County news in the daily Washington Post, Sept. 15-Sept. 21

Saturday 17

Uncivil Allegations at Golf Club

There are some in Anne Arundel County who say the real Mason-Dixon line is along the South River, a crossing that divides urban sprawl from farmhouse landscapes and old tobacco fields. Thirteen miles south of that line sits Old South Country Club, sanctuary to the county elite.

Five miles north of the river sits the Annapolis courthouse, where Old South and its genteel image are being challenged. Erin Zollars, 26, a former waitress at the country club, filed suit in Anne Arundel Circuit Court in December alleging that members treated the clubhouse as a private singles bar and the female servers as easy prey.


A Fitful Recovery From Isabel

A drive through Cedarhurst on the Bay reveals few clues that it was devastated two years ago by Hurricane Isabel. Still, the struggle to recover continues.

A few residents of the neighborhood are still living a miserable existence in cramped government trailers -- and soon may be evicted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Some continue to fight over flood insurance and argue with officials over loans and building permits. Others are in new homes but buried in debt.