutte to Hae Sun Jang and Jung Hoon Han, $475,000.

PIPERS WAY, 17427, No. 14-Diana Barcelo Viera to Jane and William Love, $253,000.

ST. AUGUSTINE CT., 3240-Christina L. Roberson to Nelly Frenkel Arons and Evgeny Arons, $370,500.

SHADOWRIDGE TERR., 18609-Bradlee E. Goeckner to Elaine E. Pierrel, $437,500.

SHOTLEY BRIDGE PL., 17831-Rhonda P. Love to Lucy Diana Bravo, $410,000.

STAFFORD RD., 4232-William B. Harvey to Pamela S. and Gregory C. Roof, $535,000.

TIDEWATER CT., 3325, No. C-8-William and L.D. Gangloff to Gershona and Stuart J. Marcus, $285,500.

Poolesville Area

SOPER ST., 17601-Christopher M. and Hannah L. Cissel to Kristina W. and Kevin J. Schramm, $385,000.

Potomac Area

BOSWELL LANE, 10509-K.W. and Charles N. McIntosh to Anna Bazyluk, $500,000.

CANAL VISTA CT., 13720-C.P. and Barry B. Smith to Benjamin H. Flowe Jr., $1.73 million.

DEMOCRACY LANE, 10346-William E. and A.F. Carroll to Ximena M. and Galo A. Correa Jr., $670,000.

FROST CT., 12401-Christopher A. and J.S. Perez to Margaret and Philip S. Plantone, $824,700.

GREAT ARBOR DR., 10310-J.T. and Raymond Won Jr. to Xiaoying Shan, $865,000.

HARMONY LANE, 11907-Paul and J.W. Geller to Yoojin Hwang and Yoon Hyun Kim, $1.2 million.

HURDLE HILL DR., 11100-Robert R. and J.M. Coates to Hepsie C. and Michael J. Bohman, $810,000.

KIRKWALL TERR., 10820-August III and S.L. Ganzenmuller to Wendy B. and Richard L. Kirschner, $902,000.

MASTERS TERR., 10408-Catherine C. Belford to Astrid M. Boon and Thomas E. Costello, $1.5 million.

MUIRFIELD DR., 10634-Saeed Pilevar to Jeong J. Oh and Myung Y. Ryu, $515,000.

PALATINE DR., 11301-Gus O. and M.E. Triantis to Minnie and Bishwajeet Chatterjee, $2.07 million.

RAPLEY GATE TERR., 8600-Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. to Gertrude M. Natelli, $3.25 million.

SHAD LANE, 9108-John P. and A.E. Looney to Tram Nguyen and Chi Tang, $903,000.

SMOKETREE RD., 11824-Michael E. and S.M. Klugerman to Ariel and David Glassman, $760,000.

SNOWPINE WAY, 10307-David J. and L.G. O'Connor to Graciela V. and Jose A. Apud, $.2 million.

STACKHOUSE CT., 11117-L.P. and Stefan P. Lalos to Bita Nakhai, $1.12 million.

SUNDANCE CT., 10245-Robert J. and I.M. Byers to Nila Farshad and Jamhoor Esfahani, $850,000.

SUNNYMEADE CT., 10-James J. Schultz to Pamela Anderson Smith and Richard L. Smith, $679,900.

Rockville Area

BEALL AVE., 108-Nicholas K. and Regina Mady to Ching M. and Tsal N. Wei, $625,000.

BRAXFIELD CT., 12207, No. 49-Mordechai and Tracy Yitzhaky to Nava Ezra and Tilden D. Clark, $239,000.

BRAXFIELD CT., 12209, No. 65-Cheryl L. Beller to Thomas Scott Inglesby, $150,000.

BREWER HOUSE CIR., 5715, No. 101-IX-Lenore F. Simon, trustee, to Connie and Gregg B. Nelson, $459,200.

CARTER RD., 701-Kenneth P. and Catherine T. Boho to Patricia M. and Peter H. Kaplan, $545,000.

CHAPMAN MILL DR., 5700, No. 2210-Daniel B. Goldstein to Sarah M. Wolf, $329,900.

CHARLES ST., 125-Lisa and Elliot L. Smalley to Julie E. Kiang, $323,400.

CLEVELAND DR., 13527-Tim M. and S.H. Lee, trustees, to Vandana Bharucha and Colin Hodgkinson, $864,500.

CROSSFIELD CT., 5202, No. 127-Ota F. Cernoch to Samir and Farida Badalov, $271,500.

DAPHNEY HOUSE WAY, 10208-Lawrence J. and Andrea L. Markovitz to Sally A. and Joseph F. Rinaldi, $1.16 million.

DIAMOND COVE TERR., 15307, No. 6-K-Amy L. Dukovcic to Jacqueline S. and Roger B. Geer, $333,000.

EMPIRE LANE, 11358-J.S. and Robert G.L. Wall to Milton B. Ruble, $630,000.

GREAT PINES CT., 14-R. and Felix Sokolsky to Christina V. Grasso, $475,000.

GREENPLACE TERR., 1842-Albert Y. and M.L. Sze to Mary E. and Joseph V. Charters, $587,500.

GROSVENOR PL., 10401, No. 1123-Stuart H. Mortimer to Elsie Ramirez, $240,000.

INGLESIDE CT., 10-Michael J. and Jennefer F. Walden to Mohammad S. Ardekani and Shahzad Movafagh, $417,000.

LAMBERTINA LANE, 9901-Hamid Taie Tehrani to Robin M. Shell, $680,000.

LAMBERTINA PL., 13730-Marshall A. Cannon to Sue and Seong G. Kong, $610,000.

LAMBERTINA PL., 13842-David A. Wexler to Yi Jiuan Liu and Peter K. Woo, $560,000.

MONROE ST., 108, No. 302-Karen A. Bisat to Janette J. Morgan Weathers, $190,000.

MONTGOMERY AVE. W., 717-John I. Devincenti to Carlos Rotta Neto, $965,000.

PAULSBORO DR., 947-Florence M. Stapleton, trustee, to Edwin Vasconez and Kimberlee Potter, $395,000.

ROCKVILLE PIKE, 10300, No. 201-Angela Franco to Robert C. McLean, $286,500.

ROCKVILLE PIKE, 10500, No. 1224-Kathlynne T. Ramirez to Daniel S. Herschler, $215,000.

VANDERBILT CIR., 10016, No. 5-1111-Momdu I. Fofana to Maria Afsharian, $220,000.

VISTA CREEK LANE, 6401-Suezane L. and Reid D. Holtzclaw to Hovik John Kirakosian, $716,500.

WATKINS POND BLVD., 100-PK-Mary A. Paterson to Nicole K. Raines, trustee, $432,500.

WEEPING CHERRY DR., 14025-Vincent R. and E.B. St. George to Tsai Lien and Ker Shi Wang, $1.02 million.

WHITNEY MILL WAY, 5619-David Bernard to Olga and Sergiy V. Kulyk, $750,000.

WINDING ROSE DR., 508-Adrian F. Barrow Wallace to Praveen and Prakash Sewpaul, $569,000.

WINDING ROSE DR., 512-Robin M. Shell to Gerald Aronson, trustee, $649,000.

Silver Spring Area

BRISTOL AVE., 9707-L.A. and Alan J. Stewart to Joyce K. Rausnitz, $431,600.

CAMERON HILL CT., 1323-Manuel R. and E.H. Smith to Thomas D. Coogan, $620,000.

DARTMOUTH AVE., 603-George E. and K.R. Clifford to Glen E. Engel and Jill A. Cox, $481,000.

DERBY RIDGE LANE, 2002, No. 4-Javier Miyares to Virginia Gray, $422,000.

DRYDEN ST., 901-Cynthia J. Counts to Sahar F. Aziz and Fabian D. Lee, $311,000.

EDGEWOOD AVE., 10424-Mark C. White to Paul H. Skafte, $404,000.

HIGHLAND DR., 920-Howard L. and S.G. Sribnick to Hilary G. Sachs and Matthew Kunkin, $637,500.

HIGHVIEW AVE., 300-Kenneth Lee Barbour to Curtis O'Keefe, $595,000.

HOLLOW GLEN PL., 9862, No. 2532-A-Jonathan Shoom Kirsch to Shy Shorer, $335,000.

LANSDOWNE WAY, 1806-Y.H. and William L. Finch to Arominta Perry, $501,500.

LOMBARDY RD., 11006-Beatrice Reznikoff to Rita N. Amaya, $327,000.

LYNNMOOR DR., 115-Ernest Duran to Lee J. and Julie L. Lefkowitz, $499,000.

MALTA LANE, 922-Donna L. Bliss to Brian F. Burnham, $455,000.

MANCHESTER RD., 9035-Neil T. Lewis to Amy Karen Weiss, $290,000.

MISSISSIPPI AVE., 620-M.L. and Wilbur W. Wamsley to Robert L. Clark Jr., $300,000.

PENNSYLVANIA AVE., 9004-Leonor Duran to Kelly Lynne Friedman, $400,000.

PICKWICK VILLAGE TERR., 9054-Suresh Srinivasan to Juan J. Gutierrez, $343,500.

PICKWICK VILLAGE WAY, 517-Mauricio Ivan Betanzo to Janet H. Zinn, $331,000.

RED OAK DR., 1530-Jay E. and K.P. Slater to Frances E. and Harold R. Phipps Jr., $625,000.

REDDICK DR., 10009-Richard K. Juergens Jr. to Nina Santos, $460,000.

ROWEN RD., 816-Jack H. and K.T. Prause to Karen J. and Daniel C. Hudson, $662,500.

SOUTHWEST DR., 310-Cendaant Mobility Financial Corp. to Diane T. Johnson, $530,000.

SOUTHWEST DR., 428-Elliott R. Shapiro to Sarah K. Taylor and David J. Schwartz, $552,000.

SUTHERLAND RD., 9604-Jacqeline E. Coleman to Anna T. and Christopher J. Brown, $625,000.

THORNHILL RD., 9503-Neil D. Clarke to Robert D. Bewley, $621,100.

THREE OAKS DR., 9234-Wade P. Sewell, trustee, to Paul P. Rodriguez and Renee M. Mallory, $401,500.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. E., 611-Ana R. Garcia to Nestor A. Garcia, $400,000.

WASHINGTON AVE., 2204, No. W-202-Kenneth Greenberg to Donna C. Osborn, $340,000.

WHEELER DR., 11008-Yiu Shing Chan to Zhong Tian, $443,000.

WHITMOOR TERR., 205-Paul D. and J.L. Murphy to Cristie R. and Kevin King, $423,300.

WOODBURN RD., 9900-Diana Y. Barhyte to Mark J. Manning, $520,000.

WOODLAND DR., 9500-Avi Benaim to Juanita Gray, $507,000.

Takoma Park Area

BOSTON AVE., 604-Joy and Steven Williams to Joseph E. Conley, $479,000.

COCKERILLE AVE., 6606-Mark H. Davis to Britt and Gilad Wilkenfeld, $465,000.

FLOWER AVE., 7205-Allan J. Sutter, trustee, to Padma and Thomas Sathyanathan, $500,000.

LOCKNEY AVE., 8102-I.H. and Mark J. Towns to Maria Avala, $385,000.

Twinbrook Area

ARDENNES AVE., 12904-Michael W. Davidson to John T. Dickson, $370,000.

EDMONSTON DR., 1106-Mustafa and A. Dosemeci to Carie A. Tonovitz and William A. Boller, $358,500.

HOLLAND RD., 5911-Louis A. Wienckowski, trustee, to Ethel Gil, $390,000.

WOODBURN RD., 402-M.L. and Raymond C. Barnes to Bryant Benitez, $295,000.

Washington Grove Area

RIDGE RD., 110-Gregory K. Silber to Deborah A. Tarasevich, $455,000.

Wheaton Area

BUCKNELL TERR., 2128, No. 31-T.G. and Thomas E. Jeter to Katherine L. Mervis, $399,900.

BUSHEY DR., 12201-O.V. and Norman L. Ricketts to Manuel D. Gomez Zelaya, $385,000.

CLOVERHILL DR., 11310-William J. and Linda A. Scheer to Tatyana G. Vishnyakova and Alexander V. Bocharov, $465,000.

COLERIDGE DR., 2016, No. 24-102-Sueli F.O. and Mervin O. Parker Jr. to Mildred L. Freeman, $310,000.

EVANS DR., 2200-Ahkeelah Karriem to Luis Arias, $420,000.

FRANWALL AVE., 2000-Cam L. Salladay, trustee, to Robert G. Cunningham, $450,100.

GLENPARK DR., 1805-Marquitta A. Bassnett to Zewdinesh M. Wondie and Gebregiorgis Teka Werse, $390,000.

GRANDVIEW AVE., 12011-N. and Louis W. Richardson to Jose M. Mondragon, $410,000.

HUNTLEY AVE., 10415-James R. and A.B. Waltman to Jennifer J. and Paul S. Hrynko, $436,500.

JUDSON RD., 11811-L.W. and Henry N. Williams to Susan Gamboa, $327,250.

JUDSON RD., 12001-Phyllis C. Mertz to Rafael Ramirez, $236,900.

KENBROOK DR., 701-Donald G. Cavern to Flor D. and Jose R. Reyes, $440,000.

LANTERN DR., 3940-Ligaya M. Deguzman to Maria M. Clavijo, $401,000.

LESLIE ST., 10304-Jonathan G. and D.M. Russell to Andrea M. and Jonathan Z. Gehman, $480,000.

UNIVERSITY BLVD. W., 1111, No. 1415-A-Sook Ja Kim to Dolores Zaldivar, $245,000.

WINDING WAYE LANE, 1344-Richard E. and H.D. Hastings to Joseph L. and Chongehit McGovern, $562,500.