Thomas Bond

Child Actor

Thomas Bond, 79, who played Butch the bully in the "Our Gang" and "Little Rascals" serials of the 1930s, died Sept. 24 at a hospital in Los Angeles. He had complications from heart disease.

Mr. Bond, a Dallas native, played a member of the gang named Tommy. He was dropped from the cast after his first year but returned later in the role of Butch, the archenemy of Alfalfa.

Mr. Bond appeared in dozens of "Our Gang" and "Little Rascals" movies before outgrowing the role.

In the 1940s, Mr. Bond played Jimmy Olsen in two Superman movies and appeared as Joey Pepper in several installments of the "Five Little Peppers" serial. He quit acting in 1951 and went into television directing and production work before retiring in 1991.

George Croonenberghs

Fly Fisherman

George Croonenberghs, 87, an adviser on the 1992 movie based on Norman Maclean's book "A River Runs Through It," died Sept. 22 at the Hunters Glen retirement home in Missoula, Mont.

Mr. Croonenberghs, a retired railroad engineer, was key in helping director Robert Redford keep his promise to Norman Maclean that the movie about his family, fly fishing and the murder of his brother Paul would be accurate. Mr. Croonenberghs, who was taught to tie flies by Norman's father, tied the same flies for the movie the Macleans had once used.

Mr. Croonenberghs had to teach the art of fly fishing to actors Brad Pitt and Craig Scheffer. Years later, he taught fellow retirement home residents and staff how to tie flies and fly fish. He was still tying flies in the hours before he collapsed and died.

Survivors include a daughter, Sandra Jeanne Eisinger of Missoula; two grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren, including Athanasius Tucker Eisinger, who was born at the hour of Mr. Croonenberghs's death.

Addison M. McLeon

Tuskegee Airman

Addison M. McLeon, 84, the first black state assemblyman from Hudson County, N.J., and a former Tuskegee Airman, died Sept. 21 at the Menlo Park Veterans Memorial Home in Edison Township, N.J. No cause of death was reported.

A native of Harnett County, N.C., Mr. McLeon moved with his family to Jersey City in 1923 and later graduated from Lincoln University in Pennsylvania. He served in the Army Air Forces from 1944 to 1946. He participated in the Army's welterweight, middleweight and lightweight boxing championships.

After his service, Mr. McLeon was a housing management aide with the Federal Housing Administration in Washington, and he later managed several public housing facilities in New Jersey. He was in the state legislature from 1966 to 1970.

Thomas Bond appears, sixth from left, in the "Our Gang" cast of 1935. He was 6 when he joined the cast.Thomas Bond went on to do production work and directing in television.