Micah Israel Worsley, a son, to Akia Beverly Worsley and Tyrone Worsley Jr. of Waldorf.

AUG. 8

Errickston Aurthur Bennett Jr., a son, to Tiana Witherspoon and Errickston A. Bennett Sr. of Waldorf.

AUG. 16

Ryan Richard O'Sullivan, a son, to Carolyn and Randy O'Sullivan of Mechanicsville.

AUG. 17

Madeleine Elizabeth Hicks, a daughter, to Elizabeth and Thomas Hicks of Chaptico.

AUG. 18

David Russell Spencer Jr. and Isabelle Marie Spencer, twin son and daughter, to Deborah Burtnick and David R. Spencer Sr. of Waldorf.

Garrett Joshua Bowling, a son, to Leah and Jeremiah Bowling of Mechanicsville.

Rachel Deane Strang, a daughter, to Edna Rainey and William Strang of Port Republic.

AUG. 20

Sarah Marie Smith, a daughter, to Linda and Ronald Smith of Indian Head.

AUG. 22

Jayden Jamari Reed, a son, to Maya Reed and Remar Jackson of Waldorf.

AUG. 27

Elizabeth Victoria Arnaud Quesenberry, a daughter, to Jamey and Vernon Quesenberry of Chesapeake Beach.

AUG. 29

Emma Marie McCarthy, a daughter, to Megan Cox and Sean McCarthy of Waldorf.

AUG. 30

Blye Gavin Hill, a son, to Lori Ashton and Leroy Hill of Waldorf.


Zachary Robert Farland, a son, to Christine and Tony Farland of Waldorf.

Gavin Alexander Stalnaker and William Stanley Stalnaker, twin sons, to Ami Clagett and William Stalnaker of Newburg.


Samantha Danielle Cusic, a daughter, to Carleen and Mark Cusic of Mechanicsville.

Timothy Elijah Green Jr., a son, to Maleka and Timothy E. Green Sr. of Waldorf.

Karlee Jewel Ryce, a daughter, to Jaime and Daniel Ryce of Mechanicsville.


Natalie Ann Busl, a daughter, to Jennifer and Thomas Busl of North Beach.

Annalise Elizabeth Torraca, a daughter, to Christine and Christian Torraca of White Plains.

Grace Lucia Franck, a daughter, to Sara and Michael Franck of Waldorf.

David Matthew Flaherty and Abigale Mae Flaherty, a twin son and daughter, to Donna and David Flaherty of Mechanicsville.


Nina Betty Hardy, a daughter, to Cathy and Troy Hardy of Indian Head.


Shelby Lynn VanCleaf, a daughter, to Renee and James VanCleaf of Waldorf.

Karley Helen Nicholl, a daughter, to Kelley and Matt Nicholl of Charlotte Hall.

SEPT. 12

Isabella Rose Grimsley, a daughter, to Jennifer and Dennis Grimsley of LaPlata.

Rachel Elisabeth Bennett, a daughter, to Lisa and Paul Bennett of Waldorf.

SEPT. 14

Emily Elizabeth Shuff, a daughter, to Elizabeth and Charlie Shuff of LaPlata.

Daniel Steven Prosper, a son, to Anabella and Gregory Prosper of Waldorf.

SEPT. 15

Jordan Matthew Smoot, a son, to Julie and Keith Smoot of Waldorf.

SEPT. 16

Noah Anthony Strawberry, a son, to Abigail and Charles Strawberry of Waldorf.

Gage Edward Kilpatrick, a son, to Amanda Spiller and Eric Kilpatrick of Waldorf.


AUG. 19

Anna Sophia Linsky, a daughter, to Angela and Greg Linsky of Great Mills.

Ava Nicole Marble, a daughter, to Murthlyn Samuel of Great Mills.

AUG. 22

Maddox William Dixon, a son, to Kimberly and James Dixon of California.

AUG. 23

Ryan William Mann, a son, to Jessica and Kevin Mann of Chaptico.

Addison Quinn Reynolds, a daughter, to Stacey and Andy Reynolds of Mechanicsville.

Matthew Daniel Hammett, a son, to Jessica and Brian Hammett of Mechanicsville.

AUG. 24

Gabrielle Nicole Bonds, a daughter, to Kim and Steven Bonds of Great Mills.

Layla Joshlyn Maddox, a daughter, to Priscilla Redman and Josh Maddox of Lexington Park.

AUG. 25

Morgan Audrey Moritz, a daughter, to Heather and Frederick Moritz of Hollywood.

AUG. 26

Melanie Caroline Raley, a daughter, to Nina and Jeffrey Raley of Mechanicsville.

Paige Elizabeth Trumpower, a daughter, to Christy and Josh Trumpower of Great Mills.

Michael Devlin Stull, a son, to Kathleen and Michael Stull of Hollywood.

Caleb Samuel Urdaneta, a son, to Kimberly and Carlos Urdaneta of Great Mills.

George Thomas Mattingly III, a son, to Katie and George T. Mattingly Jr. of Lexington Park.

AUG. 28

Isaiah Dayon Spriggs, a son, to Samantha Treftz and Terrence Spriggs of Leonardtown.

AUG. 29

Tyler Kenneth Osborne, a son, to Naomi Parish and Robert Osborne of Leonardtown.

Madeline Rose Slade, a daughter, to Mary and Daniel Slade of Leonardtown.

AUG. 30

Cameron Carson Quick, a son, to Melanie and Brent Quick of Leonardtown.

Garrett Thomas King, a son, to Audra and Joseph King of Hollywood.


Abigail Lacey Sass, a daughter, to Jacqueline and Robert Sass of California.

Everett Martin O'Brien, a son, to Catherine and Howie O'Brien of Ridge.

Rachel Elisabeth Shaw, a daughter, to Denise and Jeff Shaw of Leonardtown.

Jordyn Nichole Bell, a daughter, to Jamie Perrell and Steven Bell of Mechanicsville.

Brandon Justen Harrison Jr., a son, to Brandy Richardson and Brandon Harrison of California.

Jack Garrell Michael DeLucco, a son, to Shelley and Jason DeLucco of Leonardtown.


Ja'Von Markese Barnes, a son, to Michelle Bennett and William Barnes of Leonardtown.

Whitney Renee Jones, a daughter, to Sheryl and Mark Jones of Lexington Park.


Jordan Randall, a son, to Erin LeBeaux and Russell Randall of Great Mills.


Virginia Grace Fisher, a daughter, to Christine and Jason Fisher of Drayden.

Benjamin Avery Barcikowski, a son, to Julie and Edward Barcikowski of Waldorf.


Alana Janee Lincoln, a daughter, to Delphine and Jadon Lincoln of Lexington Park.

Ella Leigh Muschlitz, a daughter, to Jennifer and Greg Muschlitz of Lusby.

Alexis Maria Armour, a daughter, to Mardy Lane and John Armour of Lusby.


Caleb Robert Bean, a son, to Anna and Jason Bean of Great Mills.

Kierstin Rachel Dalka, a daughter, to Shannon and Dale Dalka of Mechanicsville.

Alexander Chase Lowery, a son, to Mary and Anthony Lowery of California.


Julian Alexander Rivera, a son, to Crystal and Juan Rivera of Great Mills.


Ryan Kristopher Fleury, a son, to Krystie and Kristopher Fleury of Hollywood.

Kadan Leo Smith, a son, to Lindsey Wines and Reuben Smith of Lusby.

Emmalee Ruth Sours, a daughter, to Rebekah and Lee Sours of Leonardtown.


Brian Payton Cooper, a son, to Sharon and Cory Cooper of Hollywood.

Lucie Helen Eisenhardt, a daughter, to Luanne and Ryan Eisenhardt of Piney Point.

SEPT. 10

Blake Tanner Trossbach, a son, to Bobbi and Bruce Trossbach of Dameron.

Brianna Marie Williams, a daughter, to Jeanette and Richard Williams II of California.

Sophia Elizabeth Reynolds, a daughter, to Antonietta and Kent Reynolds of Leonardtown.

Kevin NaShawn Brown, a son, to LaToya Weaver and Travares Brown of Lexington Park.

SEPT. 12

Caitlyn Marie Russell, a daughter, to Cheryll and George Russell of Great Mills.

Marcus Maurice Bourne, a son, to Tara Ropel and Maurice Bourne of Lexington Park.