The following cases were received recently by Loudoun County Animal Care and Control. For information, call 540-882-3211 or 703-777-0406 or visit

A Bite-and-Run

LEESBURG, Cattail Spring Drive, last Sunday. A woman walking with her family came across a family out walking a dog on a leash. The woman said that she asked whether she could pet the dog and that the owner said yes. But as she pet the dog, the woman reported, it growled and bit her leg. She was not able to get the owner's name and address. The dog was a reddish-brown hound, about 10 to 11 months old. Animal control officers canvassed the neighborhood but did not find the dog or its owner.

Chihuahua Reunited With Owner

LEESBURG, Shenandoah Street, Monday. A small male Chihuahua was found running loose and without identification. An animal control officer took the dog to the shelter, where reports of missing animals were checked and a match was found. The owner reclaimed the dog.

Ailing Cat Gets a Pick-Me-Up

ASHBURN, Florence Terrace, Monday. A gray domestic shorthair was found dehydrated and emaciated. An animal control officer took the cat, which had a collar, to an emergency animal hospital for treatment and fluids. After treatment, the cat was taken to the animal shelter.

Shepherd Brought to Shelter

STERLING, North Amelia Street, Tuesday. A German shepherd was found confined in a back yard. The dog, about 18 months old, had no identification and was taken to the animal shelter. Reports of lost dogs were checked, but no match was found.

Kitten Returned to Mother

LEESBURG, East Market Street, Tuesday. An animal control officer who was responding to a report of two kittens that had fallen into a well found a feral mother cat crying for the kittens. The officer located one gray tabby, about 4 to 5 weeks old, and returned it to the mother. The officer could not find the other kitten, a cream tabby.