Articles in the Metro section on Sept. 18 and 22 misspelled the name of Tedi S. Osias, director of legislative and public affairs for Montgomery County's Housing Opportunities Commission. (Published 9/26/2005)

A Montgomery County District Court judge ordered the eviction yesterday of a couple whose complaints about maintenance prompted inspectors to begin a review this month of all 24 units at the Parkway Woods public housing complex in Rockville, where they live.

"It's complete retaliation, but I can't prove anything," said Linda Nealon, 41, who acknowledged that she and her husband, Charles, have not paid rent in recent months because a portion of his wages are being garnished after a car repossession.

The Housing Opportunities Commission, the county's public housing agency, denies any attempt at retribution.

"I don't think it is retaliation," said Tedi Osais, the commission's director of legislative and public affairs. "HOC has a regular process for doing these things, and the Nealon case is an illustration of our regular process."

She said the commission typically initiates 300 eviction proceedings a month for non-payment of rent, and the Nealons' failure to pay was an "ongoing issue."

Osais said the Nealons, who have rented their townhouse for 19 years, might be eligible for an eviction waiver. But Linda Nealon said an HOC official already told her that they will not be able to obtain one.

Nealon said she had appealed to the county's Department of Health and Human Services for emergency rental assistance and was told the department had mailed a check to the commission for some of the unpaid rent.

Judge Cornelius J. Vaughey ordered the Nealons evicted Sept. 28.