Permit Applications

1. Reeves Center, 2000 14th St. NW. Modernization of elevators. Cost: $1 million.

2. Business, 1350 I St. NW. Interior alteration. Cost: $2.1 million.

3. George Washington University, 2036 G St. NW. Improvement of existing three-story university building to be used for food services. Cost: $1.1 million.

4. Children's National Medical Center, 111 Michigan Ave. NW. Alteration and repair of building. Two permits: $18 million and $3 million.

5. New Zealand Embassy, 37 Observatory Cir. NW. Renovation of interior. Cost: $1.3 million.

6. Knollwood, 6200 Oregon Ave. NW. New parking lot for retirement community. Cost: $507,935.

7. Society of the Divine Word Religious Dormitory, 3730 12th St. NE. Renovation of existing five-story building, including replacement of roof, installation of new windows, upgrading of mechanical systems and plumbing, installation of a new sprinkler system, upgrading of alarm system and interior renovations. Cost: $1.9 million.

8. Dakota Flats, 2615 Bladensburg Rd. NE. Construction of new condominium building on site of former Hayes Motel. Cost: $1.4 million.

9. Metropolitan Police Department headquarters, 300 Indiana Ave. NW. Modernization of 10 elevators. Cost: $1.4 million.

10. Business, 501 Riggs Rd. NE. Construction of new building and fence. Cost: $5.5 million.

11. Apartments, 4800 East Capitol St. NE. Construction of new apartment building on former site of George Washington Carver Apartments. Cost: $4.5 million.

12. D.C. Jail, 1901 D St. SE. Alteration and repair of building. Cost: $1.3 million.

13. Apartments, 401 13th St. NE. Construction of new apartment building. Cost: $10 million.

Permits Granted

14. Cosmos Club, 2121 Massachusetts Ave. NW. Replacement of plumbing lines and risers. Cost: $800,000.

15. U Street/African American Civil War Memorial/Cardozo Metro Station, 1250 U St. NW. Construction of steel and glass canopy over escalator at west entrance. $250,000.

16. Howard University, 520 W St. NW. Installation of new wet pipe automatic sprinkler system and fire pump, and replacement of fire alarm system. Cost: $523,488.

17. D.C. Superior Court, 515 Fifth St. NW. Selective demolition and replacement of window glazing in basement. No cost given.

18. House, 2810 University Terr. NW. Razing of two-story single-family dwelling. No cost given.

19. Lucky Dog Laundromutt and Lounge, 1722 Florida Ave. NW. Installation of partitions, dog washing tubs and lighting. No cost given.

20. Department of State, 400 C St. SW. Interior renovation of fourth-floor office space. Cost: $227, 661.

21. Providence Hospital, 1150 Varnum St. NE. Replacement of antennas and placement of equipment cabinet on existing platform. Cost: $50,000.

22. Apartment building, 1639 West Virginia Ave. NE. Repair of drywall, replacement of bath fixtures, replacement of kitchen cabinets, installation of carpet and replacement of heating and air conditioning systems. Cost: $60,000.

23. Kelly Miller Recreation Center, 4900 Brooks St. NE. Excavation and installation of perforated PVC pipe to reduce runoff causing soil erosion. Cost: $19,000.

24. D.C. Armory, 2001 East Capitol St. SE. Erection of tents and green vinyl fencing around site. Two permits: $12,500 and $3,042.

25. Fort Lincoln II, 3298 Fort Lincoln Dr. NE. Replacement of antennas and equipment cabinet on apartment building. Cost: $50,000.

26. Hecht's, 1401 New York Ave. NE. Replacement of antennas and equipment cabinet. Cost: $50,000.

27. King Elementary School, 3200 Sixth St. SE. Replacement of flagpole with stealth telecom flagpole and replacement of equipment cabinets on roof. Cost: $51,700.

28. Congressional Cemetery, 1801 E St. SE. Replacement of floor decking and railing on rear porch and replacement of concrete steps at side door. Cost: $4,000.

29. District of Columbia Housing Authority, 5803-21 East Capitol St. SE. Razing of three single-family dwellings and one church building. No cost given.

30. Water main, Military Road and 16th Street NW. Replacement of water main. No cost given.