The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince George's County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince George's and other Washington areas, visit

Accokeek Area

BEALLE HILL RD., 15409-Gloria J. and Stephen A. Durnford to MAFC Residential Inc., $146,000.

CHATSWORTH DR., 727-Jesusa B. Frederick to Irvin A. Owens, $420,000.

HOLLY WAY, 16845-Allen H. Moore to Mariela M. and Felimon B. Alvarado, $289,000.

SHANNA DR., 18422-Sheldon and Tonya Bryant to Mary and Johnnie Jackson, $384,000.

Adelphi Area

ADELPHI RD., 9274, No. 202-Jesus E. Cisneros to Galina Spivak, $122,000.

BORNEDALE DR., 10810-Steve A. and Mary S. Maras to Christiana and Ebenezer Forson, $450,000.

ELTON RD., 1803-Joyce B. Huber to Michael G. Habte and Tigist Getachew, $385,000.

LACKAWANNA ST., 2600-Comfort B. and Uzobeyi A. Anigboh to Janet Amsalu, $309,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1800, No. 107-Lisa R. and Russell N. Thomas to Huber E. Carrillo Alvarado, $112,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1804, No. 202-Julia F. Wilson to Juan M. Romero, $139,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 1608-Izattoure and Sylvester L. Grant to Kwan Huynh, $146,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 2024-Kenneth W. and Margaret L. Vinton to Anita and Robert Snyder, $149,000.

RIGGS RD., 9327-Kochukunju E. Yohannan to Jose F. Arevalo, $368,000.

RIGGS RD. W., 8101-Edward L. and Constance L. Moffatt to Rosario and Wilson J. Alava, $260,000.

20TH AVE., 6903-Eugene A. and Hattie M. Dunston to Behsalie and Luis G. Flores, $335,000.

26TH PL., 8305-Christian Real Estate Inc. to Ramon Martinez and Misael Alvarado, $251,000.

Beltsville Area

AMMENDALE WAY, 6821-Karen and Anthony Parker to Daifeng Han, $281,200.

CHERRY HILL CT., 3448-Lillian P. Berry to Roxanne Crooks Phillips, $276,000.

CHERRY HILL RD., 11350, No. 203-II-A-Coranette B. Banks to Harry Hai Tu, $152,000.

ROMLON ST., 4427-Doreen A. Brown to Mominul H. Khan, $156,000.

ROMLON ST., 4509, No. 201-Shawn P. Eigenbrode to Joanna T. Pecore, $110,000.

SELLMAN RD., 4401-Ramon P. Melendez E. and Ana Ceron to Jose A. Orellana, $300,000.

TANEY DR., 13215-Jose Marini to Louisa R. Davies, $365,000.

WELLFORD DR., 13127-Steven W. and Sharon L. Hampton to Rosa D. and Jose N. Rivas, $400,000.

Bladensburg Area

MONROE ST., 4900-Dennis J. Schriver to Elvira Pensamiento, $185,000.

TILDEN RD., 5423-Lambert Anoh to Kadiatu Jalloh, $250,000.

55TH AVE., 4209-Nancy L. and Robert F. Darby to MAFC Residential Inc., $178,000.

Bowie Area

ALTHEA LANE, 1908-Martin E. and Dorothy A. Sullivan to William F. and Annick G. Kelley, $320,000.

AVESTON PL., 16205-Deborah E. Kane to Ronnie Jackson and Lissa M. Gregorio, $489,000.

BERMUDA LANE, 12710-Mary L. Austin trust to Mildred Ortas, $329,000.

BLACKWALNUT WAY, 4402-Wayne R. Lipscomb to Jin J. Zhang, $500,000.

EASTHAM CT., 16221-Ricardo R. and Ann P. Inniss to Debbie and Brooke A. Churgai, $337,500.

EIDER ST., 16304-Sekethia Scott to Timothy C. Holmes, $295,000.

ELISTON ST., 2807-Patricia M. Gaddy to Dennis Gobantes, $395,000.

ELKHORN CIR., 3801-Kimberly C. and Melvin D. Smith to Adenike A. Adedoyin, $285,000.

EMPEROR CT., 3541-Bennie L. Turner III to Felicia R. Douglas, $210,000.

ENVISION TERR., 3817-Kenneth Mackey to Deborah J. Blue, $295,000.

ETTRICK CT., 3905-Shermaine C. Cowan to Brian McClimens, $182,000.

EVERGLADE LANE, 15607-Michael A. and Sherita C. Diggins to Elizabeth A. Jones, $235,000.

FILBERT LANE, 2708-Gary E. and Debra L. Filson to Robert W. Pyle and Ryan M. Igig Jr., $315,000.

FRUITWOOD DR., 11111-Rosalie N. Ndenecho to Karen and Jose A. Munguia, $380,000.

GRESHAM CT., 13616-Sonya Lewis Reid to Bridget L. Stiggers, $388,000.

HILLMEADE RD., 7025-Roy G. and Marie R. Simms to Paula A. and William A. Shaw Jr., $320,000.

MAIDEN DR., 11113-Nateeka D. and Marc A. Scott to Marcia E. Rodrigues, $370,000.

MILLSTREAM DR., 12011-Elaine D. Rassias to Christina L. and Sean M. Renn, $315,000.

MORNINGSIDE LANE, 3613-John P. and Janelle J. Butler to Diana H. and William M. Noel Jr., $195,000.

NOVEMBER CT., 2931-Catherine L. Smith to Gloria Y. Inglis Munoz, $206,000.

PEWTER LANE, 16317-Lester White to Ellis J. Carter Sr., $190,000.

PRINCE OF WALES CT., 2252-Helen N. Baskin to Kudirat Adebanjo, $225,000.

QUICK FOX LANE, 12111-Geoffrey S. and Barbara B. Smith to Yolanda G.P. and Dexter E. Edmund, $429,900.

QUILL POINT DR., 7818-Gregory R. Waring Jr. to Tara E. and James E. Gray Jr., $325,000.

ROCKY SPRINGS LANE, 4704-Caren D. McKay to Xin Yi and Benjamin T. Johnson, $315,000.

SHADOW LANE, 12402-Sharon and F.L. Breeden Jr. to Cassandra Ruffin, $319,900.

SPERRY STREAM WAY, 11302, No. 134-Patricia E. Kramer to Larry Gilmore, $190,000.

STONEHAVEN LANE, 12311-Jennifer G. and Steven L. Cohen to Preston W. Dugger Jr., $293,000.

TOLKIN CT., 7901-Norma A. and Errol R. Schwartz to Francisco H. Rodriguez, $483,400.

WINDOVER TURN, 12517-William F. and Barbara Seminuk Jr. to Jennifer A. and John M. Williams, $325,500.

YARMOUTH LANE, 4008-Roy J. and Betty F. Hall to Amanda D. and Kenneth C. Blakeley, $340,000.

Brandywine Area

CHELTENHAM DR., 9206-Duncan L. and Iris Carver to Tiffany Vines and Cecil Barrett, $289,000.

EARNSHAW DR., 7617-Edward D. and Rose M. Baldwin to Sabrina and James H. Delaware, $265,000.

HEATHERWICK CT., 12804-Darla J. and Stephen W. Doyle to Lorraine Green, $246,000.

Brentwood Area

SHEPHERD ST., 3712-Iris M. and Jose D. Rubio to Genaro Suarez, $271,000.

Capitol Heights Area

CEDARLEAF AVE., 611-Terrell Allen to Terrence Solomon, $165,000.

CINDY LANE, 123-Bernard E. Gibson Jr. to Vernetta Wilkins, $267,000.

DATELEAF AVE., 219-Clarice Brown to UPMG Inc., $78,000.

DEANWOOD DR., 4811-Celeste Taylor to Nandi H. Osaze, $200,000.

DENT ST., 4000-Eric Hayes to Simone A. Holladay, $178,000.

DILLON CT., 1322-Irma C. Suggs to Ngozi Onianwah, $209,000.

DRUM AVE., 621-Michael R. Wheeler to Vilda A. Francisco, $233,000.

DUEL PL., 5105, No. 204-U. Win Properties Corp. to Debra Smith, $210,000.

DUNBAR OAKS DR., 1212-Michael Oputa to Jose A. Garcia, $188,000.

DUTTON WAY, 1124-Rochelle Foster to Shahidah A. and Richard B. Dodson, $187,000.

ELMLEAF AVE., 312-Helen E. and Louis E. Davis to Brenda King, $185,000.

EMO ST., 5119-Jacinta M. and Arthur P. Green to Iris G. Molina, $185,000.

FOOTE ST., 6214-Biyi Gbadehan to Shirley Jonson, $185,000.

JAMES FARMER WAY, 6809-Dangelo Butler to Jose A. Garcia, $200,000.

MENTOR AVE., 1015-Helen J. and Louis R. Henry to David L. Morris, $175,000.

MIGLIORI CT., 7031-Latifa D. Brooks to Olubukola Salako, $240,000.

NOVA AVE., 1509-Gregory Allen to MAFC Residential Inc., $100,957.

NOVA AVE., 710-Deborah L. and Jackie Harris to Kevin Devine, $215,000.

OPUS AVE., 723-Samson Akinfolarin to Melquicedee Larios, $215,000.

R ST., 4320-Lynette I. Grant to RPM Realty Corp., $176,000.

SEAT PLEASANT DR., 6604-Sandra L. Du and Grayling V. Lucas to Michelle E. Leslie, $152,500.

SHERIFF RD., 5819-Christine Crawley to Jaime E.A. Sanchez, $255,000.

TORQUE ST., 4411-Theodore Pantazes to Statewide Realestatediscounters Corp., $130,000.

YOLANDA AVE., 401-Wilma L. and Charles E. McDaniel to Asad Hameed, $350,000.

69TH PL., 311-Alice and Peter Odagbodo to Kahlil Warren, $200,000.

71ST AVE., 308-Jacqueline A. Mills to Alma W. Owens, $195,000.

Cheltenham Area

WIMPOLE CT., 10603-Gwendolyn S. Cowan to Stefanie C. Johnson, $515,000.

Cheverly-Landover Area

CHESAPEAKE ST. E., 7017-Brigette E. Hopkins to Samuel K. Adofo, $175,000.

COLUMBIA TERR., 6534-Julie M. Harris to Eva Pinkney, $160,000.

COLUMBIA PARK RD., 6910-Lisa Wilson to Fatmata Jawara, $280,000.

FOREST TERR., 6835-Gerald A. Brown to Clara S. Steward, $159,900.

HAWTHORNE CT., 2703-Moises and Imelda G. Arias to Douglas H. and Orlando A. Cruz, $200,000.

KYLE AVE., 3202-Mabel Osei to Joyce T. Akoto, $315,000.

LAKE POINTE CT., 9704, No. 103-Tanya L. Washington to Annitra Williams, $217,500.

MAHOGANY DR., 7103-Pamela L. Littlejohn to Yolanda Andrews, $205,000.

MAHOGANY DR., 7132-Carol C. Peterson to Karen A. Thomas, $160,000.

MAHOGANY DR., 7248-Ada R. Greene to Ewuria A. Darley, $174,500.

MUNCY RD., 7620-Walter Fleming to Margaret J. Ginyard, $140,500.

NALLEY TERR., 1309-Gennie B. Riley to Gloria O. and Arianne A. Benons, $158,000.

PALMER PARK RD., 1927-Michelle S. and Leon W. Jones to Crystal D. Blakeney, $164,000.

SUITER WAY, 7800-Linda M. Richardson Giles to Olusegun Bright, $215,000.

TUEMMLER AVE., 2202-Deborah D. Freeman to Prince J. Floyd, $110,000.

WILSON PL. E., 2013-Joann Ramsey to Andrea A. McGhie, $190,000.

Clinton Area

BRANDYWINE RD., 11418-Peter Jr. and Betty J. Glass to Julio A. and Ever A. and Carlos A. Solito, $290,000.

BUCKLER RD., 6204-Teia McGee to Melvin Jones, $255,000.

DANIEL LANE, 8705-Garland Harris to Barbara and Franklin J. Cain, $269,900.

HICKORY BND., 6303-William F. and Elinor Beaver to Nina C. and Randolph C. Gresham, $441,000.

KAINE DR., 6412-Roxana G. Rincones to Gloria S. Hill, $290,000.

QUIET BROOK LANE, 9723-Wen Y. and John W. Johnson to Jose A. Puerta, $305,000.

ROCKFISH WAY, 5524-Chathan Smoot to Crystall M. Hill, $280,000.

SERENADE CIR., 7422-Hua Kuo and Meei Li Liao to Wyki and Lorrie M. Tyson, $300,000.

TEABERRY WAY, 6203-Conita R. and Stacey Craft Sr. to Wanda and Sean D. Francis, $242,000.

TELLICO PL., 9405-Richard A. Walker to Willa M. Loyd, $389,000.

WOODEN BRIDGE LANE, 10205-Charlie M. Thomas to Ora B. Tilghman, $395,000.

College Park Area

BAYLOR AVE., 7307-Dorothy M. and Edwin M. Fisher Jr. to Charles R. Bailey, $399,000.

DUKE ST., 3509-Justine R. and James M. Greenwell to Gabriel David, $410,000.

DUKE ST., 3521-Gloria E. and Claude J. Bartlett to Pablo E. Chavez, $395,000.

EDGEWOOD RD., 4916-Brent T. Anderson to Dana and Frederick Andre, $225,000.

GERONIMO ST., 5019-Karen L. Ritter to Ana S. De Fabian and Ennio Marquez, $320,000.

KENNEBUNK TERR., 5122-D. and Charles S. Schroeder Jr. to Tina Kreamer, $230,000.

NANTUCKET RD., 5021-Lori J. and David C. Downs, trustees, to Charles E. Bowie Jr., $284,900.

SWEETBRIAR DR., 7519-Homesales Inc. to Sam Adofo, $363,000.

34TH AVE., 8613-Jeanne M. Carroll to Ana Nuckols, $302,500.

36TH AVE., 8706-Chester A. Dyrud to Adedotun A. and Yetunde O. Adeleke, $330,000.

49TH AVE., 9028-Mary J. and Roger Hinkle to Cheryl L. Vickers, $293,000.

49TH AVE., 9520-Sanjiva K.R. Weerasinghe to Jose A. Guillen, $285,000.

51ST PL., 9627-Kennert Holdings Corp. to Americo Sunsin, $255,000.

52ND AVE., 9407-Kimberly M. Bonner to Gregory Maggio, $245,000.

58TH AVE., 8915-John A. and Helen F. Russo to Dilma P. Acosta and Jorge Melendez, $335,000.

District Heights Area

DONNELL PL., 7226, No. C-1-Linda M. Allen to Esther P. Ray, $116,000.

DONNELL PL., 7244, No. B-1-Neville Plummer to David C.A. Clarke, $85,000.

EASTWOOD DR., 1206-Mubilt General Partnership to Dorita Lockard, $229,000.

FLAG HARBOR DR., 6922-Towanna D. Evans to Richard L. Cherry, $210,000.

FLAG HARBOR DR., 7409-Norma J. and Ronald Brantley to Melissa Taylor, $213,000.

HIL-MAR CIR. N., 6143-Howard A. Burnett to Tara A. and Victor N. Williams, $213,500.

KEYSTONE MANOR CT., 6803-Donzetta and Rece Tucker Jr. to Edwina Duncan, $258,000.

MASON ST., 7309-David F. and Zulee Funder Sydnor to Theodore Newkirk and Bryan E. Powell, $165,000.

Fort Washington Area

AQUA LYNN DR., 302-McCleveland Bailey to Daryl T. Womack, $272,000.

ARTHUR DR. E., 9-Mary M. Cook to Fastos Curumi and Ilir Ikonmi, $185,000.

BALLARD DR., 4606-Hunter Memorial A.M.E. Church to Jose P. Murillo, $300,000.

BEECH ST., 406-Bobby L. Elliott to Stephanie Ludington, $220,000.

DANIA DR., 1715-Pamela and Charles Wheatley to Mary Williams, $240,000.

DEN MEADE AVE., 7619-James A. Jr. and Sylvia E. Curtis to Renee M. and William Perkins, $291,000.

DEN MEADE AVE., 7801-Mary E. and Jane C. Foster to Jorge Roman Jr., $305,000.

EAGLEWING LANE, 6619-Ethel J. Kemp to Charlene M. and Darwin D. Kemp, $225,000.

FEATHERSTONE DR., 10705-Margie T. and Richard G. Neal Sr. to Winston Campbell, $445,000.

GLENEAGLES DR., 769-Mary F. Weithers to Trina D. and Ronald D. Taylor, $450,000.

GOSPORT CT., 2909-Katherine Cornett to Katrina A. and Louis C. Proctor Jr., $205,000.

GUNPOWDER DR., 10903-Charlotte Y. and Q.C. Jones Jr. to Carrick B. Cheney, $450,000.

HEATHERFIELD CT., 9004-Robin G. and Emerick A. Peace to Anthony Johnson, $285,000.

HORIZON CT., 12207-Lisa P. and Bernard S. Douglas Jr. to Trina A. Wigfall Jacobs, $290,000.

JACKSON DR., 12802-John L. and Aileen M. Sullivan to Deanna and Shawn Owens, $250,000.

PEACE DR., 12811-Charles R. Godwin to Frances Cherry and Garry Robinson Sr., $335,000.

PINEHURST DR., 9002-Elliot J. Sr. and Linda J. Shields to Kenneth B. Jarvis Jr., $275,000.

POTOMAC HEIGHTS DR., 1511, No. 278-Neftal Flores to Juan F. Cruz, $215,000.

RHODESIA AVE., 1731-Owen G. Duncan to MAFC Residential Inc., $225,000.

ST. IGNATIUS DR., 6600, No. 7102-Richard G. Ametin to Isidoro S. Sayson Jr., $173,000.

SOUTHFIELD RD., 6705-Keith C. and Shawn Williams to Gordon Hall and April L. Andrade, $235,000.

VAN BUREN DR., 1201-Karen G.K. and John M. Piva to Estela D. Majano, $238,000.

Greenbelt Area

CLOISTER PL., 7812-Karina Baker to Chienyi Hsu and Michael T. Burger Jr., $300,000.

DAMSEL CT., 6813-Kristy J. and Mark W. Reynolds to Muminu A. Badmus, $305,000.

GREENBELT RD., 8409-Lita S. Keys to KNLW Partners Corp., $105,000.

GREENBELT RD., 8413, No. 201-Catherine and Mark F. Haisfield to Pamela J. Frazier, $125,000.

GREENBELT RD., 8419, No. 202-Harold A. Warren to Jose Y. Rivas, $177,000.

GREENBELT RD., 8475, No. T-1-Marea H. Battle to Adedeji A. Adewunmi, $155,000.

GREENBELT RD., 8673, No. 201-Markonette A. Richardson to Adekunle Olusoga, $150,000.

HANOVER PKWY., 7828, No. 301-Charlita Campbell to Gloria J. Baker, $114,000.

KARA CT., 7902-Valeria W. James, trustee, to Marla C. Sheppard, $425,000.

SPRINGSHIRE WAY, 6719-Ana M. Marmolejos to Jorge Villatoro, $415,000.

Hyattsville Area

CRITTENDEN ST., 5311-Bertha A. Martinez to Legacy Funding Corp., $205,500.

HAMILTON ST., 4008-Charles R. Bailey to Gregory Tindale, $317,500.

LAKEVIEW CIR., 6-Graceanne and William H. Me Adamo to Janet M. and James W. Berard, $450,000.

52ND AVE., 4902-Rose and Jadoonanan Bowlah to Victor Metonou, $180,000.

52ND AVE., 4902-Victor Metonou to Jose R. Briseno, $260,000.

Lanham Area

BRAE BROOKE DR., 8574-Land Research Associates to Saad Al Aliyawi, $214,900.

KINMOUNT RD., 4210-Velma Y. and Michael G. Falby to Evelyn Jackson, $220,000.

LUNDY DR., 5809-Addie A. Allen to Lily Jackson, $308,000.

PRINCESS GARDEN PKWY., 6401-Henry J. Andrykovitch to Vilma N. and Erick O. Flores, $269,000.

PRINCESS GARDEN PKWY., 6554-P. Abraham and Sosamma Kunju to Marta and Jose Molina, $339,000.

ROXANNE DR., 9207-Fred D. and Connie B. Stanback to Janie Perkins and April Gooding, $249,900.

TREETOP LANE, 10015-Rachel Jordan to Michael Tran and Ly H. Truong, $404,000.

TREETOP LANE, 9906-Ignatius G. and Leela Emmanuel to Maria and Jose H. Guevara, $396,500.

WESTGATE RD., 5703-Michelle Y. Greenfield to Adebayo Cole, $220,000.

WOODBERRY ST., 9712-Joel H. and Vicki A. Freedenberg to James Shaw and Donna M. Conley, $409,000.

WORRELL AVE., 9440-Harry Chernikoff to Patrick N. Abaga, $297,000.

FIRST ST., 9029-Robert Lumley to Roman Menisher, $280,000.

Largo Area

CAMPUS WAY S., 10445-Debra Adkins to Latonia C. Davis, $205,000.

CHESTER GROVE RD., 3071-D-Veda L. Pryor to Maya J. Jefferson, $155,000.

CRANAPPLE CT., 9814-Denise O. Carter to Roger S. Moore Jr., $270,000.

DUNLORING DR., 11562-Linda L. Stanton to Cheryl E. Archer, $280,000.

JOYCETON DR., 11313-Paul S. and Janet D. Anderson to Laverne and Joshua Nwaokeocha, $190,000.

VERMELL PL., 9511-Mark S. France to Solange A. and Mark Wilson, $275,000.

WATER FOWL WAY, 13309-James T. and Brenda J. Jones to Razaq and Latifah I. Alao, $455,000.

Laurel Area

ARBORY LANE S., 7671-Joan A. Brown to Tina M. Jordan, $217,500.

ASHFORD PL., 14804-Meade C. and Daphne T. Van Putten to Carolyn and Daniel L. Eustace, $290,000.

BOWSPRIT LANE, 14316, No. 12-Donald R. Brown to Omolola O. Ogunremi, $192,500.

BRADFORD DR., 15608-Nancy T. and Eugene W. Ostrander to Evelyn Davis, $370,000.

CARISSA LANE, 7806-Andrea D. Burns to Vikram S. and Vijay B. Kushawaha, $223,500.

DAVRON ST., 4800-Patrick F. and L. Jane Lankford to Phuong K. Tang and Phuong D. Vu, $425,000.

DORSET RD., 15611, No. 304-Janet M. Fields to Mary Ray, $188,000.

FENWICK CT., 8163-Lewis S. and Leslie D. Davis to Margaret A. and Harry S. Laggah, $285,000.

HAINES CT., 7609-Randolph S. Pappas to Shari and Michael Clark, $195,000.

KENNY RD., 16004-Thomas A. and Kimberly J. Oliver to Helen R. and John A. Russo, $300,000.

KENT RD., 16115-Sandra M. Saylor Gore to Anita M. and Gary L. Sutula, $425,000.

MARTON ST., 1008-Garyfallia and Panagiotis Glekas to Michael S. Williams, $228,000.

MOUNT PLEASANT DR., 12303-James H. and Patricia O. McDermott to Gideon D. and Kimberly C. Maran, $400,000.

VISTA DR., 14007-Ralphenia T. Clark to Terene and Christopher Hunt, $195,000.

FOURTH ST., 309-Patricia A. and John P. Moir to Joseph A. Horvath, $410,000.

Mattawoman Creek Area

MATTAWOMAN LANE, 16700-Charles F. Herbert Jr. to LAFA Inc., $300,000.

Montpelier Area

BRIARWOOD DR., 13609-Troy V. Carter to Juan M. Reynaga, $244,296.

CARLAND PL., 12503-Andres L. Marius to Isha Kallay and Idrissa Tarawally, $327,000.

DUB DR., 14117-Mary W. and Ira E. Petersen Sr. to Richard K. Van Eseltine, $198,500.

GENTRY CT., 13606-Elmer L. and Damita J. Goldsmith to Michelle D. and Steven E. Butler, $499,000.

IVORY FASHION CT., 12101-Mehjabeen Hirji to Edward M. Anderson, $345,100.

LAURELWALK DR., 11316-Nikki Knoll to Darrel I. and Dawn A. Caleb, $129,000.

MONTAGUE DR., 11701-Maria C. Gome and Rene L. Goudy to Marlene P. Zepeda, $375,000.

SNOWDEN OAKS PL., 8481-Ricki E. and Scott A. Kresan to Teddy B. Ogunfolu, $255,000.

New Carrollton Area

ANNAPOLIS RD., 6911-Angel N. Tabe to Adekunle C. Bajulaiye, $270,000.

CARROLLTON PKWY., 8321-William A. III and Marily Parker to Reyna A. and Reynaldo M. Galdamez, $297,000.

FAIRBORN TERR., 6446-Hector R. Coreas Perez to Angela Kim, $301,000.

FARRAGUT ST., 6907-George C. Ihekwoaba to Abimbola Raymond, $180,000.

FREEPORT ST., 6840-Frank and Judy Woodberry to Nnegadi E. and Fidelia N. Nwachukwu, $280,000.

GLENOAK RD., 4823-Sandra K. and Wayne D. Perkins to Felix A. Mejia, $260,000.

GREENVALE PKWY., 7106-Paul Walke and Joan M.W. Atchison to Beatrice E. Fomundam, $250,000.

NYSTROM ST., 5803-Sonya R. Pryor to Martha E. Rodriguez, $320,000.

POWHATAN ST., 8504-Carl E. and Karla P. Steward to Sixto Sanchez and Ana Duran, $270,000.

RIVERDALE RD., 7529, No. 1847-Myra Rosen to Patrick Soga, $54,950.

STANWOOD ST., 8317-Guido R. and Gonzalo R. Medina to Jose A. Bernal Perez, $295,000.

56TH ST., 3533-Anstonia C. and Willie Cason to David Vega, $330,000.

58TH AVE., 3904-Maurice D. and Moniqua R. Sawyer to Diana Guerrero and Yanira E. Toledo, $235,000.

70TH AVE., 4113-Brenda P. Cohen to Jose Palacios, $285,000.

83RD PL., 5714-Wanda A. and Jeffery A. Campbell to J. Ibetoh, $295,000.

85TH AVE., 5412, No. 202-Paige Legum to Cleopatra and John M. White III, $118,000.

89TH AVE., 5809-Mary C. Wood to Oscar O. Escobar, $325,000.

Oxon Hill Area

ALICE AVE., 2051, No. 204-Ronald E. Evans to Mary E. Cunningham, $140,000.

ARAPAHOE DR., 5600, No. 3-Yvonne Overton to Claudio L. Santos, $286,000.

CARSON AVE., 735-Van Vu General Partnership to Emma V. Saavedra, $152,000.

GINA CT., 203-Paul A. and Doris E. Racine to Marie R. Cherry and Stephen Ziobro, $320,000.

MAURY AVE., 628-Isbelle General Partnership to Stephanie D. Johnson, $155,000.

ROSECROFT VILLAGE CIR. E., 2413-Leo S. Stevenson to Jane M. and Florian M. Zeender, $190,000.

WILSON BRIDGE DR., 507, No. 6706-Melyssa A. Goodman to Leatha M. Lamison White, $45,000.

WILSON BRIDGE DR., 574, No. 6775-Sandra L. Wood to Michael Isley, $75,000.

WILSON BRIDGE RD., 541, No. 6740-Todd C. Hall to Norma H. Moody, $130,000.

Riverdale Area

NICHOLSON ST., 4917-Jacob H. Grooms to Delmis L. Fortiz, $210,000.

SHERIDAN ST., 4508-Christina A. and Edward E.J. Davis to Sylvia and Brian J. Kane, $331,000.

57TH AVE., 6209-Sam Rastin to Alexandre H.B. Lins, $210,000.

63RD AVE., 5510-John E. and Rosalie Faulk to Maria N. MacHad and Misael A. Martinez, $177,000.

67TH AVE., 5814-Geneva L. Berry to Stella U. and Stephen Ojinmah, $253,000.

Suitland Area

APPLE ORCHARD CT., 4113, No. 2-Theresa L. White to Jane L. Copeland, $190,000.

APPLE ORCHARD LANE, 4234-Fontella D. Worthington to Aisha S. Milton, $160,000.

BROMLEY AVE., 4652-Mercedita M. and Darryl A. White to Audrey Ortega, $142,000.

FAIRHILL DR., 2516-Ann S. Burke to Edwin K. Buckner, $232,000.

JOHN ST., 4813-Dawn A. Scott to Latisha L. Houston, $260,000.

MAPLE RD., 4515-Raymond W. and F. Adelle Robert to Juan P. Flores and Milan L. Moreno, $222,000.

SILVER PARK TERR., 4128-William B. and Eric L. Johnson to Latisha L. Payne, $205,000.

SWANN RD., 3503-Mildred M. Gromen, trustee, to Cristobal M. Hernandez, $218,000.

WOODLAND RD., 6622-Countrywide Home Loans Inc. to Kenneth and Stacie Wade, $385,000.

Takoma Park Area

15TH AVE., 7310-Francisco Romero to Moises Galvez Perez, $279,000.

16TH AVE., 7613-Joanne R. and Marvin L. Roush to Lancelot Hassell, $325,000.

Temple Hills Area

ANVIL LANE, 2398-Donna B. Hurley to Geoffrey W. Bagley, $221,700.

COLEBROOKE DR., 2623, No. 29-Michael M. Crawford to Philip S. Watkins, $105,000.

DIXON ST., 3620-Lisa M. and Alvin D. Lucas to Allen Walker, $190,000.

FAIRLAWN ST., 2705-Linda D. Bentley to MAFC Residential Inc., $168,000.

GOOD HOPE AVE., 3103, No. S-604-Alicia L. Taylor to Alexander O. Williams, $55,000.

HUNTLEY SQUARE DR., 3305, No. B-2-Leda F. Vassallo to Karl Chase, $121,000.

HUNTLEY SQUARE DR., 3321, No. C-1-Aliya Y. Canton to Joanne F. Williams, $115,900.

IVERSON ST., 2521-Dianna Ingram to Adrienne Freeland, $95,000.

SOUTHERN AVE., 3103, No. 30-Phillip Pittman to Helen H. and Peter G. Evans, $95,000.

21ST AVE., 3902-Juanita D. and Willie H. Nelson to Annie M. Lewis, $295,000.

28TH PKWY., 3524-Adam C. Tyler to Stephanie King, $233,806.

University Park-

West Hyattsville Area

BALFOUR CT., 1301-Jerry and Hattie S. Kaigler to Jose Tobias and Emerita Pacheco, $335,000.

KELLIHER RD., 3104-Donald R. Marshall to Nora T. De Moren and Roberto T. Moreno, $205,000.

LANCER PL., 3104-Colette and Christopher A. Leech to Jose D. Baires, $205,000.

35TH AVE., 6003-Martha Milstead to Juan A. Del Cid and Oneida C. Amaya, $325,000.

37TH AVE., 5011-Leon C. and Georgianna Lambrechts to Luz Vasquez and Hipolito Torres, $205,000.

39TH PL., 6104-Karin H. and Jeffrey J. Davis to David M. Martinez, $282,000.

40TH AVE., 6118-John W. and Patricia A. Fincham to Martha J. and Stephen W. Woods, $350,000.

41ST PL., 6207-Panayota Chrissomallis to Rogera Robles, $290,000.

Upper Marlboro Area

AQUINAS AVE., 7300-Rashad Surratt to Silvia Chicas and Dwayne Settles, $264,000.

BISHOP CLAGGETT CT., 14122-Darian Morgan to Aaron N. Graves, $324,000.

BROCK HALL DR., 14504-James A. and Megan G. Booth to Daphne M. Pope and Desmond O. Grant, $450,000.

COLONEL CONTEE PL., 4907-Matthew J. Otting to Walter A. Ngome, $385,000.

COLONEL FENWICK PL., 4610-Loretta K. Bethea to Stephanie and Robert Williams, $274,000.

CURTIS CT., 9202-R.D.C. Real Estate Inc. to Erika A. Tynes, $283,500.

DORVAL AVE., 9807-Kathleen M.C. and James B. Carr to Michael J. Hester, $290,000.

EDDINGTON DR., 13106-Sally A. and Frank F. Jones to Larry Whittaker, $279,000.

GOVERNOR PRATT CT., 4511-Anne K. Kelly to Inga P. Blazio, $265,000.

KETTERING LANE, 11319-Daniel Wilson to Ikechukwu Owunna, $259,000.

LIVE OAK PL., 12705-Mark J. Grundman to Dovia E. and Mohammed S. Sankoh, $240,000.

LORD LOUDOUN CT., 4436, No. 14-5-Janelle Z. Lee to Joy L. Babineaux, $177,000.

LORD LOUDOUN CT., 4482-Joy Gross to Ashana N. Cowans, $140,000.

LORD STERLING PL., 13540-Sherton E. Yarborough to Sean D. Faulkner, $168,999.

MANCHESTER RD., 14101-Betty C. and Terrence J. Bader to Kevin N. McAfee, $379,000.

MARLTON CENTER DR., 12614-Victoria Sanford to Lisa T. Hughes Henderson, $300,000.

MCCULLAGH CT., 12214-Cathy A. and Larry D. Foutz to Michelle Simon, $419,900.

MIDLAND TURN, 9518-Holly J. and Kenneth B. Gentry Jr. to Charles A. Thomas Jr., $375,000.

MOUNT LUBENTIA CT., 639-Darryn Hyman to Aisha Manley, $190,000.

OLDHAM DR., 8501-David C. Foley to Dianne I. and Hartley O. Fox, $330,000.

PARKMONT DR., 11102-Robert A. Blumenkrantz to Walter A. Lizano, $200,000.

PENSACOLA PL., 8803-Colleen Heffern Perusse to Ferdinand G. Rimando, $304,000.

PRINCE PL., 10246, No. 22-207-Deborah and Hector C. Haynes to Tracy Golden, $130,000.

PRITCHARD LANE, 408-John A. Spruill to Wanda R. Howard, $265,000.

ROBLEE DR., 5308-Darrell Anderson to Monica L. Ozugha, $240,000.

SUGAR MAPLE TERR., 10819-Anthony A. and Elizabeth Falodun to Shawntee and Roland Alexander, $350,000.

SWINDON TERR., 4357-Anita C. and Steven E. Manley to Terry Anderson, $270,000.

SWINDON TERR., 4445-Tawanna Y. Ma and Ellis D. Freeman to Merisa Luna, $275,000.

TRUMBULL DR., 12915-Devonne A. Chapman to Tina Nguyen, $215,000.

TUDOR RD., 4107-Timothy Estes to Angela P. and Michael J. Isaac, $425,000.

VILLAGE DR. N., 3617-Michelle Weaver to Maria D. Furr, $265,000.

WILLIAM BEAN RD., 12921-Caitlin C. and Aaron G. Shaw to Diane Muse, $345,000.


Lake Arbor Area

DUNWOOD VALLEY DR., 14403-James S. and Lovie I. Bilbrue to Evelyn T. and Theodore Woods, $630,000.

ENTERPRISE RD., 3901-Ivy L. and Joyce Armstrong to Paula M. Ramirez and Raul Jimenez, $442,000.

JENKINS RIDGE RD., 15011-Gerald N. Curtis to Meg V. and Amadou Cisse, $495,000.

JOHNSBERG LANE, 312-Eddie R. Fentry to Nikita and Jean Deburgo, $435,000.

KINGS ARROW ST., 12210-Lumumba T. Gillespie to Stephen K. and Elizabeth I. Ike, $340,000.

LISLE DR., 702-Deirdre A. Coley to Stephen H. Daniel, $265,000.

MEADOWRIDGE CT., 10401-Nicole Enterprises Corp. to Darrell Hale, $408,000.

PINE CONE CT., 1709-Patrick Larosiliere to Anjanette M. Kichline, $344,500.

ST. MICHAELS DR., 1041-Joyce E. and Joseph E. Taylor to Marvin J. Anderson, $265,000.

SHORTRIDGE LANE, 3308-Henry Davis to Cleveland Blunt Jr., $1.8 million.

SYCAMORE HEIGHTS CT., 1800-Lisa C. Coleman to Aldray Aiken, $255,000.

WESTLAKE DR., 911-Gillian C. and Jerome Hunt to Charles Omoregbee, $292,000.