The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Annapolis Area

ARUNDEL ON THE BAY RD., 3283-Summit Point Trading Corp. to Cynthia Smith Brunt and Gary G. Brunt, $389,900.

BANK ST., 904-Joann Loos to Erin Dryden, $317,500.

BEACHVIEW RD., 1309-Richard J. Dengler to Daniel C. and Margaret L. McCabe, $1.7 million.

CARROLLTON RD., 2670-Tam Joines to Bryan J. and Mary S. Flynn, $470,000.

CATRINA LANE, 3116-Carmen E. Forbes Lackey to Jeremy T. Campbell and Tarsha R. Beavers, $650,000.

CHESAPEAKE HARBOUR DR. E., 2152, No. 2152-Ingacio Rodriguez to Jeffrey and Jennifer Ulehla, $800,000.

CHESAPEAKE LANDING, 44, No. 44A-William M. Jackman to Richard and Sylvia Impett, $950,000.

DUMBARTON CT., 7, No. 1-Jerry A. Brandford to Florian J. Heyder, $250,000.

FARRAGUT RD., 27-Mark Lowman to Richard H. and Monica A. Mount, $550,000.

GEMINI DR., 1220, No. 68-Anne C. Sweeney to Stephen J. Travis, $205,000.

GEMINI DR., 1230, No. 77-Kevin P. Mullen to Jamison E. and Edward F. Mullen, $206,500.

HARBOR DR., 1003-Mary W. Simmons to Suresh Sankaran and Margaret L. Hawley, $525,000.

HARBOR DR., 607-Thomas D. Brown to James M. Morrissey and Sandra Payne, $535,000.

HARBOUR VILLAGE CT., 7044, No. 7044-101-Jarrett Goldfedder to Michael J. and Nancy Arons, $436,000.

HARBOUR VILLAGE CT., 7050, No. 7050-202-Raymond W. Maldo Jr. to Daniel J. Whitaker and Edward D. Carlton, $459,000.

HARNESS CREEK VIEW CT., 7-Arthur J. Murphy to Dale L. Spencer and Mary W. Simmons, $815,000.

KING JAMES LANDING RD., 931, No. 6-Stephen H. Rogers to Kenneth A. Max, trustee, $677,500.

KUETHE DR., 131-Hugh B. Johnston Jr. to Denis and Barbara Ahr, $500,000.

NEWPORT AVE., 3448-Lewis F. Thornton to Marco A. and Y. Genevie Mejia, $335,000.

RAMSGATE DR., 3746-Page I. Austin to Stephanie Marn and Charles Douglas Braun, $670,000.

SUMMERFIELD DR., 96-Elizabeth A. Lord, trustee, to Linda G. Wales, $355,000.

WALNUT AVE., 1372-Jeffrey A. Graybill to Magda Associates, $680,000.

YOUNGS FARM RD., 1247-James P. Walsh to Matthew R. and Jolene R. Lanham, $417,500.

THIRD ST., 422-S. Daile Sumrall to Robert D. and Barbara L. Miller, $550,000.


Sandy Point State Park Area

ADMIRAL DR., 603, No. 307-James S. Wise to Michael A. Leonard, $295,000.

ASTERN WAY, 930, No. 106-Irene Lindeman to Betty D. Herbert, $230,000.

CHERRY GROVE AVE. N., 5-Lars V. Schultz to Joseph A. and Anna Root, $424,900.

CHESAPEAKE RD., 2038-Steven Bagshaw to Gregory R. and Martina G. Zercoe, $725,900.

CHESTNUT TREE DR., 813-Thomas Borheck to Erin D. Burkhart, $324,500.

CHESTNUT TREE DR., 823-James M. Sellers to Chestnut Tree Corp., $253,500.

CHILDS POINT RD., 870-Marc Teren to Erik B. and Joyce D. Young, $1.885 million.

COMPASS DR., 2618-Donald S. Kline to Arquimedes and Elvira S. Veloso, $297,500.

COMPASS DR., 2679-Anthony A. Corrado to Robert G. and Jean R. Leek, $378,000.

CONDUIT ST., 78-Lissa Gilbert to Stephanie C. Basil and Peter Bianco, $740,000.

CRANES CROOK LANE, 172-Sharon S. Duley to Nassar Hejazi, $376,000.

CRANES ROOST CT., 414, No. 92-Robert A. Basil Jr. to Jennifer R. Koterwas, $370,000.

EBLING TRAIL, 1757-William F.B. Fritz to Stephen and Martha Winchell, $632,500.

EPPING CIR., 401-Joseph C. Kabriel to Jason L. and Christine C. Smith, $660,000.

FAWNS WALK, 536-Carole C. Cochran to John L. and Nancy A. Hargrove, $394,500.

FOOLISH PLEASURE CT., 1638-Mary C. Vitek to Stacie Ann Miller, $252,000.

GENESSEE ST., 655-J. Steven McDorman to Joseph and Jacqueline Thomas, $600,000.

HARBOUR HEIGHTS DR., 68-Thomas F. Wilson to Elyse Provencher, $293,000.

HILL ST., 13-Paul F. Gochar to Jared Peretin and Allison Poinsett, $399,000.

LINDEN AVE. N., 102-Scott A. Skidmore to David R. McCormick Neely and Jennifer Friedman, $550,380.

LITTLE MAGOTHY VIEW, 1162-James A. Amos to Neil A. and Rochelle Harmon, $350,000.

LLOYD CT., 1307-Jason W. Doyle to Mark J. and Christina Hamilton, $600,000.

LODGE POLE CT., 1520-Hilyer G. Shufeldt to Anthony and Heather H. Applefeld, $156,000.

MARKET ST., 117-Lorraine G. Jones to Kirsten and Stephen Mirack, $236,000.

MERMAID DR., 1130-Dawn Beazley to Kenneth E. McCoy, $364,900.

MOCKINGBIRD CT., 2831, No. 80-Gary R. Duckworth to Anthony N. Tarsia, $455,000.

PINE HILL DR., 1267-Lester C. Carr to John J. and Donna L. Switala, $215,000.

PINKNEY ST., 34-Jonathan N. Badger to Gilbert Humphreys, $420,000.

PLEASANT ST., 26-Homes for America Inc. to Jeffrey C. Henderson, $98,500.

POWELL DR., 534-Maurice E. Ringenbach to Daniel M. Ringenbach and Donna A. Ellis, $400,000.

RIVERBOAT CT., 1125-Sean Shoemaker to Rene D. Somoza, $260,000.

SHIPMASTER WAY, 2900, No. 312-Gertrude L. Decker to Ronald and Linda Collinson, $234,900.

SHIPWRIGHT ST., 89-South T. Lynn Jr. to Ian W. Grow and Catherine B. Stokes, $935,000.

STONEHURST CT., 802-Howard S. Young to John J. and Cathyann E. Chino, $399,900.

TWIN LANDING COVE, 2598, No. 44-Patricia J. Krantz to Clarita Ricketts, $275,000.

VALLEY VIEW RD., 2992-Nancy J. Long to John F. Simpson, $685,000.

WESTWOOD RD., 225-Francis E. Somers to Christopher P. and Barbara S. Aiken, $1.2 million.

WOODLAWN AVE. N., 107-Kevin A. Chase to Lislie K. Coker, $429,900.

Arnold Area

ASHCROFT CT., 19-Caje Knight to Ralph J. Golick and Lindsay Sutherland, $499,900.

AUGUSTA DR., 501-William C. Wilbert to David M. and Mary M. Sunday, $574,000.

BLUE HERON CT., 848-Gary Zierhoffer to Craig E. and Darlene B. Fierstein, $750,000.

BROADWATER RD., 303-Terry K. Scott to Amanda M. Lose and Michael D. Johnson, $210,000.

BRUNSWICK CT., 1212, No. 65-Daniel F. Bowen to Gerald L. Riley and Merriel D. Denk, $300,000.

COMANCHE RD., 1594-John P. Coyne to Bernard E. Orem, $410,000.

COMANCHE RD., 1602-David J. Hoffmann to Timothy E. and Suzanne L. Seen, $459,000.

DIVIDING CREEK RD., 751-Dale J. Heron to Jean E. Shirk, $510,000.

GOLDEN EYE CT., 906-Maria A.M. Gren to Lori A. Holmes, $629,000.

GRIMSBY GARTH, 830-Alice E. Watkins to Terry K. and Debra L. Lewis, $295,000.

JULIET LANE, 963-Robert M. Bartolomucci to Jon M. and Valerie M. Gagnon, $350,000.

KNOTTWOOD CT., 429, No. 137-Anne Hoyer to Andrew Roy, $250,900.

KNOTTWOOD CT., 444, No. 161-James J. Eddowes to Kristin P. Whitman, $234,900.

MACMILLAN CT., 514-Jane A. Daugherty to Richard and Jayne A. Shanks, $420,000.

OAKLAND HILLS DR., 641, No. 1A-Darrin B. Bishop to Craig and Beverly A. Alig, $236,000.

PEREGRINE PATH, 1401, No. 74-Michelle L. Galvin to Robert T. and Jaime J. Kline, $419,900.

QUAKER RIDGE DR., 1252, No. 86-Harold J. Kumer Jr. to Thomascine Kumer, $32,000.

SCHOOLERS POND WAY, 417-Rolf Munk Jr. to Christopher G. and Suzanne E. Kopp, $660,000.

SEMINOLE DR., 1236, No. 40-Kristen L. Boreman to Tracy L. Peterson, $269,900.

SOUTHERN HILLS DR., 726, No. 6D-Nicholas J. Battista to Gabrielle T. Freels, $226,000.

TERRACE LANE, 1280-Donald A. Farabaugh to Scott and Janet Stomps, $327,000.

WILSON RD., 895-Ernest M. Morris to Corgan Duong and Norman Nguy, $283,500.

Brooklyn Area

AUDREY AVE., 119-Annapolis Speciality Houses Inc. to Edward M. Jones and Larry W. Wallett, $209,500.

CEDAR HILL RD., 110-Russell W. Antonis to Charles Weller and Amanda Ward, $211,000.

CHURCH ST., 415-Anna Braumbart to Christopher and Jennifer L. Hale, $165,000.

KRAMME AVE., 5000-Russel J. Tully to Amanda Paschke and Jose Chinchilla, $200,000.

OLD RIVERSIDE RD., 603-John L. Schmidt III to John W. Imes, $171,000.

PATRICK HENRY DR., 5220-John Moyer to Majestic Investment Group, $79,000.

ZEPPELIN AVE., 202-James R. Avery Sr. to Jarryn Avery, $210,000.

FOURTH ST., 5310-Keith V. Vodusek to Catherine Miller and Jason Vogel, $96,100.

12TH AVE., 110-W. Bell to Leo and Heather D. Lavin, $195,200.

Churchton Area

DELAWARE AVE., 1128-Julie Patton to Richard M. Frank and Deborah L. Goode, $340,000.

FAIRFAX AVE., 1209-Matthew Prokopchak to Deborah A. Hoza, $335,000.

Crofton Area

AIRY HILL CT., 1603, No. 11C-David Stallings to Francis Rytlewski, $215,000.

AUGUSTA WAY, 1508-Joseph M. Strong to Eugene T. and Priscilla Rowland, $549,950.

AYR CT., 2548-Kurt A. Saliger to Lauren S. and Kenneth S. Krivitzky, $350,000.

BRICE CT., 1689, No. 152-John W. Walker Jr. to Robin O'Brien Forss, $229,288.

CROFTON PKWY., 1617-Eileen Hadley, trustee, to Christopher T. and Margaret F. Holmes, $420,000.

FALLOWFIELD CT., 1656, No. 165613-Betsy V. Moss to Anthony E. Sewell, $245,000.

FALLOWFIELD CT., 1684, No. 168412-Lisa K. Arcure to Mary A. Horn, $247,000.

FALLOWFIELD CT., 1687, No. 168710-Kennon C. Whittle III to Thomas Henry Ryan, $190,000.

FENDALL CT., 2211, No. 79-Kendra L. Fitzgerald to Raymond and Sheila Alcorn, $175,000.

FOREST HILL CT., 1611-Rik D. Squillari to Christopher H. Dursin, $275,000.

FOREST HILL CT., 1692-Sandra Jo Wilson to Timothy J. and Kandice Coulter, $239,000.

FOXDALE CT., 1832, No. 1014-John S. Sparks to Joseph B. Laque and Jennifer M. Heisey, $260,000.

FRIENDLY PL., 2040, No. E-John I. Jelich to Geraldine A. Fernandez, $195,000.

GRANITE CT., 1713, No. 33-Clayton P. Fister to Gerald N. Boston Jr., $235,000.

LANG DR., 1754-Ronald H. Suter to Susannah M. Andre, $299,900.

LOWELL CT., 1536, No. 29XC-Donald L. Stewart to Janine M. Liotta, $203,000.

MANOMET CT., 2315-Aldo V. Notargiacomo to Shannon Ready and John Breen, $350,000.

MARA VISTA CT., 1460, No. 118-Michael Brady to Patricia Ann Smith and James B. Brocato, $214,000.

MARLBOROUGH CT., 1519, No. 43YB-Christopher M. Skipper to Carole A. Armel, $230,000.

NEW WINDSOR CT., 1610, No. 129-Baldevbhai Patel to Ram C. and Doulat R. Kapoor, $104,262.

PAWLET DR., 1928, No. 8F-Barbara E. Canatella to Sandra R. Johnson, $245,000.

PEARL AVE., 1518-Mary L. Inscoe, trustee, to James L. and Maria A. Kuhns, $600,000.

SANDWICH CT., 2426-Richards Group of Washington to Patricia A. Tearman, $379,990.

SEA PINE CIR., 1734, No. 136-Jamal S. Cheeks to Richard Paquette, $308,000.

SELKIRK CT., 2520-Brian D. Young to Robert and Kimberly Ward, $346,000.

STONEHAM RD., 1403-Oswald Redman to Stephen J. Skibicki, $575,000.

TALL WIND CT., 2640, No. 22-Dian K. Filo to David and Melissa Bard, $359,900.

VINEYARD LANE, 2474-Corinna R. Slack to Judith A. Cooper, $313,900.

VINEYARD LANE, 2525-Glennon Crowell to Audrey Compton and Ellen M. Fisher, $290,000.

WENTWORTH DR., 2416, No. 41E-Matthew W. Black to Thomas M. Black and Cristina Bowers, $245,000.

WICKFORD CT., 1146, No. 8A2-Priscilla A. Rounds to Jeffrey R. Kirk, $255,000.

Crownsville Area

ECHO COVE DR., 605-William F. Brown III to J. Jordan Laycook, $366,000.

JOYCE DR., 1028-Aubrey B. Edwards to Robert G. and Denise A. Wells, $305,000.

PLUM CREEK DR., 1041-Lynn M. Bent to Marco N. and Kathie M. Gulotta, $314,900.

SEVERNVIEW DR., 1104-William R. Peters to Matthew G. and Melanie Gorman, $313,000.

TOPLAND DR., 615-Ronald J. Little to Jerry and Jennifer Litchfield, $454,000.

WALLACE RD., 1017-Jack H. Zimmer to Christopher M. and Carmen M. Graves, $385,000.

WHITNEYS LANDING DR., 765-William Bryant to Dana G. Scharf, $345,000.

Curtis Bay Area

CHESTNUT HAVEN CT., 1013-Dieter Agate to James Mark Smith, $254,900.

HIDDEN CREEK WAY, 7839, No. 15-Thomas V. Rini to Aubrey Storm, $216,400.

SEASIDE CT., 7886, No. 286-Toni Rieke to Edward S. Santilli, $250,000.

STONELEIGH CT., 1355, No. 203-Darren W. Brooks to Chad R. Schoene and Jennifer N. Hilton, $289,900.

TILLERMAN PL., 1239-Richard N. Carter Sr. to Jamie W. Shreve, $234,000.

WATERVIEW DR., 704-Gregory T. Lee to Tana Hall, $285,000.

Davidsonville Area

CHEVAL DR., 2545-Eric C. Newton to Sean and Kathleen Ricketson, $575,000.

ROSSBACK RD., 1245-Nicholas J. Kozura to Thomas R. and Elaine R. Watts, $655,000.

Deale Area

DEALE CHURCHTON RD., 5880-Scott M. Wilson to Phillip K. Woodell, $307,000.

PARKER DR., 6004-Mary E. Hensley to John T. and Deborah K. Vassallo, $335,000.

Edgewater Area

BAY VIEW POINT DR., 529-Peter M. Lenin to Kathy N. Kase and Judy F. Hunter, $465,000.

BENTLEY RD., 1619-Lloyd H. Meinholz to Michael Cunningham and Amy Nowlin Cunningham, $310,000.

BRICE DR., 1112-Kirk S. Litton to William and Denise Hague, $1.095 million.

CARRS RIDGE RD., 4198-Robert E. Bishop to Franklin and Lori Ladue, $419,000.

CEDAR GROVE RD., 403-Joshua K. Boyer to Nina M. Judge, $205,000.

DIXONA DR., 1201-James F. Ziegler to Gordon W. and Deborah H. Thompson, $1.35 million.

POPLAR POINT RD., 18-Robert C. Hambleton to Daniel S. and Elizabeth T. Ward, $852,000.

POTOMAC RD., 1916-Margaret Buckmaster to John M. and Jamie M. Parkerson, $296,000.

RIVERSIDE RD., 245-D. Thomas Appell to Tiomthy M. Strissel, $394,800.

SHORE DR., 431-Jane Podgurski to Thomas Hall, $290,000.

SOUTH RIVER LANDING RD., 710-Prudential Residential Services to Ignacio and Lolita Rodriguez, $1.5 million.

STUART RD., 1583-Katherine M. Mutter to John Helper and Heather McColl, $280,000.

WARFIELD RD., 1500-Patrick B. Mitchell to Julieta Attridge, $337,500.

Gambrills Area

HUNTCLIFF DR., 2020-William D. Adams to Russel C. and Leigh A. Klaus, $799,900.

LIZA WAY, 2059-Larry B. Wenz to Douglas T. and Mary Frances Risinger, $650,000.

Glen Burnie Area

ALLWOOD DR., 216-Mary T. McLaughlin to Christopher P. Rowley, $265,000.

ALLWOOD DR., 230-Edward J. Hayes to Melissa L. and Ervin T. Lemaster, $293,550.

ARBOR DR., 411-Meta J. Glace to Home Quest Inc., $140,000.

CEDAR BRANCH DR., 805-Michael D. Ferris to Veronica E. Creecy Davis, $270,000.

CROWNSWAY, 7993-Derek R. Horner to Frank Samuel, $296,900.

ELLWELL CT., 420, No. 1A8-Lisa L. O'Neill to Lanora B. Wallace Dixon, $224,500.

EUGENIA AVE., 24-Eric L. Waisner to Harley J. Kozushko, $231,000.

FOXTREE DR., 220-Gloria J. Burress to Ae Suk Kim, $273,000.

GNOME CT., 705-Stephanie Thompson to Kimberly L. Riley, $243,000.

GREAT BEND RD., 8171-Linda Funderburk to Max R. and Michelle L. Benfer, $185,000.

GREAT BEND RD., 8186-Veronica L. Harrison to Lacardie M. Simmons, $186,000.

HOLLINS FERRY RD. S., 206-Michael A. Atkinson to Constance E. Griffith, $240,000.

INGALLS RD., 1517-Mark Kennedy to Juan V. Aguilar Hercules and Ana G. Aguilar, $177,000.

JAY JAY CT., 277, No. 1-Alvin M. Council to Sean M. and Carley Heelen, $185,000.

KIMBERLY LANE, 1225-William S. Shenkle to David H. and Diana L. Ronk, $250,500.

KING GEORGE DR., 316-James Carpenter to Gershon Hoffer, $170,000.

LACROSSE LANE NE, 6421-Nicole L. Sullivan to Lamont G. Matthews and Sandra Biddle Jr., $145,000.

LINCOLN AVE., 201-Brian T. Yates to Kristopher R. Furda and Mindy L. Martino, $277,000.

MAINVIEW CT., 459-Renee L. Green to Susan K. Ryan, $174,900.

MAPLE AVE., 219-Edith M. Parr to Stephen T. Thomas and Kelly M. Karnes, $225,000.

MEADOWBROOK RD., 907-James F. Lewis to Lynda C. Ford, $215,000.

O'DANIEL CT., 7646, No. 518-Michael A. Duany to Tiffany H. Wood, $195,109.

RIDGEWICK RD., 1816-Donna J. Satterfield to Trina A. Norman, $256,000.

ROSEDALE AVE., 901-Donald A. Griffith to Harry L. and Kristen M. Burr, $300,000.

TALLY CT., 938-Jacques Leeds to Jose A. Villalta and Sandra E. Valle, $218,000.

THELMA AVE., 354-Charles J. Weigand to Edward J. Hurley, $250,000.

VALIANT CIR., 399, No. 39913-Daniel D.A. Martinez to Sharmaine Urbina and Yolanda Prescott, $210,000.

FIRST AVE. S., 109-Dorothy M. Riedel to Harry J. and Teresa Smith, $225,000.

NINTH AVE. SE, 311-Thomas J. Layou to Betty S. Raymond, $235,000.

Glen Burnie-Marley Creek Area

BINSTED RD., 607-Russell Clark to Heather N. and Christopher E. Strock, $212,000.

BLUE WATER CT., 304, No. 203-Ellis E. Williams to Kyle R. Heitzman, $208,000.

BUSKIN LANE, 6500-Monica L. Greene to Greg S. Byers and Steffany B. Beazley, $275,500.

CLARA CIR., 3-Roy C. Malafarina to Kira S. Newsom, $200,000.

DOVER RD., 7717-Michael B. Buecker to Michael J. and Patricia A. Eder, $285,500.

DUMBARTON RD., 1025-Robert L. Crowe Sr. to North Arundel Properties Corp., $169,000.

EIDERDOWN CT., 6607-Jason K. Grubb to Alfred L. and Connie S. Page, $240,000.

GUILDFORD RD., 1274-Kenneth J. Kirchoff to Robert A. and Heidi M. Brandon, $222,000.

HIGH OAK RD., 8060-Charles Lovick to Michael Sean and Lark Ryan, $404,755.

MARGATE DR., 135-C.L. Payne and Associates Inc. to Ernest Stanley Jr., $461,460.

MARLEY AVE., 721-Robert E. Fernandez to Aaron E. Karvar III, $229,000.

OVERHILL RD., 7771-Joyce E. Clark to Terry L. and John Hafner, $190,000.

RAPID WATER WAY, 6801, No. 102-Melissa N. Adams to Jason R. Miller and Annette L. Mann, $175,000.

RENFRO CT., 477-Barbara Holder to Patricia C. Avanzato, $260,000.

SUNNYBROOK DR., 1016-Tina R. Daugherty to Jeffrey W. Rodrigues, $200,000.

WHITE WATER WAY, 6801, No. 103-Gregory Byers to Catherine M. Rachanow, $169,000.

FIFTH ST., 1004-George W. Hahn to Josef and Carmen Paral, $292,000.

Hanover Area

ACROCOMIA DR., 7735-Cynthia L. Walsh to Adekunle and Folashade O. Adeleke, $300,000.

FAIRBANKS CT., 7604-Janet V. Hodges to Rajiv V. and Rajani Bichali, $210,000.

Laurel Area

BITTERWOOD PL., 3406, No. J204-James B. Ellis to Beverly Prendergast, $225,000.

BUTTON BUSH LANE, 3026-Diane O. Shin to Yuanjun Li, $376,000.

CHERRY HILL LANE, 107-Jason P. Diaz to Cristian C. and G.D. Brown, $535,000.

FORESTS EDGE PL., 142-Carolyn Renee Dillard Taylor to Richard O'Hara, $280,000.

LYNDHURST ST., 8249-Claude M. Ligon Jr. to Manisha Salunkhe and Gautam Chatur, $383,000.

RIPPLING WAY, 3518-Brian Handleman to Marshall S. and Kathleen L. Glasser, $507,000.

RIPPLING WAY, 3522-Charles M. Mooney Jr. to Ventura Boodhoo, $535,000.

RIVER BRIDGE WAY, 3509-Kenneth R. Frazier to Kia K. and Benjamin E. Matthews, $334,000.

SPICE BUSH RD., 3000-Vinay Bararia to Cheryl K. Booth, $312,000.

Linthicum Heights Area

CHEDDINGTON RD., 518-Augustus D. Ray to Kevin D. and Maude B. Jones, $256,000.

HAMMONDS FERRY RD., 528-George Harriss to Kimberly A. Siegel and Cary A. Dugenske, $260,000.

HAMPTON RD., 203-Robert Ross to Ellen S. Harman, $277,400.

NANCY AVE., 213-Hermann R. Niemann to Glen L. and Margarita Wood, $300,000.

Lothian Area

SONNY DR., 5813-Eric D. Schultz to Don V. and Cynthia L. Allen, $749,900.

TRAVELLER CT., 614-William Douglas Associates Inc. to Stuart M. and Annemarie Spence, $800,500.

Mayo Area

MARYLAND AVE., 104-Katherine M. Quinby to Francis P. and Karen L. Doran, $495,000.

Millersville Area

BUCKEYE CT., 749-Christopher Hsieh, trustee, to Kim L. and Kevin S. Schmidt, $690,000.

CACTUS CT., 758-Charles A. Logan Jr. to Jonathan F. and Karin Victorio, $499,900.

DREXEL DR., 121-Donald W. Moss to Paul Anthony and Margaret Mary Wood, $699,900.

ROCK ELM CT., 751-Paul B. Devlin to Karen J. Igler, $719,000.

North Beach Area

BAY FRONT AVE., 1047-Sharon Bronte to Gary and Susan Athey, $628,000.

WALNUT AVE., 1044-Frances C. O'Brien, trustee, to Moe and Susan Gharai, $237,000.

Odenton Area

ASPEN GROVE CT., 8610-Laura E. Manning to Joseph D. Liberatore and Paula D. Hall, $247,900.

AUTUMN HARVEST CT., 2408, No. 101-Thomas R. Mason to Richard W. and Avis A. Mumaw, $240,000.

BRIGADE WAY, 1912-Steven W. Montoya to Joshua P. Gatcomb, $434,000.

CANTEEN CIR., 2234, No. 108-Michelle L. Griffith to Kenneth T. Redman, $270,000.

COMMISSARY CIR., 2114, No. 252-Terrence L. Harrison to Kristin L. White, $290,000.

COMMISSARY CIR., 2180, No. 219-Joshua Park to Markonette A. Richardson, $257,500.

COUNTRY OAK CT., 2506-Ed Brindley to Christopher P. and Karen P. Bemis, $575,000.

EAGLE LANDING CT., 317, No. 317J-Carl R. Taylor to Elisse M. Franco, $187,000.

GOLDSBOROUGH DR., 152, No. 28-Justina M. Bishop to Harinder S. Matharoo, $296,000.

INDIAN SUMMER DR., 2238-Lindley G. Earl to Edward P. Gorzkowski III and Catherine G. McIntyre, $342,000.

LIASON CT., 108-Ernest F. Calvillo to Jason P. Ross, $327,000.

MEADOW WOOD CT., 8704-Christopher Nolan to Janine M. Jarzynski, $295,000.

ORCHARD OVERLOOK, 700, No. 204-Voleka K. Knight to Neil M. and Lucille H. Gordon, $235,000.

PATRICIA CT., 519-Jay C. Leatherman to Hugh C. and Karla M. Curtright, $325,000.

PINE DRIFT DR., 771-Khris W. Charity to Matthew R. Gagliardi, $326,500.

PINECROFT CT., 2024, No. 85-Michael E. Amos to Bradley and Courtney Southwell, $350,000.

RITA DR., 530-Daniel W. Lewis to Teresa L. Merritt, $314,500.

SANDY WALK WAY, 2330-Robin L. Crane to Tyler H. and Marcie G. Balderson, $375,000.

SNOW VALLEY LANE, 843-Dara Ung to Bruce A. and Veronica Cole, $445,000.

SUMMERS RIDGE DR., 2656-Timothy A. Quinn to Michael G. and Amanda H. Taylor, $342,000.

VACATION DR., 807-Jennifer A. Calmon to Leslie and Jennifer Courchaine, $385,000.

WENTWORTH DR., 2486, No. 31F-Mary L. Stanton to Jamie Braun, $220,000.

WINDING STREAM WAY, 692, No. 201-13-Tara M. Terrill to Norma A. Ross, $237,000.

Owensville (West River) Area

BOXMERE CT., 704-Forest B. Huffner to Anastasios and Lisa M. Cheakalos, $510,000.

MARX DR., 5125-Marla P. Harding to Wayne Parker and Barbara W. Van Engen, $399,000.

MAXWELL AVE., 5017-Carol C. Granahan to John E. Nugent and Marjorie M. Anthony, $226,000.

SWEETWATER DR., 5306-Thomas M. Williams to Dorea Schecter, $499,900.

Pasadena-Rock Creek Area

BAY ST., 7663-Douglas E. Bale to Andrew J. Schneider and Kathleen L. Best, $792,000.

BAYSIDE BEACH RD., 1839-Lester Holtz to Michael C. Pfaeffle and Suzanne T. Bortle, $425,000.

BELHAVEN AVE., 7893-Steve A. Ridings to Vincent and Christine Caropreso, $430,000.

BELL TOWER CROSS, 8120-Jon G. Gage to Derrick Damon and Debra Warfield, $560,000.

BRAD CT., 8558-Charles J. Mitchell to Kwang Ho Chung, $283,000.

BROOKFIELD RD., 40-Matthew S. Smith to David C. Eichen, $235,000.

BUSH AVE., 7643-Brian K. Cavey to Thomas S. Campbell and Amy N. Stinchcomb, $549,000.

CASTINE CT., 1200, No. 11-Vicki L. Kesler to Steven J. Atkinson, $217,000.

CATHERINE AVE., 8074-Lloyd R. Tyler to Marc O. Saldivar, $200,000.

DAVENPORT CT., 3502, No. J-Carol L. Hively to Frank C. and Jeanne Russo, $155,000.

DEERING RD., 839, No. 8H-Shirley Lynn Wurzbacher Hudler to Robert C. Cathcart and Megan Burrall, $179,742.

GARDEN RD., 8430-Blanche L. Taylor to Charles R. Conner, $240,000.

GRANDVIEW RD., 1692-Dean L. Duncan to Michael L. and Melissa K. Thomas, $244,900.

HARLEM RD., 234-Michael J. Loher to Ralph E. and Xuan Ferguson, $450,000.

HARLEM RD., 268-Charles F. Shilling to Shane K. and William J. Wilson, $336,250.

LOCHEARN CT., 3502, No. H-Lisa E. Peddicord to Silvia M. Martinez and Stephen Mazzola, $147,000.

MAGOTHY BLVD., 270-Lowell Denney to Gershon Hoffer, $154,000.

MAGOTHY BEACH RD., 289-Thomas E. Gange to Frank W. Loane, $22,500.

MARYLAND RD., 8390-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Christopher L. Farquhar and Melynda C. Crodsky, $615,000.

MAYFORD AVE., 7916-Herbert I. Dawes Jr. to Athiracha Phoomsiri, $270,000.

MOONFALL CT., 7772-Gregory L. Barker to Nicole L. and Saad Ghanem, $229,900.

NORWALK HARBOUR, 8667-Cheryl Bleiler to Michael E. and Lauren Ballard, $220,300.

NOTLEY CT., 1089-Marcus Bing to American Premier Properties Corp., $196,800.

ORCHARD POINT RD., 1941-Katherine M. Brashears to George C. and Barbara H. Whitaker, $559,000.

OUTING AVE., 7844-John B. Seaman to Taryn L. Barbour, $177,400.

OYSTER BAY HARBOUR, 854-Ward V. Brumfield to Denise F. McNiff, $229,900.

QUIET WOODS CT., 409-Rudolfo P. Adriano to Michele C. and Frank W. Draine, $339,900.

RIVERSIDE DR., 356-Victor W. Stylc to Clarence E. Brickley, $522,500.

RIVIERA DR., 165-Harry A. Plauger to Homequest Inc., $204,000.

SCORTON HARBOUR, 8662-Jason C. Pfeiffer to Jason R. and Megan A. Bourdette, $219,000.

VIRGINIA AVE., 420-Frank M. Jandla to Gary D. Page, $276,000.

WATERFORD RD., 8218-George J. Pappadoulis Jr. to Randall W. and Denise Mattoon, $150,000.

WHITE ROCKS CT., 324-Eldon D. Callender Jr. to Daniel M. Luoto and Nicole L. Gagnon, $255,000.

WOLSEY CT., 8092, No. 144-Anthony Infiesto to Arey L. Yilmaz, $190,100.

209TH ST., 755-Gerald W. Morgan Jr. to Kacey and Joseph K. Marshall, $309,500.

211TH ST., 764-Michael J. Menzel to Laurie J. Nordstrom, $216,300.

212TH ST., 722-Jodi L. Deleo to Gershon Hoffer, $187,000.

214TH ST., 721-Douglas M. Wyatt to William J. Gast and Ramona Stout, $300,000.

Riva Area

RIVA RD., 3045-Chris M. Zenen to Jessie Fred Hardin and Ginger A. Biba, $364,900.

Severn Area

BROOKMEAD CT., 8019-Clarise L. Alston to Thomas Dobkins and Laura Murray, $317,500.

CANTER CT., 7834-Jonathan Hofflinger to Kyi Tha Wai, $295,000.

CHASE HILL CT., 306-Christopher A. Cola to Matthew W. and Evangelia Black, $515,000.

CITADEL DR., 7823-Monroe I. Robertson Jr. to Marvin L. and Daphne A. Wade, $398,000.

CLARK STATION RD., 8076-Paul D. Merrell to Gregory C. and Lori E. Rothrock, $314,000.

DOGWOOD BLOSSOM RD., 7871-Richard B. Farlow Jr. to Timothy Joe Wilson, $335,000.

FAULKNER RD., 7830-Bryan G. Bussom to Darrin and Whitney Davis, $462,750.

GRAHAM FARM CIR., 1455-Michael V. Hamm to Todd D. and Rossannis Anderson, $390,000.

INNKEEPER DR., 7923-Gershon Hoffer to David C. and Jacquelyn R. Willett, $415,001.

LONG TREE CT., 1704-Ricky H. Guyton to Thomas J. Frey, $365,000.

MANET WAY, 7847-William L. Mallam to Trieu T. Tran and Thuykieu T. Ho, $375,000.

MONTGOMERY MEWS CT., 7798-Donald E. Stepp to Crystal R. Powell and Joseph Crandall, $470,000.

PARHAM CT., 8247-Robert K. Thomas to Cliff Botchway, $105,000.

PAVILION DR., 7907-Jae Hoon Park to Alice E. Cohoon, $255,000.

RICHARD AVE., 101-Kenneth E. Lawrence to Jimmy D. and Micha S. Wagner, $329,900.

RICHARD AVE., 90-John Rafalko to Adam L. Rosen, $380,000.

ROSEWOOD RD., 778-Stephanie C. Popielski to Ali A. Fadel and Beth Ann Wickless, $335,000.

TOBBIN CT., 776-C.E. Turner to Justin Fohl, $275,000.

TOWER COURT RD., 7928-Joseph Marshall Jr. to Juan Diaz and Milagro Urias, $290,000.

WATCH HOUSE CIR. N., 1810, No. 6-Donna M. Holman to Wesley K. and Diana M. McKenzie, $255,000.

WHITMARSH CIR., 1503-Matthew K. Bishop to Kristine M. Hall and Kurt J. Forton, $305,000.

Severna Park Area

ARUNDEL BEACH RD., 119-Donald M. Durr to Herman B. and Jeanne H. Sequeira, $525,000.

ASH CIR., 406-Thomas B. Owens to Joseph P. and Joyce L. Stafford, $459,000.

AVONDALE CIR., 203-Leslie K. Coker to John K. and Amy F. Calvert, $585,000.

BARBARA RD., 161-Monte R. Walker to John W. and Tracey L. Shore, $410,000.

BEN OAKS DR. E., 418-David C. Vincent to Todd R. and Tricia A. McNutt, $735,000.

COUNTRY TER., 902-John C. Overend to Seung Do and Mi Sook Lee, $378,000.

DIVIDING RD., 822-Raymond L. Claytor to Perkins and Melissa S. Hairston, $575,000.

ELLENHAM CT., 363-Elizabeth A. Smith to Marianne Ortenzio, $350,000.

GORDON AVE., 329-Richard C. Izzard to Richard F. and Mariann Marsalek, $375,000.

HARLEQUIN LANE, 506-Allan L. Baggott to Jeffrey and Kara McCoy, $929,900.

HIGH BANK RD., 566-William E. Martin to Converse Group Inc., $550,875.

HOLLAND RD., 210-Brian J. Kutcher to Beverly A. McFarland, $325,000.

IDLEWILD RD., 130-Thomas J. Gentile to Kenneth P. and Barbara H. Drake, $448,000.

JUMPERS HOLE RD., 573-Seung D. Lee to Ronny T. and Helen Lee, $280,000.

MCKINSEY PARK DR., 600, No. 5011-Zelda C. Feemster, trustee, to Peter A. and Terry L. Moscker, $297,000.

SONNEBORN LANE, 10-Kevin M. McGowan to Edward A. and Diana M. Brindley, $878,000.

ST. IVES DR., 226-Peter M. Watts to Jeffrey M. and Kathryn Antonelli, $560,000.

WHITE CEDAR LANE, 486-Daniel Kin, trustee, to Timothy C. Kraus Jr. and Jennifer L. Sjolie, $500,000.